Why ads when I am pro

I have been a pro member for several years now with an auto renew and all of a sudden I am getting ads everywhere. One of the main reasons I went pro was to get rid of the bloody ads. It really slow the connection. Whats up.

Posted by apburner 4 years ago

MIss the Pro designation

I miss seeing who is pro and who isn't.  I think knowing how someone else is experiencing the site  makes a difference in responding to them.  And  I  am sometimes able to offer free pro memberships to people, but it's harder if I can't tell who already has one.  Just my 2 cents worth..... 

Posted by mole1 4 years ago

Pro Testimonials?

Ok, I got to thinking, the pro accounts seem to be moving along nicely, it would seem plenty of people are taking the plunge, with a tiny percentage of out raged users. On the 'sway over to pro' page where it lists prices, I suggest adding a series of testimonials, e.g. If someone was looking through one of my punk weapons, and hit the 'pro wall of denial' only to see my Testimonial, they might then think 'hey, maybe i should try it for a month'. Same principle, someone whom uses the forums alot, might enjoy a little testimonial from Kiteman, or Nachomahma. Not that we should play off are 'famousness' but if we get a wide range of testimonials, it might easily appeal to a wide range of people. - gmj

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Feature request: Pay extra to allow nonmembers view the pro version of my instructable?

One feature I would like to see before I upgrade to pro is the ability to allow people who have not signed in to view all steps on one page in my instructables and print out my instructables. If I have to pay extra (as long as its reasonable) that is fine. If you make this the default for all pro users that would be even better, everyone has more incentive to upgrade to pro. Is this a reasonable feature request? Could you see this being implemented sometime in the near future?

Posted by aztennenbaum 9 years ago

Are Pro Badges on profile images optional?

(Sorry if I've usurped the First Post with something that is not of concern to anybody else.) The only reason that I haven't whipped out my PayPal account and "turned pro" yet is that I'd feel unconfortable with the "Pro" badge on my profile image (or avatar, or whatever one calls it). Please note that I don't feel that this applies to anyone but me, but having the "pro" badge on my image would make me feel as if I were sort of lording it over all the non-pro members, kind of an "I put my money where my 1's & 0's are, and you didn't, so nyah-nyah-na-nyah-nyah..." thing. Again, this is not how I feel about others who already have "Pro" badges on their images (in fact, I think Kiteman's badge makes him look extra-cute :), just how I - me, myself, Gorfram - would feel about having it on my - mine, my own, Gorfram's - image. And I fully expect that I am the only person anywhere who feels this way. But would it maybe be possible to become a sort of "stealth Pro" and not have the badge on my image? Thanks.

Posted by Gorfram 9 years ago

Another "Pro" Idea

I really do not have a problem with the Pro accounts, instructables is a business, and businesses need money to survive. I would however like to suggest an idea borrowed from i-hacked.com. Over at i-hacked, the webmaster allows users to submit a how-to OR pay to become a member. Why not reward the users who make/made instructables what it is. I think instructables should allow users that submit a certain number of "high quality" instructables to become Pro members. These members have contributed as much or more than $3 per month, just by a different means. What do you guys think? -Alfonso

Posted by alfonso 9 years ago

Purchased 2 year pro, but my account remains as free

I purchased 2 years pro membership ( 39,99 $ ), but my account is still set as free account, where I can't download anything.  I payed via paypal, my CC got charged ( March 8 ) and nothing changed. I wrote to support@instructables.com on Saturday and service@instructables.com on Monday about it, but I haven't received any response from them.  Has anyone else had such problem, because I don't know if I can cancel that payment now and noone is responding on my emails from instructables? Please help!

Posted by Bhaaltazar 4 years ago

Dear admins, please edit my latest.

Dear instructables, I've written a new one (Arduino Tetris) that's saved to my drafts.  My first page has an instagram video of the game in action. Sadly I'm not a Pro account, so I can't embed the video myself.  Could you please make that happen so I can publish? It's too bad I didn't post faster in the past when I was given pro and didn't use it.  Ah, well. Attached is a picture that's in the instructable, so you know which one I'm talking about. Thank you!

Posted by aggrav8d 3 years ago

Bait & Switch

Thanks for the Bait & Switch.... Page prices for quarterly are shown as $3.95 per quarter. So I selected it, as it would be cheaper than the 2 year term over the same period. Got to checkout and it was switched to $11.95 a quarter.....so I was forced to purchase the 2 year plan....trying to save a few dollars on the subscription you know. Feel free to refund the difference between the $3.95 per quarter(advertised on your site)  for 2 years opposed to the $39.95 I had to pay. THANKS AUTODESK!

Posted by r4n 7 years ago

Pro is a no show

I received a pro membership for winning a contest.  I have see "Pro" beneath the Pro's avatar but I do not see myself identified as a "Pro".   Why is this?

Posted by Toxictom 7 years ago

Still PRO?

How do I tell if I'm still on PRO Membership or not?

Posted by janicemerritt 2 years ago

Pro Expiration

Do I lose my ability to view all steps on one page if I signed up before Pro when my Pro membership expires? Because I had the ability to do that before I had Pro.

Posted by matchlighter 7 years ago


I am supposed to have a pro membership. I received some emails regarding my pro membership expiring, now when I look at my own profile it says my pro membership doesnt expire for almost another year, but I'm still not marked pro.

Posted by garrettg84 6 years ago

Pro Membership not working

I just paid for a 2 year Pro Membership, yet your site refuses to recognize my Pro status.  I'm also unable to download PDF files.

Posted by 70acres 5 years ago

Number of "Pro" users?

. How about a running total of the number of "Pro" (I hate that term) users in the "New Pro Users" title block?

Posted by NachoMahma 9 years ago

Disable Atuto Renewal Pro Account

Hello,  I got a pro Account for 3 Months and didnt want to auto renewal but today my pro memebership has been renewed! I cant turn this off! Please turn off my pro Memebership, i cant disable it!

Posted by omersgurel 2 years ago

Pro Membership

Anyone who wants it.  Its a 3 month membership.  code: suppose96honor

Posted by DoStuffRight 3 years ago

Pro membership not showing up

Hi I bought and paid for a Pro membership and it does not show up.  How can I fix this Thanks Chuck

Posted by Talever 6 years ago

Pro membership has several months left but doesn't show Pro?

My Pro membership doesn't expire until next July but shows that I am not pro. What gives? I love Instructables but not enough to pay for Pro twice. If there is a link somewhere to send an email for things like this, I couldn't find it. I'm pretty frustrated right now.

Posted by mrkake 6 years ago

Pro screen name

Do you think the community would disbar me if I go PRO and my screen name is "state in pain" ?

Posted by Karroo Oakey 9 years ago

Pro Member

How can i become a Pro Member, paying by mobile phone. I don't have a credit card,i want to pay by mobile!Can i?

Posted by geodan88 5 years ago

Gift of Pro Membership not working

My son purchase me a Pro Membership, but received no response, and his card was charged, but I still can't access PDF's etc

Posted by rethinker 6 years ago

First person to post gets a free year of pro!

I have a year pro coupon, and whoever posts here first gets it!

Posted by furrysalamander 6 years ago

Pro membership

Hey! If any one of you wants a pro membership. Please tell me . It is first come first serve policy as I have only 1 left. Goodluck

Posted by pranjal12 6 years ago

Pro accounts?

I am confused about pro accounts! Do i just have to do simple things like post on a forum ect? or do i have to pay?

Posted by conrad2468 9 years ago

Update Pro Membership Rewards

I just wanted to know if there is any new Pro membership rewards for 2015. Last I checked they all expired New Years Eve.

Posted by normal52 3 years ago

Pro Member indication on new site?

  I've got a feeling I'm missing something blindingly obvious here, but is there still a way to see if a member has Pro membership?

Posted by AndyGadget 6 years ago

pro tag ?

Hi I can access this forum, the text formatiing, donwload instructable as customized pdf, view all step, and all the feature of pro member, but I dont have the tag. Why is that?

Posted by ac1D 8 years ago

Can't find unlock link for pro

I received a code for a pro membership, but i cant find a link to redeem the code, does anyone know where i'd go to find this?

Posted by Philisawesome 6 years ago

3m/1year PRO Codes

I have ten 3 month and ten 1 year pro codes if anyone wants them, send me a message and I'll send you the code. 

Posted by Not_Tasha 2 years ago

Missing Pro Account Status

1. Operating System: Windows 7 Professional SP 1 2. Browser: Google Chrome V 31.0.1650.63 m 3. URL of Occurrence: https://www.instructables.com/you 4. Screen shots attached  5. Looking at comments or Profile doesn't show my "Pro" tag, viewing the pro-signup page doesn't give me a notice that I already am a pro member, and viewing the "Pro Membership" tab on my "You" page shows an error messages that says I am not pro and that I am  "USER IS NOT MARKED PRO! INVESTIGATE THIS!" I have a promocode Pro membership from https://www.instructables.com/member/Instructables-Robot/ robot that should not expire until March 2014. 

Posted by XaqFixx 5 years ago

Buying Pro Membership

Whenever I try to upgrade my account to a pro membership, it simply says that the transaction cannot be completed.  No explanation.  I'm wondering what i'm doing wrong and what I should do.

Posted by kalisk 7 years ago

When does my Pro membership end?

Hi Everyone, How do I tell when my Pro membership ends? I seem to not be able to find the date. thanks, Greasetattoo

Posted by Greasetattoo 8 years ago

I am a pro member and today I started getting Ads in my drafts?

I am a pro member and today I started getting Ads in my drafts.

Posted by JRV31 3 years ago

Gifting a Pro account

Hi, I would like to give a 3 month pro members ship to a friend. I am unable to figure out how this is done, can you please help me? Thank you.

Posted by Tater Zoid 4 years ago

Giving away pro codes

So, I've given away a few pro membership codes recently. When they are used by the recipients, do they automatically disappear from the list of unredeemed codes on my own "pro settings" page? The reason I ask is because I forgot to note down which codes I sent ...

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

upgrade to pro

Why do i have to upgrade to pro to save an instructable to my favs? my older brother didn't have to do that. i honestly don't have a credit card and I remember him telling me that this was a free web site.

Posted by Im-Parker 9 years ago

Pro Membership not working

Good Morning/Afternoon, I recently signed up for a Pro Membership ($49.95 USD) and did the email confirmation. I've cleared my browser cache but when I try to download an Instructable a message box pops up saying that is a pro feature. Please help. Username: mslorach Kind Regards, Mark Slorach.

Posted by mslorach 3 years ago

sending links from a specific step from pro user to non-pro user

As a pro user i can 'view all', and then the link to step looks like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/simple-bike-storage-rack-for-many-bikes-in-small-a/#step3 if i send that to a non-pro user it doesn't work they go to the main page. for a non-pro user the link to a step looks like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/simple-bike-storage-rack-for-many-bikes-in-small-a/step3/Just-in-case-you-are-worried-about-your-rims/ but with 'view all' set, as a pro i cant get that link.

Posted by dan 8 years ago

Automatic payment but no Pro

I am very frustrated. To the point of telling Instructibles to ....  Well, one more chance.  On Dec. 20th,  Pro membership automatic payment went through my paypal.  Still received "Pro Membership expiring" emails. And then, Pro membership cancelled. Three un-answered emails to service@instructables.com and info@instructables.com over the last month.  Not even a "hey we got your emails and are looking into this".  Nothing.  WTF?  Is there customer support or just mindless robots?

Posted by djbaby 6 years ago

1 year pro membership

Hey guys, I just created my account and paid for pro membership. i wanted to get 1 month pro account, but I accidentally purchased it for 1 year. Is there a way to switch to 1 month and get a refund? Also, I just checked my bank account and it seems that I got charged twice.

Posted by john1693 2 years ago

Where are Pro Membership Codes?

I am not able to find my collection of pro member codes I earned.  I want do share some with friends, but can't find them since the profile update to the web site.  Where do I find them?

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

Pro membership charged but no access

I bought a Pro Membership and I logged in. I try to access the Pro membership features such as downloading PDF's and it says I need to buy a Pro membership to gain access. I have a Pay Pal receipt for the purchase and the finds were removed from my account. Can someone help out? I already sent in a support e-mail but was wondering if there was a faster way to get this fixed than waiting several days or worse yet weeks?

Posted by Moddedout 6 years ago


HERE IS CONFIRMATION OF MY PRO MEMBERSHIP....  WHEN WILL IT BE RECOGNIZED?  I CAN'T DOWNLOAD PDFS, ETC!!! Congratulations, dtravers, your Pro membership on Instructables is now active. Thanks for supporting Instructables and becoming part of the Pro community! Ready to send a patch to someone? Give it a try: - https://www.instructables.com/patch/send If you need help or have questions about your Pro membership, please visit our active help forum at: - https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=help&category;=pro_accounts --------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Pro Robot https://www.instructables.com/

Posted by belizedrew 6 years ago

Pro Membership

Why the change to Pro? Why are we required to pay for ideas and projects that other people thought of and put on here for free? Are the creators of all these projects getting paid? If not, why? After all wasn't this site started for people to post projects and plans for them to share with other people for FREE?

Posted by dbaum2 4 years ago

Pro Subscription Cancelled w/out my request!?

I received a message from instructables robot & from paypal stating my request to cancel my pro subscription was received & completed. However, I did NOT make this request!! I don't understand what is going on.

Posted by 3monkiesdesigns 9 years ago


Hi I am new to the website and have published 1 instructable and I got it featured I have heard it that if you get an instructable featued you get pro membership for 3 months. Is it correct? And if so please tell me how to avail it? Thank you

Posted by sangeeta singh 6 years ago


Dear Sirs I paid for a pro membership back in 11/19/12 I was even able to use the pro membership for some time but now I'm unable to. I show a with draw on my bank account in November, so I know it went through. I wrote service@instructables.com yesterday and have'nt heard back. I also left a post in another post. CAN YOU HELP!

Posted by bcurtis5810 5 years ago

Pro-Membership and Adafruit Discount

I remember once seeing that an Instructables Pro-Membership came with a discount code for purchasing on Adafruits website or am I mistaken and if I did see it once, does this discount still exist? There is something on Adafruit I need to purchase, so before I do, it would help to know if there is or is not a discount for having a Pro-membership. Thanks in advance for any information about this.

Posted by TheOriginalNerd 11 months ago

pro membership failure

I signed up for a pro membership yesterday, and received confirmation email yesterday. I was able to download pdfs yesterday, and generally use pro features. However, it is failing to work today.  In particular, access to pdfs of instructables is not working. Also the patch send link given in the pro membership confirmation email https://www.instructables.com/patch/send   takes me to a page where I am told "Sorry, you don't have any patches left to send! We'll make it easy for you to purchase extra patches in the future. For now, you'll have to wait until your Pro membership subscription renews." This is despite my never having used any patches. Please assist. thanks, Matt

Posted by doctormatt 7 years ago