Hey .i went into one of your instructables to bezel.. tried to print and it only printed the same pages over and over.. and not the instruction pages but rather the comments of everyone else which i did not need..i cannot get my printer to stop printing these pages and it will not let me print anything else on my printer ,.i have pressed cancel print on my printer and it still tries to print..i have shut my printer all the way down and it still keeps printing your pages...HELP.................. i have used a whole bundle of paper not to mention all the ink... i need my printer for my work and it has affected my work day.. i am very upset..will never ever use your site again.. i hope this gets to you.. there is no contact number for me to call anyone.. but i need a call immediately.865 850 5453.. i have already emailed this same email to servicea@instructables as it told me to do so in your site but it came back as undeliverable.. ... call me asap... lora williams

Posted by lora williams 7 years ago


Yesterday I was able to print instruction pages with no trouble. Today, in both firefox and explorer, when I attempt to print I get a "encountered a problem and must shut down" message, and then I'm back to my desktop. I've tried on 2 different computers with the same result.

Posted by flashgordonbrown 10 years ago

Printing jibberish

When i print half will be in english and the other half will be in symbols and letters. what is going on?

Posted by dneill 9 years ago

Printing instructables?

A little time ago it was posible to print instructables. Now it is only possible as a Pro member. Why is that?

Asked by imans314 5 years ago

Trouble Printing instructables

Why am I having trouble printing anything from this site. I click on "print" and there it sits.... I was able to print one item out and that one time I have no idea how I made it work.

Posted by telairea 10 years ago

How to keep injet fabric printing permanent?

Does anyone have the answer to how you can treat the fabric that you have printed from an injet printer so it won't fade?

Asked by cswitz 9 years ago

I am in a Process of fixing a INKjet printer on a conveyor. I need to use one encoder, ? Answered

Sensors and few stepper motor to run the main machine and the conveyor please suggest? The Inkjet printer - prints variable data ( Manufacturing date cost real time) on a paper moving on the conveyor?

Asked by ranganathan raju 2 years ago

steps in photographic t-shirt printing?

Steps and guide in phptographic t-shirt printing[[Video(, {width:425, height:350})]]

Asked by RASHDE 8 years ago

Printing on plastic?

Im looking to make some business cards out of clear or frosted plastic. Other than taking the order to a printing company, is there any way that I could print the information or images I want onto the plastic myself?

Asked by 9 years ago

3D printing something totally Round?

Hi everyone.  I have ordered my 3D printer and in the mean time, I am building my files I will be printing.  1 of them is rounded and has no flat surface.  How do I go about printing this?  Do I need to create a base to print it on or will the product I use to make the bas sticky be enough?  Any help to this beginer would be appreciated. K

Posted by kwrcst 3 years ago

3D Printing in the Glass Medium

I've only used plastics when 3D printing so it's pretty cool to see a movement into the glass medium. Besides the practical application, the video of the printer creating glasswork is quite pretty.

Posted by PlasticPanama 2 years ago

how can I print text on a t shirt? Answered

I do not want to use the iron on t shirt transfer, I am looking for more like screen printing?

Asked by 9 years ago

3d Printing

Does Any one know how I can convert my .3DP file using Autodesks Catch123d App into a VRML? So I cen then edit the part ready for 3D Printing?

Posted by marc3dp 5 years ago

What is th best type of wood to use for Printing Press letter blocks? Answered

I'm going to be using a modded book press as a printing press to put titles on hardback books, and I'm going to make custom letters for the titles.

Asked by Foaly7 8 years ago

3D Printing layers separating

Hi! I have a project going with a 3D printer. Is a 4" X 4" X 10"  square enclosure used for holding electronics in an ROV. Whats happening is that the plies are separating. Not a good thing for an underwater vehicle. Has anyone experienced this with a larger 3D printed object? Will upload a pic when I get to my home computer.

Posted by spiderbear 2 years ago

Can you recommend sticker printing companies they could check? Answered

My niece and her group mates need to raise funds for their school festival. They decided to sell foods but still need to market them. They are considering printing marketing materials like posters, flyers, and custom stickers. Do you think it's a great idea? Or can you recommend printing companies they could check?

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago

I can't print!?

I have registered. Made it! But when I go to download and print a box comes up asking if I want to sign up for Instructables …? I verified my email;  logged out then back in; refreshed my server. What am I doing wrong?

Posted by girluphigh 3 years ago

I've upgraded to PRO and I can't seem to get the instructables pdf files to print properly.

 The instructables that I either download will not print correctly.  I might get the index nicely printed, but every page after that looks like it is in a foreign language.  I am a pro member.

Asked by Ondraya 8 years ago

Need information on 3D printing

So I am looking to make decorative phone cases using a 3D printer. But I have no experience with them. Essentially what I am hoping to do is make snap on or slide on covers. What kind of 3D printer would be able to do this? What sort of designs/colours would I be able to do? Anything I have to take into consideration?

Posted by MrJet 5 years ago


Hi everyone, i am currently writing my dissertation on 3D printing technology and would like you all to help fill my questionnaire. will take less than 5 minutes.  thank you.

Posted by jane rodgers 4 years ago

what tumbler can i use to polish up or smooth my 3d printed creations? Answered

I was wondering if there was a tumbler of some sort that i could purchase to smooth or put a finer touch to my 3d printed objects

Asked by 3DeanPrint 2 years ago

Any ideas for a printer that can print onto a bound notebook's pages?

Hi, I've been wondering about this for a while. I would like some sort of machine that can print onto the pages of a book that is already bound. For example: If I have a leather notebook and I want to print a poem or some such onto a page I would then load the book into the printer and the printhead would move around the page to print the required text (as opposed to the page being moved in a normal printer). I was wondering if anybody knew of an existing tutorial, product hack that might allow me to do this? What I have found is the following: -Axidraw - this is probably the closest to what I want but it is quite expensive. -Handibot - this does what I had in mind but for cutting. My ideal would be something like this that prints. -Printer modification - another step in the right direction but this only works if the material being printed on is of a fixed height. The constraints I foresee is the fact that the pages in the book need to be kept flat and that the height of what is being printed on can vary. If there is a solution out there I haven't been able to come up with the search terms to find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Marcu

Asked by Wormlamp 6 months ago

Can we make a separate category for 3D printing? Answered

I know this is probably the wrong way to pose the question, but there it is.  I've noticed a ton of projects that revolve around 3D printing.  I understand this is a new technology that takes 'making' to the next level, but is the 'how to' of 3d printing really any different between all of the instructables that focus around it?  What if we made an area where users could post their 3d files to share?  I'm not saying I don't appreciate seeing everybody's hard work and ingenuity (the basis for this wonderful community), it just seems like every instructable about 3d printing is generally the same with the only difference being the file used.   If I'm alone in this I'll sit quietly and enjoy the community like I always have. and yes, I envy all of you with 3d printers lol

Asked by kretzlord 5 years ago

Need advise on starting screen printing business

Hi Folks, I am fascinated by Screen printing. I know a little bit of it. But I would like to have advise from the experts here for me to start it as a serious business. What is the prospectus of growth in this business? What could be the initial investment (minimum)? What is the minimum no. of man power required? What is the latest technology adopted? etc etc... Could you please advise me on how to go about it in a beginner level? Thanks.

Posted by rajkochi 10 years ago

3D Printing Business Question

From reading, this article. It seems as the sky is the limit as long as I have a good artist, a proper 3D modeller and the correct material.  However, I want to start a business whose main focus is 3D printing. What are things, I really can't make? Besides hiring an artist and 3d modeler. What printer would you recommend for the business idea? How many would you recommend as starting point for a small business with an expansive focus? Is there some multiple materials printer that includes glass, plastic, resin, wood, etc.?

Posted by VictorM19 3 years ago

A 3d model idea

This is an idea that I had for the Make it real challenge. Though I didn't end up taking this path I would love to see it be completed. It goes as follows. >> Make a spherically shaped skull with all of the innards of an actual skull. >> 3d Print it using medial grade materials (Realism) >> Skull baseball :D

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

Where can i get a cheap lenticular print? I only want one and everywhere seems to have a min order of 500!?

I have a budget of £20/$30 ish.Is it possible to make a lenticular poster ?I want this photograph to change from 'perfect' to 'ugly' depending on the angle it is looked at.Thankyou to you lovely people

Asked by dalbyman 9 years ago

How do I make a printed hologram?

Hi all, I found this really 80s button with a cute little eye holograph that blinks. Could anyone suggest how I could reproduce these? I love the fact that the 'resolution' (or the line spacing) isn't very fine and particularly want to incorporate that. Would love your ideas. Thanks!! Here's the original:

Asked by jarris 5 years ago

3D Printing For All

Right after we hear about Ponoko, and their laser-cut designs that you can make and sell, here comes another company that offers the service of making 3D prints via its website Jujups.Their statement:We believe that "everyone has an inherent desire - to design" Design is about self expression. It is about satisfying your desires. Once upon a time only a small portion of humanity could read or write. We would like to say that once upon a time "only a few people could design but, JuJups changed that.JuJups is powered by design technology that structures design in an intelligent way, just as much as CSS and Html structures text and graphic data in an intelligent way so that non-techies can create wonderful blog graphics and web pages that we enjoy today. JuJups will do the same to the world of products.Basically, it's easy 3D printing with templates. They'll expand into more stuff later.A wider range of products will follow in the near future.JuJups is planning in association with ZCorp to expand 3D printing capacity to support the growing demand for customized objects. Customized giftware, memorabilia, toys, etc will soon be added to the list of items that can be custom designed. Many companies have now created opportunities for custom-made products, such as custom printed T-shirts, mugs, magnets etc. however, the customization is mostly in 2D.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

How could I "print" a digital pic on my wall?

I've got some designs I made on illustrator, but since I'm really bad in hand drawing and so, I would like to know how to transfer them or something on the wall without having to paint it by hand

Asked by 9 years ago

Permanent fabric pictures?

How can I make fabric copies from my printer permanent? Do I need to treat the fabric before I print or can I treat it after?? What do I need to use to keep the fabric pictures from washing out? Help - I need this information as soon as possible.

Asked by 8 years ago

Can you recommend easy publishing software?

 Hi everybody, thanks for stopping by. I want to do a catalogue-style help manual that is as good on the web as it is printed. Can you recommend some software that is super-easy to use, please? Also, I'm wondering if pdf would suit both formats, online as well as for the printer? Does anyone have experience of this please? Many thanks

Asked by kevinhannan 8 years ago

Screen Printing Problems? Answered

Hi. Me and my friend have just started try to do some screen printing for tee shirts. We have made a few mistakes and it still isn't working properly. We bought a speedball kit and when we coated our first screen with emulation we then realised that we didn't mix the emulation with the sensitizer. So we washed off and then recoated with the now mixed emulation. We have also been using a 200w bulb and exposed our screen for 25 mins. We use transparent projector sheets. We also didn't have any black card so used a black bin bag under our screen when exposing. When we wash off the emulation with a hand held spray gun, too much emulation is coming away and leaving patches of space. Is this because we are not exposing it for long enough, or that the emulation is no good or a combination of all? Also, How long does it take for the emulation to dry and does this have a limited amount of time before exposure? Please help :-)

Asked by siol 9 years ago

Printing on Bottlecaps?

I'm doing some small scale brewing, and I want to rig up some custom labels & caps for a real professional presentation. Labels are easy enough, but caps are throwing a few spanners into the works... Does anyone have any ideas on how to print them? Here are my current ideas:Toner Transfer - use a custom template and rig to hold multiple caps, then use an iron modified into a solder-press-like device to transfer. removing the paper cleanly could be difficult, and the results are unpredictableSilk Screening - build a similar rig to hold caps in place, and screen them. i don't know much about creating screens, and longevity, but it's probably too complex/expensive for small batches.Custom Stamp - use a rubber or pre-inked stamp to impress the design. simple, but expensive for multiple designs. i don't know how well the ink for pre-inked stamps will bond to metal, and I don't know what ink to use for a rubber stamp.Any thoughts are welcome.

Posted by gschoppe 10 years ago

I wonder what can I do to make her birthday invitations look unique. ? Answered

I'm throwing a party for my daughter who's turning 5 nest month. I wonder what can I do to make her birthday invitations look unique. Some said I should go try printing postcards for that. What do you think?

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago

What is the cheapest way to make a 3D printer? Answered

Time is not an issue, skill level might, but shouldn't be.  I just want to find a good, reliable 3D printer kit.

Asked by furrysalamander 6 years ago

I need LOTS of help with a 3d printer

So, I am trying to build a wolfstrap 3d printer, and I am having a lot of problems with the electronics.  I have a RAMPS 1.4 and 5 stepper motors. -RAMPS 1.4 Test Code       -Y and Z motors work fine.       -There is no power to E0 and X motors.       -E1 motor locks up -Marlin Firmware + Pronterface       -I can connect, but none of the motors move when I print or do manual control. -Sprinter Firmware + Pronterface       -I can connect, but motors just vibrate when moved Thank you for all of your help.

Asked by pianoman99a 4 years ago