US source of thin polypropylene sheets?

I'm looking for sub-mm thickness polypropylene sheets for use in plastic origami projects - sort of like the Orikaso folding dishes and polyscene's work. I need sheets that are at least 14x14" without creases. Colored stock would be great, white is just fine - but black won't work. So far I've struck out with the local plastics fabricators, signmakers, and printers, but hope springs eternal - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Asked by brossa 8 years ago

Can some one identify this Capacitor and tell me the use of such capacitors?

Hi, The Diagram shows a capacitor (orange-brown color) which reads 1.1k and 250V now it does not make sense that its value is 1.1kF . some people say that it may be 1.1k x 1pF = 1.1nF . but if its like this then why not just write 1.1nF. and what is the type of the capacitor i guess it is metalized poly-propylene film capacitor is this true ? also that what is the application of such types of capacitors like electrolytic are used generally in power supplies etc?

Asked by usbg3rd 6 years ago

How to make a watertight seal between oil paint coated marine plywood and polypropylene

I need to make a watertight seal between a sheet of marine plywood coated with oil paint, and a 5mm sheet of polypropylene, both at right angles to each other. Both are well supported structurally independently of each other. Will silicone do the trick or are there other alternatives?

Asked by demorphica 6 years ago

Make a bike out of polypropylene tubes

What do you think about making a bike out of polypropylene tubes? Yes, that ones that you use for water in your home. Here is a picture if you don''t know what I'm talking about: Obviously the design won't be like normal bikes. It will be more reforced. My questions are: 1-How wide the tube needs to be? 2-How I joint them? I want to do the frame for an electric bike. It will be a lot lighter than welded steel. Thank you. Regards.

Posted by faacuunndoo 5 years ago

Can Someone explain the working of this Circuit (MODIFIED ONE)?

Hi, here is a circuit that i found in a device .. all i know is that this circuit provides 5.6v constant output at the "output" labelled in the image and takes AC voltage (220V r.m.s. and 50 Hz ). The labels on the diodes were not visible so i used random diodes in the simulation just one thing that the diode labeled "D3" is a zener diode. further that the capacitor is polypropylene film it reads as (1.1k 250v). i don't know weather it is 1.1kF or what because i think its not possible so i have attached an image of the capacitor too. can some one explain how this thing works ?? IN Simulation when i set the value of the AC to 6Vpeak and 50Hz the result is as it is in real life . but when i change the value to 320VPeak(220V r.m.s) the result varies and goes up-to very high values .. it is awesome because it converts ac to dc without any transformer or something so kindly take a look and do tell if u find out something .

Asked by usbg3rd 6 years ago

LED battery charged square polypropylene tubing. Help?!

I would like to construct clear polypropylene tubing into about a 20 inch by 20 inch or smaller square with led lighting inside for hula hoop performance (hoops known as squoops-- square + hoop). It needs to be battery powered and evenly distributed with weight. Needs charging capability and little to no battery gap. Can anyone explain what I would need? Or the best places to buy unique led colors?  I am not very tech friendly :( Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)

Posted by blurhoops 4 years ago

Can a polypropylene water main be repaired.?

I wanted to tap into a polypropylene water main.  I had some previous experience with this type of pipe in my city.  I tried to used a PVC barb fitting coupling with SS hose clamps.  But these pipes have been in the ground in my city about 30 years.  The pipe seems to be brittle with age.  I had to  use a torch to get the previous 1" pipe to slip onto the barb fitting.  It held for about 2 months, then split and began to leak at the repair.  My plumber friend tells me his company will not touch these pipes.  They just replace the whole water main with copper pipe (for about $2200!).

Asked by fixallmike 7 years ago

Laser cutter? Answered

I would like to construct a laser cutter a small portable device to open holes in a polypropylene 3 mm plastic? Could you construct something?

Asked by orthofoo 1 year ago

how to fix holes in a polyethylene/polypropylene solar heat exchanger Answered

This solar heat exchanger is a 5m sq flat sheet consisting of two layers of black polypropylene or polyethlene (not sure which)with rows of fine bore plastic tubes sandwiched between through which water is pumped from the pool at low pressure.The water warms whilst passing through the system, then empties back into the swimming pool, hence, free pool heating. After 2 seasons of use, there are a few leaks at the joints where the fine tubes meet the main inlet tube. I tried to seal them with glass fibre, then cyano-acrylate resin...nothing stcks to this type of plastic. Any ideas for sealing these holes? The plastic is too fine to use a heating method.

Asked by MalKnowles 9 years ago

LED lighting into square shaped tubing. How can I do this?

I would like to construct clear polypropylene tubing into about a 20 inch by 20 inch or smaller square with led lighting inside for hula hoop performance. It needs to be battery powered and evenly distributed with weight. Needs charging capability and little to no battery gap. Can anyone explain what I would need? Or the best places to buy unique led colors? 

Asked by blurhoops 4 years ago

What would be a better medium for "cooler cells"?

Talking about making cold packs by reusing plastic bottles. They'd be used in a portable cooler (stacked between spacers for airflow). The obvious option would be just water, but I was thinking something a bit more creative. Possibly: ~water and salt ~water and alcohol ~water and antifreeze ~just antifreeze ~polypropylene glycol ~ (The bottles would likely need to be epoxied shut to prevent leaking. Their life would also matter, can't have stuff growing in them after a few uses.) Which do you think would stay cooler the longest?

Asked by explosivemaker 6 years ago

What size maintenance staff?

At an industial facicilty that cuts and welds polypropylene sheet to make huge tanks for steel mills and other industries, three buildings, 24000 sq. ft fabrication area, 4000 sq. ft for mixed sizes of offices, 5 propane forklifts, 1 mobile crane, 4 overhead cranes, 2 utility trucks, 2 heavy duty pickup trucks, several powertools, several extrusion machines, various rigging lifting and handling apparatus, a 25HP rotary screw compressor and a 10HP dual piston compressor, various shop machines and saws, seveveral pneumatic presses and fusion machines, and tons of other miscellaneous stuff. How many guys do I need to maintain it all?

Asked by DrBrown 6 years ago

Can someone help me with plastics? Answered

I'm making a project and I dont know what plastic I should use. I need it to be painted, kinda pretty, and durable. It will not be out in the sun. It will only take its own weight. The measurements are 24'' x 18'' + 24'' x 18'' ( there are two pieces) .There will be hinges screwed to the plastic to hold together the 2 pieces. It also needs to be in sheets (there is no problem getting this, I just wanted to let you know). What choice would you choose? These are some of the plastics they sell in my local plastic shop (I would like to use one of these): -Acrylic -Polycarbonate -Polyethylene -Polypropylene -Nylon -Delrin -Teflon -PVC -ABS

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

5w Square Bright-White LED : Glow or Blow…??

Q: Glow or Blow…? Dear Friends…„ I dont know more about electronic and its power supply/consumption of electronic component. Recently, I seen and bought two components… (1) 5w LED (Square/White)  - Requires 9v ~ 12v DC (2) 1 Circuit Board (Readymade) Open LED Driver This Board has : 1x 474K 450v Polypropylene Capacitor 1x 1m Resistor 4x 1N4007 Diode Bridge 1x 100Ohm Resistor 1x 6.8uF Electrolytic Capacitor Nicely assembled. Open LED Driver run on main AC power of 230v. I havent test, connect and glows this 5w LED using this open board. I have tested this LED with 12v 2A LED-Driver…„ which was bought with LED-Strip at Diwali Festival…„ but with this 2A Driver this 5w LED only blinks not continuous glowing. I am confused…„ about this Open LED Driver…„ this my LED "Glow or Blow…?" I saw and design a circuit from this open driver…„ and sharing this with you hon'ble/s friends. Please Advice…

Posted by free2atc 1 year ago

Expertise needed on melting and remolding plastic (PP, HDPE etc.) at home with hand made molds... there must be a way!

Hi, I want to make a rough casing for a project out of plastic of some kind. I tried the potato plastic instructables, but I'm not really happy with the result. So I attempted to melt down some plastic chips broken from old plastic casings (I think the plastic was polypropylene) in an old can on a barbeque (good as it was outside). This didn't work as I kept heating the plastic chips even when they became a bit soggy as I expected them to become much more liquid. This is because I hoped to 'pour' the molten plastic into a mold. Before this happened however the plastic caught fire. So, I was wondering if I heated them in a more sealed environment would the lack of oxygen make it possible to achieve a more molten consistency without the plastic igniting? Some plastics on consumer electricals have flame retardants... surely these would stop the plastic from igniting? If the plastic won't ever become liquid/molten, then I assume to mold it you have to have very high pressures (like commercial injection molding machines)... any ideas as to how to acieve these kind of pressures easily at home? I think with so much 'waste' plastic out there it'd be great to work out some easyish way of remolding it at home! Any help appreciated! Thomas

Asked by themassoftoe 9 years ago