why my video is not published

Why my video is not published,how long should I wait to be published my video on instructables

Posted by macobt 9 years ago

published instructable not showing up

Greetings- I published an instructable DIY Pool Cover two days ago but it's still not showing up on the site.  Any idea what's up?

Posted by cobinrox 5 years ago

Newly Published Instructables not Appearing

Not sure if this is a bug or not...is it now normal for new Instructables to take hours to show up on the site after being published?  The last one took a few hours and currently one I published 6+ hours ago is still not visible on the site.  Previously, after I hit 'Publish' it only took a couple minutes for an Instructable to become public.  Thanks!

Posted by annahowardshaw 6 years ago

"Published" Instructable is not showing up

Hey everybody! I pusblished an Instructable entitled "Making Thermite" quite a while ago - however, it has not appeared as published. When I follow the "Direct link" to it, it tells me that it has been removed "by the author". However, I have not done anything to trash it - I worked relatively hard on it! I can only access the editing page because I bookmarked it - on my member page, is says I haven't made any instructables. In the "History tab", it shows that my instructable has been changed by "admin" and "randofo". If either of you have removed my instructable due to it being a) Inapropriate or b) Absolutely terrible, then, please, email me, or tell me why you have deleted it! Thanks, -Boom

Posted by Boom! 9 years ago

Can I add Instructables to a published guide?

Quick question: can instructables be added to a guide after it has been published? Thank you

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

Published Instructable Not Appearing in 'Recent"

Instrutable published 6 hours ago (just before site update?) is not present under 'recent'. https://www.instructables.com/id/Origami-Inspired-Steampunk-Tulips/

Posted by annahowardshaw 6 years ago

Published instructable not showing up

Last night I posted this instructable, and about 10 hours later it still hasn't shown up on the site. Is it still caught in the filters, or is something else going on?

Posted by M3G 4 years ago

Can't edit published collection

When i click " edit" on the only published collection i have i get this page: https://www.instructables.com/editCollection/error/oops I want to edit this (https://www.instructables.com/id/Future-Home/)  collection. This page gives the error: https://www.instructables.com/editCollection/O4VK410HZNYGST4/ - windows 7 - chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m Thanks!

Posted by Mr_MdR 3 years ago

Editing a published ible

Is there a way to edit an already published ible so that it doesn't keep getting autosaved as changes are being made.  I can just imagine somebody loading one while I've got a paragraph all in pieces figuring out a better way to word something. I know you can unpublish something, but would that cause it to lose all its comments and views?

Posted by walter.warren1 3 years ago

What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

Posted by Grathio 8 years ago

published(12 hrs ago) instructable not showing up in Recent

Hi there! I submitted/published an instructable about 12 hours ago, but it never made it into the "all recent" page. Kinda weird here it is: https://www.instructables.com/id/Smart-Doghouse-Tardis-Edition/ Thanks!!

Posted by cdstudioNH 3 years ago

My instructable does not appear to be published.

I've created an Instructable at https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-moving-Sirius-Black-Wanted-poster-with-an/ Everything seems to be fine but it's not showing up on any of the "recent" lists and it's not getting any views, even if I send the direct link to other people to open.  Normally I wouldn't care much but it's been submitted to a few contests.  Does anybody have any ideas on what could be going wrong?

Posted by Deeg 6 years ago

Instructable Published but not there

So I posted this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Mario-Mushroom-T-shirt-Recon/  24 hours ago and I think it just showed up on the site.  I still can't find it in recent at all, so I'm not sure if it's fully there yet.  I know it probably just got stuck in the filters.  So my question is; is there any reason it got stuck?  Like is there something I can do to help my future instructables not to get stuck?  Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

Posted by MsSweetSatisfaction 4 years ago

I can't see my instructable

Last night I published this instructable, but I can not see it in ALL RECENT option. However, it has a comment. I don't understand... What worries me is that when you solve the problem, my instructable will appear "backward" or as posted several hours ago, and many people will not see it, for that reason.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

A Question

Hi there, I have developed a new instructable and i placed it in photography category. I wonder why its not listed under the recent instructables there? Thanks in advance. The instructable address: https://www.instructables.com/id/Introduction-5/

Posted by bo3bo3 7 years ago

How to get published?

I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has ever had a book published? I looked for an ible and couldn't find one.

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Why is my Published count wrong?

On my 'You' page on the Instructables tab, next to the Published link is a number in parenthesis. It currently says (23). When I manually count the instructables I've published, there are 27. It's not really a big deal, I was just curious if anyone knew why the number isn't displaying properly?

Asked by Dustin Rogers 3 years ago

Published for 3 days yet not showing up in recent or search

Hi all I published my instructable 3 1/2 days ago and it is not showing up anywhere on the site. I have searched it and looked through all the recent pages. On my profile it says it has been published. The site just updated and is still not showing it. BUG?

Posted by DRH1469 6 years ago

I wrote and published an instructable, but it didn't show up, and then dissapeared!

I wrote and published an instructable, but it doesn't show up in the search or recent instructables feed. Why not? It is a public domain licence, and is called "make a milk jug explosion". www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-milk-jug-explosion It now says that I deleted it, which definitely isn't true.

Posted by Biopyro 9 years ago

Published Instructable doesn't appear

Help, I posted my instructable last night but it hasn't appeared yet in the recent feed.  Is it  stuck in the filters? i can't imagine why. https://www.instructables.com/id/Halloween-Diorama-Clock/

Posted by ChrysN 6 years ago

Why my Published Instructable deleted from my accout without any notice before or afterwards?

Hello, One of my Published Instructable isn't in my account anymore. I suppose it is deleted by www.instructables.com. Moreover i didn't get any message regarding this.  Please help me get my instructable (took 4 hours to construct) back.

Posted by d1ndian 8 years ago

Why my Published Instructable deleted from my accout without any notice before or afterwards?

Hello, One of my Published Instructable isn't in my account anymore. I suppose it is deleted by www.instructables.com. Moreover i didn't get any message regarding this.  Please help me get my instructable back. (took me 4 hours to construct and had 20+ photos) HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by d1ndian 8 years ago

Updated published instructable not appearing (still shows old version)

I published my first instructable and then made a few improvements to it but those improvements are not showing up. I searched the forum for answers, having found none I decided to ask. How long does it take for an updated published instrtuctable to go live? The old version has no image in the "Intro" or "Step 6" and the first line of the intro reads: --:{ use simpleTweet_00 to post a tweet when your sensor changes states. }:-- The new version has images in each step, a video added to the "Intro" and many other smaller changes, including the first line:  Post a tweet when your sensor changes states, using Arduino, Processing, and twitter4j. I entered it into the "Adafruit Make It Tweet Challenge." Could that have locked in the old version preventing it from updating somehow? I can't believe that'd be the case, and I see no way to remove my entry from the contest, which I do not want to do anyway.  If it magically fixes itself, I'll repost here, otherwise, please help.

Posted by pdxnat 7 years ago

ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function

in the topic  line I copied the bug report or message I get when trying to access my instructables??????? ERROR 500: com.instructables.exception.NotPermittedException: Should be STAFF or ADMIN to use this function . Why is this happening? any help? any suggestions? 

Posted by Creativeman 8 years ago

Is my 'ible stuck in the filters.

I published an 'ible about a hat steamer in the wee small hours of December 30th & it still hasn't gone to the site, is it possibly stuck in the filters? I do think it would be a good idea to give some information about what causes this to happen, a list of keywords to avoid for example would be very handy. It does seem a bit random at times, I have seen 'ibles come out when people have asked about the same problem that were entirely inoffensive & others go straight to the site which contained what I feel were highly inappropriate words in images but not in the body text, one recent one had the f word in it at least a dozen times in images but the author was very careful not to actually use it anywhere in the text of the 'ible.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 4 years ago

Published Instructables not online for a day now

I posted a new Instructable yesterday, and it shows that it has been published, but it is not viewable on the Instructables website. Any ideas? (it is not in recent IN, or when you search for it) Lukethebook333

Posted by lukethebook333 9 years ago


Help anyone? I cannot seem to delete a video instructable I no longer want! :( I went into edit and did not see anything about deleting it. However step by step instructables you can delete??? Im so confused.

Posted by zjschafer 6 years ago

Instructable Not Showing Up In Searches

   Hello, I have made an Instructable here out of Marshmallows: (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Fireworks-From-Marshmallows-a-Pyrotech/)    It is a sort of Pyrotechnic Putty that I have made for use as a easily mold-able solid state fuel, I know that it has probably been caught up by the automatic filters, but it is almost 11:00 Am here in Michigan and it still has not cleared...   Does anyone know what hours that the Employees over at Instructables work..? Otherwise should I not expect it to be approved before a certain time, or is this happening because over the weekend their Instrutables HQ gets a little backed up, by the new Filter Catches, and their just getting to it..? Also if an Instructable was rejected is their anyway for me to know? Email, Notification (Ect..?) Thanks, -Shaye

Posted by TrollFaceTheMan 4 years ago

Published Instructable nowhere to be found in any cateogary

I published an instructable today morning : https://www.instructables.com/id/Diffused-Glue-Stick-Lamp/ Im not able to locate it anywhere by searching for it in the recent category in the Tech : LEDs sub-category so its not coming up by even searching the exact name in the search bar in explore, so Im not sure if it has been published or not. Should I republish it or what to do now? Thanks!

Posted by vishalapr 4 years ago

Published instructable does not show up on the site or in searches. Answered

It even is tagged as 'featured' but it does not show up under the category (play) or at the relevant keywords (nintendo). Also a search on the exact title does not bring it up. You can basically only reach it if you know the url: https://www.instructables.com/id/Plush-Super-Mario-Block-with-Sound/ Is this normal, is there some delay? Published 15 hours ago, just before the maintenance of the instructables website. Please let me know if I should just be patient or undertake some action ;-) thnx

Asked by piem 6 years ago

How to change the cover image of an instructable already published?

I'm having some trouble with the cover image of my instructables: sometimes the image of the first step is the one that goes to the cover (like I want it to be), but sometimes any aleatory picture goes to cover. How can I choose the cover image, and how can I change the cover image of an instructable already published? Thank you!

Posted by Trupe Por um Fio 4 years ago

Stuck in the Filters - unstick me?

My 'ible was published this weekend and seems to be in some kind of invisibility zone.  I can surf to it, but it is not showing up in any category or contest. https://www.instructables.com/id/No-Kill-No-Sew-fake-Book-Cover-for-Tablets-an/ Can someone give it a nudge?  Thank you much!

Posted by Bitsi 5 years ago

What should I do if I see that a member is cheating in a contest? Answered

There is a contest I want to enter, so I looked at the current entries. I see that one entry is using an image from a blog.  I have every reason to believe the blog does NOT belong to this member. - The member does not have a link to the blog in their profile. - The name used for their entry is not the same name as on the blog. - The materials and steps have been changed from the published blog. I don't want to wrongfully accuse someone of cheating, but if they are, I'd like to do something about it. At the very least, the rules state that; "Entries must not have been published prior to the Start Date" - In this case the entry was previously published. Can someone tell me what I should do? * Post Question Note * - There really should be more than one "best answer" option, because in this case I did receive a lot of help from Kiteman, and wanted to acknowledge that here. Kiteman went above and beyond to help out with this. (He'll be receiving a patch from me shortly).

Asked by canucksgirl 6 years ago

Published Intructables Count Is Incorrect

At the time of this posting I should have 19 published instructables but the count shows 9

Posted by TabLeft 3 years ago

Why can't I view my published instructables? Answered

It says they're restricted, and that I must be staff or admin to view them. Which doesn't make sense.

Asked by jessejwk 8 years ago

Editing of published collection bugged

My published 'Cooking' collection is bugged. The collection was posted on Feb 25, 2014. Whenever I try to ADD any instructible to the collection or when I try to EDIT it in any way I get the ERROR page https://www.instructables.com/editCollection/error/oops. At first I thought it might be some plug-in or add-on but my other published collection works just fine and deactivating all browser extensions didn't reap any rewards. My system specifications: Windows 7 32-bit, 4GB RAM (running smooth and stable for years) Firefox 34.0.5 (bug has been persistent since I had Firefox 31something or longer, regardless of Java/Flash versions)

Posted by antioch 3 years ago

Published instructable blank line spacing does not match the editor

First image shows the missing blank lines in the published instructable. The second image shows what I actually entered in the editor. I'm on Windows 10, using Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m The project with this issue is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Halloween-Fake-Fire/ I think the reason for the bug is because I want to put a spacing between bullets without creating bullet on the blank line I pressed SHIFT-RETURN instead of RETURN.  Somehow it SOMETIMES mess up because as you can see other lines above and below it works fine. Feel free to contact me if I could assist in debugging / testing.  Thanks!

Posted by HariFun 2 years ago

Instructables colors? Answered

Hey guys, in case you haven't noticed, there is a colored banner underneath everyone's display pic with a number that states how many instructables they have published. I was wondering what color corresponds to which numbers (like I know that at least 1-5 is blue)?

Asked by A-Nony-Mus 7 years ago

Last minute entry to Jack Daniels contest

Hi, I entered my video last night an hour or two before the deadline, but no moderator has addressed it for approval.  Voting however has already started.  I read the rules closely, and I'm fairly certain I met the criteria.  I got an email telling me to wait a day or two for approval, but by then, the voting will be over.  Should I expect my video to be considered?  If not, what rule did I violate? Very truly yours, emcelhannon Ernie McElhannon https://www.instructables.com/id/Road-to-Freedom-from-a-Teachers-Salary-and-an-Empl/

Posted by emcelhannon 5 years ago


A instructable won't publish

Posted by jdbic 2 years ago

Why an Instructables failed to publish?

Why there is the following error message when I tried to publish an Instructables: Your Instructable Failed to Publish.

Asked by babybayrs 4 years ago

How do I publish a song?

Asked by 9 years ago

Video Not Publishing

I am attempting to publish my video, and still it is not publishing. The YouTube code is embedded properly. Apparently, this is a known problem. Is there any sort of temp fix for this?

Posted by Progressive Automations 4 years ago

Can't publish article ~

Can't publish my article! I tried Chrome 42.0.2311 ; IE 11.0.9600

Posted by wellywelly 3 years ago

i can not publish in instructables

I canot publish  my new project

Posted by atorrez 4 years ago

editing instructables

If you have already published an instructable and want to edit it, do you have to re-publish it to make the changes appear in the published instructable?

Posted by ilikepie22 7 years ago

Instructable wont publish

My instructable won't publish, it says generating image and then fails. Please help.

Posted by JP'sW 1 year ago

What are your Quick links?

What quick links do you have? its the links at the top that give you faster access to the features you go to the most. Mine are: inbox, comments, favorites, published, unpublished so what are yours?

Posted by amakerguy 9 years ago


I can not publish my instructable! it sais it is published but it does not come up if you search it and i can not add it toi any groups! please help!!!

Posted by uniFREAK134 9 years ago

Won't publish

My login is     beerscout   and I have completed my first instructable. It stays in draft and won't publish. Please assist.

Posted by beerscout 4 years ago