Public Reaction

Reaction from the girl who sits in front of me in English, who is somewhat introverted and doesn't talk much, upon seeing my shirt today: "Dude, your shirt is so cool! That's an awesome robot!" Apparently Robot has a fan club. Who knew?

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Public Shop

What do you think about a community shop with access like a gym membership? All the tools and equipment you need to get your job done. Check it out:

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Forum's publication date after a postponed publication

Hi !Forum's preview and postponed publication is cool. Thanks for those two features. =o)However, I've noticed something weird :- when you don't publish your forum immediately after creation, and if you keep it unpublished for several days, when you'll publish it, it will be published with the date of its creation (not the date of the actual publication).It is thus required to "bump" it so it actually "appears at the surface".I've previously noticed a similar problem with instructables : when they are unpublished by someone from the staff (because not yet complete or whatever), once achieved and republished, it is republished at the date of first publication instead of the date of the second one. This means, thus, that this instructable will never appears at the surface neither ...I hope my explanations were clear.=o)

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private to public ible

How do I turn a private instructable into a public one? Do I just have to create it anew? Thanks! Cynthia

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Invalid public key

Hello, today I tried to reply to a question, but when I typed the "security code" it has blocked into->Invalid public key. Make sure you copy and pasted it correctly. p.s. I've tried different browsers.

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Publishing Non-public

Is there a way that I can do one of these two things 1. Publish my instructable so that others can see it, but can't find it on search (I want to send my in progress instructable to my friends to edit) or... 2. Allow another user to edit my instructable Please Help! <3 Buzz

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Publication Dates Changing

Over the past six weeks, I have tried to keep to my usual post schedule of Fridays. However, after posting, I have found that without fail the instructables' marked post dates rollback to 1-2 days prior to when they were actually posted and continuously read wrong thereafter. I can only guess what it might do for contest entries and the like.

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Kiteman, out in public...

Dorkbot Anglia is a regular evening of talks and conversations with "people doing strange things with electricity" in the East Anglian area. We are delighted to announce our seventh meeting as the guests of the CSV Media Clubhouse on Thursday 24th November. Entry is free. Thursday 24th November 2011, 7:30-10pm CSV Media Clubhouse, 120 Princes Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1RS (About five or ten minute's walk from Ipswich railway station) This time, there's a special guest ... Edit: It was a grand night, lots of folk went home with a determination to try the site, plus a new t-shirt. Even better, Tim Hunkin was in the audience! Afterwards, we speakers and the organisers adjourned to a pub called St Jude's for some excellent beer and, frankly, a rather random conversation.  Some interesting ideas about mixing the concepts of 3d printer and laser-cutter, though...

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I'm trying to read ACS publications, what institution should I include?

What institution should I include for my library recommendation? Is it alright to put my old college?

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Private and public versions of an -ible?

I'd like to edit one of my old -ibles for the general public, but keep the old one as a view by invitation only thing. 1) how?

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My Public Minecraft Server

Hello everyone, this topic is all about my minecraft server(mostly to get it out there) some rules if you want to join: no swearing(cussing) you cannot kill other players no abusing commands (if opped) no greifing EVER The penalty to doing any of these is first getting kicked, then if you do it again, you get banned.

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I need to find a topic for a public speaking assignment, but i cant find anything interesting enough. I don't want to do anything usual. I need something completely different.?

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Public Workshop who would be interested?

Interested in starting a public workshop. A place for people to buy time or perhaps a membership, to work on personal projects using shared tools that may be to big of an investment for private use.  Garages to work on vehicles to for people who live in apartments or just don't have a proper place to keep a disabled car.  A place to store materials.  Needing tools for a one off project that wouldn't be wise private investment.  So on and so on.  Anyone dig the idea?

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Public Address System build Project

Salam and Greetings everyone, I am a university student and I need to build a good quality PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM using simple 3.5mm jacks for mic input and spkr output and giving output on 2 to 5 speakers and controlling the output to speakers through switches enabling individual use and all at once  I would appreciate all help in form of advice, suggestions, links to websites and blogs, or text files videos anything... Thank you everyone in advance....

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I'm sorry.............. my public apology

Ok, to those of you who have been virtually spanking me with comments, I'm sorry, all of you for things like my most popular topic (which, by the way, has been deleted) and what you thought was a "spam" video (also deleted).when you write your comments here, tell me how I can be a better Instructables member and I'll not only use them, I'll use them everywhere, including the general publicsigh I am such a jerk

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What website does the public want?

What website is the public looking for? I am 14 years old and I would really like to create and get a website/web service and would appreciate any advice from perhaps future users. Thank you so much! I have knowledge of these languages: php, html, css, javascript, jquery, and a small amount of java. I will soon be learning swift to create applications for iPhone iPad and mac. Thanks again!

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call for ideas and projects for a new publication

The Wild Pansy Press Book of Rainy Day Activities A Call for Works The Wild Pansy Press will be producing a publication in which a range of artists, designers, activists make concrete suggestions for new cultural activities in a Post-Credit-Crunch society, with an emphasis on the practical, the sustainable, the challenging and the subversive... The book will be a collection of templates, instructions and recipes which can be used to make or to generate Art works in the widest sense. The book will include some pieces about ideas raised by the projects as well as the "instructions" and templates, parts lists, supplier contacts, artists' information and plenty of visual material. Everything will be copyright-free and we will encourage readers to get back to us with their own ideas or adaptations of the pieces The book will be our contribution to the exhibition CRUNCHTIME: artists' responses to the global credit crisis and its timetable of associated events and will be available free at the main exhibition venue in York for the duration of the 8-day event in February 2010 and will then be on sale through various distributors, independent bookshops and galleries worldwide and from our own website. In addition, larger-format supporting items such as detailed plans, circuit diagrams and motivational posters will be also available as free downloads from the Wild Pansy site. The publication will be a squared-off A4 format (210 x 210 mm) and its design will reflect the contents. We are currently negotiating funding to cover the costs of making selected "prototypes" by contributors. So we invite you to submit your ideas, proposals and plans for things to make, things to perform, things to read, models for organisation, models for action, recipes for (avoiding) disaster, recipes for big dinners... to:

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Public access woodshops/classes in Boston area?

Are there any public-access woodshops in the greater Boston area? I'm thinking of something like The Sawdust Shop in Sunnyvale, or The Tech Shop in Menlo Park. I've tried searching Google, but all I found were workshops associated with colleges and universities, for students only.

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Bug -- editing an I'ble changes the publication date

I just noticed that editing an existing, and already published, Instructable changes the publication date to the date of last edit.  That was not true in the past, and I am fairly sure it is not the behaviour intended by the Instructables staff.  It has, as you can guess, several unexpected side effects, some of which circumvent established policies and rules.

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when does my instructable go public

I published my instructable and clicked make it public! and yet even though i type in my keywords or search under the categories its not showing up. I assume theres a certain period that must pass before its viewable or something, if not, how come its not showing up?

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UK couple transforms public bathroom into home

This UK couple did a pretty remarkable thing when they transformed a former public restroom into their current hoe with an ocean view. Sure they'll have lots of loo hokes in the future, but they also have a pretty killer location. Kudos to them for turning something that people wouldn't have thought twice about into something they would covet. A loo with a view via inhabitat

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Artists create surrealist animation on public walls

A local art group calling themselves Blu created a fantastic surreal art display titled "MUTO" in the cities of Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche) by using a stop-motion technique to create an ambiguous animation of dreamlike beings traveling these cities. The video is inspiring, and covers up graffiti, improving the look of the cities. Take a look for yourself on Blu's website, or the video link below.Youtube Video Link

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Posting and updating a public list of known bugs?

I know I have asked for this before, more than once.  But now there's a potential home. Would the Staff (Hi, Rachel!) consider creating and maintaining a forum topic with the known bugs?  It could be posted to the Help:SiteUpdates forum, and bumped with a comment whenever it changes. Having a document like that would make it somewhat easier for those of us who respond to user's bug reports to say to them, "This is known about and staff is working on it."

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We've extended the Steal Public Art challenge!

The last day to enter the challenge is now August 5th, 2012! We've gotten some awesome entries to far but we would love to see what else you guys can do with Catch. Remember that the grand prize winner will receive a 3D print of their winning model and a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D digital camera! And we'll be picking 20 runner up winners to also receive 3D prints of their winning models. If you're unfamiliar with Catch, check out our youtube channel for lots of excellent tutorials to help you get started! You can also check out for more information. You can download Catch for FREE if you use Windows, or run it in your browser. It's also available in the app store for iPad.  For more information (including complete rules!), please check out our contest page.

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MAKE: television debuts on public television this weekend!

MAKE Magazine, now on the tube!Saw the post on BoingBoing, and thought, might as well relay this over to instructables. SHOW DESCRIPTIONMake: is the DIY series for a new generation! It celebrates "Makers" -- the inventors, artists, geeks and just plain everyday folks who mix new and old technology to create new-fangled marvels. The series encourages everyone to invent, revent, recycle, upcycle, and act up. Based on the popular MAKE magazine, each half-hour episode inspires millions to think, create, and, well, make. Broadcast feed starts January 3, 2009, at 7 p.m. Eastern time.I haven't found a link to which stations will broadcast, if anyone does, say something, I'll add it.LINK

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How to Fart soundlessly? Answered

It is sometimes embarrassing to Fart in public, say in a lift, in a public transport and in many other public places. Is there any way to fart soundlessly in public. Of course you can't stop your fart as it is beyond your control.

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i need to send a good virus to a corrupt public lawyer

Can anyone help me send a virus to a corrupt public lawyer,thanks for any help!!!!

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Is it possible to edit what is displayed on my public profile?

Like the title states, is it possible to edit what appears on my public profile page? I had a look around but couldn't find anything. Thanks.

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Instructables on New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth

I'll be doing a live interview on New Hampshire Public Radio's Word of Mouth Tuesday Dec. 2 at 12:30 PM ET. We'll be talking about The Best of Instructables and several projects in the book.

Topic by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Albany Public Library STEMpunk's Strawbees Build Night

In May of 2015, Albany Public Library STEMpunk hosted a build night inviting community members to come and experiment with Strawbees.  Kids, teens, and adults messed around and created a wide variety of projects ranging from costumes to airplanes to math aids.  We all had a blast, and created some Instructables along the way! Here are links to the Instructables created from our build night: Knight's Helmet Custom Lampshade And here are some pictures of some other creations we made! Also, the Knight's Helmet has gone in to have a life of its own in a web series being created here at the library by its creator.  The series is called Ulrog, and uses many other cardboard and Strawbees created costumes.  Check it out here!

Topic by Albany Public Library STEMpunk 3 years ago

How to improve my public speaking and interviewing skills? Answered

Much to my surprise I've been doing a fair number of media interviews lately. (TV, radio, podcast)  I'm not really happy with the way that I sound.  I either sound a bit scatterbrained or uncertain.  I meander, give run-on sentences, finish different sentences than I start, etc.  This happens even if I get the questions in advance. Usually the interviews are taped and the editors work hard to make me sound coherent, but even then my speech is full of pauses, "um"s and "ah"s.  I'd like to break myself of the habit.  So any hints, tips, ways to practice and/or relax more?

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how long between hitting &quot;publish&quot; and actual publication?

How long should it take for a submitted instructable to appear in search queries and/or on the "recent" page?

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San Francisco Public Making Meet Up #3

I'm holding another "Make Out" making in public event this Thursday, June 2nd at the Amsterdam Cafe in San Francisco. It's a casual meet up to work on projects, share ideas, brainstorm, meet people, or just drink beer and chat. (Amsterdam cafe has around 300 beers available.) (They also have really good coffee, tea, and wine if beer isn't your thing.) Bring a project or just bring yourself. In the past we've had everything from crafts to robots to baking.  Last time we looked forward to Maker Faire, so I expect we'll talk a lot about our Maker Faire expereinces. When: June 2 from 5pm to 8pm (though it may run longer.) Where: Amsterdam Cafe, 937 Geary street, San Francisco [map] [web site] I'll be the guy playing with LEDs and Arduinos. Cost: Free! (Though Kelly, the lovely owner of Amsterdam cafe would appreciate it if you bought something to drink and tipped well.) Who: Everyone is welcome. More details are here. 

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Why do home doors open inward and public doors outward? Answered

I just noticed this today that doors in people's homes open inward, while doors to public buildings open outwards. How come ?

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Private Instructable

I have a private Instructable pending. I want to click "publish," by force of habit after 121 public 'Ibles, but I want to know if that will make it public again. I do not want it to be made public because it is a guide for my business affiliates, and if it were made public it would be spam. Please let me know if clicking "publish" will mess it up, thank you! This is only the second private Instructable I've made, and the first one to be published.  -Nerfocketeer

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*Clears throat* Hm Hm. Dear Public Safety officer:

Dear Public Safety officer, there is a large difference between a bomb, and an LED throwie. Please stop bugging me about the red light on the electrical box, and go do something useful, like stopping a robbery. Thank you, Zem. Basically, I made an LED throwie, gave it to my friends little brother, and where does he stick it? An electrical box... Good boy. Then, not ten minutes later, a public safety officer comes over and says "Whats this? -.-" I say "Its just a light, its not doing any damage." "Okay. Just putting them up for fun are you? -.-" "Yes" "Okay. -.-" And he walks away.

Topic by Zem 9 years ago

How can I strengthen my wifi when in a public location? Answered

I heard there was a way to hack the network or something idk....

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Public-access workshop similar to Techshop in Boston or Providence area?

Hi everybody. I'm an engineering student that recently began creating designs for several projects. So far I have only been using simulation software to test my designs. I would love to  begin prototyping but unfortunately, I don't really have the space or cash to make a small electronics workshop. Is there anything in either the Providence or Boston area that has these resources to the public similar to Techshop?

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The winners for the Steal Public Art challenge have been announced!

The winners of 123D's Steal Public Art challenge have been chosen! Check out the winners - lots of great catches. :D (psssst - are you a winner? check your messages on the 123D Gallery to find out how to claim your prize!) Grand prize winner - they win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a 3D print! Newport Dragon by RTegelbeckers Runner up winners, listed in alphabetical order - they win a free 3D print! Frogner Park Oslo Norway by Wayne Trout Hercules 3 by Patrick Leschinski Hon Non Bo in San Diego by Jonathan Brady Love_Indiana by Aleksei Sebastiani marble bust by Boris Gunalli Pair Of Buddhist Monks by Liz neely Resting Lion by rushiraj parikh Statue of liberty by Andr Vellwock The Shaking Man by Daniel Moos Wood man with road by Jason Eaton (photos in the same order) And don't forget to check out everyone that entered! You can view the full gallery here.

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Does the public's vote make much difference to the contests results? Answered

Im just wondering does the pubic vote make much difference to a contests results? i mean if i publish my instructables just before the contest closes, is it going to make any difference compared to if i entered it near the start. Thanks Benjamin

Question by benmurton 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Public domain, Creative Commons etc. musci sources wanted

My latest film project is in the style of a fantasy epic- think LotR, Narnia, that sort of "party of brave adventurers battle evil in a non-specific setting resembling mediaeval Europe" thing. It's in post-production now, but while we are ok for visual effects and editing we really need some music. To keep options open regarding public performances, we make sure to use music that doesn't infringe any copyrights- the last film only used original compositions and public-domain soundtracks.For this film we need public-domain music in a fantasy genre. The links below illustrate the sort of style we are looking for. Public domain recordings would be great, but freely-reproducible scores would be ok as we have a couple of talented musicians in the group who can play pieces with limited instrumentation, but sadly no full orchestra!The best answer will receive a Best Answer, probably a patch if the answer leads to some good sources, and possibly (at the discretion of The Powers That Be) a credit in the film.Rousing orchestral musicSadly we have little hope of reproducing music like this, but any public domain not-too-recognisable pieces would be absolutely great.Celtic-sounding flute/whistle music... is something we could actually play. Recordings would be better, though.Faux-mediaeval stringsOh, what I'd give to have a cellist on board. Oh well.Slow reflective piano melodiesNot quite as "folk" as the rest but would give great colour to the sad moments in the filmHarp musicNo, we aren't going to rip off the Braid soundtrack. I know, it's a shame. The only harpist I know is busy studying for her veterinary medicine degree so doesn't have time for our stupid projects.Of course, if anyone plays in any of the above styles and feels like hooking us up with a score or a recording that we could use, you would be the coolest person in the history of the world.I may be abusing the phrases "public domain" and "creative commons" here- I have tried to sum up what the copyright issues are and our stance on them, but essentially we need music we can put in a derivative work and potentially show in public.

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Is there a way to get detailed public works maps online for free? Answered

I am located in California, and need detailed survey maps of towns in my area, to scout out urban exploration spots. Is there a free website that supplies detailed and current maps of US towns? or should i just go and try to get maps at the county records?

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The Netherlands Gets Egged

Public art attacks a city and leaves giant eggs splattered about. It's simple, but on a massive scale like this it works pretty well. Link

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How do I link the output of a P.A. circuit to a light-controller for a LED array?

I am planning a costume build in which a public-address source needs to flash LED lights in the costume to the waveforms played through the public-address circuit. Additionally, since this is a costume project it needs to be portable and somewhat resilient to shock.

Question by Dain Unicorn 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

123D's first weekly challenge has begun - Steal Public Art

We've extended the challenge deadline! It's now ending August 5th, 2012. For more information and links to the Catch software and tutorials, please head over here. Head out and use 123D Catch to steal some interesting pieces of public art! What is Catch? It's free software that allows you to turn photos into 3D models. You can download it for PC, use the iPad app, or run it in your web browser. For more information about the software, please check out our youtube page for tutorials and demos! 1 grand prize winner will win a Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Digital Camera and a print of their winning model! 20 runner up winners will win prints of their winning models! To enter, follow these steps: go out and get an excellent Catch of your favorite piece of public art upload your creation to the 123D gallery anytime between July 9th and August 5th, 2012 tag your model with "public art" and tell us a little about it! We love stories. For more information (including complete rules because those are very important!), explanation and inspiration, be sure to check out our official contest page! Please note: this contest is now open to residents of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia but excluding Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding the province of Quebec, Canada), United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, China, the Netherlands, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Norway, and Switzerland... though we would still love to see what everyone else can catch!

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Red Vs. Green

The secret lives of public figures.

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Pan Tilt Face Detection

HI I'M GETTING THESE ERRORS IN VC++ 2010, HOW DO I RESOLVE THIS? 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Tserial::disconnect(void)" (?disconnect@Tserial@@QAEXXZ) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: int __thiscall Tserial::connect(char *,int,enum serial_parity)" (?connect@Tserial@@QAEHPADHW4serial_parity@@@Z) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Tserial::Tserial(void)" (??0Tserial@@QAE@XZ) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Tserial::~Tserial(void)" (??1Tserial@@QAE@XZ) referenced in function "public: void * __thiscall Tserial::`scalar deleting destructor'(unsigned int)" (??_GTserial@@QAEPAXI@Z) 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Tserial::sendChar(char)" (?sendChar@Tserial@@QAEXD@Z) referenced in function "void __cdecl detectAndDisplay(class cv::Mat)" (?detectAndDisplay@@YAXVMat@cv@@@Z) 1>c:\users\auvsi2014\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\facedetect\Debug\facedetect.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 5 unresolved externals

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Send to Friends

Hey Instructables! I like the "send to friends" feature at the publish step, but what I'd like even more is to be able to send publication notices to friends on instructables! Similar to collaborate, but without giving edit permission, as a way to push publication to friends with instructables usernames who aren't (yet) subscribers. Cheers! Keep up the good work! *

Topic by star 10 years ago