USB ports? Answered

What are all those wires in USB ports used for? P.S : If I wire 2 USB ports in series, the voltage will not go up, right?

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USB Port

I posed a problem regarding my TV Tuner card for which i got a very nice solution and my problem is solved. I have Two more problems. Yesterday i got a new detachable Hard disk with a capacity of 160 GB I have partitioned into two. Say D rive and H drive. Whenever i plug in my divice one of the USB port in the computer, i get a message lke this " Hi-SPEED USB Device attached to non Hi SPEED Hub. The recommendation is The USB main Storage Device will function at reduce speed. You must add a High SPEED USB Controller to the Computer to obtain maximum performance, Kindly let me know whether it is a software problem or a new hardware has to be installed.. Further when i referred to the CD i got along with the Motherboard, it says USB ports with a speed 2.01 will support if i have SP1 and above. I have already having SP2. Kindly advice me. Secondly I am not able to open D Drive. When i attempt, I get a message saying that it is not it is not accessible. How to open this d drive How can i format the the new hard disk. I have no file or folder in the new hard disk. Regards, Bala TV

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is an external display port a serial port? Answered

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Extending the port of a ported subwoofer enclosure? Answered

I'm planning to pimp out my car, i was wondering... If i design my own subwoofer enclosure, i want to extend the port, so that the enclosure is vented right inside the car (not the trunk) if i did that, would i have to re-calculate port diameter? thanks!

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Serial Port Prototypes

Has anyone made a serial port interface? I would like to build a rpm meter using a serial port of my laptop. The schematic should be easy but I can not find any information on it. Any ideas? Thanks, Brian

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when porting a speaker Answered

  could i use diffrent sized ports in the same box would there be an advantage to tuning freq " 6x1 3x2"

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usb port diagram? Answered

Could someone pease give me the usb connections? i only want to know where the +5 and -5 are but you can give it all. thanks everyone!

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Serial port not found?

I tried to use my arduino today but COM3 couldn't be found. I tried it with older versions and other USB ports but it still didn't work. Anybody knows how to fix it?

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a DIY optical port

I have been intrested in optical computer for a while but found them rather expensive to build so I tried to look for cheaper ways to build some key features like the gates. The basic idea is to use solar cells that power a led. For and OR-Port you use solarcells where it is enough that one of the side gets light to make the led burn. To make and AND-port, you can put a resitor in between so that it really needs the power form both channel sot make a led burn. For a NOT-port you put an invertor in, so that when it burns it gives no signal, and wheren it does not receive light it burns this because of a battery it caries. A NOT-port is almost like a led-throwie.I do hav emore but wanted to know if this would be a good place or not, or if someones intrested in hearing on how to build a full optical computer, still basic, but almost completly optical, or if it would be better to post this on the microprocessor group at the opencourseware of the MIT ?

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parallel port input?

Plz help me to, how can i receive signal or instruction from paralel port, how should i send current/signal to its register. what equipment should i need. actually i want to develope a system in c language to control electricity of home, doors or widows, so i need to check that if the door is open or closes. when door closed then computer should indicate me that the door is closed, and same door has opened. sir plz give me guideline. i would be very very thankfull to u. ( simply tell me how current/data/signal can be sent through parallel port, current source, equipment ets, after that i will make sensers for it my self)

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..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

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using serial port switch on and of An LED

Hi friends i need to using serial port switch on and of An LED. and also i want to know about how db9 connector is sending and receiving the bits or bytes. I am Electrical & Electronics Engineering Student.... I need Some Tutorial To know about the Serial port.....

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are these pins for parallel port on my pc's motherboard?? Answered

Take a look at this image there is written PARALLEL and my computer lack prallel ports at the back where it should be with others

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How can I add additional USB ports to my desktop?

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I cant seem to find my board on serial port on arduino?

I am using an arduino mega2560, earlier this year I have programmed the board to blink and it worked, but then after I start  trying more sketches now, the board no longer shows on the serial port, both the power led and pin 13 led work(i programmed it before and it works) now I've tried it on several computers and my laptop but it still doesn't work please help

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Interfacing a parallel port and L293D motor drive( PWM)?

I have interfaced a L293D directly with the lpt port of my desktop. A java code in the cpu generates an output of either +5 or 0V. There is no other connection between the parallel port and the l293d. These voltages from the lpt are inputs directly to the motor drive, and the motor rotates when the code runs. My question is: Can you perform pulse width modulation, without using a micro controller? Is there a java code that can do this?

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need help in " realy interfaced with parallel port " circuit Answered

Hi my friends my teacher  asked us to make ptoject with parallel port I fount this circuit in this site and I have some questions about it now he used in the circuit a 12v relay .. while he's getting a 5v from the parallel port input pins in that case he used a 12v power supply * If the relay was a 5v relay .. I wont need to use any external power supply ? and why he is using the IC here ? also in the components there was ( ribbon wires ) are we going to use them between the circuit and the male connector ? another question is how we connect the relay to work as the bulb switch can I use the 120v bulb that we connect it to household and replace its switch with the relay ? finally what can I use to connect the parallel port to my laptop USB ? I know I've asked alot of things but please help me 

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How do I get my HDMI port to broadcast to tv?

I recently had someone wipe my HD to get rid of windows 8 as I did not like it and put windows 7 on my laptop. Before that I could plug my laptop into the TV via HDMI cable but it seems after windows 7 was installed I can no longer do this. Is it possibly due to a driver missing? I have tried setting up multiple displays and that does not seem to work. Any ideas on what I can do to get this working?

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Post-It animation shows creative process

Or the stalling of the creative process. This animation is an ode to trying to get things done for a deadline and getting a little distracted along the way. Enjoy. via Geekologie

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PIC Programmer Com Port?

Hello, yesterday, I bought a PIC16F877A Microcontroller and This programmer. I also installed PicPro USB. I am using the serial to usb cable that came with it. The programmer has a location of  Port_#0001.Hub_#0009 in device manager. Now when I open PicPro USB and set it to  port 1, It gives me an error saying: There appears to be a problem accessing the COM port. I cant seem to find whats wrong. [Edit] I think that It is connected to port 24 (hence its name: Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM24) ) and the problem with PicPro USB is that it can only have 1 digit port numbers, how do I fix that? Thanks.

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Broken Ports or something else..

I recently purchased a 16 channel light-o-rama starter kit and bought another addon box off of facebook market, anyway once the one I got online got it here I set everything up and tested it before setting it up outside and everything worked great. So I unplugged the CAT 5 cable on the first controller and second controller and set everything up outside. Once doing so I plugged everything back up and then I realized my daisychain was not working and my computer was picking up only 1 controller, I soon found out that the 2 ports were loose and so I looked at the pins and they seem fine on both, Do you have any ideas what could be going on? The led's on both controllers are steady green which is good but the ports don't seem to be working anymore which is odd. If you can help that would be awesome, Thanks!

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additional usb ports on a laptop

Is there any way to connect additional usb ports to a laptop motherboard without a usb hub? say if you hook a usb port up to existing usb ports? help would be appriciated :D thanx in advance

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A usb port on a cd player ?

I just thought of this the other day, is there a way to connect a usb port to a  portable cd player?

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Paralell port batch file?

Ok, i need to make a quick .bat file that will control some of the pins in my paralell port. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!! Also, i really appreciate some examples! THANKZ!

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Bluetooth speaker with Usb port

Hi, I need some help here..iI have a small 2.1 bluetooth amplifier and I would like to add on it a usb port inorder to plug my usb it possible?

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Network, open port searching!

Lets say i want to test the security of my computer/internet connection, i want to see/know/test what ports are open, how would i do this? i'm looking for a program or website that does this for me Thanks!!!

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how to open port 6112

Now that i have my computer up n running i lost the ability to host. some guy on the game told me to open port 6112. how would i go about doin that? (some random comic)

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Port forwarding, I think?

Hi, I've been playing with this: It works fine when my iPhone is connected to the wifi network broadcast by the router to which the arduino (arduino ethernet shield) is connected. Is there a way of making it work across the internet, rather than just the local network? I imagine it has something to do with port forwarding, but I don't know much about it. Thanks in advance. AlexHalford.

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Attiny 2313 & Serial Port

Is it possible, using just an Attiny 2313, to exchange data with a computer via serial -- or do I need one of those RS232 chips?Theoretically, I think I can, using the digital IOs, dispite its lack of efficiency, but there may be some problem with that...Sending is the main part that I'm not quite confident about ;-)

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.HEX file to USB port? Answered

Lets say I have a .HEX file that looks something like this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nd I need to send that to a USB port.  What is the best way to do this?  I have an little app that will let me send data to my USB port of choosing, but I have to type this thing out by hand, 2 characters at a time, hit enter, rinse and repeat, and then after its all entered, click send data.  That worked fine for sending a few bytes to test some hardware to verify data sent back form the device was correct and that it was receiving the data correctly, but that won't work here, for obvious reasons.  Is there some sort of free software I can download to shove .HEX files through a USB port?  I am sure there are, but I can't find any, Google is not being kind to me today.

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Male and Female ports/adapters

I just realized why computer or plumbing parts are called male and female. The female one is the one you stick something into right? The male one is the one you stick into something. I'm just saying who ever named them must have a weird mind. I realized this when one of my friends made a joke, so please don't say I am perverted.

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Connect my circuit streight to USB port? Answered

Can I connect a circuit streight to the USB port? There are USB driver circuits available in the market. Previously I used to connect my circuits to LPT port or RS232 port. Can I connect those circuits to USB port without any other driver circuits?

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I want to increase the amps to my laptop's external USB ports. How crazy is this plan? Answered

My laptop only has two external USB ports. I keep a mouse plugged into one constantly, but I now need to use an external USB drive that needs more amps than one port can supply.  I use a Y cable that pulls power from two ports, but I can't use my mouse at the same time. (Which is really a non-starter with the work I'm doing.) There are about 5 internal USB buses available, all of which have one port available, all drawing minimal power (fingerprint sensor, web cam, sd card reader, etc.)   My wacky idea is to tie the voltage pins from one of these 'spare' ports to one of the external ports to provide the amps needed, similar to what the Y-cable is doing but keeping it internal and keeping one more USB port available.  I've had this laptop apart and know that I can do the wiring, but I'm curious about how high the potential is to cause massive damage. Any pointers?

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How can i make a small speaker system with USB Ports?

What I'm wanting to build is for my father. The idea is i give him a box with a line outm a small lcd display and four USB ports, each with a button to 'select them'. This is so i can give him 4 USB sticks with 'Classical, Jazz, Opera and World' written on them and he can choose what he wants by pushing the select button by the port, which would then channle the main porcessor to search the disk, pull it up on the screena nd then offer the normal push play or stop, next last etc... buttons I am supposing that I can use a cheap USB Flash MP3 Player to be the heart of the system which I'd like to make Main's powered, Anyone got any ideas?

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Is there any way for the Serial port to detect continuity?

Like if i have 3 switches how could i detect weather they are on of off? Keep it simple,thanks. Edit:its the 9 pin serial port

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Is there an easy way to port an instructable to a website that I'm making?

I'm making an informational website for my Web design class using Adobe Dreamweaver. He wants it to be informational, so I figured it would be easy just to move my instructable to the site and format it a bit rather than start from scratch. I tried copying the source code, no go since the pictures aren't stored "locally" Right now I'm in the process of copying and pasting the text, but there has to be an easier way (this is a 30 step instructable) Do you know how to port an instructable to another site, while keeping all of the images and text local to a flash drive? I'd like to preserve the notes option as well. I can't use the flash insert that the site has made, because it's too small and doesn't work right for my use. Any ideas?

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Is it possible to connect a PS2 to the internet or wi-fi? Answered

Does the PS2 have internet or connection capabilities? there is a LAN port on the back, i haven't tried it.

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USB devices on my PC cause 'Power surge'? Answered

I have Microsoft Windows XP sp2 running on a dell machine. Whenever I plug my camera in to get pictures off of it, the keyboard and/or mouse stop functioning and i receive an alert that says "power surge on hub port" or something similar. In order to get my keyboard and/or mouse to work again, i have to unplug my camera from the USB port and reset all ports. This just started happening today, even after I restarted. The error message in the picture below keeps coming up and closing itself in some kind of loop as I type this... Why does my camera cause other USB devices to malfunction when I plug it in the? Why does that error keep popping up every half a second? And, on top of all this, my tooth is throbbing for no apparent reason :( Help! -Nepheron

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Arduino Control by Excel2000

Hi Is it possible to send single character data from MS Excel2000, to the Arduino monitor, which will ,via the usb send on to the Arduino device. (say turning leds on and off.)  Low volume of data, 10 characters minute. That is within VBA of the Excel to send the data from Excel to appear in Arduino monitor and thru USB  to Arduino Nano where it will be dealt with by other arduino sketch. I will need to know what vba to use in Excel and what code required in sketch to accept vba. Thanks CharlesHarris

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Why are my usb ports broken? Answered

I stripped a usb extender and used it for small projects in the past, when I first tried this it broken my back usb ports, two of them (using only one). So I did it again sometime after and it broke the data inputs of the usb ports. So I tried once more but with it on my usb hub and it broke the last back one. So now I am stuck with two usb ports in the front. I just want to know if I can fix this and HOW and why this is happening. Also, if there is a safe way that I can do this (other than using an arduino) please let me know. :)

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How to repair the USB Port of the laptop?

Plastic Din (having grooves for pins on it) of the USB port of my laptop has come out. How can I fix it? FYI, it got stuck in the USB port (male) of the cable while pulling it out after use. I have somehow taken out the plastic din from the cable. Now I do not want to simply insert it in the USB port of the laptop since it will get stuck in the USB cable again when I use it next time. I need help to fix it properly.

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Palm serial port software suggestions?

Does anyone have any sugegstions/links for good, free software for a Palm V which can send/receive over the Palm's serial port? Logging a session of incoming data would be a major bonus. Thanks! Alex

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female USB port power question

Im odiously new and i cant find where to attach the positive and negative . thanks in advance

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do you have a game port?

Just wanted to see how many people on instructables have a 15 pin joystick connector on their computer

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How to replace usb ports on ps3?

I had a ylod ps3(past warranty) and attempted to repair it using the ylod oven instructable. It worked, however the usb ports ended up melting during the process. This would not be a problem, as I do not use them much. Unfortunately, you have to have them to sync the controller though. Does anyone know how I can replace the usb ports, or just add more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can usb ports share a ground?

Im converting an old printer (25 pin) switchbox into a switchbox that will be used for my monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and two computers. The problem is that the monitor has 15 pins, the speaker has 3 pins, and the two usb ports have 4 pins each meaning that I would need 26 pins rather that 25. I could just solder the left and right speaker pins together and make those two 1 pin, but i would rather not have to do that. My question is can two usb ports share a ground pin, meaning that it would only need 7 pins rather than 8.

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Question about linux and serial port? Answered

The instructable all the code is done in and im using linux nw and i need someway to set this up in linux i don't mind if it is flash for not i just need it to work

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Is there a MP3 Player that has a USB port on it? Answered

I have enough music to fill a portable hard drive, but I don't want to buy a Zune or an iPod. If not, does anybody else have a solution? I am hoping that I won't have to resort to 

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is it possible to hack into a computer if there are no open ports? Answered

Me and a friend are arguing over this subject i say no he says yes but hes to stupid to know how so if anybody could tell me if you can or not that would be great

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