xmas greeting

Just practicing photoshop. Merry Christmas!!!

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Sodium Glow

Sleep is not restful here. The clouds serve as reading lamps. The sodium vapor glows. Cloudless, moonless nights, I can see my feet. The darkness will not come. Night escapes we tired city dwellers. The sodium glows just as bright as before. The ancients knew what night was, They couldn't see their hands in front of their face. They went to sleep at dusk. We modern night owls fire up the street lights. The ugly sodium glow.

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NEW: Poetry Techniques in 30 Minutes

Hello, I created a video instructable to impart key phonetic techniques for poetry in 30 minutes! That should be all it take from knowing nothing about poetry to being able to write a Shakespearean Sonnet. Please try it out and let me know how you found it. Would love to know the time you actually took and also some examples of poetry you wrote! https://www.instructables.com/id/Poetry-Techniques-in-30-Minutes/  

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post a poem

Enter a poem that you have made up not one that you copy and pasted, keep it on topic please. 

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I need help writing a poem of sorts.

My neighbors have a really old computer, that can't connect to the internet, and runs windows 95.  I have a bunch of computer parts that I got from other computers, and I built a new one that runs XP.  I know it's not fancy, but it's much better than what they have right now.  I am going to type up a users manual, and I just finished installing windows (I'm using the computer to type this).  The specs aren't ninja, I haven't had money myself for months, and so it was built out of junk, but I'm proud, and I know they'll love it.  Anyways, I want to include some kind of poem with it, I think that would be cool.  Can someone help me write one (could also be read as write me one).  I would be extremely grateful.  On a sidenote, does any have DDR ram sticks that I can put in this thing?  The computer only had 2 slots, and I only have 256mb sticks.  Enough to to day to day stuff, but if their computer gets bloated, then I don't want it to slow down very much.  If you can donate, I would be extremely happy. :)

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Kiteman's Haiku Contest the Sequel!

Ok,so Kiteman posted a patch contest that was very succesful. I took his VERY LAST PATCH! So,I am posting this,it has the EXACT SAME RULES AS KITEMAN'S exept that I am the one sending patches! Haiku Away!

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Poetry Project for School: Critique my Poem, plz?

Dearest Iblers, We had to do a poetry project for school where we select a few poems that we like and write about them, and then we have to write a poem of our own. So, if you'd be so kind as to critique this for me. that'd be rather swell :) It's a bit long :/

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This poem is from my book Melodious Verse. It is a Carmen Figuratum of a sunrise on a fall morning I wrote while sitting on the shore of Lake Ontario 37 years ago. I did not have a camera with me so I did not capture an image of the dawn to go with the poem. I have photographed the dawn a thousand times and never captured just the right image of the dawn to accompany the poem. Carmen Figuratum a poem that has a certain shapes or pattern formed either by all the words it contains or just by certain ones therein. An example is the shape of each stanza resembles a wine cup.                                                             New Day                                     I sit watching god’s creatures of the night,                                      fleeing from the ever-approaching dawn.                                A bright orange and red haze caresses the horizon.                                                     Beyond this is the sun.                             Slowly ever so slowly rising above the edge of the earth:                                           to explode into an orange ball of fire.                              Sending a red-river of shimmering light across the water,                                                           now it is dawn.                           I can hear the cries of a seagull as it gracefully glides by me.                                               In the water ducks swim around,                                                 as the sun lights up the world.                                                       It becomes morning,                                                        it is dawn no more,                                                           but a new day.                                                                   By                                                    Josehf Lloyd Murchison                                             Copyright ©2007 Josehf Murchison

Posted by Josehf Murchison 6 years ago

Post your poems!

hey friends, post your poems for reading and discussion, don't be friendly only harsh criticism welcome can't wait! I'll go first: Les makaga-couple packages, she spoke Sniffin my pure sport Sittin on me Les makaga-couple packages Of Raymond noodles baybee Eyein me like i’m crazy All low   You need some chapstick, she spoke And it ain’t no joke My lips are chapter 2 Dried up like raisins

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Horror Stories and Poems

Hey, everybody! I decided to submit a forum for scary stories and poems. Please post something scary, but nothing longer than a short story. I may add more scary things to this forum (in the comments), so you might want to check back on this every once in a while. To start, here's a poem I came up with. Please enjoy. Horror Work 1 He'll follow and chase, Slowly driving you nuts. Steal your mind from your brain Till you're only a husk.   You'll get sicker and sicker; It grows worse with the years. Then finally the man In the dark suit appears.   His garb is the blackest. His skin is quite white. The tendrils wrap 'round, You can't put up a fight.   He draws you close in, And begins with his work. As he removes you from life, You shake and you jerk. And then he is done, This thing with no face, And takes with him your body To some strange unknown place.    

Posted by Plo Koon 5 years ago

How to Remember Pi!

This nifty poem I created is called a "piem", a pi poem. I only made a poem for the first 10 digits, but you can make more. For example, the first word has 3 letters, representing the # 3. The second has 1 letter, representing the # 1. et cetera. Here is one I made up:    For a week a broke belittled he person aided all. Notice the coinciding #s: 3     1    4    1    5          9        2       6         5     3  -->  3.141592653 --> the first 10 digits of pi.

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Tech Poetry/Haiku

This thread will be dedicated to Tech-related poems, or poems of any sort... just tie it into something Instructables-related, somehow...Here's my work of art!Batteries...It seems as if I'm always waiting....waiting for the batteries to chargewaiting for the batteries to chargeand waiting for the batteries to charge again.It's too bad I'm never waiting for the batteries to die,there seems to be much less of that.-Josh Gordonson

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I found a poem I wrote from 3rd grade!

On my computor, I found a poem I wrote when I was in 3rd grade! Here it is: Bother Oh the people you bother, You sister, your father, Your brother, Your mother, And they always say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!" And I say no "What if it'll snow?" No one will know Until the next day. Oh the people you bother, Your sister, your father, You brother, Your mother, And they leave the room. So I take out the vacuum. I sucked up their cheeks, and I sucked up their nose, I went outside and squirt them with a hose. And then they say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!!" And I say no "What if it will snow?" No one, no thee, No more than three, Will know until the next day. I guess it's pretty good for a 3rd grader!

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snow stamp

Hi all. so I've got this idea, snow stamp, the stamp could be anything, like some figure or text or even an advertise, for small one's sugru would be the way to go,  biger's may be laser cuted or something, use your imageination. It would me fun to make snow stamps on your shooes with some text, like joke or poem. I hope you like my idea. If you decide to make one please share your snow stamp pics here.

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Trent I know you are kind and compassionate

Trent,you sent me a poem , a year or so ago. My beloved father is a Musician, with a background in teaching and played live on stage with Australia's The Voice John Farnham. You wrote me several sweet e-mails. However, I wrote fluff in my posts as I had been ill over my brother's tragic death. I am in remission now. I know you are very sweet and compassionate and I hope you can forgive me for my silly mails.

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Instructables Gets an Embroidering Machine

We borrowed an embroidering machine from Craft Magazine for a few days so that we could finish up the prizes for our Fake It Don't Make It Contest. Matt got it set up today and we finished our first few test prints - all in all, it works pretty well. It's going to make some sweet embroidered aprons for our winners! Full Instructable with operational directions coming soon...for now, images of robot love poems, oranges, and laser cut micro flatware.

Posted by noahw 10 years ago

Help With Title for Article

For the final exam in my Journalism class, students are required to write an article detailing an event or period of time in their family history. I chose to write about the two-year tour of duty that my Grandfather served in the Vietnam War. He was never sent overseas, but instead served as a medical officer at an army general hospital. At this point, I have written my entire article, but still need a title. I had considered "Life at War", but didn't know if that would be considered plagiarism because of the Denise Levertov poem by the same name. Do you have any suggestions/hints/ideas/etc. that could help me? Thanks in advance.

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Help me find the perfect gift for "Her"

I have until January 20 to find the perfect gift for what I'd call the perfect woman. She's into Indie bands, works at a music shop, and loves poetry etc. One Idea I had: Guitar inscribed with one huge love poem, but here's the catch: She lives about 13 states away from me (Ohio-Oregon) and I'd have to ship whatever I made. I will take any advice, any designs, instructables, tips ANYTHING you have to offer. I offer nothing of value in return, other than knowing you may have helped another soul. --Max EDIT: I have a budget of $130 but I may be able to raise some more funds.

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Book Recommendations

My wife and I have a fairly small library at home (compared to some). We read quite a lot, checking out lots of books from the public library, but we don't add to the "permanent collection" unless the book is of seminal value and we find ourselves checking it out multiple times to re-read. I was wondering if you'd care to share a few books in your "permanent collection." Ones you'd simply have to replace should it be lost.A few from ours:The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy DacyzynThe Total Money Makeover by Dave RamseyFeeling Good by Dr. David BurnsParenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim FayRapid Viz by Hanks and BellistonVilppu Drawing Manual by Glen Vilppu8 Minutes in the Morning by Jorge CruiseDinotopia by James GurneyThe Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne and Ernest Shepard

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Help create a new art-form.

A recent recall to an old BBC thread (which has been running for six years!) reminded me that some people here like Haiku.You don't know haiku?A simple form of poemOf ancient Japan.First, five syllables,Then seven, then five againIn only three lines.There are variations on the theme (a personal favourite is the SciFaiku ), so I thought, why not start a new form - the Mak-u.Try and stick to the three lines/17 syllable format, but with allowances for creativity (as per SciFaiku), and each one to include a reference, however obscure or vague, to the making process (tools, ways of making things...).Birth of an art-form,Copyleft and open-source,On Instructables.Have a go, see what you can do.The old and the young,Together, fixing the worldWith a hot-glue gun

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Watchya think?

The Deadly Human Spore Soon there will arise the four That billions have called folklore And the evil that our age has had in store Will finally cause the uproar And what is to come none will adore The white will knock at the door A knock that none will be able to ignore. And all shall hope for a savoir For none want to be on the plutonian shore. He will judge the corrupt and "pure" And all will hit the floor. The red will gallop and drip blood across the moor, And all man shall engage in war. And the drums of battle will roar, As the sword of combat will bring down more, Than ever imagined outside the four. The black will trot as all will implore To find which will be the cure To all the hungry, diseased, and poor. This will invoke the final score Before the Sage comes to the floor, And all will wish to god they hadn't swore. The sage will smite priest and whore, As the last horseman of the four. And he will fulfill the lore, Of plague and sickness to the core. When all is no more A white dove shall emerge and shall soar And all the peace will restore. Then shall rise the raw power of the boar. No beast, no insect, no life will deplore The ridding of the deadly human spore. Note: i dont believe in god, the four horsemen r just a device i used to invoke the destruction of man for the preservation of nature. And yes i wrote this after watching The day the earth stood still (the new version). And if your confused about the colors there the colors of the horses the four horsemen rode, each color having a meaning (go wikipedia it) Feedback pwease and ty

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Message to the K'nexers

A Poem I write to you of my observations About certain peoples' latest creations Yes this has been said before About this endless comment war The Jamalam and of course I.A.C Have seen the same things as me But they both wrote in regular style Which never stuck: not versatile So I write to you in poetry But the views are same, we all agree But my rhymes will stick into your brain The frontier in this web campaign See I notice that our knex community Lacks complete and utter immunity To spite, hate and lack of respect To many peoples' knex project It's mainly guns, but there are others too That are attacked in a ridiculous taboo That's taboo as in prejudice, you see It's gone beyond reasonable degree K’nex is a toy, don’t forget That fun really is the main object So why all the hate so suddenly It puts ya down, can’t you see? People like me, and naming others too Get ratings based not on what but who Why rate so low based on the person The situation is starting to worsen Insane Creator is one of those Who gets nought with a five in endless blows Upon his models: they ain't that bad It's who he is, it's really quite sad See why would you rate if you had no idea Of the thing you are rating: It's still unclear What would posess you to continue this theme In lowering someone's self esteem It's not just ratings, to me they ain't worth it It's the comments people think, write and submit "What the heck? This is so bad" to name an example But it's one of hundreds: a mere sample Regulars are praised, no matter what they do IAC; Killer~safe cracker to name a few True, they are good, I won't put them down But what about the other side of this web town? If I should have posted Mr. Doomsday Or put that cablecar on display They would never have got to where they are now Because I ain't as regarded, why should we allow? Allow for this rudeness and all this spite To continue all day and all through night We were never like this, can you remember? Time for a little bit of nostalgia? Once upon a time, the community was  Supportive and friendly simply because We wanted friendships and much better outcome And to spitefulness? we never did succumb! So I say please return to how we were Helping every other entrepreneur Not attacking others like wild bulls: Please, “show a smile instructables!”            -Lowney

Posted by Lowney 8 years ago