i want a solar powered battery which can store the energy for a long time- 1 day and it shud b fitted into an garment.?

Actually...i want one solar powered battery that can store the sun energy for a longer time.and can b later used.example:- like in the hillly regions..u dnt get power supply , so u can charge while downhill and use it when we can to hilly regions...ie it wnt b able to give sufficient solar energy...in that case i need one...and it shud b fitted into the garment.

Asked by jijicurie 9 years ago

Looking for a schematic for a bright, LED, solar powered, outdoor light?

Hello,  I am looking to make a pretty bright, solar powered light, for use in the yard.  I have a very bright, 3 LED flashlight, that uses 3 AAA batteries.  I would like to make a light for the yard that has 2, or or more LEDS to light the sidewalk. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Asked by Big Pics By Steve 8 years ago


Hey  does anyone wanna be my friend on steam?

Posted by builderkidj 6 years ago

can you change household items that plug into the wall to battery powered?

I was wondering for a few reasons if this could be done and if someone with skills in this department to tell me n how to do saflety please i wud be really greatful for any comment......

Posted by jp_cfc06 10 years ago

7v from 12v?

I need to run a 7v / 1.6 A DC water pump and a 12v / 1.13 A DC fan from a small portable battery pack. If I use maybe 8 "D" cell bateries, do I need a converter to power the 7v pump or will it work with 12v? Thank you,

Asked by fastrack777 9 years ago

Wind battery charger and heat up a copper wire?

Is it possible to heat up copper wire with a small wind turbine and also charge a battery at the same time please help thanks dean 

Asked by Deano1247 6 years ago

"flasher" or strobe or similar for battery

Hi, I'm kind of new to this and don't know what I want, but can describe it.  I'm looking for a small, inexpensive device that will turn a battery off and on.  I have a battery powered electromagnet that moves a clamp.  I want to make something like Clamps from Futurama where the clamp just opens and closes on its own about once every two seconds.  I've got the battery, battery cover, and wire leads on that end.  I've got the clamp, wires, and normal on/off switch on the other.  I just need the bit in the middle.  I can use a regular on off switch, but I don't want to have keep constantly flicking it off and on. All of my google searches end up pointing to either strobe lights, car electronics, or Christmas lights.  None of which will really work. Any ideas of what this would be or where to get a couple cheap? Thanks!

Posted by BobR90 1 year ago

purpose of mousetrap powered car?

For science project need the purpose of themousetrap powered car

Asked by diegodelrio 9 years ago

i would like to power a stip of led's or 1 Cold Cathode using a usb is there away to do that thanks in advance

Want to use a pc's usb to power a Cold Cathode light or led lights for a pc trolly that i am building

Asked by udeth 9 years ago

Powerful e-bike (+ loaded trailer) motor. what would work best???

Thinking about power assist (speed following-). Thinking about making a powerful 3 wheel e-(bike-)trailer, with plenty amounts of space for car batteries, a motor, gears, etc. The front wheel is driven. I thought of:  1) electric power steering motor... 2) a 'strong' cordless drill motor  3) a starter motor  4) a threadmill DC motor 5) any suggestions???? What would work; what not???  (in the end, it depends a lot on what can be found & salvaged...)

Asked by BobS 7 years ago

Solar powered Cthulhubot

Cthulhu, one of the Great Old Ones, is now green.Etsy member tinyminds has made a solar powered Cthulhubot. It remains dormant while it soaks up sun rays, but when its had its fill of energy, it begins to flail its tentacles all about while the mere mortals scream and shout.Link via BoingBoing

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

How to Make High Powered LED Alternate

Does anyone know or can tell me where I can get information on how to get High Powered LED's to alternate flashes like wig-wags for a vehicle??  Wondering what I need and how to wire it.  I really wanted to have about 3 or 4 high powered LEDs (either Luxon Stars or something of the sort) on one side and 3 or 4 on the other side, and each side to alternate flashes back and forth.  I need help at a beginner level and Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Posted by CrazyBob62 5 years ago

Doeas anyone have the plans for building a bike powered rickshaw?

I like the pedi bike featured, but i need a lager version to carry a few more folks.

Asked by Dixiebitch 9 years ago

Has anyone tried air power?

I have been experimenting with compressed air. Currently I am working on a compressed air turbine. So far it so promise. I'm running a 18" x12" casing. It turns about 10,500 rpm and runs through a gear reducer to provide torque that I need to run a generator. I have a small screw compressor to refill the tank.

Asked by alvin9861 7 years ago


I have set myself a challenge of running a pocket radio on the power from one candle alone. I think it is possible but have found no patents or other attempts on the internet. I wondered if it might be suitable for an instructable competition.

Posted by T0BY 9 years ago

Solar powered cooler

I'd like to make a solar powered cooler, however, I am extremely new at this.  I was thinking I could just purchase an electric cooler and a solar panel with the voltage needed, and simply attach the wires.  I feel like that is way too simple to work but I don't know what else to do!  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! The cooler I was thinking of using is here: http://www.amazon.com/Koolatron-W75-Wheeler-Cooler-36-Quart/dp/B00267SQVU/ref=sr_1_11?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1340659801&sr=1-11&keywords=thermoelectric+cooler  and the solar panel: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Moultrie-12V-Solar-Panel/16386235 Thanks!

Posted by lmccrazy 6 years ago

I would like to know what motor should i use to run an electric cycle of a total load of about 50kgs? ?

It Is a solar powered vehicle. I would like to know the exact specifications of the motor which i can use it to run a cycle with a net load of 50kgs.

Asked by pramodh kiranv 3 years ago

Motion activated scarecrow???

Hi Everyone! So, I'm already thinking of a new project my students should do for next year.  We have a garden at our school that wild animals love to frequent, so I'm thinking of a motion activated solar powered scarecrow...anyone have any tips for a robotics newbie???  thank you! patti :)

Asked by mckywer 7 years ago

How to build a sound bench

I'm a sound designer & I'd like to make a solar-powered sound bench. Any ideas on what components I'd need and how to put it together. Basically I'm thinking of solar panels, a transformer, a playback system (mp3 player?), speakers, and a way for people to play the tracks. All installed inside the arms of the bench. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

Asked by chrisumney 7 years ago

Option GlobeSurfer 3?

Ok so I have a wireless cellular modem/router here is the link to it http://www.option.com/en/products/products/wireless-routers/globesurfer3/ I would really like to power it from battery and im pretty sure i could just get a battery pack from radio shack or something and the correct dc adapter tip but i want to be sure is there anyone who could assist me in this

Asked by anthony2201 8 years ago

low power razor scooter

So I was riding my small razor scooter to school (the kinds that fold up and fit in a backpack) and thought "it would be really cool to make this thing run with a motor." After I got home, I looked at it and thought of a way to make it work. If you put a small rubber piece on the end of the motor and lay that against the wheel right behind the break with some pressure, you could probably make it go pretty fast. The thing I was wondering is what is the smallest motor I could use and still have it work at about the same speed as me pushing with my foot on the road? 50 watts or so? I only weigh 125 pounds and would like it to work with 150.any suggestions? I would like to not have to use a car battery, with all the balance issues and such.

Posted by trenzalorian 4 years ago

need help with design/placement of actuator or similar to raise and lower trailer gate.

My dad lost his leg but walks with a prosthesis he also only has use of 1 arm. What we are trying to do is make it so he can raise and lower his trailers gate using one simple control. He uses the trailer to transport his scooter which he rides when he cant walk long distances. Right now i have a hand powered boat winch going from the fender to the gate but its difficult to operate. What id like to do is use an actuator or something similar and have it powered by his wiring harness or even a battery on the trailer with a solar charger. I cant wrap my head around the design and placement atm so im asking for help. this is basically the same trailer model http://tinyurl.com/c32dlw

Asked by viamptor 9 years ago

Is there a diagram/pictures showing setup from prop back to the servos to show hookup of engine as well?

NEW to hobby. Have an Eagle II ARF and am going to use nitro and 6 channel radio. I would like to see a diagram showing how to instal engine, tank, batteries and electronics.

Asked by hardfourteen 8 years ago

Love Guru motorized pillow??

: press hands and:bows:: "Mariska Hargitay" Has Any one tried to replicat the Great Guru Pitka's Pillow ride? It looks as if its joystick controlled, but with a much shallower control shaft. I mean a basic digrame and parts list would make me just as happy. **With luggage hitch- optional

Posted by Green_Primus 9 years ago

What resistor (or do I need one)?

I'm designing a simple prop that requires 2 LEDs. I figure a 2AA batteries connected to a switch that splits into 2 resistors and then into 2 LEDs then back to the batteries. See diagram below. The LEDs should take 20mA at 1.9-2.0V. So what resistor should I put in between the switch and LEDs.

Asked by lucek 3 years ago

how to make a water powered desk light ? Answered

I had i kit that was a water powered clock but is there an instructables on how to make a water powered desk light   please give links 

Asked by sonic broom 4 years ago

How possible would it be to build a pedal-powered mobile toast shop?

I am thinking to build a bike-with trailer that powers one or more toasters, by charging a battery then releasing that power. Do the electrical among you believe this is practical? Could there be enough lekky? What considerations should I have? Also - a lot of instructions for this on the web are based on US power supply. Does anyone have any links to UK based instructions.

Asked by xhalmers_860 9 years ago

how to make an compressed air powered bike?

Plz tell me about d price of a rotary air engine n itz working

Asked by abhi_igi 8 years ago

Is it possible to make a Single Speaker Self-Powered MP3 player amplifier, with amp powered by player's right channel?

Can you make a one speaker mp3 amp that amplifies the left channel, and drives a single speaker, and uses the right channel as the amps power source? The right channel could be rectified and smoothed, but would it be enough power to run an amplifier that amplifies the left channel and drives a small speaker. Would it work? Would it be louder than simply running left and right speakers directly off the MP3 player?

Asked by zylascope 8 years ago

Can you power a recording module by USB?

Hi i was wanting to know if it was at all possible to power a recording module that you would find in a recordable birthday card via USB as i am making a wall-e and would like the sound setup to be powered by the same usb connection as the rest of my Wall-e Hub. any advice would be greatly appreciated. best regards.

Asked by MonkeyBoy191 7 years ago

What to do with Old Battery Powered Drill

Looking for ideas on what do to with old Power Drills. I have a few lying around as it's cheaper to buy new ones on sale then buy a battery. Any Ideas are welcome. Found some on using them for Robot Drive wheels but looking for something else.

Posted by gauthier613 9 years ago

camping. no generator but you want to run a fan all night . how would create the power to do it ? Answered

Wondering if it is possible to create a power source . I camp alot and cant stand the sound of a generator. wondered if steam power would be enough to recharge a battery ( 12 volt) that runs all night hooked up to a fan . ( probably a Usb sized ) just enough to move the air around the tent .  just thinking aloud here but is there a way to make a home made steam generator? boiling water causes fans to rotate, in turn this causes a electric charge .  I am also looking into wind powered. most the places i camp can be a tiny bit drafty.  during the day solar power could be used. also 

Asked by harthoppy 7 years ago

Battery Powered Computer Lights

I have this item left over from my computer modding days. A set of cathode lights, there is two small rods, which connect to a main box, which then plugs into molex connecter for power. What i need help with, is can i hook this up to a battery, and if yes, how do i go about it? I have some experience of soldering. So i shouldn't be too lost. Thanks in advance. Gmj,

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Power 4 camera flashes with a battery 12vdc to 6vdc conversion

I would like to provide power to four camera flashes with a deep cycle battery. The flashes run off of 4 AA batteries (6VDC). Can I wire two flashes in series (6 volts each) and tie them directly into the battery? Or would I need to use a power transformer to step down the 12VDC to 6VDC, then have all four flashes running parallel to the battery? It appears that each flash needs about 3 amps to charge their capacitors. The battery I am using is 12VDC and 12 amps. Thanks

Posted by letitthink 8 years ago

How to make a single bright LED light that is powered by AC and what are the components to make it?

I'm making a product that I will use a single led light that is powered by ac. What are the items that I will need to make it including the cord also I want a cord that has an on/off switch in the cord.

Asked by donbrill 6 years ago


I know I've seen this.  Really, i shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel. I have seen this online, but now I can find it. A bulb built into the heel of the shoe pumps air through the toe area. Can anyone else find this?  I know I've seen it.

Posted by Toga_Dan 5 years ago

Trying to construct a battery powered usb hub. Will this work??

Let me start of by saying that I suck at electronics and to tell me to build something from scratch would completely miss the point of why I am asking this :P What I want to do is use readymade components to combine into a portable usb hub. I want it to be highly customizable and powerful enough to power several usb devices at once. Such as powering several usb speakers, recharging a phone and so on for extended periods of time. And it has to be as energy efficient as possible without costing a gazillion bucks. If I was not at all worried about wasting power I would have solved it already :P Here are the parts I have picked out. 1. 12V Rechargeable Li-on Battery 9800mAH http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/12V-Rechargeable-Li-on-Battery-9800mAH-Portable-4-CCTV-/280640849302?pt=US_Batteries&hash=item41577f8596#ht_4008wt_804 2. Hobbywing UBEC-8A  http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Hobbywing-UBEC-8A-8A-UBEC-RC-model-/250806232080?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a65376410#ht_2324wt_785  3. Powered 7-Port Usb hub http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB-7-Port-HUB-Powered-AC-Adapter-Cable-High-Speed-/280620339173?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4156468fe5#ht_4224wt_804 I hope someone can help me out with confirming that my setup would work. Or tell my exactly why it would not. I would greatly appreciate it :) /Nicklas

Asked by AlmostNormal 7 years ago

Help with powering 5.5 feet of 12V 3528 LED strip

Hi! I need help with powering 5.5 feet (~1.67 meters) of 12V DC, 60 LED/meter, 4.8W/meter, 0.4A/meter LED strip. It also comes with a DC connector. Link to product: http://www.amazon.com/OPOWAY-Flexible-Strip-Light-Ribbon/dp/B007SE2MM0/ref=sr_1_103?ie=UTF8&qid=1372054019&sr=8-103&keywords=led+strip+lighting+warm I would like to run the strip for at least 4 hours before replacing the batteries.   How can I power this? (preferably using battery packs with NiMH batteries or cheap lithium batteries) I'm also open to using my laptop battery for the day if it is a good alternative. 

Posted by squkyshoes 5 years ago

Possible to build a Powered PA Speaker myself?

I am a musician, so I've been talking about guitar amplifiers, tubes, microphones and all kinds of gear for over 20 years. I've never really gotten that much into PA's, so I know nothing about speakers, heads, mixers, power amplifiers, etc. Now, I'd like to build my own powered PA speaker. I have zero experience with building anything that involves electronics. I'm not a dummy. I know Ohm's law, and I believe I can handle the physics of electronics, no problem. I just do not know where to start. Schematics for power audio amplifiers? Where does one find them, and how do you read schematics. These are the things I need to know.  Let me preface this by saying... I do not expect to build a top-of-the-line PA speaker. I don't even expect to build something that would be considered crappy. I just want to know the theory, and where to start. Anyone got any help? Thanks!

Posted by Dolmetscher007 3 years ago

Do you think a bike-powered clothes dryer would work? Answered

If I hooked up the clothes cylinder somehow to a bicycle drivetrain.  I was also thinking of mounting a large fan right next to it on the same axis to blow air in.  Maybe have the fan go the opposite direction.  Also I would take the door off and maybe the back end to let the air flow through both sides.  Can anyone picture this?

Asked by lutz1022 8 years ago

First Solar Powered Speedboat

Via The UberReview"It is not too often that we associate solar-powered with anything fast and or furious, but perhaps it is time that we start. The Czeers MK1 is a 10-meter vessel covered in photovoltaic cells that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 30 knots (55.5 km/ph to you non-nautical folks out there). While there are certainly faster boats on the water, those tend to use obscene amounts of fuel. The solar-powered Czeers MK1 is naturally going to be a lot quieter than its gas guzzling cousins, which would make it great for sneaking up over fish (though there is limited space to put them if you catch them. I would like to see a similar model with little bit more space for passengers, even if it did mean sacrificing some speed. Speedboats are so limited in what they are able to do, but if this had a little extra space, it could do so much more."

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Bike Powered Dog Treadmill

There are some days which my husky and I are unable to run outside. For those days, I use my exercise bike. But my husky is out of her mind with boredom if she cannot run. While I use my bike, I am wishing that it could power a treadmill for her to run on. I am aware that dog-powered (manual) and electric dog treadmills are available for purchase. I have visited sites that give instructions on how to make a dog-powered treadmill. And I know that a regular treadmill for humans can be used for dogs (with training). But I have a few reasons for leaning towards the idea of a bike-powered dog treadmill: 1) We workout together. Dog-powered treadmills usually require that the dog be constantly motivated to run, whether it be vocal cheering or physical nudges (or both). I do not think I will be able to exercise alongside her if I must stop to do this. 2) I do not want to use more electricity than I have to. We are all trying to save energy for whatever reason. So electric treadmills are a bit much. I am mechanically inclined, but I cannot produce plans of this scale. I am hoping that I do not need to do anything more than soldering or welding. Incorporating manufactured parts would be ideal. Any and all (practical, safe, and realistic) help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, everyone! P.S. The use of any bike will do for this project. It does not have to be an exercise bike, though that would be nice as well.

Posted by RollieOlly 9 years ago

hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor

Hey! i would love to modify my hand truck with a motor to help move things over long distances something similar to this without costing so much http://handtrucks2go.com/Electric-Powered-Hand-Truck.html?

Asked by gruda 6 years ago

HHO powered car

One of my friends asked for my help for a project for his school expo. He wants to run a car on water and I have told him not to be too optimistic. when I googled it all I found was that it was not possible(as of now), but no other detail. I did stumble upon an old episode of myth busters in which they came to the conclusion that a car can run on hydrogen, but they were unable to provide enough hydrogen from their electrolysis setup, however, I noticed that the HHO generator created by king of random produces way more gas then theirs. so I wanted to know your opinion and knowledge on this matter and whether this can work or not.  

Posted by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim 1 year ago

Will this circuit work to make a solar powered USB charger? Answered

Would this work? It's supposed to charge both the batteries and whatever is in the USB, and then when there is no light the batteries will charge the USB. IN914 is to prevent battery discharge, LM7805 is to change voltage to 5V. The question mark is for a a resistor i heard you need to bridge the white and green connections so it works on iphones/itouches. Anyone know which it is? Link to better image of circuit: http://i27.tinypic.com/n4xq4x.jpg Using this solar panel: http://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=44&products_id=262 EDIT: I realized that I need two solar panels in series to get 12V, because 6V won't be enough because the LM7805 takes 2V. Am I right? In that case, wouldn't it make more sense to put the batteries in series with the USB

Asked by FireFreek 8 years ago

how to acquire materials for a gokart/human powered vehicle???

Ok so i once again have a crazy yet bound to work sceme the only problem is i do not have the resources or raw materials basically what i need are a couple good condition yet unwanted bikes naturally i turn to my local thrift stores but oh bummer my pickup truck is out for good (the engine is literally out of the vehicle) so basically i am unable to transport the bikes to my home and since everyone else in my family drives tiny economic cars i am really stuck i could  techinally ask one of my neighbors but that would be akward (i am between 12 and 16 years old) i really need help with this one guys (and girls) any ideas are most appreciated thank you, fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 8 years ago

Can anyone give me instructions on how to build a solar fountain? One that fits into a large plastic planter.?

I'm still working on "green" craft items and I am thinking about using soda pop bottoms for the center piece of a fountain that water falls from one bottom down to the next and having it recycle the water. It would have to be a small pump...but would like to find the pumps that work on solar ( and battery) powered and where to buy them...really CHEAP LOL . I am going to use a plastic pot, about 8 " x 14" or more for the base of the fountain. I could use anyones thoughts/ideas on how to make the pump recycle and what type of pump I should buy? I think I have the rest of this worked out in my mind ....but I'm totally clueless when it comes to power of any sorts  : o

Asked by terriradke 7 years ago

Battery Powered Water Heater

I need some help. Well, I'll be honest, I need a lot of help.  I am trying to heat 1 liter of water running through a small tube that holds 8ml of fluid up by 12C, with a maximum temperature of the heater reaching 60C, and the entire liter needs to be heated within 30 minutes.  In my experiments, the tube holds 8ml of fluid while passing along the 'heater' core, and will pass by the core in a total of 10 seconds. So 8ml heated by 12C in 10 seconds is the limiting factor and multiply that out to cover 30 minutes.  The good news, I have managed to accomplish this feat by wrapping the tube around a curling iron rated at 80W x 110V. End result is 12C rise in output fluid, so I know the theory is completely possible.  However, here's the kicker, the entire system needs to run off of battery power.  So the 2 big questions are: what material should I use as the 'heater core' since I can not use a standard curling iron, and what battery system/configuration should I use (needs to be universal purchase ie, AA, AAA, D, C, 123, 9V, etc) Any help would be greatly appreciated both to my personal safety as I tinker in the garage, and to my wife's sanity as she watches me play with water around plugged in curling irons. :) Thanks in advance. WS. 

Posted by whiskeysausage 5 years ago