Proper way to "mount" a bearing?

I'm not really sure on the proper way to mount a bearing. I had a few ideas on how to do so, but I want to know what your methods are, or which of mine are the best. Images are attached. In most of these methods, there's a little collar on the bearing. I didn't discover till recently that most bearings don't have those.

Posted by cvxdes 10 years ago

Massive Lego Ball Machine - *proper* engineering ;-)

My eldest sent me this very satisfying seven minutes of engineering: Enjoy...

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Proper picture size for Ibles- Opinions?

What picture size is too large... or too small... or just right! ;-) Opinions appreciated.

Posted by bajablue 6 years ago

Finding proper charger for old rechargeable batteries?

I have a couple of old rechargeable batteries from random broken gadgets and was wondering how I could go about charging them? I have a bunch of old chargers too laying around. Thanks!

Posted by niiick 5 years ago


Does anyone have any information reguarding tomatoe rot, particularly on the bottom? thanks

Posted by nana13 7 years ago

Name the Robot?

I think we should give the "Instructables Robot" a proper name. Who's with me?

Posted by threecheersfornick 10 years ago

Proper Semi-Automatic Rifles

Ive been on instructables for a while now but it seems that the only peron who has ctually posted a semi automatic gun is oodalumps, Im jus askin if any1 could build a properly semi-automatic rifle (Semi-auto means that all you have to do is pull back the trigger to fire and it fires one at a time, so its basicly a 1 round at a time machine gun)

Posted by Juls 11 years ago

New editor does not do proper paragraph breaks without [Rich Editor] option

The new editor has a pretty substantial bug.  If the user leaves the editor in the new "default" (plain text) format, it does not respect carriage returns.  It should do so.  Most particularly, it really ought to follow the convention that two carriage returns correspond to a paragraph break.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Green indoor gardening

I have had an interest in building a greenhouse like area with flouresent bulbs, automated water, and climate control. For the water i could hook up a hose on a timer to a bit of pvc but what is the best way to get proper climate control. What is the desired composition of a water? I guess the question is how do i get nutrient water and proper vitamins straight to a plant?

Posted by Mikethebuilder 9 years ago

Chicken mesh and plywood radio/wifi reflector dish.

Haven't quite the time to do a proper instructible for this, but in case anyone finds it useful: Has schematics, 3d models and construction instructions. Cost about NZ$20 in materials (plywood, mesh, cable ties, screws), took a couple days to make, but really only because of the lack of proper power tools. Works real good.

Posted by SolarFlower_org 7 years ago

Camper Trailer DIY

My husband has this obsession with building his own camper trailer. Does anyone know the proper way to go about this, or have any suggestions?

Posted by jkw0322 10 years ago

Dried eyes throughout the house.

Time to give the world another lesson in proper comedy. BIG TRAIN (Posted on behalf of a member still handicapped by an inability to post topics.)

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Proper Etiquette for Giving Away Free Pro Memberships?

I am genuinely curious... What is the "proper etiquette" for giving away free Pro Memberships that you have to someone else?  Should you just give them away at random? Should you ask your followers to share your 'ibles and once you get to "X" views then you will select a person at random to give a 3 month or 1 year pro membership away to? Do you try to promote your YouTube channel, website, or Facebook page in exchange for a random drawing?  What is the best or most respectable way to approach it? I don't want to be discourteous to others (or my followers) by presenting a "rude" or "distasteful" request for giving away some of my Pro Memberships. Thanks in advance for the wisdom and tips! :)

Posted by Meglymoo87 2 years ago

Help me with choosing proper diode for my solar panel battery charger

I am have two of these solar panels: VCurrent22 mAVoltage (oc)5.9 VCurrent (sc)30 mAI have connected the two in parallel for more current. I am making a charger for 3.7V mobile battery. What would be the most appropriate diode to use?Thanks for your help.

Posted by huzefa 9 years ago

Utility knives OK for kids?

Just a thought- if knives proper are not ok for kids, than what about utility knives? shorter blades- less space to cut your fingers with?

Posted by moneyfuskie935 6 years ago

Specific language groups or forums

Hi, not sure this is a proper place to ask, but is there a way or possibility to start a group on a language other than English? Would love to encourage people to participate more, btu there is this language boundary. Thanks!

Posted by sasham 4 years ago

Name This Bus!

Ok, I've owned this "Skoolie" for several months, but she still doesn't have a proper name. I bet she feels like an orphan or something. Please have a look at the pics and give this poor bus a name!

Posted by skunkbait 9 years ago

How to use Table saw

It's easy to buy a table saw for our personal use. but its not easy to use this tool. so, there are some instructions and proper guideline to use this tool so that users will be safe and cutting also sharp and smooth.

Posted by jashimcox 7 months ago

can't upload!!

I loaded everything... and I clicked under my youtube video on "share", copied the link url from youtube, pasted it in the proper box,  clicked "publish"... the system keeps telling me that I need an imbed code!!!  What am I doing wrong??

Posted by Emiemi 5 years ago

Mechanical Bucking Rodeo Bull

Hey everyone, does anyone have plans or know a website that explains how to make your own mechanical bucking bull? Doesn't have to be as complicated as a proper one, just something to have a bit of fun on, and not too expensive to make. Thanks!

Posted by tapdogs1 11 years ago


I really apologize if it's not going to proper topic. But I need help and here is my problem. I was working with illustrator and ran on the following error: “Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbed object description.” Any ideas how to save my work?

Posted by maxdoyle 2 years ago

Refrigerant r-22 tank

I have acces to a lot of r-22 tanks already empty.  What can i do with them? Are this things safe for making a grill or to cook inside  of them? Proper recycling is not an option since no one in this country do that. 

Posted by ElmoRoyD 7 years ago

Making proper instructables seems to be impossibel :(

I am trying to re-work an Instructable so it looks nicer and is easier to follow. This includes getting some videos inside the text, something that can be done in this editor with the click of a button. So far I tried the various buttons available and even HTML but either the video is just added to the top or in case of html is disappears. Is there any good reason why you are making life so complicated for members? Even a search with Google is fruitless as all results found refer to methods that are outdated and not working. Do I have to activate a proper editor somewhere in the settings, is there a hidden button?? And why the hell are there so many buttons to embed something that only shows up on the top ? In any editor I know I click on embed and it appears at the current cursor position, so why not on this website? It would also really help to remove all those old junk instructables showing how to get a video inside the ible and to replace them with something that works. I have spent now over an hour trying posted methods of getting a video inside my text that simply don't work :(

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Makers Wanted

Proper Television is looking for Makers to star in a new TV series. If selected for the show, you will enter a series of build competitions, including making things such as: -Modifying a lawnmower into a 70mph drag racer -Designing catapults to hurl pumpkins across football fields -Constructing Rube Goldberg machines -Building human-powered submarines Our goal is to find multifaceted individuals with aptitude in numerous fields pertinent to these sorts of projects. People with experience in things like engineering, electronics, physics, welding, pyrotechnics, construction, engines and industrial design—these are the sorts we’re looking to get in touch with. Does this sound like you? What about someone you know? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you! Email Jesse at Thanks! Jesse

Posted by Proper J 6 years ago

Arduino and proper proximity sensor

Hi guys. I want to use a proximity sensor and an arduino to know when a person is in the shower. What I have in mind if that if the sensor measures a range of distance it would mean that the person is in the shower. I have made some research and the infrared Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F seems appropriate for the distance range I need that is around 20-60 cm depending on the size of the shower. However I am ignorant in this topic and I want to know if the water from the shower will make an interference when measuring the distance and generally speaking if this is a suitable sensor for my objective. additionally I read that the voltage output from this type of sensor is not linear, would it be difficult to actually know the distance? Many thanks in advance :)

Posted by mcamiea 2 years ago

How do you make a proper Trebuchet sling?

My group is doing a Trebuchet for Engineering class and we've built it and it's ready to go. But it's missing the sling. I've tried making a sling but I feel I've been doing it completely wrong. Because the projectile (wooden ball) would either hit flat on the ground or never release. I'm also confused as to how the sling works, I realize one end is tied to the arm and another is free floating and unhooks and releases the projectile, but how exactly should you do this? Is there any good tutorials that don't leave out details, or at least explain it a little better? Any help is greatly appreciated and will prevent us from failing.

Posted by caseyweed 9 years ago

Knex piece names

It gets annoying when making an instructable, you find that you need. 5 black clips or 30 grey clips, and so on. can some one get together a proper set of names for all those little pieces that no one can describe?

Posted by I_am_Canadian 10 years ago

Health category missing?

When I create a new instructable and go to assign the proper category, I see a dropdown menu limited to: food living outside play technology workshop I am looking for "health" but don't see it. Should "health" be on the category list? Thanks for any help.

Posted by milesfromneihu 7 years ago


Guys learn english and proper grammar for example ok are you RETARDED the thing on the end less time makin sure its not out of the barrel Disgraceful ;( hey here's a tip for instructables make yours on microsoft word and spell check or something and copy and paste on to the place where you fifst make your instructable.

Posted by assasin 11 years ago

The power of C.A.D.

This is what happens when I get my hands on C.A.D!!!! And this is a pic of the RC plane I am in the works of designing. I dont have the ratios to make everything the proper size so I had to estimate. I plan on having it done by the end of my school year in September.

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

Knex Rifles

I am looking for great ideas on knex rifles. Barrels, triggers, mags, you name it.You will all get proper credit if I use your designs on Instructables. Please build. Look at The Jamalms Storm 223 rifle

Posted by Koolman2009 9 years ago

What to do: suspected deception/fraud?

I really couldn't find a good spot to ask this question, but I am concerned about a user with possibly deceptive/fraudulent Instructable(s) and hyperlinks to external sites. What's proper protocol for reporting this to the Instructables staff so they can check it out and see if it's a real problem or not?

Posted by computer_freak_8 8 years ago

Have an interesting thing for sell...

I have a brand new, unused bare (without a proper case) DVD player screen. I am going to sell it on Ebay once more. It can display 200,000+ colors, etc. Look for it up in a couple weeks or so. Thanks Ethan

Posted by deedeedee9 8 years ago

Dumpster Pools Invade Brooklyn

Over in Brooklyn, some overheated and dedicated folks have turned some dumpsters into pools for their very own urban pool party. Not too shabby for a budget of a few thousand bucks. I wonder if they can connect them together to get a proper bit of space to swim in.via Treehugger

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Skills every instructabler should know

These are the skills I think every instructabler should know. Proper English grammar and spelling Survival skills Using common tools (drill, dermal, soldering,etc.) Basic rope and knot skills Being resourceful Programing in a programing language Basic Camera skills Have a social life

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

How to delete drafts of the Design Challenges?

Recently, I participated in the Bose Build contest. While I was editing m entry for the contest to upload proper rendering I created some 8 drafts of the same design and now they are stored in my drafts folder. The moment I try to edit it, it says that the I'ble is not compatible with this editor!

Posted by alamtania 1 year ago

How to bond cross linked acrylic sheets?

I want to join two 1/4" thick acrylic sheets.  All the welding adhesives for acrylic claim to not work for cross linked joins.  Can someone please suggest the proper chemical or any other method to bond the two pieces together. Thanks.

Posted by kabira 3 years ago

Instructable for building a proper light-tight box?

I tried searching for "dark box," "light box," "film box," "film processing," even for pinhole cameras. I couldn't find an I'ble which directly teaches how to make a high-quality light-tight box (felt lined, gasketed locking lid, etc.). Did I just choose poor keywords? Do any of the photo-gurus here know whether such an I'ble exists? For a couple of single-photon Physics I'bles I'm working on, I've realized that asking people to seal up a whole room and make it totally light-tight is ridiculous and impractical. I ought to get the same effect with a dark-box using a good viewport and head shroud. Rather than writing a whole I'ble myself, I'd rather cross-reference something which already exists.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Incorrect Links

For the last month or so, when I place multiple links near each other in my instructables, one tends to copy the other. So, while I copy and paste the proper url into each separate link, they end up being the same. It's happened multiple times with multiple instructables. I've been able to fix it, but it usually takes a couple tries for it to stick.

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

plasma tv


Posted by kovako2007 10 years ago

Nintendo emulator controller

So here's what I'm wanting to do.... I would like some ideas and information on how to take an old school nes controller, add an lcd screen, headphone jack, battery and usb flashdrive, combine them all with the proper software and have it loaded full of nes roms to play on the go.  Any info would be great.

Posted by DGreenleaf 6 years ago

A few LED questions

I want to build an aquarium light using these modules  Do I need an LED driver or can I just attach a 12v power supply of the proper wattage?   How would I go about joining two or more of them?  I have wired LED strips but have never worked with these tubes.

Posted by cynthia.mcginnis1 2 years ago

In celebration of my successful rebuilding of my XP machine....

Robot and I went out on the town (my wife came along too)I can't afford to go TO fancy or very far, but we get to do something every now and then :-) BTW: the restaurant proper, is called Huckleberry's (formerly named the same as the Hotel).Here's a link to Huckleberry's.Below are the pictures:

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Thanksgiving: Absolutely Necessary?

Every year we throw a huge Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of our friends. Everyone has a different idea of what must be included; there are usually serious regional variations in food choices, and even variations on a single dish. We generally get around this problem by having everything.What do you need to see on a dinner table for it to be a "proper" Thanksgiving? Are you planning to have anything new or weird this year?

Posted by canida 11 years ago

One Hundred Things We Didn't Know Last Year

Baseball is English.A Victorian doctor was struck off for describing nicotine as "foul poison".Americans are not allowed to sell proper haggis.1% of Americans are in prison.Toasters are illegal in Cuba.... and 95 other peculiar facts culled from the news over the last 12 months.What have you learned in the last year?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Transistors in series

If I were to put transistors in series (and hook up there bases together through proper biasing resistors) would it increase the voltage capacbility of the circuit? I need a way of switching on and off about 1000 volts really fast. for example, would 2 750 volt transistors in series be able to handle 1500 volts or not? just a HV pic from my old, dead NST

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

How to order parts for this circuit?

I'm a new to building circuits and trying to help my son with a school project.  Here is the circuit to hack the wireless doorbell into snail mail notifier (  I'm lost here though it appears to be a simple circiut.  (attached the circuit as image file) Please help me with ordering parts and the proper sequence to solder them. Thanks in advance. - Al

Posted by thousandeyes 4 years ago

Question about Grammar

I've noticed a lot lately, people using their internet grammar (not just here), and then defending it when they get criticized for it by saying something along the lines of, "wat r u a teacher?" or, "idc im not n scool rite now." So I have two questions about it, one for our adult members who grew up before the internet, and one for our current youth members.For the adults:Did kids tend to use proper grammar outside of school as you were growing up, or did they use the same sort of excuses for poor spelling and grammar? I guess this applies mostly to letters and notes to each other.For the youth:Do your peers use the same abbreviations in written communication outside of school as they do online or in text messages? Also, how predominately to you see internet speak used around you, compared to those who use proper grammar and spelling?Thanks! I look forward to any input you have on the topic.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 9 years ago

Weight sensor kit sending message when weight reduces i.e. 80%

Hi, I am looking to muck up a quick prototype of a weight pad with BLE, Zigbee or RFID to send a message to a smart device when 80% reduction in weight has been achieved. Can someone point me in the proper direction? I like it to be fairly small. Thanks in advance! JC

Posted by JCDA 2 years ago