how to make a laser pointer?


Asked by ball413 9 years ago

Please recommend Laser Pointer for me

Hello, I want to buy a high-power laser pointer, Used for astronomical refers to the star, used in the observation of stars at night, can accurately indicate the position of the stars.. I know the risks and precautions. I saw a website,  there are a lot of high-power laser pointer, really surprising. But I do not know, these high-power laser pointer is really exist?THX  

Posted by mikuka 2 years ago

DIY Laser pointer

Hello everybody, I'm sorry if this is already explained in an instructable, but I can't seem to find one... My question is, is there a way to make a laser pointer from the laser thingy inside an old cd-writer or an old hard drive (that both still work) ? Thanks

Posted by Ramvan 9 years ago

Fun with Laser Pointers

I just bought a really good 50mw laser pinter and ive been showing people how cool it is. does anybody know any good projects or things that i could do with it that are fun? Thanks, Tactical Geek

Posted by tacticalgeek 5 years ago

laser help

How do you take apart a conventional laserpointer like the ones that you get at pet stores?

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Is it possible to polarize a laser pointer?

Would it be possible to polarize a laser pointer and still have it retain it's usefulness?

Asked by karate5662 8 years ago

Laser pointer upgrade

Can anyone help me find any way to upgrade a simple laser pointer to a burning laser?

Posted by randomperson 10 years ago

LASER pointer keychain Question ???

I'm taking apart my laser pointer keychain, I want to run it off of normal batteries like a 9v or AA. What would be equivalent to the 3 1.5v cell batteries?

Posted by mrshow555 10 years ago

Laser pointers illegal (NSW)

According to Reuters, laser pointers are now classed as 'prohibited weapons' and you either get a permit or risk 14 years in jail...Nothing like owning a new DVD player and wondering if it will get you arrested : )

Posted by jtobako 10 years ago

Laser Pointer Custom Lens Image

Was wondering if anyone has info on making a custom 'lens' for a laser pointer. Not sure what it's called, I just say lens [the piece responsible for making the laser beam into a star, crosshair,  or whatever]

Posted by Sovereignty 6 years ago

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place while working on my PC? Answered

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place for a few seconds while working on my PC? Is it a memory problem, if so how to rectify it?

Asked by Dipankar 6 years ago


Be nice, if the links actually worked like they are suppose to in Questions. HERE is an example Why not use this page like Questions did before ??? Why NOT ???   This is a Real Bug Please fix and send Pro Membership :-)  

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How can one make a pattern head for a laser pointer?

So I'd like to make some custom designs for a laser pointer, like some simple text and so on. I have no idea how! Even if there is some company that would do this for me I would be into that idea.

Asked by prismspecs 5 years ago


I keep seeing DIY plans for "Burning Lasers" are these the same as the red or green Lasers used to point into the night sky at selected stars,planets etc?? Can anyone direct me to info on this type of Laser?  I don't want to burn anything. Just a very strong beam that will point out objects in the night sky.                 Thanks

Asked by aristos 8 years ago

Simple crosshair laser level pointer

Is there something or someone here that can tell me how I can make a one or two laser pointer into a crosshair laser level? 90 degrees on all sides

Posted by elkaddalek 1 year ago

Instructables Cursors/Pointers

I have made a pack of Instructables robot cursors/pointers. I have also included an Instructables background. If you have any comments, or suggestions for improvement, post them below.A thanks goes to n8man for the Instructables Link Select cursor/pointer.

Posted by aeromancy 9 years ago

Efficacy of cheap laser pointer optics

Are cheap laser pointer optical units suitable for adapting with high powerlaser diodes from DVD-RW drives. I don't have access to internet transactionsso I can't get a laser module.

Posted by volthead 8 years ago

DVD laser?

Could I use a DVD player laser as a pointer? (IT CAN'T BURN ANYTHING!)

Asked by alexw2150 7 years ago

My macbook pro mouse pointer is freezing up? Answered

I do not use the trackpad. I use an external mouse. Whenever I log in to the computer, the mouse pointer is freezing up. When this happens, I can only use the trackpad to move the mouse. I found a temporary fix: Unplugging the usb and replugging it. It is still quite annoying though. Is there a permanent fix to this?

Asked by hmfoster 5 years ago

mini laser driver for 1 w blue laser pointer?

Hi anyone here?  I need help with the construction of mini (using smd)  for 1 watt blue laser driver. I find it difficult to obtain the circuit for the driver. I would be grateful if anyone can help me. Thanks in advance. Tony1gunalan

Asked by Tony1gunalan 6 years ago

Laser Pointer shooting range ideas?

Idea is to slightly modify the annoy a tron circuit to turn on a laser pointer at a specific time interval, then back off... Then i would put this into my lego mindstorms robotic thingy that will point the laser to random points on the walllink to annoy a tron: all great and a work in progress, really just background inforeal question, just askin, is what technologies are there that would allow a microcontroller to "sense" where the laser is pointing and then to link that info to an sensor that would find where the bb bullet hits? Then just give me a percentage of how far off i was from the dot, maybe in the form of an LED bargraph display like this one: isnt something i expect to do, but i want to do something with 555s and this looks like a pretty cool ideato clarify, on the top part, the laser and lego mindstorms are 2 separate systems, one is simply mounted on the other, but by using the same timings it is possible to make them work synchronously... its a work in progress, stay tuned if interested

Asked by raykholo 9 years ago

Laser conversion from pointer to burn

I could have sworn I saw an instructable on converting a regular laser pointer (low wattage type) into one that would burn (if only a little), i.e. increase it's power output, but now I am finding it impossible to locate. Has it been removed? Are there not proper tags to help me weed out the other half million laser projects? Have I lost my memory and there never was such a project? inquiring minds want to know...

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

somking laser pointer?

I found a trick on youtube with a laser pointer and breathing smoke i whanted to know how to do it

Asked by robertjames 6 years ago

laser pointer

I own a RadioShack laser pointer (green beam) Can I hack it to burn a ballon? if so, how can i do it? Thank you.

Posted by danzarjoe 10 years ago

Laser pointers

Hey guys, I can imagine this question being asked a few times, but google did not provide good results. ANyways, I have a CD drive, CD burner, and DVD drive and wanted to build myself one of those nifty laser pointers that can burn matches almost instantly. Which one will have the strongest laser to do this with? I'm assumign either the CD burner or the DVD. so which should I tear into?

Posted by Spamwich 8 years ago

What happens if you over-power a laser? Answered

If you take a laser (say, a 1mW pen laser pointer) and hook up a stronger battery to it (say a 9V battery as opposed to the 3V watch battery it came with), would it increase the output of the laser? If it would, at the risk of lifespan, would it work if you strobed it?

Asked by KahlZun 8 years ago

adding a push-button

Howdy! I'd appreciate any advice regarding this potential project.  I would like to take a regular old basic laser pointer and hack it so that I can turn it on and off with a push button, at a short distance, and connected by wire.  The original device may have a rubber button on the side or back, or maybe it's turned on with a twist, or maybe something else. That would have to be left 'on' -- or, better yet, bypassed.  Because I want to be able to activate it by pressing and holding down a button, just like a doorbell. (I suppose flashlights and any number of other devices would work similarly.) For the project I have in mind, having the switch hard-wired to the device would be fine, but naturally I'd love to hear about anyone's wireless ideas! Thanks so much!!!!!

Posted by Purple Chez 3 years ago

Device to Improve Sound/Lighting/Accuracy for a Digital Camera

Hi Folks, How are all of you? I'm new on this forum and I am glad to be here! :D Anyways, I need some help on a little project I am trying to achieve... I've been working on it for sometime, but unfortunately I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to circuits and need some help. It's kind of complex, so please bare with me. If anything is unclear, please ask me to explain. Okay, here is what I want to do. I want to connect a small microphone, two LED strips, a laser pointer module, a battery pack, and an "on/off" switch all to a handheld device which would allow me to harness my digital camera to it. This would give my pictures/videos better sound, lighting, and a light that will allow me to point at stuff ( the laser pointer). The battery pack would power it separately from the camera, and finally the power switch would all me to (obviously) turn the device on and off. Now, for further detail: -The microphone would be one of those small ones that can be powered off of cameras. It'd be similar to the cheap ones you can buy for your iPod Touch. If you know of a nicer mic that would draw a little more power and thus need to be connected to the battery pack, but be better sound, please inform me. -The LED strips would need to be, at most, 8 inches long, and allow me to provide light from above and below the camera. In other words, I'd basically have two different 8 inch long spaces on the device for the LED strips. It doesn't HAVE to be a strip, but could be two modules of LEDs - say, two 3 inch modules. I say this part about the modules as I'm looking for good lighting, but I want to be able to have it draw the least amount of power possible as I am using batteries to power it and am open to whatever configuration will suit this the best. -The laser pointer module (this will allow me to point at stuff as I am recording it and talking about it), would again need to draw a little power as I would run this off the battery. I would probably use a 5mW red laser module, but I am totally open to any ideas if you know of a different laser that would suit this device better. -The battery pack would need to be as light as possible. I purchased a 4 AA battery holder pack, which seems like it will work, BUT I was wondering if there would be a better way to power this (smaller, lighter, and more powerful, all while using popular type batteries so that way I can still find batteries fairly easy - i.e. 9v, AAA, etc...). Maybe have two separate power packs? Just an idea... -The momentary switches would be for the LED switches and the laser module. I would want one for each so they could be controlled separately. Two last notes: I would like each of these modules (the LED strips, the laser module, the battery packs, and the momentary switches) to be able to be connected to the main device using connectors. This would allow me to keep all the wiring inside the device and not have to re-wire anything IF one of the modules needed replacing (say, the momentary switch for the laser module died), but would allow me to simply detach the defective one, and attach the new one onto the device. Also, I don't know what size of resistors or wiring that would suit this the best. If you could include that, I'd greatly appreciate it. If someone could help me, I'd appreciate it so much. I've been trying to search this forum for this, but can't find a similar layout... I don't really know how to calculate the correct amount of power and all that as, again, I am not very knowledgeable in this... Again, thank you so much. Waldoctg

Posted by waldoctg 6 years ago

ebay laser pointer scam

Ebay is scamming people when they buy laser pointers. This video outlines the scam

Posted by grannybasher 10 years ago

what do i need to make a non-burning laser pointer?

I want to make an LED flashlight out of an altoids tin but i figured while i'm at it i might as well throw in a laser pointer. could i maybe take apart an old one that has dead batteries and use the parts inside it in the new laser pointer?

Asked by bigmanj421 8 years ago

Running a laser pointer? Answered

For a school project, I am running a 4.5 volt, 0.03 amp laser pointer. I need to run it from a 24v power supple. I have tried 1/4 watt resistors, and they ended up smoking. I don't know how to determine what components I need between the + power and the +lead of the laser pointer. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Asked by dkop1 5 years ago

How to make a laser pointer out of a dvd laser diode? Answered

I have about 8 laser diodes and many optical stuff from the laser head of the dvd. Also I have some burnt laser poineters. I don't know how to focus the ray.

Asked by theVader75 7 years ago

Laser Tripwire Turned Off By Laser Pointer?

I was playing through my older Splinter Cell games the other day, and had my airsoft pistol next to me. I had attached a laser pointer on it, mostly for kicks and giggles. While playing Splinter Cell, I turned off a security camera by shooting it with some sort of laser from my FiveseveN and it gave me an idea. I decided that I'd like to make a simpler version of this for a scenario airsoft game. So my question for you guys is, is it possible to make a laser tripwire that can be turned off by aiming a laser pointer at some sort of sensor on it? If so, how much would materials cost me, and how difficult would it be to assemble? Could it be pulled off by someone with little electronic experience like myself? Thanks in advance!

Posted by CapnTac 8 years ago

how to turn a laser pointer into a laser cutter?

Does any one know how to turn a regular laser pointer into a laser that will burn somthing when you point it at it?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 11 years ago

How do you use a laser pointer to burn through things?

I mean things like paper. Not concrete.

Asked by Mongo Of Fire 9 years ago

a thought.

I was wondering if you could change a red light laser pointer to a green light laser pointer.

Posted by foxtrot4697 9 years ago

How can I make a line laser out of a laser pointer?

I need to make a line laser from a laser pointer .cheap and fast need the line laser for a project.

Asked by maruawe 9 years ago

is it possible to CHEAPLY spread a laser pointer's light out into a shape like a large rectangle?

Instead of a single tiny point of light, I'd like a laser pointer that shows a large (solid if possible) rectangle. Is there any way to change the shape of the light projected by one of those cheap (<$5) laser pointers to project this?

Asked by 9 years ago

How do i shoot a 3 pointer in basketball?

I dont know how to do it i just keep trying and keep missing by a mile

Asked by patriotsman 6 years ago

Laser pointer help? Need it now! Will be greatly appreciated.

Do cheap-o $5 red laser pointers use an LED light in any parts? Thanks in advance>

Asked by Raineyman 7 years ago

How do you make a laser pointer? Answered

I would like to be able to make a laser pointer and I don't mind how to make it but it has to be out of stuff that is easily available at home. Please help me!!! :2(

Asked by henster22 7 years ago

Using a laser pointer to display secret shapes?

Hey, all, I'm working on a puzzle for an escape room right now and am wondering if there's any way that I can use a laser pointer to display a number. My hope is that the number is not on the lens of the pointer, but rather is discovered after the laser pointer is shined through a specific spot on a piece of plexiglass. The players are asked to set up a tripod in a specific spot with a specific angle, mount the laser point to the top of it and then move the point around the room. Ideally, as the point is traveling around the room, it will shine directly on a small part of a plexiglass display and then refract a number on the wall behind it. Any ideas on how or if this is possible? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

Asked by DrewP36 1 year ago

I am making a blue laser pointer can i use this diode with this module?

Diode- module- Iwill run the laser at 100 millawatts.

Asked by DELETED_cdousley 8 years ago

hooking up a 9-volt battery to a lazer pointer

Have you ever had a lazer pointer that was really fun, but then ran out of batteries? those little replacement batteries are hard to find. while I was supprised there weren't any instructables on this, I'll be posting one soon. I know how to use a 9-volt battery to power the lazer pointer again. this fuel cell is easy to find, and easy to work with. comments? are you interested?

Posted by mexx.admin 11 years ago

Is the Compact Disk Recordable ReWritable Drive the same as a burner? Answered

I was trying to use it to make a laser pointer that can light a match. The pic is similar to the one I have, but not the same.

Asked by lukethebook333 9 years ago

improper engraving of laser engraver

I recently bought a EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A3 Pro 5500mW Laser Engraving Machine CNC Laser Printer,while engraving any pictures of human faces it is producing un wanted lines on the faces( i.e.,the trace marks of the laser pointer while the pointer shifting from one part of the face to there any provision for making the laser off while the pointer shifting from one location to another location of the drawing.

Posted by saichandrarajamahanthi 1 year ago

I'm looking for info on how to make burning lasers.

I have a laser diode from a laser pointer pen and I also have one from my old laptop. the laser pointer is an Apollo laser pointer. the laptop laser is from a Gateway M360 DVD burner. can anyone tell me how to turn one of or both into burners?

Asked by travis3387 5 years ago