How do you know what size hole to drill for a pop rivit?

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Why do Pop Rocks explode in your mouth?

I just won a bag of Pop Rocks for the 4th of July and I was wondering why do they explode in your mouth.

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chainmaille hood from pop tabs? Answered

Has anyone made a chainmaille hood from pop tabs??? I'm making a long sleeve shirt for my son & wanted to make him a hood piece.but i cant think of how to do it.

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Pop-up tents

Has anyone ever made or taken apart a pop-up tent or hamper or whatnot? I really would like to know what kind of wire they use and how they do it. I think it would make for some interesting and versatile set pieces.I'm thinking along the lines of this type of thing.

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Time to Strut My Stuff...LOL

Anyone else in to this song?i think its catchy...idk i was watching americas funniest home videos the other day when i heard it.. oh its the love willows- stuff my stuff

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Bottle Rocket School Project!

I managed to snap a picture with the camera on teh Macbooks we use, and upload it here, We launched it yesterday, although the payload didn't deploy, our rocket still went the highest. Approx. 100-200m. We're working on the exact height at the moment. I'll update this as the week progresses. :D BTW, FCREM stands for Freeking Coolest Rocket Ever Made.

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can a pop bottle capacitor store a charge for long periods of time?

I built a capacitor with tin foil salt water and a pop bottle and i was wondering if i could build one that would store a charge for a while, not just a fraction of a second.

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the new "mouse over" "stats" pop-up will pop under an embedded video

To test: Find a comment with an embedded video attached. mouse over the commenter's name watch the pop-up be obscured by the video. (Ubuntu w/ Firefox 3.0.19) I saw this a few weeks ago, but have not retested since then because embedded vids in comments are rare. If I see it again, I'll try for a screen shot unless it's a known issue by the staff.

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Highest Popping Toaster - Guinness World Record

UK artist Freddie Yauner set a Guinness World Record when his CO2-powered toaster flung toast 2.6 meters into the sky. Sadly, there is no report as to what Freddie decided to top the toast with (butter? jam?) or if he ate his record-setting bread at all.Also check out Freddie's site for other records he has tried to set such as his fastest clock. Linkvia Core77

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Get rid of the SIGN UP pop-up

Nowadays many sites do this very horrible thing that is really annoying to the point I just want to throw my monitor out the window or beat the crap out of my monitor with my keyboard over and over. When you go to a site, like this one, you are reading the article, instructable, watching a video (or whatever), and few seconds to 2 mins later, the screen dims and a pop-up comes out saying "do you want to sign up?" Other sites might say "do you want to subscribe?" "Click "like" if you like this article" This is one of those things that's really fking annoying. If people want to sign up, they can click on it in the top right corner. The sheer amount of sites that do this, that forces you to read their pop-up, making you close it everytime. The only thing I am interested in is the instructable/artcle I was currently reading... This site would be decent if you removed it.

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You know those party poppers? The ones you throw on the ground and they make a tiny spark. How do you make those? Answered

One time i unwrapped one and these rock/crystals came out. Any idea what they are and how to make them. I though it was phosphorus and another compound that ignited it. But I still have no clue. I had once seen something on a website called the anarchists cookbook. But the website was quickly deleted...

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pop tab chainmail gauntlet

I need help making a chainmail gauntlet out of pop tabs

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is there a way to make a pop-up cd rack that uses 12v and a motor? Answered

I want to build a few pop-up parts for my pc station. One of them being a CD rack that stacks the CD's vertially and can, at a push of a button, raise itself up through the hole in my pc station, and back down again (see the pop-up kitchen spice rack). I know this is probably achievable given that there are many motors that will run on 12v, but i cannot work out how it would lift or how it would stop at the maximum height before it comes up against the edge of the desk etc.

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G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

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Instructables unusable on an iPad unless logged in.

Instructables is unusable on the iPad due to advertisement redirects constantly taking you to a new page. Horrible “Congratulations!!!! You won an Amazon or Walmart Gift Card! Pop ups and redirects. Please fix! This happens in Chrome or Safari in multiple IOS versions. This has been happening for several weeks now.

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Halloween Animatronics

So for Halloween I want to make a pop out/ fly out creature. I want it to sit tucked away in the corner then shoot out two to five feet towards unsuspecting guests, to give the illusion of something flying out at you. I was thinking of doing the scissor ( but need to figure out how I'm going to be able to make it repeat over and over without having to reset it constantly. If you have any ideas please email me.

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Please evaluate this design. Answered

I'm trying to develop a new type of engine, but before deciding to make a prototype, which could take a long time, I would like you –who know more than I about motors– do tell me if my engine design has a serious impediment.

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what kind of plastic are pop or soda bottles made of? Answered

Specifically mountain dew. is it styrene or a type of pvc?

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Pop bottle caps?

I have been saving pop bottle caps for a short time now.  But with the amount of pop my wife and I drink I am going to have them coming out of my ears in no time.  So anyone have any crafting ideas to do with pop bottle caps?  One thing I thought of was to make a computer case out of them.  But maybe I have watched that video of the guy making an 8-bit Zelda case out of wooden blocks too much.

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

It had to be done.

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Pop Up Camp Trailer

I would like to paint my trailer to look like a gypsy wagon. I would like it to look like wood and bricks any suggestion on what type of paint to use I want to paint it by hand. Should I sand it first. Any suggestion would be help full. Thank you.

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I've heard that pop/beer tabs are higher grade aluminum than the cans? Answered

Is it true?  If so, can they be separated and recycled at a higher value than the cans?

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Soda / Pop / Fizzy drinks...whatever you call it, It's bloody damn GOOD!

LOL.Yeah, so there are many words to call the "drink" but it all boils down to one fact :I'ts Lovely!Soda / Pop, ( gets called different in the U.k than U.S.A), I'ts lovely isn't it.Whats your top 3 favourite flavours or brands?Mine are: Fanta - Fruit twist ( So refreshing! )Dr Pepper - Normal ( Very nice stress reliever! )Sprite - Normal ( A bit of a kick )Anyways just asking different people, when / if you buy six packs of Pop / Soda how much does it cost for you?Cause for me it is *1pound and 22 pence*. Is that a good deal? ( comparing to other places).Also don't you think Pop / Soda is addictive. I always feel like having another can after the one I had! My parents always nagg me about drinking to much!{ Remember we are talking about NON alcaholic drinks!); D

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Does Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame work on an iPod 3rd generation? Answered

I looked at the page and its says it only works with 4th gen and above, but usually thats just for precaution.  Does anyone with the 3rd generation of iPod touch have this game, and if so, does it work???

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how do you beat the stage three beast in prince of persia the forgotten sands?

This is the third stage of fighting the beast and he is way to hard to kill with one life orb and i don't know how to get more from where i am

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LAN Party Suggestions

So I'm having a new years LAN party this year. 14 hours of pure gaming should prove to be a fun night. I have a 50 inch plasma in my basement where we will be having the party. I want to make the best use of this screen by putting some "stats" (for lack of a better word) on the screen. Obviously the biggest problem with stats is that every games is different and there is no standard protocol to be used. I am looking to the instructables community for ideas as to what I can put on this screen. Some ideas that I had:  - DHCP table  - Midnight countdown (its new years)  - Starfield Screensaver Thanks!

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Coca-Cola Bots! Attack!!!

The Coke (aCola) Bots Attack!!Just spotted, a Coke vending machine robot walking around outside of Shibuya Station in Tokyo. Coca-Cola has oversized robot vending machines lumbering around Tokyo pinching the heads of people who prefer a different brand.These robots have been made to the likeness of the 11inch tall desktop toys which feauture the regular as well as the black Coke Zero available in Japan. The toys feature bendy arms and have a little coin slot for saving up your yen and buying more coke.The Images pretty much speak for themselves.

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I need help with skateboard pop shuvits.

 I'm having trouble tring to pop shovit on a  skateboard. I can spin the board but I don't even go the direction of the board and my board flys out from under me and goes a foot or two away. How can I jump towards it while spinning?

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How do I learn to make Pop art, or learn to draw tatto style art?

I would like to learn to make pop art, and how to draw tattoos (think Ed Hardy shoes or shirts), the probloem is I have no Idea where to get started.. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I make a fog machine inside a 2 litre pop bottle?

How do I make a fog machine inside a 2 litre pop bottle? It's for a Jetpack. I want to know how to get it to shoot out the a hole cut in the bottom of a 2 litre bottle. Please comment.

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Pie Pops

LINK > Pie Pops They're pies on the end of a stick! And here's the Instructable

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does anyone know how to remove bubbles from the kitchen sink?

Do you know those pesky bubbles in your kitchen sink that always reside after you finish washing up the dishes? well i know them all too well and they never pop however much i poke them or blow on them or hair dryer them :( i had a look online and found a idea that you can tip ground pepper on the suds to pop them efficiently, but all it did was pop a couple of centermeters of the bubble monolith and now my sink smells like pepper :( does anyone have anyone ideas/experience as to how sove my bubbly problem?

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How Much Soda does everyone usually drink?

How much soda do you usually drink? measured in 12oz (300mL) cans or 16oz energy drink cans. Also, what do you usually drink if you ever go out to eat? Man, i miss my bird rocky

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How do you make fireworks/ pop pop snappers?

Also how do you get potassium nitrate in Canberra/ACT australia...

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When Toast Flies

It is not often that I find something so useless so awesome. Freddie Yauner's toaster pops your toasted bread way up into the air with high-pressure carbon dioxide. He is going to try to break his own world record of the highest toaster pop, which currently stands merely at the height of his ceiling. An added bonus of this: if he pops it to the right height, he may be able to avoid the curse of the toast always falling butter-side down.Link

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a Great LED project idea!

 Some students at MIT made an incrediable pop up book with LEDs! I have little knowledge with working with them, though someone else could run with it! Here is the video:

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Soda Bottle Skylights

I love ingenuity, so I wanted to share this link to an article on a Brazilian machinist who makes skylights from water filled pop bottles. I'm not sure if these would classify as a budget solatube or a twenty first century deck prism.There's also a video, but it's in some obscure foreign language. Portuguese i think.I might add one to my shed...

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do you buy pop beer tops?

Hello do you buy beer and soda, pop tops if so email me please

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What makes those rocks in the party poppers pop?

What makes those rocks in the party poppers pop?

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Where does the word coke and soda pop come from? Answered

 Some people say coke, some say soda pop . Why ?

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Pull ring ignitor with pop its? Answered

Is there any way to mod pop its (tm) to ignite fuse

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How do you make Astro Pops?

I am looking for a recipe for lollipops like Astro Pops.  Long-lasting, dense lollipops that get a little pliable when eaten.  thanks!

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the box wont pop up?

Plz help me

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Pop rivet stem removal? Answered

I need to use the pop riveter today, but there is a leftover 'stem' thingy stuck in it. I've removed the nozzle (?) and squeezed the handle a few times. but it's still stuck. I've tried pulling on it with pliers with no success.  

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Guitar Hero Carabiner.

What do you guys think about Guitar Hero Carabiner? It looks totally awesome to me!

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How Do You Make Lollipops Like Astro Pops?

Hi.  I would like to make lollipops like Astro Pops.  Dense, long-lasting suckers that get a bit pliable when eaten.  any ideas?  Thanks!

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whats a good song to play on guitar?

I play electric i woudlnt say im the best now would i say the worse i would say about intermedieat or advance. try and get something thats punk (any kind) blues, classic rock or hard rock

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