i need a christmas present for my dad Seveastrouk and i dont know what to get him HELP!

The title says it all folks butr still help PLEASE!!!!

Posted by jonnybo111 6 years ago

Christmas present

I cant think of what i want for Christmas i like tech stuff what are some cool things i could ask for because if i don't ask for anything ill end up with a bunch of clothes under my tree :-(

Posted by Tanners 9 years ago

Gift help.

Hi. I am in need of help in trying to find a birthday present. This is for my cousin that is turning 13. He likes electronics and stuff like that. His budget is $200. If you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.

Asked by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

bday present for my girl?

My girlfirend's birthday is next month and i have a few ideas on what to give her but not much any ideas lol?

Asked by happyhippy1 8 months ago

Looking for a Birthday present for my bf connected to the modern technologies

Hi, guys! Can you suggest any presents options for my bf 31-st Birthday? He's into modern technology and I run out of the ideas, He already has too many devices :)  I want it to be something simple and interesting at the same time. He's already got VR headset just in case :)

Posted by Mary_Shum 1 year ago

This christmas, I want to produce the presents/gifts using a lasercutter (ponoko). Any good idea?

I need a present for each person. I got some ideas but I need some inspiration also from you. I give away some INSPIRATION PATCHES to everyone who helps. Better if the presents are useful! PS: I got 5 almost 30-years-old friends (boys and girls), 2 little kids (girls), parents, sister and brother-in-law

Asked by derte84 6 years ago

i like a girl at skool?

I like a 12year old at skool she likes soccer and smiggle any idea what i should get her

Asked by allenmt 7 years ago

im 11 i want to get a girl i like at skool a present what should i get her?

Im 11 and want to get a girl a present what should i get her btw       ive know her and friends with her since i was 8

Asked by allenmt 8 years ago

Volunteer : Need Help : English language : Past and Present tenses

Hi !The use of English past and present tenses are not that intuitive ......... and I find them quite limiting and rigid ........Let's say I need to write a story. Traditionally, that's the past tense that is used :Bob entered the office of Mister P, his boss.The old man was looking seriously angry. He was red like a tomato."Sit down Bob ! We have to talk !", he yelled, moving nervously some files on his desk.Bob sat down and was smiling politely, with the hope that his boss was going to calm down a little.But showing his beautiful teeth did not had the expected effect :"Why are you smiling at me like that ?!, yelled the old man.Bob jumped on his seat. Like by magics, the fear changed his smile into a giant contracture.etc ..."Is the use of past tense correct ?Now, let's say I need to tell the same story, but using Present tense, like if it was happening in real time :Bob enters the office of Mister P, his boss.The old man is looking seriously angry. He is red like a tomato."Sit down Bob ! We have to talk !", he yells, moving nervously some files on his desk.Bob sits down and smiles politely, with the hope that his boss is going to calm down a little.But showing his beautiful teeth don't have the expected effect :"Why are you smiling at me like that ?!, yells the old man.Bob jumps on his seat. Like by magics, the fear changed his smile into a giant contracture.etc ..."My natural reflex is to use present simple (like I'd do in my language). But present simple is described as a tense for generalities .......How do you tell a story in present tense ? Do you make heavy use of present continuous (which is not really beautiful) ???Thanks for your help =o)

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago

If you are an author that has entered a contest in the past , present, or plan to in the future, please read.

I wanted to start a page to thank our sponsors for donating prizes for the fabulous contests that Instructables has created. I am going to start a new thread under "Authors word of thanks To Our Sponsors! If you have entered a contest in the past, present, or plan to in the future and would like to thank our sponsors, please share your thoughts. If we give them our love, maybe they will sponsor bigger and better prizes! If you have won in the past, please mention the sponsor or item that you won. Thank you for reading this! Have a splendorous day! Sunshiine

Posted by sunshiine 5 years ago

Gifts for DIYers?

I haven't noticed any wish list threads, so I thought I might start one. What kind of gifts are you asking for/giving that have to do with DIY? If you're Jewish, what have you gotten or given? Since I'm going off to college this summer, It's about time I jump start my own tool collection. I'm still not sure what I'll do next year without all the power tools, but I guess that's why I'm staying in-state. I got a multi head screw driver one night for Hanukkah, and I'm asking for a tool box, ratchet clamps and a speed square for Christmas (we celebrate both.) Your turn!

Posted by Weissensteinburg 8 years ago

Presentation app?

What presents apps do you use to organize your research with?

Asked by Gfulfer 1 year ago

Hiding non-present devices?

Hi, It gets extremely annoying when there is multiple drives in my computer but they aren't in use. Does anyone know how to only show present devices or do I just have to live with the multiple devices?

Posted by thermoelectric 9 years ago

Present for Little Sister Answered

I need to make a present for my little sister(11).  I've checked the gifts section, but nothing seemed suitable for her. She doesn't really have any interests, so I've given you all the info I can. Thanks in advance

Asked by Dnamra 7 years ago

Any cheap DIY christmas gift ideas? (details)?

Hi, I am currently 15 years old and live in Warsaw, Poland. You see, in my family we never sticked to the "Everyone gives presents to everyone" scheme. My parents would get us presents, as well as give them to each other. I want to change it this year, since i feel like a total jerk this way (receiving gifts and not giving any) Overall: I need to get a present for my father, mother and brother, whose details will follow. I don't want the overall cost of the gifts to surpass 100PLN (around $35?), nor for them to be the cheap "glue some felt to some cardboard and write some nice sentences" DIY christmas gifts. I would like them to be original, maybe just a creative, slightly changed everyday object. They should not be consumable (cookies, bath salts etc.), they should be useful but nice (no coasters or stuff like that) They can not require any help, since they have to be a surprise to my family. I would like them to be preparable in my bedroom, without use of any complicated tools (including sewing machines and glue pistols). Also, no photo albums or such. Father: My dad is a business-ish person interested in a variety of subjects, like chess, computers, programming, engineering, books, movies and all that stuff. He works a lot, uses an LG Viewty Snap, drives a Ford Mondeo, occasionally wears glasses. I would like his gift to be very practical and elegant, something he could take in his pocket and maybe use throughout the day (A personalised business card holder, maybe?) Mother: My mom is the head of a small internet newspaper centered about building, ways of saving energy, construction and such. She spends most of her day at home. She likes knitting, sewing, and would surely love a simple gift that took some effort to make (some creative, practical thing to hang on the fridge? A hand-sewn pouch, stuffed animal or something?) or that makes the flat nicer (maybe a blanket?) Brother: My brother is 18 years old, he studies sound directing at Warsaws' Music University. He's a lazy and messy person who plays the piano and performs at a small band on keyboard. A very artistic guy, his bedroom is full of synthesisers, cables, wires. He probably will not appreciate any gift, so be sure to give me some more suggestions - i have no idea what he might like. His gift should be minimalistic and creative - it does not need to be very useful. Oh well, i kinda wrote too much up here. If it was too long for you to read, i need a christmas gift idea for: My dad (businessman) My mom (pretty much a housewife) My 18yo brother (who studies Sound Directing) The added price of the three gifts should not go over $35, they can't be consumable, they need to be simple enough to be done inside my bedroom so it's a surprise. Thanks in advance for all your suggestions, i will give any information needed for your ideas :)

Asked by Arendos 7 years ago

One of my presentations?

Several days ago, I created .ppt file. After next opening presentation didn't open without any messages.

Asked by MaridAllouache 9 months ago

An Old Electrolyisis Presentation

This is an old Powerpoint presentation I made in fifth grade (and yes, I know, it has some incorrect info and several errors).

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

I want to make a homemade mothers day present for my mom. Any Ideas?

I want to make my mom a neat mothers day present. Does anybody have an idea?

Asked by piepieburger 9 years ago

Post your Presents !!

So what ya' get !!??!!Post any cool presents you got here and add pics if there really cool !Also if you have any cool Christmas pic's post them !P.S. This isnt a competition !Dont degrade other peoples giftsDont LIE !

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

What would be a great present to make for my mom's birthday?

I am a sophomore in high school aspiring to create an awesome present for my mom. I am limited on supplies so unless it is really simple (like paper) I would like to keep the supplies list under $20. I am good in simple woodwork, intermediate electronics, and intermediate origami. Please help!

Asked by Buzzsushi 7 years ago

Theres this girl i have a crush on at skool?

Theres this girl i have a crush on at skool i would like to get her a b-day present she likes soccer and smiggle any suggestions

Asked by allenmt 8 years ago

my brother is turning 10 soon..

Hes turning ten soon and i told him that i would make him a sweet instructable... any ideas? for more info. just ask.

Posted by hornblower08 9 years ago

How to send a gift to another kid in school without actually giving it to them? Answered

OK. So I have a box, a little bigger than a piece of paper. I want to give said box to somebody in 6th period on the last day of school. I have 5th period with said somebody, and they are usually pretty much last out of class. I want to give this box to them, but not actually be there, and I want it to be the end of the day. My original idea was to stuff it in their band locker... But... We won't be using those for the rest of the year. Then I thought, what if I was to beat said somebody out of class, run to their sixth period, and tell the teacher they left it in another class, all in time to make it out without them seeing me? I would probably have a timeframe of less than a minute to talk to this teacher, but I don't know... That would be cutting it pretty close, and what if they were the first out of the class then? Then I would be screwed. I may be able to convince a teacher to help me out, like maybe hold said somebody back on the last day to give me more time. I don't know. Any ideas?

Asked by snowpenguin 9 years ago

electric shocker resistance and housing problem, i only have a week or two until the secret santa party

In an attempt to provide a rather "interesting" christmas present as a joke for a colleague i have assembled an remote controlled electronic shocker device ( perfectly safe almost no current at all) by wiring an electric shocker of a design i am familiar with making so that it's power is provided by wires which previously went to the motor of an RC car( i intend to do an instructable on how it was built, if i get it to work!). the arrangement is constructed from the charging circuit of a disposable camera with the capacitor chopped off and replaced by the electrodes that will connect to my receiver's( my colleague) hand,  the AA battery has been replaced with a remote controlled power supply ( same voltage and ampage as an AA battery)system. Enough on what i have built( unless you need more details to help me), here is my problem. I had originally intended to place the shocker in a small box and attach each output high voltage wire to a tin foil half wrapped over half of the box( i would cover the join with a ribbon) the plan was that when someone picked up the box their hand would form a connection across the tin foil halves and therefore their hand would be acting as a resistor in a high voltage circuit so a (very tiny less than 0.25 milliamps) current would pass through it( whether the voltage is applied across the two halves can be controlled by a remote hidden in my pocket so when other people pick up the parcel they get no shock). but i have found that ,although the output wires are at a high enough voltage to shock someone, the resistance of the tin foil means that the remaining voltage to go across the person's hand is not enough to shock them. ALSO the shocker will work across about a centimetre of skin ( like touching both wires with the tip of the same finger) but when the contact points are as far apart as a whole hand( like thumb to last finger) the increased resistance of the hand means that the current is so small that i cannot even feel a tingling when i test it( i had a few (willing volunteer)friends who are working on this with me also test but it could not shock them either). so my problem is that i must either find a much lower resistance form of contacts to coat the halves of the box( i have no means of using expensive materials or ones that need to be heavily worked on before attaching( like metal plates that must be attached to each face of the box)) or a ( very quick and simple, i only have about a half an hour slot of time to do any soldering before the party ) way to boost the voltage ( i was thinking of attaching extra batteries but suspect this would not work and also am unlikely to get an opportunity to do much electronic alteration) or ( most promisingly) must find a way to house some very bulky parts in a housing where i can guarantee that my colleague will touch both electrodes with one finger without suspecting anything until he gets shocked( this needs to be something like the switch on a torch rewired so that the electrodes are on the switch or whatever, or any other gift where the "obvious" thing to do is put a finger on a certain metal point for some reason( preferably when picking the present up)).  I have already addressed any safety concerns so please do not criticise me for this as electric shocks are harmless provided the current is low enough and does not cross the heart.( i have a very low current with both electrodes on the same hand on top of which it only shocks when i press a button on the remote). ALSO please do not suggest i rebuild the whole circuit as i know that the circuit works fine and i do not have time to build it all again or do any serious modifications, THANKS  any answers would be appreciated, THANKS i think i have found  solution,it is really awesome and involves placing a battery in parrallel with the power lead into the shocker from the remote control system. i am not sure why it is working but i suspect some effects similar to capacitors are involved, the really weird thing is it does not shock you when you grab the box but rather when you pull your hand away. incase i find any other problems this thread is still open to suggestions and ideas for other solutions, assuming the system works perfectly after i have soldered my modifications in place( a few days time before i get a chance to use a soldering iron) then i will no longer need any help( providing nothing else goes wrong). thanks for reading all of this.

Asked by resistanceisfutileiflessthan1ohm 5 years ago

Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

Posted by hethlee 11 years ago

D.I.Y. Presentation: This is my hobby

Hello everyone, I want to share with all of you a presentation I made about the D.I.Y. culture. It would be awesome if you watched and shared your comments about it (please on this thread). The link to the presentation is here: http://www.slideshare.net/sliderdlfo/my-hobby-5694028  If you really really like it, you may download it from the same page. Also, I submitted it for the Best Presentation Contest at the same site, if you feel it deserves a vote you may click on the thumb up image below the play button.  I hope you enjoy it, and I challenge you to name all the projects that appear on the presentation.

Posted by r_dlfo 7 years ago

Orangeboard unusability bug is still present

The bug preventing users from creating or replying to comments on Orangeboards is still present. I upgraded from Firefox to Firefox 3.5, with no change in the effect.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

how can i present my bad grade?

Well i have a 36 in english. how can i present this bad grade to my mom without her executing me?

Asked by Acepilot42 8 years ago

Christmas presents? Answered

What are a few websites like thinkgeek.com that have electronics and things. Thank you!

Asked by taz2020 7 years ago

Philips Presenter SNP6000 Battery Wiring?

I have a Philips Presenter SNP6000 part of the Battery Terminals are missing and I don't see where they're supposed to be attached, any advice on where to find a wiring schematic 

Asked by kevinborah 4 years ago

Christmas presents (Or Kwanzaa/Hanukkah presents)

So now Christmas is here, and some of us already probably opened all of our gifts and joy. So now I want to know, what did you get? What was your favorite present? What did you get someone else?  Please, if you celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, you can still share what you received!   My favorite present would have to be my new (and first ever) Camera. Fuji Film A170. My second would have to be the "Dexter" third season dvd we got.  The gift I gave to my brother that I think he liked was a poster of some football player. Don't know who it is.  (Pictures soon)

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Letter from the Editor: Homemade for the Holidays

It seems obvious that I'll be making the majority of my Christmas presents this year.  But I'm learning that's not something to take for granted.  I'm discovering how rare a talent it is considered to be able to make things, and how few people believe they could too! Often I find myself socializing with a group of professionals – people in finance, medicine, law, education. When they ask me What Do You Do, I find it hard to explain. “Well, I make stuff. And then I take pictures of it, and write about it and tell you how you can make it too. And I help other people who want to do the same.” The amount of admiration I receive for knowing how to “make stuff,” overwhelms me. It seems like basic life skills to me, nothing too impressive. The fact that people whose work I admire could be envious of mine is not just flattering, it’s telling. While DIY is a natural way of life for me, there are still millions out there (loose estimate), who have yet to discover their own hidden hand-crafting talents. For example, I was recently scouring Chinatown for some interesting feathers to use in my Feathered Headband Instructable, when I struck up an interesting conversation with a shop owner. She didn’t know where to find feathers for sale, and was wondering what I needed them for. When I explained the project, she expressed amazement at my ability to make something. By myself. With my hands. Maybe this comes from spending all day peddling cheap merchandise direct from China (which is an accurate portrayal of this particular shop), but she was so impressed with the idea of hand-crafting things, that she invited me into the back of her shop, served me tea, and even gave me a tiny jade dragon to keep (since Dragon is my Chinese zodiac sign). What a turn of events! I finally realized just how impressive hand-crafting is when I learned from my mother that she and her friends are exchanging only hand-made gifts this year. It suddenly struck me how big a deal that really is! Not only is DIY a way to overcome feeling beaten down by the economy, it’s a way to share something personal with the people you love. It’s a challenge to yourself to stretch your imagination and learn new skills. The value of the gifts you make will far exceed anything you might have bought in a shop (even with Black Friday sales!). And you know what? It’s not hard. It doesn’t have to be. Make cookies, or candy, or cake in a jar! Make a lovely zippered case with no sewing experience needed! Write a letter – by hand. Make a coupon book redeemable for chores and errands. You know what your skills are. But how do you convince someone who doesn’t think of themselves as handy or crafty or creative that they really are? How do you let them know how much more treasured a hand-made gift is than something store-bought? My question for you is: How will we spread the DIY movement this season? Who can you convince to make their gifts this year?   And, oh yeah, what are you gonna make?

Posted by scoochmaroo 7 years ago

how do i upload a powerpoint presentation to instructables? Answered

 I will give a best answer out if you help. I am going to try one anyway it might not work right though. It is going to be a maze game.

Asked by cj81499 8 years ago

Ornament Patch Giveaway: Presents!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed! Everything is all set up, now we just need some presents so... Post a new comment with a picture of a present and get a patch. Never added an image to a comment before? At the bottom of the comment box, click "add image," then click "Choose Files." Pick your image and click "Upload" Giveaway ends at 1pm PST! Get it in by then to get a patch.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Alie and Georgia Present: The McNuggetini

It's quite amusing. A cocktail made from: Vodka A milkshake BBQ sauce A McNugget Also Bloody-bacon and cheese

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

Homemade Christmas Present Ideas 4 Dad

My dad is getting pretty bored with cards, jerky, and games... So what else can I give him!!??

Posted by Squaggadoodle 6 years ago

as 2 hw i should make my presentation on the reading of catherine belsey TITLE MAKING space?

Im finding difficult in it.not understnding as 2 what it is saying

Asked by sujata singh 6 years ago

Presentation on a 'How-To' Subject.

How excited I was, when my Public Speaking teacher handed out a prompt for our next presentation: "You must present to the class, a toutorial on how to make or do something" I was ecstatic, I thought this would be cake, its in the bag! But, here I am, struggling to find something to do, I have access to some of the best projects ever, but I can't just narrow it down to one! It must be made/presented in 7-10 minutes, to 30 seniors in high school. Would you mind suggesting something I can make, and demonstrate to my Public Speaking class? My thoughts were: www.instructables.com/id/Rubber-band-Powered-Butterfly/ www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-Graffiti-Pen/ Any more ideas?

Posted by bumpus 8 years ago

know of any small scale Rankine cycle engines that are classroom safe for a presentation?

Have a school presentation on a thermodynamic process and would like to present a Rankine Cycle but i havent been able to find one that i can build and run within a classroom just looking for a design or directions, even a video that i can use to build one

Asked by SLC Student 6 years ago

I am making a 9 volt battery powered USB charger for my friends phone. I need some help as I am using a buck converter.

I am not sure how I would attach this and what each of the pins on the buck converter does.  I could have made one out of a 5 volt regulator, or this:  http://tinyurl.com/switch-regulator, but I don't have $15 (I have no source of income) to spend on my friends gift and I want it to be highly efficient.  I am waiting for the buck converter to show up in the mail right now.  The datasheet for the buck converter is: http://tinyurl.com/buck-converter.  Also, I found a website that sells the kits for these: http://tinyurl.com/9v-charger for 16 dollars, but once again I don't have any money.  I want to make a charger like the one they have on there out of free samples.  Thanks for the help, Mike P.S.  My friend has an android.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

Weekly Challenges: Past and Present

Just put together a couple guides to help find the weekly challenges... Current Weekly Challenges Deadline: September 18th PST11:59pm         Past Contests Deadline: September 18th PST11:59pm        

Posted by annahowardshaw 6 years ago

Make Presents: The Multimeter

Take a look at Make's latest video about multimeters. I'm really into make's series on electronics how tos. What subjects would people want instructables to do a how to series?

Posted by frenzy 7 years ago

Instructables HQ got a present!

Instructables HQ received a special box this week! Thanks so much for the presents that our friends at LAIKA sent us, can't wait for you to release Boxtrolls! Penolopy Bulnick jumped on the chance to solve the cryptic Message they sent us.  !! UPDATE !! They sent us another box! Check it out! This one had a music box, with a paper feed note card, and another puzzle!   Thank you guys so much! -Instructables HQ

Posted by audreyobscura 4 years ago

even opening file is a problem?

I made a powerpoint presentation using a lot effects, one moment when I was saving .pptx file, the program hung. After, I opened it and got - The Presentation GorF09.pptx is incomplete. Please reload.

Asked by Compan89 1 year ago

Incomplete Values? Answered

What is the value of C1 and what happened to R6? It's not present on the board

Asked by APratham 8 months ago