Instructables = win?

Somebody says instructables fails. So i decided to create  a topic to see how many people agree with me, And say instructables is win. (FTW)

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How to mathematically prove that a/b/b = a/b^2? Answered

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Disprove that 1=2.?

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what can i prove with this?

Picking a topic for science fair has been hard. i was wondering what i could prove with a van de graaf generator. somthing i can test with it. any ideas?

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how can i prove to my parents im safe with fire?

Ok so here it is my mum thinks im irresponsible with fire even though i own 4 zippos,im not irresponsible but how can i prove it to her please i need help

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"You cannot prove a negative"

It's commonly held that negative statements cannot be proven. The absence of something cannot be proven, and absence of evidence is not proof of absence.For example, some people claim that NASA did not land men on the moon. NASA can offer proof that they did, which may be disputed, but it cannot be proven that they did not.However, the statement "You cannot prove a negative" is also negative, and if it holds true it cannot be proven either.Point: Taking this position doesn't amount to very much.L

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What is the square root of -2? Answered

 I need to prove my math teacher wrong

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"Kiteman" proves theory of Reverse Evolution!!!!!

Http://, my mistake. With the headlines, and the (initially) grainy photos, I thought this was Kiteman- Demonstrating the FACT that intelligent beings can "de-volve" into funky chickens.

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Servos are reversed with servo.h for my stuff?

I am new to Arduino, but i have spent quite a while today proving that 1500 is neutral but 1700, 1900 , and 2000 is LEFT not RIGHT.  I used two servos as well as two different arduino program style to prove  (myservo.write(30) and writeMicrosends(2000). What Am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

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Physicist proves that teleportation of energy is possible

A physicist has demonstrated that teleportation of energy is possible, a discovery that has profound implications for the study of physics.  Feb 5, 2010 Here is the link:  Physicists teleport energy And in case that doesn't work:  And, a link provided by LEMONIE that goes straight to the actual paper on the subject:    Energy-Entanglement Relation for Quantum Energy Teleportation - Masahiro Hotta     I don't know why that last link it not clickable though....      

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Really? P.T2

 Well, I guess that just about does it. You guys proved me wrong. Feel free to write a victory speech :)

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speed of light?

I want to know the derivation of relative velocity formula used by Albert Einstein to prove that nothing can exceed the speed of light. Is there any simple derivation? please help

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An Aussie has discovered a sonic non invasive cure for Alzheimer's Disease. It is a physical solution that sonic waves dislodge brain plaque and cause T-cell to remove the material in 85% of subject lab animals !! Another Aussie who distinguished himself by proving stomach ulcers can be cured with a special course of antibiotic.  When no one would believe him, he infected himself with a incurable ulcer case and then later cured himself to prove the assertion. A good people, if you know some.

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Are there any real paradoxes? Answered

I'm interested in paradoxes, like "You cannot prove a negative" as a statement of fact. Because I'm thinking these things are only apparent paradoxes, and I'd like some more to think about. L

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The Fastest Reply in The History of Instructables! 6 min before the comment was posted!!!!!!!!!!

I just recorded the fastest possibly proven reply on, i know, many others have probably done this too, but haven't recorded it!so, i'd like to see some of your shots!try to prove you have commented faster than me *but you can't prove it*updatekillerjackalope has just made the fastest possibly proven comment... *not a reply*update#2i replied to goodhart SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!!

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Invention without a patent, what happens if someone steals it??

Ok, I've got a really cool invention. My oldest boy came up with the idea like 6 years ago. I can't afford to patent it. If I used the idea in an instructable, would the date on the ible help prove that the idea was ours? (Or would it just prove how stupid I am by letting the "cat out of the bag"?) I don't mind other people making their own, that's what Ibles are about. I just don't want someone to run patent it, and then commercialize it unfairly.

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large range!!

I just made a gun with a 10 bullet magazine that shoot's 72.1784778 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! with four rubberbands!!!!!! I think it can hold more but I haven't tried yet. What I wanted to know is how to make a good measurement system for proving range, I would appreciate if someone could tell me. (Also I told people my oodammo sniper shot 90 feet, this was a mistake, I thought a meter was 4.5 feet). I will soon post a video proving the (unangled) range. Edit: I will not post the video since there is so little interest

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who owns an armatron ? Answered

that is how it is spelled on the thing but who has one any more if more than 3 people have one i will submit a cool thing with it to prove you have one upload a picture of it

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Vintage/Classic/Antique/Old Motorcycle, Scooter, and Moped Parts Sourcing?

Does anyone know a good source for obsolete parts? Finding parts for my '72 CB175 is proving to be fairly easy, however, the 1970 Harley M65S (leggero) by Aermacchi is proving much more difficult. Right now I am looking for a Carb rebuild kit for a Del'Orto ME18BS, I am sure there will be others later.  If you know where to hunt this down please let me know. Also, I think it could e useful to have a list of good vintage/odd/old parts places for other people fixing, building, or rebuilding bikes and scooters.

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I'm having a man child!

Have two girls, and now there'll be a boy in 20 weeks. :) He's an instructables baby. Just followed the steps and *poof*. Anyhow, this proves I've not been damaged by exposure to X-rays at work. I'm glad about that. :) Yeah.

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Blackpowder is hard to make!

Hey all i'm an aussie with a problem i want to make blackpowder but i can't find sulphur, ive got charcoal (obiviously) and potassium nitrate from sparklers but sulphur is proving to be a problem any ideas please say.

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Bill Gates actually used Firefox!?

On wikipedia, specifically on the firefox article, response from microsoft section, the second sentence says that "Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has used Firefox"this sentence proves that firefox is better than IE7 any daylink

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I have a very small budget and area rugs are proving to be expensive any ideas on where to get one or how to make one?

I have a dining room and living room that have brown carpet, im looking to cover them up with two area rugs,

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Is it possible to make a small skale model of the moon orbiting the Earth using magnets? Answered

After learning about cintripital force and the earth's gravity keeping the moon in orbit of the earth. I was wondering if it was possible to make a smaller skale thing that prove the concept using magets(magnetic force representing gravity)

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How popular is this site now - is it as popular as it was?

I know this site used to be quite a hive of activity, however, would I be right in saying it is declining in popularity, ie instructables posted and volume of people viewing them? If so, where are people going instead? Any stats to prove or disprove? 

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Amazing Homes out of Repurposed Materials

"I think mobile homes are a blight on the planet... Attractive, affordable housing is possible and I'm out to prove it." - Dan PhillipsA man in Texas has started a program to build low-income housing out of trash and other found and donated materials. I know you are probably thinking to yourself "oh great, another beer can house," but these homes are actually quite artfully done. He is on a crusade to prove to the world that you can build stylish housing out of discarded materials. Completely self-taught and working with a limited crew, he makes highly-crafted and sturdy houses. He also requires that the eventual owner helps in the construction of the house so that they have a larger stake in its future.Check out the full New York Times article and don't miss the slideshow.

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Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe!

Kiteman is actually Mike Rowe! All that talk about him being (censored) and living in (censored) and having (censored) is FALSE, as proved by this ad! It pops up all over the place. I mean, really, look at the pictures. The conclusion is a foregone one. It's inescapable. But they do look scarily alike...

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my mother and i are in a heated debate and i need your help to prove i am right!!! Answered

as of now i claim that it is possible to make a pecan tree into a bonsai tree using grafting techniques and that the pecans will be miniaturized with the rest of the tree is this possible? best answer gets a thank you and a patch (if applicable)?

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Cocktail Shaker

The point of buying a Cocktail Shaker is to mix alcohol with other alcohols and crushed ice to make it cold all the way through right? If that's the case, why bother BUYING one when you can reuse an old 1-liter water bottle or some such to do the same job? Is there any reason that I'm missing that would prove this theory false?

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Presidential Weirdness

Proving the only thing weirder then presidents are presidential candidates:Dennis Kucinich admitted during a debate that he witnessed and communicated with a UFO. Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico) then called for the federal government to "come clean" on UFOs.In vaguely related history, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit. Photo courtesy of the Jimmy Carter Library.

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Check out this excellent StyroBot that Kevin Kelly of Geekdad built from five years' worth of accumulated styrofoam packaging.The project was inspired by Michael Salter's museum pieces, and proves that just about anyone can make awesome giant robots -- it's just a matter of imagination, and collecting enough styrofoam.Anyone up for a styrofoam robot build night?

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area 51

Can anyone prove or disprove that this is actually area 51? at some time pres. clinton gave that branch permission to deny it's existence. you used to be able to see it from a hill or something, but they fenced it off and may have cameras there here's the link to the image:, if that doesn't show up just go to google images and search for "arial view of area 51"

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I confused the bank...

I just got a call from somebody claiming to be doing a survey for my bank, and he asked me to prove my identity by answering some security questions. I asked him; Before I give you some personal information, how do I know you are who you say you are? It was a remarkably short conversation...

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how is ac current generated? Answered

Ok, so I was under the impression that brushless motors were AC motors (and therefore conducted AC current), until recent internet searches proved me wrong. I am curious how AC current is conducted, is it conducted using brushless motors? Or is it a different type of motor that will generate such electricity?

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how to get someone's comments removed

Someone who is sure they are right is posting in one of my instructables. The project works, and I have done all the math there is to do, but this guy is totally convinced that despite the fact that my design works perfectly and always has, that his math proves it shouldn't and/or is doomed to failure. I really don't want the banter that is there to stay there, and personally I'd just like him blocked from posting anything further to my instructable. I made the analogy of the wright brothers making the airplane, and while everyone was looking up at it in flight, he was on the ground pointing out how it was impossible, and attempting to prove it to everyone. It's neither constructive nor helpful, and I'd like it gone. Someone please help me in how I go about this. I don't think it's gone to the point of abuse, but it's close. I've flagged things as "not nice" before, and nothing was ever done about it.

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Anyone Know anything about MIT?

If someone who, say, had been out of high school for a while, lived in Canada and wanted to go back to school, would anyone know how to go about getting admitted full time to MIT? like if I wanted to go to MIT I have no post secondary education and live in Canada...... is there any way to prove myself and get in?

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Leatherman PST

I've been looking at instructables for a long time. I have not seen ONE Leatherman PST! Anyone out there have a Leatherman PST, and use it as frequently as I do? (everyday) Its a discontinued Leatherman, without some very useful features but it still has proved itself daily to me. I also have the leather sheath, not the nylon. Discuss Leathermans, but mostly the Leatherman PST.

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Why doesn't text appear in my instructable "foot operated computer mouse?" Answered

Rolling cursor over the horizontal line of steps and their photos at the top proves that the text was uploaded. However, the text does not appear if an individual step is clicked or in the pdf version. Is there something I need to do differently? This is my 25th Instructable, and I have never seen this problem before. unclesam

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Can anyone tell me as much as they know about the dalton brothers? Answered

I'm doing an English assignment, and I've chosen to do it on my great-great-great-uncles, the Dalton Brothers, scourge of the Wild West. But all the views are biased to them being the bad guys, and I need to prove everyone wrong, so can someone please supply some information about them? Thanks!

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LED Projects

For LED projects, click my profile name... reg ketan ----------------- "May the good belong to all the people in the world. May the rulers go by the path of justice. May the best of men and their source always prove to be a blessing. May all the world rejoice in happiness. May rain come in time and plentifulness be on Earth. May this world be free from suffering and the noble ones be free from fears" ---- Vedic blessing

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Why use a lag switch? do they really work? what games can you use them on? can you get banned? Answered

I'm guessing you can't get banned due to the fact that they have no way of proving you don't "have a faultly internet connection" and I know it's cheating. I'm just so curious to why other people use it.

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Man injects himself with computer virus?

It may seem strange, but a scientist has implanted an ID chip with a computer virus inside it into his body so that whenever he passes an ID scanner, the virus will copy itself onto the scanner and spread throughout the system. It was made to prove a point that if somebody were to create a virus for the ID chipping system, it would be easy and could kill somebody if they had, for example, a pacemaker. A scary thought!

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Dog Intelligence Test

If you are willing to shell out 5 pounds, you can prove, once and for all, that your dog really is smarter than other dogs. Stanley Coren's new book, a Klutz-look-alike, comes with a custom stop watch to test your dog's intelligence. In due time, I expect that we'll see review books to help your dog achieve that perfect score.Link via Boing Boing Gadgets

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Maker Faire UK in 3D!

Maker Faire UK went down this past weekend in Newcastle and here are the red and cyan 3D pics to prove it! So did anyone from here go? And do you have any regular pics to share? I tossed my last pair of 3D glasses away about 20 years ago. Link via Make blogUPDATE: Catch Lemonie's report here.

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Is there a way to connect a 360 Wireless controller to a PC without the Microsoft receiver?

What I was originally thinking was to use the Play and Charge kit wire along with maybe some drivers to do so, but that proved not to work. I have a dongle for my Logitec Wireless mouse and I was wondering if there was some way to hack that or use some program to get it to receive the signals, while using the Microsoft drivers to recognize the controller. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Tip31 Transistor alternatives

I teach middle school science, and I'm helping a small group of keen students work on DIY projects.  One of the students wants to try this: It calls for a Tip31 Transistor, which is proving difficult to find, at least in Canada.  The comments section suggests at one point that any NPN transistor will do. Can anyone confirm this?  Or can you suggest more readily available alternatives? Thanks!

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Sites with helpful information

I was browsing the web looking for information on a component, when I discovered this site: EDUCYPEDIA and figured I'd share it with everyone. If you know of any other sites that could prove to be useful to helping with electronics, post them below (I suggest searching the site above first cause it has thousands of links such as digi-key and other component datasheet sites).PS- You can search for just about anything if you use the navigation bar at the top (History, General Useful Info, Science, etc.)

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Remembrance & Scouting items [Big Edit]

[Major edit] Oh, such a busy weekend - business suddenly picked up on my Etsy shop. Badges ("pins" for you Americans) and woggles are now winging their way across the UK, and a couple to Canada. Gunapult is up there, along with a load of Scouting badges and bird badges.  Also, Kitewife nagged me into adding some knitting-themed pins... I've also got a Remembrance woggle which is proving quite popular.

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