can car alternator generate power without battery,please help?

I want to generate power without battery if its possible

Asked by mikebassam 9 years ago

how to read power level of battery? Answered

Hello i have battery on helicopter and i need to read power of this battery to use it in pid gain ,i read voltage using voltage divider and calculate it and i sense current before motors and calculate power, but i dont think this is working, can you help me for that?

Asked by britich 4 years ago

How do i short cut power-on button for my home PC?

Since i put my home PC at another room, i need to press Power On every time. i need someone to instruct me how to do it?

Asked by 9 years ago

whats a good way to get more power from a knex gun without adding just rubber bands? Answered

I would like to know if the are ways to make knex guns have more power without have loads of rubber bands

Asked by nutty guy 9 years ago

Is arduino nano can power many sensors and IC?

Is 5V in arduino nano is enough to power up two IC555, DS1307 RTC, LM35, DHT11, 74HC595N and 74LS14 IC's. 20 x 4 LCD at the same time without affecting LCD brightness and contrast?

Asked by Rajkumar2506 7 months ago

How to generate power from water?

Hi.Some days ago I was thinking about power in the future and how we can generate it from resources like sea water(that contains solt!).Can any one help me to know more about this to improve my ideas?

Asked by saeidhaghighipour1376 10 months ago

Cheap centralized home power management? Answered

I would like to manage power use in my house. I would like a system where I have a computer from which I can see the power usage statistics of all outlets in the house, and can turn them off from the computer. What is the best (cheapest) way to implement the hardware side of this? Also, is there an easy way to do this with lights in the house, that are not on outlets?

Asked by lukeshu 8 years ago

Need to build a 12 volt 3.2 amp dc power source. Help?

I picked up a nice flat panel monitor, cheap, but seller wouldn't part with the brick he had.(needed it for her monitor) I have pc power supplies and can scrounge with the best for other bits required. Would someone please help. Thanks

Asked by hezandry 9 years ago

Can somebody help me make a portable power supply? Answered

Hello I have a couple huge Li-Ion batteries and I want to connect them to my PC and be able to move around with it I need it to fit in a 2 square foot area I need this to be under $1000

Asked by deidei2299 5 years ago

how can i drop 1A dc to 500ma dc? Answered

I have an AC-DC power supply with voltages of DC 3 - 4.5 - 6 - 7.5 - 9 - 12V and 1000ma and i want to drop this down to 500ma!

Asked by thecookiemonster 9 years ago

is it posible to have a extension cord go over 1 km? Answered

I'm asking this because I have a camper and its going about 1 km away from the house and I don't have a gas generator. I need power for the camper. How much gage wire would I need to make this happen?

Asked by 9 years ago

Doubt about suppy to circuit

+5V suppy connector was not  mentioned in schematic  So I added that  Please tell me whether it is right or wrong  schematic and layout is attached below

Posted by ashirwad 6 years ago


Can someone please try to explain how I can re wire a microwave transformer (or any other Transformer) to be used in a custom inverter. The input is 12 volts and the output needs to be 120 volts. Pictures would be great, thanks in advance.

Asked by arenavles 8 years ago

i want the code and circiut diagram for real time based street controller?

Can we make a real time clock based street light controller i want its circuit diagram and coding

Asked by avi4u1988 8 years ago

Rectifier of 48volts and maximum output current of 150amps not charging batteries of 24 cells (2volts/600amps-hr)

I recently installed some set of new batteries for a telecom firm with the aim of achieving hybrid on the site in order to reduce diesel consumption and operational cost. After three days of installation and being charged by a rectifier for maximum performance,i decided to activate hybrid on the site and to my disappointment the back up time only lasted for three hours. Pls advice me on what to do......thanks

Asked by azumi olu 3 years ago

Substitute of Power Transistor

What is the substitute of 2N6292 power transistor? Please suggest a good substitute of 2N6292.It must be an NPN power transistor. Thank you.

Asked by SiamB1 1 year ago

Converting battery powered children's toys into USB powered ones

Is it possible to convert conventional battery powered children's toys to usb-powered ones? I am trying to find if I can convert my kids' small electronic piano power source that currently draws power from 3 AA batteries to a one that will draw power from a USB port. Please advice. -SR

Asked by sreerao 8 years ago

Wind Power?

Rather than charge batteries, can an inverter be used to run the power from the turbine to the grid?

Asked by Hubiewan 8 years ago

5000 watts power inverter

5000 watts power inverter with the circuit diagram using SG3524

Asked by santos4eva 7 years ago

I want to build a wind power generator to power my RV batteries?

I want to build a wind power generator so I can keep my batteries charged, what is a good generator to use?

Asked by cmurdock 6 years ago

Making a solar powered charger for a tablet

What will I need for a solar powered charger for a tablet and how will I make it

Asked by Ryanjessica 2 years ago

How to switch from AC power to battery power

I am putting my christmas tree on the ceiling this year. But I want to make it rotate. The only problem is to get the lights to come on I have to plug it into the wall. How would I switch the tree from using ac power to battery power?

Asked by viv664 6 years ago


Could any body help me with the operation manual of power express inverter?

Asked by austinbby 6 years ago

connect power inverter to car battery?

How do i properly connect a car battery to my 2000w power inverter

Asked by chainsaw0068 7 years ago

Power Suppy Answered

I need to make a 6.5 vdc - 500ma power supply I have no clue how to make it 6.5v. any help is deeply appreciated

Asked by BluTiger 7 years ago

does the power doubles when using dynodes?

Am using piezo crystals for power generation..and that is so increase this power generated i had an idea whether dynodes can be used...will that be effective??

Asked by nanthini 5 years ago

Power outage? Answered

Would like some suggestions as to how to circulate hot air from wood stove in one room to other rooms in home, when the power is off We usually use Fans when we have power.

Asked by emit 8 years ago

pedal power washing machine

Has anyone out there, made a washing machine, using pedal power like a pushbike etc.??? regards steve

Posted by dagyboy 8 years ago

how do i change a bike into a man powered generator?

I want to take a bicycle or an excercise bike an convert it into a man powered generator, to be used to charge batteries in the event of long term power outage.

Asked by 9 years ago

15 volt power supply help Answered

I need a 15 volt power supply. is there any other circuit than using a 7815 and two batteries?

Asked by metsfan1938 7 years ago

high current adjustable power supply? Answered

I want to run my ps2 in car, Any circuit to drop 12v to 8.5V at 6amps the lm317 circuit is not powerful enough

Asked by ARJOON 5 years ago

how to make a 12 v regulated power supply?

I want to make a 12v power supply.the input voltage is 220v\50hertz.please guide me with full and complete construcyion and making of power supply along with the equipments and their configurations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               thankz.

Asked by hashmi43 6 years ago

how to give power supply to a speaker?

I have spekers of an old radio in working condition...but to use it as my laptop speakers i need a power what would be its voltage, current and power ratings and how could i make it??

Asked by navinn_11 7 years ago

DC power electric controls

I have a great idea and looking for a type of DC electric control that can handle a charging system and power release . IS THIS POSSIBLE !! and can there be a program written that can control the amount of dc power released? of course i want to control multiple incoming power sources and release the energy it creates.   ANY AND ALL IDEAS WELCOMED!

Posted by ramonc123 7 years ago

how to build 14v,6A dc power supply?

How to build 14v,6A dc power supply?  I want to charge dc battery of 12V to run dc motars on it

Asked by sanket492 7 years ago

A/V + Power Switcher

I think it would be beneficial to create an A/V switcher that has power plugs for each of the slots in addition to the a/v components. So if you select #2 for example, it would power only #2 as well as display whatever is plugged in to #2. Could someone create a tutorial for this? Thanks

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

Is there a way to use Solar energy to power an attic space

I am wondering if there is a way to use solar energy to power a room through solar power. I have an attic space that I would like to finish in my home, however, I think it would be cool to use solar panels, inverters and batteries to power the rooms (electrical outlets and lights) is there an easy way to do this?

Posted by Nander21a 6 months ago