New projects will be posted here first. You can post requests here too.

Posted by Axalto 10 years ago

Vintage Projects

I found this cool project website today that has everything from a Uranium detector to a bicycle powered boat. I'm brewing a storm of ideas after seeing these projects.Vintage Projects

Posted by robbtoberfest 9 years ago

project conditons update

Projects: blimp:standstill-need mylar top secret:designs finished gathering materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Favorite Paracord Projects

My favorite paracord project is the Woven paraocrd bracelet/watchband by Stormdrane. What is yours?

Posted by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

555 Timer Projects

Help me find projects using a 555 timer as many as possible. The hreater the better

Posted by e=mc^2 6 years ago


Place to talk and share about projects. Give ideas, or critic projects, help improve.

Posted by Emmitts 3 years ago

Favouriting projects

Hi, I'm new in this site :) I'm trying to save a project in my favourites, but everytime I click on the button it shows up an error message: error 400 -- user Foxsubaru (USER) is not in required role, OLD Why? :(

Posted by FoxSubaru 7 years ago

Welding as a craft subject listed under crafts and also some nice welding projects

Let's add Welding as a craft subject listed under crafts and also get some nice welding projects.

Posted by geezerbeast 2 years ago

PVC Pipe is Awsome

Looking at all the awome projects you can do at instructables and other sites, I decided to inform the instructable comunity about them.

Posted by hrodriguez7 7 years ago

Where can I post a photo of my completed project from someone else's instructable

Where can I post pictures of my completed copy of someone else's instructable. I think it would be useful to see other's modifications, alterations, expansion of ideas, augmentations, combinations of instructables, etc.

Posted by JimRD 7 years ago

compact companion cube

I just built a compact companion cube and wondered what they are how can they die. somebody mentioned it in an Instructables

Posted by SorryBarry 9 years ago

Should i make an indestructible of these things?

Hi i am a 12 year old boy and i am taking a ton of projects to my county fair. I was wondering if you were interested in having an indestrcibe made for any/all of them.Attached is a Google doc GOOGLE DOC Just tell me what you would like to see! Thanks, Kaden

Posted by FarmerKJS 4 years ago

I want some cool things to do over the summer.

I am 11 and have a rotary tool and dremel.Any ideas?

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 9 years ago

Seeking help on Instructables to finnish projects elsewhere !?

You might have noticed lately that the amount of new users seeking help in the forum sections is going up quite good. I might be wrong, but I thought these sections are to help members - members being defined as people being active here with more than asking questions. For some of the more detailed ones I did a few searches on the web and noticed projects very closely related to questions here, both in the terms as posting dates. On some days I already think Google was closed down and this site does it now LOL For some reason I fail to see the benefit (other than for the thread starter) of solving these newbie problems. We never see an Instructable coming out of it, never see the user back to post something useful for others.... My personal favourites are kids seeking advise on their love life or those asking for urgent help without providing any details at all. However, the worst are those that won't even come back to say thanks or mark the question as answered. And did I mention those creating multiple accounts and still asking asking the same questions they irgnored until then? LOL Sometimes I refer to a Google search, sometimes I just ignore the topic.... Would be nice to see some membership numbers, like Users with 10 or more Instructables Users with 1 or more Instructables Users active in terms of posting something Users that have been not active for more than a year

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Electrical Engineering Project Suggestions

Kindly Suggests Electrical engineering projects for second semester of Undergraduate.

Posted by Ali khann 4 years ago

Cannot download Arduino Projects ebook

The link for downloading the Arduino Projects ebook is invalid: it (AWS?) returns access denied.

Posted by asymmetric 6 years ago

RSS individual projects

What is the rss link for individual projects? Appending rss.xml doesn't work. For example:

Posted by PaulineA12 1 year ago

540 Motor Projects

I salvaged what I believe to be a 540 size motor from an ice shaver, as it runs 24v. I have seen the Van de Graaff generator on here, but are there any other projects that utilize a 540 size motor? Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Cheap projects

I just recently joined Instructables, and I'm looking for cheap (not necessarily simple) projects that involve mechanics or making anything out of easily found materials. Something like LostRite's hidden blade or this Mechanical Hand. I'm in high school and don't yet have a job, so many of the projects i find are out of my budget. Thanks for any of your suggestions!

Posted by StayingClassy 5 years ago

Completables~ What are you hiding??

Does anyone out there have some hidden project's, that they have not / can not publish?Have you Completed an Instructable with excellent result's?Post it in Completables and get the credit it deserves..!!

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

New Weekend Projects

What do you think of the new weekend projects with kipkay at MAKE? I personally really don't like them. Coming home on a friday to relax, watch a new project that starts turning the gears in your head to create something really imaginative. Now I come home to a droll (yet clear) voice that you don't even want to sit through the whole project. I do not get the creative inspiration from the new ones as from the bre ones. everything bre made had potential for creative add ons. Mousey the junkbot, that is so cool and easily branch off of. Beam bots, inspiring for creative electronics? Theremin, intro to a cool instrucment, that goes for the mellophone too etc.etc.etc I don't need a video to make something look uglier, bigger, fatter, less portable that sucks hours out of my free time. Cutting a book to put something in it. On the popular video areas bre did it, but made it imaginative kipkay did it, but sexy in the front, I mean come on Kipkay did it AGAIN except for taking off of the cases of electronics, taking out connectors and hard wiring everything instead, where's the imagination! I mean I could see if you made it better than before, but come on!!! anyone's thoughts?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Featured Instructables

If you sign up for a pro membership do your future  instructables get featured ?

Posted by mchhabra1 3 years ago

The Boy Mechanic, c1930 Free for download

Http:// the following is OCR text from the scanned book, the link above shows 3 items, books one and two, the first item, from Project Gutenberg is a duplicate of one or two, but not worth downloading. 700 projects, which can be updated to use modern materials and used as the basis of an Instructable. I guess from memory the book is from the 1930's as I have an original edition I bought second hand from a library in the '60s. Pcoject Gutenbenj's The Boy Hechanic: Volume i, by Populat Mechanics This eEoot is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and uith almost; no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy ^'^r give it auay oc re-use it under the terns of the Project Gutenberg License included uith this eBool! oc online at huh. Title; The Boy Mechanic; Volume 1 700 Things For Boys To Do Author: Popular Mechanics

Posted by Lateral Thinker 9 years ago

Good Software For Planning Builds

Does anyone know any good software to help with planning builds? Any type of building type software or such, for small projects. I guess 3d modeling is probably what a lot of people use, but it seems like it has a steep learning curve from what I've seen. I was hoping maybe there is a much simpler modeling program out there for, example,  just throwing a quick box/chest together with dimensions etc. 

Posted by darrellacoustic 3 years ago

Breaking News: Gifs work in the NEWSLETTER!

Did you know that gifs work in our newsletter?  They do!  As long as they are the correct size which is 240 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.  So if you like to make gifs for your projects, why not make a 240 by 200 one while you are at it!  If you want to see, just check out the Magnetic Tea Towels by mikeasaurus in the old Thursday January 30th newsletter.  If you save every one like I do :)

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Nerdabout (I sure wish they'd used GEEKabout instead)

"Nerdabout will be covering every meetup, tweetup and hacker collective -- perhaps in a city near you. There is no event too geeky, no hobby too nerdy, to be given its due. Join our bloggers as they report from the front, and stay connected with the latest in tech scene nerdvana."For those on the West coast there is the Portland site, for those on the East coast, the New York site, and then there is the Austin site. NerdAbout link on the Science Channel

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife from Budgetgadgets

Sharp Tactical Folding Pocket Knife Everybody needs knifes, wether it is for a project here, cutting your apple, or just for fun. Budgetgadgets is a fairly new company that takes operates in the free delivery market. The item that I will be reviewing today is a knife, folding release, of reasonable size. When closed it measures approx. 5 inches, when opened it is about 8. The knife is completely made out of stainless metal, and the actual blade is coated in a black substance, for a sleek look. There is a very narrow slice of uncoated metal, which is the actual edge of the blade. The coating has the same colour as the handle. The blade has a proper thickness, and is rigid. Now for the actual review. I will judge the blade on several fronts: Construction quality, appearance, ease of handling and cutting abilities. Construction quality As soon as you get a hold of this knife it feels very sturdy, and has a nice complete finished look. The coating on the blade is nice and even without imperfections. Opening the knife is very smooth, and the locking system works very well. All is operated by one hand easily. Only downside is that is isnt locked when closed. This doesnt bother me though; as I keep it in the pouch that it came with when not in use. There is no wiggle room between the blade and the handle. Appearance Its a matter of taste, but as far as Im concerned it looks great. The knife is entirely made out of good materials, which make it look valuable. The unpainted metal parts are partially brushed, and the black handle had a nice textured surface which looks sturdy. Ease of use As I said before, the knife is easily operated with one hand. Considering the handle of the blade is slightly larger than usual, this knife is operated by larger hands than average ones easily. Its also able to transfer more force to the blade by having a larger handle. Cutting abilities This is what its al about in the end, how well does it cut. A test with a piece of paper works flawless, the knife just glides right through without ripping the paper, and leaves a very clean cut. Plastic is cut with ease to, all on factory sharpness. Cutting fruits is somewhat harder, considering the increasing thickness of the blade, meat on the other hand is very easy to cut. Overall score A knife that offers outstanding value for a small price. For only 7,64$ including shipping this knife comes to your home. Grade: 9,5/10

Posted by Centurion_NL 9 years ago

architecture for grade 4-6, need lighting ideas

I volunteer on Saturdays in Watts/LA for a program with kids from grades 4-6. The program involves 6-8 week "classes" taught by volunteers, and I'm an assistant for a new class on architecture. We're building a structure, and I want to include both lighting and sound. For lighting, I sincerely apologize, I have no experience and not much time, can someone recommend a simple way to let the kids build some different LED effects, ideally AC powered, that they could incorporate into the scaffolding we built last week in first class (the structure will be about 6x6feet.) The second question, I think sound is essential to architecture, I happen to have some sanyo MP3 players, I was thinking of buying small MP3 speakers for each, and then letting kids experiment with what a wash of different sounds and music would sound like within the structure.Amazon MP3 speakers start at 20$. Any other options? I think it would be great to have strpped down speakers so that kids can build the speaker housing to incorporate into the architecture.  I can find + and - on a battery. Thats about the level of my competence.

Posted by heymary 6 years ago

Arch Reactor Member Projects

A forum to discuss the personal projects of members of Arch Reactor. These can be individual or collaborative works.

Posted by GeekTinker 4 years ago

Good project books

My birthday's coming up and I'm probably going to ask for books. I want to know of any interesting or funny books you guys know about. Preferable nonfiction that have a lot of interesting projects or how to knowledge. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Hazard™ 6 years ago

How can we help people when tagging their projects and questions?

After looking at some projects and posted questions, I have seen some people not using the proper tags or sometimes using unrelated tags. That affects how projects could be searched and found. This could eliminate the posting of the same questions that have been already answered. Does anyone have suggestions on how these people can be helped when it comes to adding tags to their projects and questions? 

Posted by blkhawk 6 years ago

Tips to minimize error on embedded projects

Hey all, Over the past long while (5 months of freetime or so) I've been hard at work on an embedded electronics project for fun. However, I keep running into stupid mistakes where I frankly should've known better. Sometimes it feels like there is a gremlin or some other sentient force whose only goal in life is to make sure my project fails. Anyhow, because of this, I ask: What suggestions do you guys have for things to do to help minimize stupid mistakes while undertaking projects (particularly embedded projects involving PCBs, though general project guidelines are also welcome). Thanks, Purduecer

Posted by purduecer 9 years ago

Need A Project To Make Halloween LED Eyes

Need to know how to do a project for 4-H kids, ages 9-12 to make glowing LED eyes to light up the night on Halloween. Ideally, 4-8 sets of LED's would blink and glow, perhaps controlled by a simple low cost microprocessor and powered by battery. Options include sensor to activate the lights when someone approaches. Since this project is for 4-H kids, low cost and simplicity are important. Arduino would be great, but need help on programming such a project. Thanks,

Posted by phatguppy 7 years ago

Get Paid for your Hardware Projects

Looking thru all of the cool projects here, it seems like there are too many projects that took tons of effort, sitting in attics. Or they're being used by the project designer, but no-one else can benefit from the designer's hard work. A lot of people would love to try some of the projects you've come up with, but they're not sure where to start.Here's what I'm proposing;- I'll keep a stock of the most useful components (passives, IC's, etc). I'll also keep stock of several 'generic' project PCB's.-You come up with a cool project using these components, Or modify a project you've already done. Once you've got it done, send me your source code / design and a Howto.-I'll publish your projects on my site, and I'll market my site to drive hobbyists. I'll spend real money marketing it, driving traffic so that thousands of folks will visit and check out your projects.Here's the best part; If a visitor thinks your project is cool, they can order the materials to build it. I'll take care of shipping, inventory, payment processing, etc, and I'll share the revenue with the project designer. Imagine if your hobby paid some bills instead of making them! And all you have to do is write up a 2 or 3 page 'How I did it' and share your code.HOW TO GET INVOLVEDI need to do a fair number of things on the business side, so I won't be ready to launch for 2-3 months. Before I can launch, though, I need to figure out what the inventory of components should be. There are two ways to get involved;IF YOU HAVE A PROJECTGo to the website and submit a brief description and a Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM is the most important. Once I've collected enough BOM's, I'll build an initial component inventory for projects. Try to be thorough with the BOM (Everything but solder). Your project doesn't need to be done (or even started), but if you share your project now, you'll get priority listing when the site is launched.IF YOU WANT TO SEE A PROJECT AVAILABLEVisit the website and drop me a note. I'll collect project ideas and see if any designer are interested building it (or chase down a designer who already did).My goal is to let other folks enjoy your awesome projects and appreciate your work. You'll also be able to make some money with your hobby, too. All feedback is appreciated!To get you thinking, a few projects I've seen around or think people might find cool; 'IRC client in an altoids tin', Music Visualizer, C64 wiimote baseball bat, LED stock ticker, Homemade portable MP3 player, POV clock / 3d display, Guitar Hero kit, LED lighting system, 3d printer, Parking assistant, SIM card reader, Metal detector, GPS logger / tracker, Balancing Robot, Remote Camera recorder, PS/2 Keylogger... Whatever! At this point, I don't need completed projects, just an idea of what they are and the Bill of Materials.The only way to make this project viable is to limit the inventory depth. By submitting projects now, I'll be able to build an inventory that will best support your ideas.The website is Thanks in advance,Nick

Posted by Gadget Gangster 10 years ago

"8 Easy DIY Projects We Wish We’d Thought Up" - but YOU did!

Awesome news, guys* - Wired blog ran an article on 8 Easy DIY Projects We Wish We’d Thought Up, and most of them were thought up by the members here! Congratulations to enero, amandaghassaei, timwikander (twice!), replayreb, and randofo. (Dang, the "American" thing is catching!)

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Summer Camp projects

Hey everyone I am the art coordinator at a summer camp in America and im looking for some inspiration for some projects outside of the traditional camp crafts. SInce instructables is a hub for creatives I wondered if anyone either had some exciting projects that they have perhaps taught at their summer camps or to children from 8-17 years?  Also-tie dye is obviously a huge activity at any summer camp, for the past few years I have been using Dylon dyes but find they tend to loose their colour after a short time, does anyone having any recommendations of a better product that can be used? Thanks for any help and advice its really appreciated!

Posted by craigsummercamp 5 years ago

Connecting 3.6v white led to 6v power supply

Trying to power up one white led, 3.6v off 6v power supply. Understand what resistor I need. What's throwing me off is this microchip looking thing inside the project I'm copying. The difference is, on the original project, there's a 4 hour timer on it. So, is this microchip used for that? Or does it have another purpose? I don't need a timer for my project, just on/off option. Picture attached. Let me just add I'm a newbie to electronics. Thanks!

Posted by Stefg023 4 years ago

Is there a possibility that Instructables can make a catagory for projects that need little to no special supplies like CNC machines?

I am usually, and easily bored and look for something little to make but all the 'ibles take CNC machines or drill presses which I don't have at my expense. It takes a lot of browsing to find an 'ible that meets these parameters. Could the instructables  team make a section specifically meeting these needs?

Posted by hungyhipo 2 6 years ago

problem with viewing

Trying to check out some of the good things people make and am unable to due to some type of bugs that will not load pictures

Posted by theterr 6 years ago

Instructables 1st Ever Live Halloween Workshop by Logitech Oct 21st!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out, i'll be posting videos as we have them, but for now here is some photos from the event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Instructablers! This Thursday October 21st we are having a special event with nixie (from and logitech. it will be the first ever live streaming project building! It will be from 7:30-9:30 PST The projects we will be doing are the following: So go grab those supplies! To find the show Thursday night go here: See you all there! Greggawatt

Posted by frenzy 8 years ago

Instructables Build Day 5/31/13

It's time for another build day at Instructables!  I'm going to try to continue working on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi patterns. What is everyone working on today? *Will update as I have images :)

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 5 years ago

Electronics/LED Guru out there?

Wanting to run LED's along my 40ft balcony. I live downtown and want my balcony to have some pop. My goal is to have each LED light up a spectrum of colors. Control/customize it fully. Anyone interested in helping me with some questions? Thanks!

Posted by jjjones85 7 years ago

JameCo/Instructables Build Night at Open Brain House (South Korea)

Greetings all! If any of you just happen to be in South East Asia next week, stop by! Here is the album of all the Loot we got!;=directlink

Posted by DragonDon 5 years ago

What Should I do with the things that I have?

So I was cleaning some stuff out tonight and I found a bunch of stuff I really have no use for I found: - an external CD/DVD dual layer burner - 4 output VGA splitter - firewire PCI card - 56k fax modem card - old keyboard - a distortion pedal (guitar pedal) - 3 various capacity harddrives - knock off ipod nano (broken) - old comp speakers w/oldschool mini - subwoofer - acoustic guitar soundhole pick-up - crappy digital camera with IR filter removed - unused web cam - huge assortment of cords - USB wall charger (small box with outlet prongs and female usb input) can anyone think of any quality usable projects I could make with any or all of this stuff? (I might be willing to part with the more expensive items.....EX. Burner or VGA splitter for shipping and an super extremely discounted purchase price...... I'm to lazy to Ebay any of it)

Posted by chaoscampbell 11 years ago


I have taken a very much needed vacation break from work (starting tomorrow, i.e. Friday) and will be all until July 10 (returning on Monday).  The wife doesn't like to travel any more (not that I can afford that; but not even to the beach), so I will be puttering around the house a lot, maybe even get an ible out or two.....we shall see    :-)    But I will be checking in here from time to time too (got keep you youngin's straight) :-)   

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Where to find an "electrical strip" for hooking up parallel LEDs

I'm looking to hook up about 12 LEDs in a parallel circuit. They are each placed one inch apart. In my first attempt, I soldered each lead to a wire that I (with great difficulty) stripped in the appropriate locations. You can see what I did in the picture, but I was wondering if there was some kind of pre-made wire strip that would do this. My alternative is to try to hook each lead together, which isn't impossible given the distance. Thoughts?

Posted by phidgetsinc 4 years ago

FREE DOWNLOAD The Boy Electrician Scroll down to the electronics section on the above link, for a copy of The Boy Electrician, its a 40-Mb PDF download. Its not a great scan, but is readable. My copy right adviser has said The Boy Electrician copyright expired and was never renewed, new new material included with a copy, can be protected. This copy seems to be okay. As for my copy, I got the go ahead, and will be taking my time to do a really clean scan before I upload it to the Internet Archive, however, before that, I might upload the above mentioned copy as a stop-gap measure.

Posted by Lateral Thinker 8 years ago

Instructables Podcast 003: Spring Cleaning

Would you like some advice on a project your working on? Perhaps you'd like a few ideas from a new source? You can comment here or email us at This week we didn't receive any questions, but that's not going to stop us. After spending several hours in the forums, I found twenty questions and let Jake pick numbers at random to see what we'd talk about. It was a lot of fun, but we prefer questions from all of you, so please don't be shy. You can listen to or download the episode below, listen over at or check it out at our homepage: download Resources: 12 - Remote Controlled LED -Field of Florescent Tubes -XBee's don't connect to the internet, they communicate with other XBee's. -An Ethernet Shield however, can do that! 04 - Automatic Electronic Cat Tail -Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears -Shippo A cat tail that neither of us knew about when we were doing our talk. -EEG -ECG -DIY versions of EEG and ECG 18 - Gradually Brightening Alarm Clock -There's a few really good examples of this already being done. 05 - Solar Watch Winder -I found two separate videos to demonstrate how watch winders actually work. -Two homemade watch winders -A discussion on Sparkfun's forums on how to make a watch winder. 13 - Shoe Carousel -Something we didn't even think about -Perhaps you'd like to see a patent. -You could also see how other systems are made, and see if you can repurpose them for yourself. 16 - Homemade Air Brush -A couple of homemade airbrushes. -How Atomizer Nozzle's work 08 - Fireplace Soot -Creosote 17 - Ball of flame -Poofer -Flash Cotton/Nitrocellulose -Penn and Teller talking about danger in magic (link contains strong language). -Vortex Fire Ball

Posted by StumpChunkman 5 years ago

What is your biggest challenge to finishing a project?

Hey Guys, I have struggled with procrastination in the past, and its always been a constant challenge for me to finish a project due to it. I was curious if you lot had similar struggles when tackling a project. What is the biggest obstacle in your path to accomplish something? Is it just starting the work/project? Is it distractions? ADD? How about lack of motivation? Do you reach a plateau and eventually stop working on the project when your 60% done? If so, what goes through your head? How do you deal with it?

Posted by sal.afzal 4 years ago

Instructables Recruitment

Hey Instructables!I know you like to find neat projects elsewhere on the internet and recruit them for instructables - how about a more automated/websited way for the community to specifically bring to your attention cool projects?Like this one: !!!!*

Posted by stasterisk 10 years ago