May we only use paper cups because i came up with an idea that uses plastic cups? if i use a plastic cup,will i be eliminated from the contest?

Posted by arv_christos 8 years ago

Remelting Plastics

Has anyone experienced remelting plastics from around the house/recycling bin in order to cast objects? After reading about the backyardfoundry for aluminun and such, I realized that I'm much more interested in plastic and casting plastic parts and art things. Also, it could be cheap and plentiful. I have the moldmaking knowledge for aluminun and bronze but want a plastic medium for the casting material so I can work at home/backyard without the foundry equipment.

Posted by Bug2k 10 years ago

What is a food safe adhesive for plastic? Answered

I make yoghurt. I put it in jars and cups for myself. I want to make some to sell at the farmers market and so I need to put it in some plastic glasses. I was thinking of using a plastic wine glass for individual serving size. How can I safely adhere a plastic film over the mouth of the glass?

Asked by redorchestra 7 years ago

how can i turn plastic into fuel for my car ? Answered

Plastic disposal is an ever increasing problem, and here in africa is hell lot a problem, i tried making biodiesel from an instructable but the cost of methanol is too high, so i was wondering if it were possible to convert plastic back into oil and use it for my car

Asked by fisherman6378 8 years ago

how do i make clear see through plastic? Answered

I dont know anything so help me out here,

Asked by zerosk8ter83 8 years ago

I want to make a abstract plastic chandelier, it wont have a "normal" form..

I want to make a abstract plastic chandelier, it wont have a "normal" form...  more abstract so it will look like a blob of  hollow floating glass suspended above a stage... it will have lasers and coloured lights shining through it.... any suggestions as to what type of plastic? attached is an art instillation that gave me the idea.

Posted by bbigssor 6 years ago

Can someone help me with plastics? Answered

I'm making a project and I dont know what plastic I should use. I need it to be painted, kinda pretty, and durable. It will not be out in the sun. It will only take its own weight. The measurements are 24'' x 18'' + 24'' x 18'' ( there are two pieces) .There will be hinges screwed to the plastic to hold together the 2 pieces. It also needs to be in sheets (there is no problem getting this, I just wanted to let you know). What choice would you choose? These are some of the plastics they sell in my local plastic shop (I would like to use one of these): -Acrylic -Polycarbonate -Polyethylene -Polypropylene -Nylon -Delrin -Teflon -PVC -ABS

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

What is the actual chemical used for plastic to bond when melting it back down? Answered

  I have seen the instructable where cooking oil was used.  I was wondering what the actual chemical is that makes it bond together again.   Thanks

Asked by onrust 8 years ago

Can cassava starch be use as the main ingredient in plastic making???Just like potato starch!!

Pls... i want to conduct research about cassava starch!!11what is it in the potato ..that can be use as the main ingredient in making potato plastic??/how about the cassava starch???pls..ans this!!!?

Asked by Fulyazzie 8 years ago

Remove labels?

I have two different plastic tubs, one diaper wipe and other oxyclean.  I am wanting to reuse them but they do not have the old paper labels that I can get off.  So, how do I get the melted on or heated on labels off of these tubs?  Please advise?

Asked by carolb4 5 years ago

Clear vinyl film sticking together

We have a problem with 2 layers of plastic/vinyl film sticking together. When we purchase this product it comes in 48" X 150' rolls and has a kraft paper that separates the layers while on the roll but when we use this stuff we have 2 layers about 3/8" apart after a time due to heat contraction or sitting something on the 2 layers it meets and will not easily pull apart. Is there any chemical or product of any type we can apply that would remove its ability to stick together. If you have a solution please keep in mind there can not be any residue as this needs to stay crystal clear.

Asked by energywisemfg 2 years ago

is it okay to use glycerin as additives or plasticizer in making plastics fom cassava tubers or tapioca?

Is it okay to use glycerin as additives or plasticizer in making plastics fom cassava tubers or tapioca?

Asked by rajel 8 years ago

"Welding" Plastic

What is the best way of "welding" or joining two pieces of plastic? The type of plastic I'm using is the translucent material used in milk containers.

Posted by BrianKT 10 years ago

Printing on plastic?

Im looking to make some business cards out of clear or frosted plastic. Other than taking the order to a printing company, is there any way that I could print the information or images I want onto the plastic myself?

Asked by 9 years ago

Source of plastic bags

I'm planning to use laminated plastic bags to skin a boat but I need a few hundred or thousand bags.  Where does one get that many bags?

Posted by AlbinoMoose308 2 years ago

where can i buy 1220cmx610cmx2mm plastic panels?

To replace green house windows broken by vandels

Asked by rongon 8 years ago

I Need information for melting PET plastic at home Answered

I want to melt PET plastic at home. I want to make a clear tube. I know i have to dry the plastic as much as possible to keep it clear. I will dry the plastic by exposing it to a lower temperature than its melting point for few hours. I plan to melt the plastic into a liquid and pour it into a mold. For the mold i will use 2 fire resistant pipes,and pour the plastic in the gap. Are there any hazards to this,like toxic fumes? Can i use 2 fire resistant pipes as a mold? Is there a better way to dry the plastic? If i forgot to ask something important please answer that too. thank you for the answers.

Asked by legendarya 12 months ago

Etching, staining, or wildly coloring plastic

I own too much plastic, that I use regularly, but want to decorate. Is there a SAFE method to chemically or otherwise "mottle" plastic with colors? Not looking to use paints, as those will just peel off. I know that plastics react to some solvents and such, but is there anything that you could 'wash' plastic with that would just outwardly alter the appearance? If I could get an "oil on water", or even just a "camo" sort of effect, that would be wonderful! (I tried searches for what to AVOID using around plastics without risking such an effect, but can't get the right search parameters...) Thanks for any ideas! I'd really prefer not to have to throw stuff out.

Posted by Dragon Maze 8 years ago

Plastic Part Needed

I am looking for a plastic part and have searched all over the internet for it and cannot find it. To give you a visual of the part, its looks just like a plastic pizza box support but its height is about 6 to 8 inches. Has anyone seen anything similar to this description? Thank you for your responses. Chris

Posted by milkyway312 6 years ago

cut plastic pepsi bottles? What is the best method?

I am trying to do a project with plastic pop bottles. I have to make three cuts and am doing it with sissors. My hand is killing me!!! I have looked at the foam wire cutters but nowhere does it say that you can cut plastic using them.

Asked by 8 years ago

What kind of glue can be used to stick the plastic used in milk containers?

I would like to use the plastic of milk containers for modelling. These seem to be the same make up in UK and USA. What kind of glue could be used? Will this also work on plastic of drinks bottles and containers used for bleach, detergent, dishwasher powder etc ?

Asked by davee52uk 9 years ago

What type of plastic should I use for heat forming??

I need help selecting a type of heat-forming plastic. Can any plastic experts offer advice? I'm nearing the end of the design phase of a project, and I need some help selecting the right material with which to make it. I'll essentially be building a solid, 3-dimensional form by setting a plastic sheet over the form and hitting the plastic with a heat gun, and then trimming. Are there any plastics that would "droop" onto the form when heated, but stiffen up again properly when they re-cooled?  A pliable, but still fairly rigid plastic that resembles the stuff those cheap black plastic oil receivers are made out of would be ideal.  If this type of plastic exists, where would I get it? Also, what thickness would be best? I would like it to be as thin as possible, but still function as described above. I have looked into vacuum forming, and while AMAZING, it is too expensive/difficult for my purposes.  Any advice??

Asked by LeilahB 2 years ago

what plastic is good to create sculptures (That will be used as molds)?

Hey. i need to create a plastic that i can use to create a mold . something like play dough , only that after some time it can get hard, to be used as a mold for ABS or acrylic.. can anyone help me?

Asked by settra 5 years ago

Glueing Plastic Syringes

Hi. Most of you know the plastic medical syringes  (Terumo is a popular brand).  They are made of a plastic that I have not yet found a glue to work on. Can anyone offer some suggestions? A list I have tried includes Contact cement,  Super glue, Bostic Vinyl cement,  Sil-poxy, Epoxy-Resin 2 part (Araldite) So we are moving into the area of the exotics Many thanks Dave 

Posted by marcwolf 8 years ago

could someone cut a piece of plastic for me? Answered

I have a mp4 player i got a few days ago, but i find that the original cover plastic has a sort of paint that, when combined with the glare of ambient sunlight, makes it totally impossible to use the player outside. not only that, but the plastic on the front got a really nasty scratch on it when i was cutting open the box. its 1mm thick. if i gave the dimensions of the plastic part thats scratched (gold-silvery part of the player) could someone cut a new piece for me, be it laser cut, cnc milled, or by hand, whatever. all i ask is that its clear plastic.

Asked by zack247 7 years ago

Plastic model?

Hi I have a small design that I want to be made out of plastic, its for something that I am working on but have limited artistic talent  just wanted to know if anyone wanted to collaborate on this of course I will pay within reason  please message me if this is something you might be interested in and we can go into more details , its two small designs 

Asked by Kagsy 4 years ago

custom ruler scriber

Years ago (before computers), I worked in a lab where we were called upon to make clear plastic rulers with precise increments.  We had a simple machine to accomplish the job. It was an ingenious gadget that held the plastic in place and with a turn of a crank, it moved the plastic a set distance and simultaneously scribed the plastic with a metal point.  The precise divisions could be set with a dial and all you had to do was turn the crank. Has anyone ever seen one of these machines?  If so - what is it called and how would you make one?

Posted by slocumbs 4 years ago

Oily feeling, water repellent plastic? Answered

What sort of plastic is it which has a permanently oily feel and water will bead on its surface?  We have some in the form of a butter melter which sits on top of a popcorn maker (hence temperature stable) and an ice-cream scoop.  Also, polymorph plastic will adhere inseparably to it, as I found our when I tried to use the ice-cream scoop as a mould - whoops! No real reason for asking - just one of those things I know that I don't know. (Thank you Donald.)

Asked by AndyGadget 8 years ago

Looking for a plastic etching or scribing kit to place my name on sunglasses so I never lose them again!

Hi, Does anyone know of a way to imprint my name in ordinary plastic objects so I can identify them with my name and phone number? I have a metal etching kit, but I can't seem to find anything similar with plastic.  I know that I can scribe it by hand with a dremel, but I want something more regular and 'pro' looking than that. Thanks, Blake

Posted by blakeinla 7 years ago

What can I do with a Plastic Cup?

Hello, First post. I drink ALOT of soda from McDonalds. I go through ALOT of 32 oz. plastic cups. There has got to be some way I can use these cups to make the world a better place. I would love to find either a use for them or a product I can resell, or...something...anything....HELP!!!! Thanks

Posted by kwit35 10 years ago

Who I can unclored plastic, colored in the mass

Hi all ! I want uncolored plastic, or uncolored latex, and I need to know how it's possible. For have light color, pastel color. Like nightblue => lightblue. It's used for cleaning old yellow plastic, like old white or grey computers or consoles, but it's maybe only for have the origin color, not for uncolored the color in the mass. It's yellow because the plastic is oxyded. With hydrogen peroxyde + UV. So, do you know if this combo is good for my project ? Or who I can make it ? It's for custom parts. With many friction, and it's bad to use paint for that. Hope yoou help me, see you soon. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Brolock 3 years ago

Need help finding cheap thermo formable plastic!

Greetings! I need help finding a material for a project. I am looking for the cheapest Thermo-formable plastic that I can find. I need to be able to form it with a heat gun and keep its rigidity after forming. I also need to be able to paint it. I require a large amount so I am looking for the cheapest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted by Jonas3 7 years ago

My bag fusing always wrinkles. I don't get that nice somewhat smooth look...any suggestions? Answered

I'm making a book bag out of fused plastic but my plastic keeps crinkling up and wavy it also curls up one way. Not that somewhat flat sooth look I see in tutorials. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Is my plastic fabric I already made a lost cause? If so how do I prevent this from happening again?

Asked by firequeen 9 years ago

i want to make a mold i can pour plastic into, what do i use? Answered

Im working on recasing my palm tungsten T, and so i was wondering how exactly i should go about making the mold to cast the parts. im thinking i'll have to make a prototype of the part with something like clay, after its been baked, of course. then what can i use to make the mold? ive seen plastic pellets you mix with water and it makes well, plastic that you can pour, and i was thinking i should use that for the final product. but what should the mold be made of? it would need to be easy to get the part out of it, but it cant be too easy or else it might not set right. ideas?

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

Moulding plastic - for a knife handle or holster ??? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask fro help to find the proper ENGLISH word/name for what I'm looking for. I would like to make a plastic handle (for a knife) and a holster. My grandpa had a stuff for this, where he moulded it, put the metal part of the knife handle inside and left it to become hard. I have found something like the POLYMORPH but I'm just a little bit concern - wouldn't it be to soft ??? Or the low melting point ??? The stuff that my grandpa used became hard as a rock. And when you wanted to remove it, you had to break it ... and it breaks exactly like rock, glass (it wasn't soft). Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Asked by zholy 7 years ago

melting hdpe plastic health concerns?

I want to do some vacuum forging (from another instructables) and i was thinking about melting milk jugs for it. if i heated them with a blowtorch would it emit bad fumes into the air, as long as i didint burn it?  I would do it outside and im 13 so i dont want to mess myself up.  if it does make fumes, would a respirator with a fine filter stop them?

Asked by awesomeepiceli 5 years ago

Assortment of plastic gears for sale. 70 in total.

I have an assortment of plastic gears all different sizes on ebay if anyone's interested. Mostly from old printers and scanners. The item is in the UK, but willing to post to most countries. From the listing "This is an assortment of plastic/nylon (not sure what they're made of) gears that I've collected over the years. These are mostly from old printers and fax machines that I've stripped for the stepper motors. Please bear in mind that most of these will not mesh with each other - they're all different sizes, pitches, and different centre hole diameters, and many of them have original grease on them. So don't expect to be able to make a large gear train out of these, most of them won't mesh." The ruler in the picture is 20cm ( 8" ) long

Posted by scraptopower 6 years ago

why am I not in the contest?

I don't understand why my instructable, the sphere lamp, isn't in the coffeecup contest anymore. Is it because of the use of plastic cups? Because as I mentioned it was intended with paper cups but I didn't had those available. If so, why didn't I got the message about disqualification at first and are there other instructables in the contest which only have plans about using paper cups but no cup was used? Will it help if I rebuild it with paper cups?

Posted by Dave A 8 years ago

What is the best way to waterproof a hole in a plastic box?

Hi, Picture is showing a small polycarbonate box with a 10 mm hole in the top surface. I need to find a way to cover this hole with a waterproof and elastic patch. It needs to hold tight for a minimum of 3 years of daily use in sun and water. I was thinking of covering the hole with a small rubber repair patch for bicycles. Not the self-adhesive types but with proper glue. Will this work or are there better alternatives? Thanks!

Asked by karolina81 11 months ago

painting a lawn flamingo

I am trying to bring back the pink quality of several Yard flamingos.  I know I could buy new ones, but certain people would rather keep for sentimental reasons, so I am trying to restore them.  My problem is when they are painted, after a period of time it chips off, I believe it is because the paint cannot deal with the flamingo plastic swell and shrink of the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.  Any ideas to extend the paint's life, would be appreciated.

Posted by gothking85 3 years ago

How to make an R/C car body ??What is the needed materials?

How to make an R/C car body ??What is the needed materials?

Asked by hakemsaeed 8 years ago

Lexan. Just to be sure...

So, I was thinking about an Halloween mask, a steampunk diving dress. The most complex thing is, of course, the head piece. More specifically, I'm in a bit of a quandary with the visor: I need to make a convex, ellyptical dome of clear plastic. Since I need to fit that into a frame I need to make it from flat panels; this way I'll get the shape I want. I think I'll use Lexan: it seems to be quite sturdy and easy to work on. In theory, all I have to do is heat the thing up to 200°C (400°F) and it will bend like a charm, but I'm a bit worried about exalations and whatnots; can someone help me here please?

Posted by Madness helps 9 years ago