Plexi-Project Help

Hello everyone, I've been looking at LED projects and devising my own for quite some time now. What i finally decided on was a Plexi glass tube containing a bonsai tree, with an LED array above to give it light. My plan for the LED array is squared away. and i have selected my tube (diameter of 8in). My hold up is the base and the roof of the tube. I want a fairly heavy material which can be machined to yield a snug fit. Does anyone one have any suggestions for the material or a possible source? if at all possible i would like this component to be less than 30$.

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Painting and etching plexi glass? Answered

I'm working on a project to remove the broken plastic around my laptops screen section and replace it with two peices of plexiglass (Both front and back of the screen). with this i have a broken USB port that i can run power lines to two RED Leds to allow to light up an Etch on the plexiglass. but i really want to mask a small square in the middle then  paint he plexiglass black then etch in my logo. but i'm wondering if this is the best way to do it?  any suggestions??

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What should I make with a piece if plexi-glass?

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How do you precision paint acrylic or plexi-glass sheets?

I need to know how to draw precision lines on plexi/ acrylic so I can spray paint designs over it designs on there and put a light behind it..... Help? ry25920

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Acrylic Heating Element - Questions for an electrician and acrylic expert

I'm trying to build a heating element suspended 1" from an aluminum surface, and 2" below what will be a piece of acrylic (hopefully up to 1/2" thick) suspended by aluminum covered 2x4's. I want to have a rheostat (I think that's what they're called) for variable control of the heating element. The width of the element is undetermined, although 1/2" is probably close and this may be of little relevance. The aluminum case itself is 21"x6" and 3" deep So far, I've harvested a coil of Nickel Chromium from a cheap space heater but in trying to create a suspended piece, I've done little but destroy my NiChrom. It was cool, sparks and all, but I'd like to get it right this time. I do not wish to use a torch or heat gun as the pieces are to be wide and the heat must be even over the width to create an aesthetic bend. I will post some photos of the pieces tomorrow. Feel free to throw your hat in on any questions you want to answer. Electric Questions: How much NiChrom. do I need to heat 1/2" acrylic to around 400 degrees (F) for malleabiity? What is the best way to mount or suspend the nichrom.? What is the appropriate method to attach NiChrome to the wiring? (My home made coil using 1/16" copper wiring as a cast was sound in theory, but practice yielded sagging of the strip when active, and eventually sparky explosions at the mounts, after which time this question came to mind.) What kind of Rheostat do I need? What kinds are there? What's the difference? Can I get away with using a 120v/600w Dimmer switch instead (please say 'yes')? Acrylic Questions: What is the ideal heat for bending thicker acrylics? Would a fan below the heating element help disperse the heat evenly over the acrylic, or mess up the dispersion? Can a heating element such as this create sufficient heat to 'weld' 2 pieces together? Is this even possible? Thanks. I'm sure I'll have more questions before you can answer those. Peace - Ian.Wms

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Any ideas on making a curved plexiglass panel with LED lighting the etching in it?

So, I want to create a 2"-3" wide strip of plexiglass that I would etch and then curve (using to heat to wrap the 2"-3" wide strip around something round, for example a pipe). My question is, if I had an LED source lighting the end of the strip (again, the narrow end) would the etched plexiglass light up all around? See picture here: Is this possible?

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Help needed in fixing plexi glass or glass to table top...?

I am wanting to have a large image on my coffee table, protected by plexi/glass, but I don't want to screw through the plexi/glass; any ideas on how i can secure it??

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how to cut plexi glass and how thick?

I want to build a clear plexi glass deck for my goped scooter i was wondering how thick i would need to support a 220lb person and how can i cut it perfectly with out it cracking and looking terrible

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what can 1/4 inch width plexi glass stand up to?

I want to build a battle bot out of of 1/4 inch plexi glass and i want to know if i will stand up to other robots and a lot of bumping around. Also, i need to drill into it, will it crack? thank you in advance.

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Can I need to learn the way of producing a plexi glass for my caravan.?

I need to learn the way of producing of plexi glass. I need plexi glasses for my caravan. One of my friend told me that he saw a page that explains the producting way. But i couldnt fint the page.. Is there anyone who remembers the page link over there? Thank you.?

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LED Music Submerged in mineral oil. Answered

I have seen led music cubes and prisms here but is it at all possible that you could make one that does light up to music in a plexi glass cube but filled with mineral oil? If I were to do this of course itd have to be sealed water tight so nothing leaks, but is there anything else that might need to occur? Per say would I have to add a dye to the mineral oil to get a good luminosity effect or would it be shining bright without it? If you could throw me some things that might be flawed in this idea or advice I would appreciate it lots!

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How thick does a 17.5-inch round piece of plexi-glass need to be to support a 3 gallon fish tank?

I have a round wooden table with a 17.5 inch diameter (outer edge to outer edge).  However, the diameter of the recessed part of the table is 15.5". The 3 gallon fish tank will be centered over the recessed part of the table.  How thick does the plexi-glass need to be to hold the tank without bending or breaking?

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My school project

Just thought i'd let the instructables community know why I haven't been around foe a fair while. Well, mainly because it's getting near exam time, so I'm being a good little student and studying hard. Also, another reason is my best school project EVER!!!!!See, i'm involved in an extended program at my school, called open doors. We get to choose something that interests us, research it, and build it!!!We are building a HHO generator, running a lawnmower off it, then hopefully a small car!!!You can follow our progress here:

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diecast cars acrylic or plexi glass display case/shelf

I have a growing collection of hotwheels, tomy and matchbox cars mostly 1:64 scale. i need an idea on making a clear display case for my cars, in its blister pack and loose cars. something i can hang or put on a table (car can be viewed on both sides). that would be two instructables (i'm demanding).. lol. please help. thanks in advance.

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How can I make my own deep propagator top, please? Answered

Essentially I can't afford those big, deep propagators - and if I could I wouldn't pay the extortionate prices. I can get a deep bucket to house the hydroponics 'ible found on this site, but I can't find tall, clear propagator tops to protect/house the tender cuttings I want to take (basically of foodstuffs). If you can think of a Rubbermaid style storage box/bucket, I would ideally like to make a clear top about 12 inches high that also fits tightly against the Rubbermaid box. My thoughts initially are making a plexi-glass/perspex box top - any further thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.

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What types of plastic glass do not go white when bent, and what is the best cement to join it to itself, please? Answered

When I am mid-way through a project I start thinking about the next one! I want to build a small-ish fish tank with a curved front. I envisage building a former of wood and 'wrapping' the plexi-glass round it to meet in the middle at the back. I will heat the plexi-glass gently so it can be bent but hopefully retain most of its thickness. What kinds of plexi-glass can withstand being bent and not turn colour? Also, what would be the strongest kind of cement to secure that join? I intend to reinforce that join by 'sandwiching' it with an additional piece of plexi-glass to give a greater surface area for the join, as water is incredibly heavy! FWIW I will also have much thicker plexi-glass at the bottom and top (top with access holes) with plenty of silicone around all edges. Many thanks for stopping by; I appreciate any thoughts you have. I will be posting this project as an 'ible to say thanks for the help.

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How can I "chip" the edge of thick plexi glass to make it look like a sheet of ice?

Trying to make a centerpiece for my daughter's wedding.  Need a sheet of plastic about an inch thick with the sides chipped like a piece of ice.  Going to light up a vase under it so the light glows thru the "ice".  Any ideas welcome.  Thanks

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Where can I purchase 20-30 pieces plexi/acrylic glass for 12x18"design, for faux stained glass painting project?

20-30 students in class will be making faux stained glass Easter/cross design, 12x18" approximate size. Where could we purchase pieces of plexi/acrylic glass to accomodate their design?

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How to frost plexiglass (w/out buying coating)? Answered

Hey all, trying to find a way to sand about a 10x8 (inch) section of plexi (lucite technically, harder than plexi from what ive read). I dont necessarily want to go out and buy a specific coating, so would sandpaper work? Ive got a good selection of sandpaper, and can get more easily. It is based off of the DIY glowing mouse pad project (on instructables), so would that hinder mouse movement? Just like moving back and forth/tracking issues :) Thanks, I will post more info if you want since its kinda sketchy..., Thanks! Astroboy907

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Sub vs Carpet

So i have these, and I just thought, that since the sub's driver (is that the right term?) is on the bottom, facing the ground, and I have carpet...does the carpet impair the sub? ...Since carpet absorbs sound...Just a thought. Should I put it on top of a piece of plexi glass or something?

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2 totally awesome 80s-lookin' coloured light boxes that flash in response to sound... need to rebuild and need help!

Two sound reactive light boxes (about the size of boot boxes) that are made of faux wood, have a multi coloured panel and textured plexi lining the front, 2 light bulbs in back that flash thru the coloured and plexi panels in response to sound or vibrations. they look fairly early 80s. they started to get more and more unreactive and now you have to thump on them to get any response at all. sigh! anyway, i dont know exactly what theyre called, searches for "sound-reactive light boxes" turn up nothing helpful. anyone know anything about these amazing partytastic gems? id be so sad if i had to scrap them.

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How do I separate the laminate layers in an old bullet resistant window? There is no glass layer,

It is all plastics. I want to harvest the two inner 1/2 inch layers of Lexan for projects. The two outer layers appear to be 3/16ths UV resistant plexi. The center membrane is killing me. I have tried mild heat and brute strength.

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I want to build Acrylic bubble wall.could your please any one help me for that.where can i get materials ?

I want to build Acrylic bubble wall.could your please any one help me for that.where can i get materials ? reference:

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Anyone know how to make a mouse restrainer?

The purpose is to immobilized the mouse so that tail vein injection can be done. My senior made one of this before he retired. made from plexi glass/ plastic. So basically, it consist of 2 parts. The first part is like a base/ platform which the 2nd part rest on it. The 2nd part is made of a tube which a mouse can go inside just nicely. Thank you

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Hamster-powered ventilation system?

I'm in the process of expanding my hamsters cages and because of the design, I'm not able to leave the top open to allow better air circulation like I'd prefer. The cage is made out of plexi glass with ventilation holes on both sides and I found a post somewhere about using a computer fan behind one end of the cage to increase air flow. Is there any way to wire it so it turns on when the hamster runs on the wheel/at a random time?

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ac motor speed control

My uncle recently gave me a compact, functional ac motor with an axial blower attached to it. its a pretty cool thing, and i am planning on putting it in my mac's plexi case (when its built). i have no clue how to vary the speed. from what i found on wikipedia, an inductance motor cannot have speed control. how do i know if this motor is brushed or inductive?? and if its brushed, how do i vary its speed? help!!??

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wiring led to 110 power supply

New to this whole electronics thing, have a basic understanding but still a little iffy on some stuff. i seen the glowing cube and thought it was sweet. so my plan is th make a wall picture. take a 24 by 24 by 1/2 plate of plexi and drill holes into the side for the light. so basically what i'm asking is what size of resistor and how many would i need to hook up to a 110 supply so i can plug into wall

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LCD Monitor Backlight projects

Has anyone found a way to power the backlights from an LCD monitor? We have a bunch of monitors at work that are dead and I'm pulling parts from (the plexy-glass is a very nice score). I'm getting a few of the mini backlighting tubes, along with the power supplys, but can't seem to trick the power supply to come on. I thought of a few good projects but can't figure out just how to get the tubes lit (without blowing them up )....anyone out there have any input? (sorry for the pun)Scott

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RGB LED Sun and Moon

So, I'm working on this thing, its just an idea right now so I won't delve into it too deep, but I want to use a single RGB LED behind a frosted plexi screen as a Sun and another as a Moon, that will move on a clock motor. Could I get a white with a yellow tinge and a white with a blue tinge with a RGB and a few fixed resistors? I'm just wondering if that would be possible. Would I just set the red and green components to 70% and the blue to 100% for the moon and the red and green at 100% and blue at 70% for the sun? Thanks for the help. I don't have any RGBs so I'm just trying to theorize right now.

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LED 'screen' that will toggle between two images for cheap? Answered

I'm looking to make a prop soon that is basically a backpack with a small screen on it. Said screen alters between two states: green with a smiley face, or red with a rather angry looking face. I am looking to make it so I can alter said screen between the two states, for as cheap as possible. My first thought was to have three pieces of plexi: one with the smile, one with the angry face, and one blank, putting the blank one in the middle. Then, light the edges of the other two with the corresponding colors. However, I don't know how well that would work, or if there is a better option.  Thanks in advance! 

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LED help?

i would really like some help with a project that i am working on. i am trying to make a ring of leds and am curious as to the soldering aspect. i have heard multiple responses ( never solder leds in succession, you don't need a resistor etc. ) and hope to get a straight answer with this. if someone can draw up a schematic for this i am more of a visual learner. i'll be using 8 leds in a ring form and will have them posted in a piece of plexi-glass all the same distance from each other... any answers that get me closer to my goal would be very much appreciated. P.S. i don't have a lot of space for this project it is going to be installed into a thin area ( front - back )

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Lighting a short strip of LEDs w remote. volts and amps.

I made this POW edge-lit plexi for a friend and I want to make sure I power it exactly right. Any help would be appreciated.  Im using a 10 led strip. They are snipped from a rgb led strip 5050. rated at 12v. How do I know how many amps to use for such a short strip? below in an image are the full specs. it says 5amps for 5meters. would I use 12v 1amp or .5 amp? Plus does the remote control box(12v) take any amps?   I read that you dont want to under do it with volts and amps because the strip will try to pull what it needs then overheat. what about over loading it? I just need this to be safe. Thanks. *hope this is the right forum to post.

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Convert DC Light bar to AC

I'm trying to help out a friend. He's an animation student and he frequently has to use a light box while he's sketching. For those unfamiliar, he draws on a paper, and then puts another paper on top and traces it again, but with a slight change from the first. This process continues over and over until the animation is complete. In order to be able to trace, he's got a piece of white plexi (with a 90° bend in it) as his "table". He then places an off the shelf Energizer "Under Cabinet Light" under the plexi. This light has a fluorescent bulb and is powered by 8 AA batteries. Simple calculations means it's running on a 12V battery pack. Since he's often doing homework for 6 hours straight, the 8AA batteries become costly and the light dims over time. He was asking if I could hack the light to take AC power instead. I have an old wallward ac adapter that has these specs: Input: 120VAC 60Hz 30W Output: 12V @ 1.2A. I also took pictures of the circuit board I found inside the light. While I can't distinguish exactly what's on the board, I can pick out a capacitor, a transformer and some sort of regulator. I should've  got a quick schematic... from the looks my google searching, it's a simple fluorescent lamp circuit. Would it be as simple as stripping the ends of the AC adapter and soldering it to the positive and negative contacts on the light bar's circuit board? The adapter itself takes AC and makes it DC so it should work right? Another thing he is thinking of is having me swap out the tube for LED's. I'll just need an LED driver and I can use the same power supply I found in my junk box... it's just a question if the high powered LEDs would be bright enough. Surely if the tube is bright enough on fresh AA batteries, 3 high powered white LEDs would be brighter right? Also he's on a budget, so the AC/DC hack would essentially free for him!

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Combustion Chamber for high voltage spark

Based on Sir9's project I am preparing to make my own version: The plan is to create a Tesla Turbine powered by steam which is made on the plasma spark from a Tesla Coil - Presumably if Sir9 used just 110 V, the really high voltage of the Tesla Coil should give me Big effects I am not sure about what size, shape and material I should use for the combustion chamber, and whether I can use multiple spark plugs safely. I'm planning to use a small 220v // 2,1kV microwave oven transormer for the coil just to keep things farely safe for the beginning and a turbine made of hard disk drives (about 16 plates) sealed in a plexi-glass chamber I have a lot more questions coming up every minute, need any help I can get - this is my first project of it's kind Thnx

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Building a sound reactive lightbus/module visualizer

Hello fellow dwellers!!I am wanting to do a case mod with a window of frosted plexi glass and have LED lights behind it for show. I also want to be able to make them dance to music or whatever goes through my soundcard and cannot find a good instructable for this.What I understand is that you need a sound reactive module hooked up to your lights and have seen these things for sale on ebay, but no info on how to build my are some links to videos who us this tech in lighting:LED visualizerexternal cold cathodsON A DS!!sunbeam lightbusmorelast oneSryy bout all those links : )So if anyone can help me find a DIY guide for something like any of these, or any info that will prevent me from having to buy one and have no idea how to mod it. Thanks to everyone who replies in advance, and wish me luck.

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I have something here that needs fixing ASAP

Well I have this Gigatube stereo that I am borrowing from a family member. That site in the link isn't very descriptive, 55 watts per main We have the higher end model (they made different models of the gigatube series at the time of purchase, btw that pocket too).Apparently from sitting up in our attic here not being used (yes it was in it's original box however), it appears to have developed a leak in the left sub's chamber. You can hear it when you turn it up anywhere past volume 10, but if I push on the plexi-glass, it stops making a vibrating sound, and it sounds fine from there.I tried tightening up the 6 screws around the plexiglass plate, underneath the front cosmetic plate (they're actually better designed than it looks from the picture, and produce some of the cleanest notes I've heard from a stereo of it's size). Anyways, that didn't fix things, and being they screw into plastic, I did not want to over tighten anything.Just today I took the screws out and the plate literally just fell off the speaker (if I didn't explain before, the plexi-glass seals around the front, allowing you to see the sub, but it bounces the bass back up the tube and it comes out there, from the looks of it, it's a 3rd type bandpass box). It looks like JVC glued these things on with something hard and flaky like superglue or something similar.So here I am now, and I'm wondering what I should use to glue it back on so it makes a TIGHT seal, I have a squeeze tube of this Clear silicone transparent adhesive sealant, would this be suitable? I found this tube after my father handed me a tube of caulking and I told him only a fool would use caulking on a sub, especially one of these pups.Sorry for the long, long, long post as usual, but I like to try to explain everything up front so I can get a answer sooner without having to wait for replies to "what is that" or lack of specifications, whatever. There's some pictures to enjoy below, don't worry I'm not bugging you guys for nothing :P

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SEEKING: I need a safe way/fx rig to explode a watermelon on a tv show...? Answered

Hi gang, I'm working on a show and I need to make a live audience believe that their 'telepathic psychic powers' have made a watermelon explode. I can build a booth with a lexan/plexiglass window so that watermelon doesn't spray the audience, this will also allow me to hide special fx rigs in it. I've done a somewhat similar rig before where I made the watermelon fall unnoticed through a trap door while a nozzle simultaneously sprayed watermelon guts against the plexi (so it looked like it exploded but didn't really). This time I'd really like to make it blow up.  I have a pyrotech license and have access to some basic explosives, but I think I would prefer to explore compressed air-based explosions. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated. Please find a rough sketch attached. Many thanks! DAZU

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iRobot Scholarship idea : Pool Cleaner

I've seen mods for the roombas before, where the robots are water sealed, and then the wheels are turned into propellers. My idea is that I could water proof the robot in plexi glass, or something, and then a net on it, to collect all the leaves, dead bugs, and other stuff that collects on the surface of a pool. normal pool cleaners only vacuum the floor of a pool, and it takes days for floating leaves and other grime to sink to the bottom. With a robot like this, I could just set it in the pool, and let it clean everything up. What's nice is, when company is coming over, it's embarrassing to have a dirty pool...this modification would allow you to quickly clean up your pool-even on short notice. Update (for some clarification): What I would want to do, is make a case for it, so that you can simply remove the wheels, and connect the propellers/steering device to where the wheels were, then just place the roomba in the watertight case, and it would be able to swim around and clean! Also, i'm working on some sketches of how it would work. I'll post those when they are done.

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555 timer to make led's flash in this circuit ?

Ok so my handicapped uncle has a 3 wheeler bike that he goes everywhere in day or night and I'm always worried about him being hit by a car in the dark so i wanted to make a light bar  with 7 orange led's so he could be seen by cars and then i though of incorporating a solar panel so he wouldn't have to charge battery's (the battery's charge while hes out during the day and light up at night) but now i think it would help if the led's were to flash i have a few 555 ic's but I'm not to sure how to use them id like to use one in this light bar to make them flash heres a sketchup model of the lightbar;=0 thanks in advance Ps i also have some pcb boards if needed PPS if there are any improvements you would like to suggest these are apreciated PPPs if you would like to add the 555 circuit to the sketchup models email it to me at Thanks! thanks for your help in advance!

Question by brl60 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I need a way to supercool a laptop, STAT!

Well I'm getting tired again of my mac being extremely sluggish most of the time (the hd is pretty fragmented, too lazy to get my boot disk takes a few hours to defrag). A lot of the "sluggishness" is due in part to the rather extremely hot 1.2ghz ppc processor. I've tried putting xbox heatsinks on it (like seen in my instructable, search that shit) and I even made an addition of putting a fan ontop, but at the most I might have seen a reduction of 5C, but under load the fan made no difference. I know the internal fan can cool it down from like 78C (it gets hotter playing halo) to a nice 50C in a hurry at full speed. I haven't touched it though (wanting to hardwire it badly) because it has like 9 different wires for whatever reason (ground, positive and your sensor readout is all you should need right??). Anyone have at least some half assed idea of what I could throw together in a jumble? And yes, I've thought of using a peice of plexi-glass and cutting holes in it for computer fans and making a souped up cooling pad, but I don't have the fans.

Topic by Punkguyta 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Vandergraph generator

I am interested in building a small  vandergraph generator.  I am thinking this will certainly be no taller then 2ft and likely closer to 1ft.  I understand the general principal of how it works and this should be a good first voltage project that I should have everything I need for.  What has been holding me back for quite some time is that I could not come up with a decent belt for the inside.  But I read on the forums I think that leather is a good belt to use (or human skin).  This seems very odd to me and maybe I am missing something but is this really a good thing to use as a belt?  It would be nice because I could cut it as wide and long as I need and then sew it into a belt with some thread.  I happen to have some leather laying around from some crafting I have been working on.   Then as long as I am making this thread I was wondering what the best "tube" would be that the belt runs in.  I had considered making a plexi glass tube with hot glue to hold it together.  I think it could be cool to have a see through setup.  But I want this to work as well as I can get it.  So if a different material would work better I am open to suggestions. Also I will try my best to find my camera and post step by step photos once I know what the heck I am doing.

Topic by jcaresheets 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Which Stepper motor and which controller?

Hello, Still in research mode for my own CNC machine which will be Arduino based. But, as everyone is using different motors and controllers (drivers?), how do I choose the right one for me? My machine should be able to do soft materials like wood and plexi/acrylic but I als want to be able do mill/cut aluminum, as I am restoring an old car and parts are not easy to get hold off. For my board I was thinking of an Arduino UNO (like most) but then, which motor to go for? Uni or bipolar? 17, 23, 34? And which driver? gShield / CNC Shield V3 / Dual step driver? A4988? 1 board per motor or can I combine them? How to get a smoother run then 1/8 steps? (Found CNC Shield V3.0 + UNO R3 + 4pcs A4988 Driver for £15???) I have never soldered anything, but I am a fast learner. So far when it comes to electronics, I managed to hardwire a stereo without harness into my car, speakers, radiator fan circuit and some door controlled LED's. Far away from soldering of building a CNC, but I am up for the challenge. I know there are a lot of questions in this post, but I appreciate any explanation why someone chose one motor over the other etc.... Any information is highly appreciated. I rather research more then building something and then have to start over again. Kind regards, Red

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How could I build this in a cost effective method?

Hello, I recently went to a Camera supply store and fell in love with this amazing light.. Its a Fotodiox LED 1000 ASV, you can google it or look on to get a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish I would like to make one.. so far I have this is mind.. I can buy a lot of about 1000 LED's for really cheap.. Mirror plexiglass maybe about a 12inx12in to mount all the LEDs and a potentiometer to dim. I would like to run on 12 volt simply because it gives it more power options for my needs, the one thing I'm kind of confused on is, Am I really gonna have to wire 1000 Resistors to make each LED 12v? Or is there a simpler method.. Also, power supply is an issue, I am not sure if I can just wire all the LEDs down to two wire for a regular 110-220V Input, 12v Output adapter.. Do I need an LED driver of some sort? Especially If I want to be able to dim. Building the Housing and stand shouldnt be an issue, Its more the electrical part where I am concerning myself with. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I do automotive 12v as a profession and hobby, I'm just recently getting into "higher voltage" =D "I'M READY TO STICK A FORK IN A SOCKET!!" lol, can anybody give me any tips? details? or even how they would go about doing this? Any advice is better then no advice.. and any direction is better then starting lost, Thanks in advance! I Will start making an instructable soon once I get my supplies in (LED's, Mirror Plexi) Considering that where I have to start.

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This is similar to my other topic, but I think it's worth a new topicmy company will be called electroni-C (pronounced electroni-see)I came up with cool marketing groups and product names, such as:electroni-CHIPSflavors: original (a bunch of generic boards that makes breadboarding easier, such as a 555 board, potentiometers that actually work with bread boards, a couple of mini powersupplies, jumpers, breadboard to aligator adapters, etcspicy: A lot of power stuff, like powersupplies, not just for breadboards, but for real finished projects, such as a circuit similar to mintyboost (but not the same, it'll be like a DIP package)optical (better name needs to be thought of) various LEDs, led drivers, optical sensors, and some logic to make everything useful. LED displays with integrated resistors for 5 volt (useful for less solder joints and less mess on a breadboard.caffine: motors, H-bridges, relays w/ saftey diode, servos, etc.Electroni-COOKIESNames are TBD, but here's what they are. They are called cookies because they are bigger and come in a box (oppose to a bag like electron-CHIPSdecade resistor control boxdecade capacitor control boxdecade inductor boxa big power supplyelectroni-CUSTOMIZEcustom PCB and plexi etchingelectroni-CASEcustom enclosures (basically a generic enclosure that has holes and squares cut out specifically where you want them)electroni-KITS (better name that begins with C needs to be found)H-bridge12volt regulated powersupply9volt regulated powersupply5volt regulated powersupply3.3volt regulated powersupplyR/C equipmentpulsing music LEDsthe resonator (just you wait!)lucid dream machinethe diode calculator (using thousands of diodes and switches for input, you can make a calculator, plus some resistors for the LED display)I will also carry some basic components such as resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc..suggestions are appreciated!EDIT: website is in development.. uhhh.. by mehere's the site, all pictures were done by meI would like my own URL, but eh, wacha gunna do for free

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Challenge. Building a Lap Desktop. A keyboard, monitor, and speakers. Built into a Laptop case, plugs into a tower.

Scroll down for update I've been looking at new laptops. The ones I want are way to expensive. If I had a desk top I could get a lot more computer for a lot less money.   I have 2 old laptops. I would like to gut one of the laptop cases then install a new lcd monitor into the case which will plug into a desktop. I would like to do the same with the keyboard and the speakers. Whats the point? It won't be a lap top. This is correct. I don't want a lap top. I want a folding monitor speaker and keyboard that fits on my lap with cables that plug into a desktop that is sitting on the floor next to my chair.   I want to easily unplug my Lap Desktop, fold it up and then make it disappear. I want to sit in my comfy chair gaming talking to my wife while we both watch tv. I don't want a corner of my living room dedicated to a big old computer desk. The original idea was to use component parts of the laptop.  The monitor speakers, and keyboard. After doing some research I realize using the monitor won't work. That is ok. I will get a new one. Where to buy it? what to buy? I hope I can still use the laptop case and install the parts I want. and make it all work...  If this project seems like fun give  me a hand. Help me figure out the details. I will take the pictures and make an instruct able and credit who ever has helped me... I know I haven't got a clue and I have not found this product premaid and ready for purchase.... Update The Monitor I found what I need for my laptops lcd conversion to desktop monitor. I will purchase the R.RT6251 from njytouch on ebay. This essentially will allow me to use my old desktop lcd as a computer/tv monitor. I hope it works. I will also be converting the montitor into a touch screen. Njytouch has lots of good feedbadk and I have seen some great videos for their products on youtube. Theoretically I have the montior situation under control. The base. I have given up on the idea of using the original lap top base. I still want a clamshel design. Unfortunately I cannot use my laptops old keyboard. It worked fine for the lap top but like the original road block for the LCD at present I cannot find a easy solution to by pass the proprietary element. I was hoping for another miracle solution from njytouch. Don't think it will happen though. So for my contingency plan. A weighted plexiglass base I will mount my hinged lcd on with a shelf I will set my keyboard on. I have an old logitech g15 keyboard which would be awesome to use again. It sports several usb ports easy access for my peripherals.  When finished I will have a hinged lcd touchscreen mounted on a mounted on a weighted flat lap desk surface.. It will be a lap desk  with a clamshell design for easy storage that will all plug into a desk top computer.  Questions Is Plexi glass the best building material? What would you recommend. I would like it to be inexpensive and relatively light. This set up will be on my lap for hours at a time. So far I'm looking at about $150 for this building project and I don't own a desktop yet :) Are their any additions and improvements to this idea you guys can think of. I'm thinking monitors and speakers also... That may be going overboard though. . 

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How to make Flip Clock Numbers and build a "like"-counter around it?

Hey All So I've got this client, who's absolutely crazy about the "FLIKE" (A physical like counter.). But he can't have it for another couple of months, and he'd like it to be a little more custom... Long story short, I might end up making a similar product in a few weeks. it will probably consist out of 5 digits and if it's up to me (not sure what the client wants) I'd stuff them behind a long picture frame. Something like this but actually mechanical and not just a picture of it: So I started googling every hardware piece I needed and it turns out it's a huge pain to find Flip Clock Numbers / Flip Board Numbers... whatever you want to call them. (What's the right name btw?) You can't just buy these things, let alone in a custom size. So the idea is to build them myself. I found this on wikipedia, which gives a clue about the inside: So I'm figuring out what needs to go in it to make this work. (I'll end up making an instructable about it) The numbers themselves are going to be made out of vinyl stickers. You can easily buy those from ebay in about any size if you look for them. The stickers will be put on to plastic boards. But I'm not totally sure what kind I should get. They should be thin and must be able to stand up straight, yet "easy" to fold. I'll probably get them lasercut, but you should be able to cut them by hand as well. Currently I'm thinking about gluing small metal or carbon rods on the back of those letters. Although I'm not sure if that would be strong enough. Would it be enough to file one side of the rods to get a bigger contact surface? (What do you guys think?) I'm planning of putting the half letters in a drum of ABS or PLA. it should be shaped like this:  |--------| I'm thinking about 3D printing this. But no idea how it'll do... One side of the drum will be connected to a small stepper motor (5.625° with 1/64 reduction). I don't have real experience with stepper motors, but this resolution seems more than sufficient. The other side will be connected to a metal or plastic positioner. Each digit might end up with it's own "unit" so I can swap them separately if they'd break. I've got great experience with lasercut plexi, so I might use that because it's more accurate than wood and I might have some lying around. I was first thinking about 1 stepper motor and a set of gears. I decided not to do that in the end because I don't have good experience with making gears and I can never find the right sizes online. Also, it'll make everything way more complex. So each motor will have it's own controller connected to it. Those controllers would have to talk to an ATMega or something. (I'm planning on using an arduino to prototype, but then just swap the chip and make a stand-alone version without usb etc) The ATMega has to be connected to the internet of course to get the current number of likes, so I'd connect it to a raspberry pi via I²C. I'm not familiar with the GPIO pins on the pi so I figured this would be a save and convenient way to handle this. The ATMega is robust, and I love the Arduino bootloader. A sketch is written in no time, but I have no idea how to start writhing this code for the GPIO pins. So why the Raspberry Pi? First off, this thing might end up being wireless, and since a wifi module for the arduino costs as much as a Pi, I figured this would be easier. The plan is to make the pi run python script that could ask the number of likes from the facebook API. Once returned, it'll send +1 or +5 or +10 over I²C. The arduino shifts the numbers to the correct position and replies with the total number it's displaying (3012 for instance). The PI can then recheck if everything is in sync. As for the set up. Since we have Pi, we can put on a LAMP stack (I know, this is overkill, but it wouldn't hurt either). So for initial set-up, we'd connect the counter to ethernet, browse to it on a different computer via "http://counter.local". And we'd be presented with a web interface. You'll be able to set the URL of the page u want to get the likes from, set and reset the number that is displayed on the counter, and the WIFI settings. The WIFI settings can be saved in the wpa_supplicant.conf file and on reboot it'll automatically connect to this network. From now on the whole system is manageable over wifi via a html interface. For debugging I might enable ssh though. So I guess you've got the whole outline now. I'd like to get your feedback on this! And this for the mechanics, electronics, and software side of things! 

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