Wanted intructable - "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump"

Hey all - Wanted intructable: "Convert an Aquarium Air Pump into a Vacuum Pump" I know this is pretty simple - probably... as well to add to that a mod... "Convert a Aquarium Air Pump into an Adjustable Vacuum Pump" I'm trying to build something else and would like to see how this is done - i have one shot at one Aquarium air pump and don't want to mess it up. Plus i'd like to know how to regulate the vacuum  - make it with adjustable vacuum pressure if possible - if i even really need to or at least regulate the vacuum pressure so it is not too much if it is after built. I'm sure i could do a google and find all the parts - thinik tank it out and build it... but if you know already how to do it - makes things a tad easier for me. The instrucable even easier to avoid mistakes. thanx - chase -

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How to make pump for a waterfall ( height approx. 10cm) and water depth approx 2cm for an aquarium.

I have this aquarium 60x30x30 cm. I wish to setup a waterfall in the aquarium. Now the depth of water in the aquarium is to be approx. 2cm and the height of waterfall is to be approx 10cm.  I am looking for a pump design which could work comfortably in that water depth.

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What can I use to pump a good amount of air through a tube? Answered

I am making a shoe drying rack and I need something that can pump a decent amount of air through a 1/2 inch tube. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can use and how I can hook this up?

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inflating and deflating a air bladder continuously?

I am interested in a project however what i need to do is to inflate and deflate a air bladder repeatedly on a continuous cycle (so inflation and the deflation). This making me think of a piston style pump hooked up to a motor which I can control through use of a variable resistor. Is there any piston style pump i can use or is there a alternative which would be better. (I do have a budget of around 70usd)

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any one with an idea of a simple to construct well water pump(30ft) and with head pressure for a savonious turbine?

I live in a remote area where electricity is not there and sometimes we do experience long dry spells. during the dry spells, wind is present although not too strong. i want to use this wind power with savonious turbine to irrigate a nearby one acre plot. water is 30ft and below.

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small vacuum pump

Where can i purchase a replacement vacuum pump for a rival vacuum sealer vs230

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Air pump

Does anybody know how to make a air pump for an aquarium?? I need it for a Humidifier.

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

suction pump?

How can I use http://www.fazzini.it suction pump in the most simpler end effective way?

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Automatic water pump?

Hello, I was wondering how I would make an automatic pump, that pumps OUT water, just something like, checks to see if water level is too high then starts pump, something simple and effective. Anyone have an idea?

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How would I make a bidirectional hand pump like an air mattress pump?

I'm looking for a resistance machine like a pneumatic  air mattress pump; two types. One pump could handle maybe 120 pounds pressure. The other would be for about 80 pounds.

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How can I switch on a well water pump?

I have this well water pump that is connected to a wall plug which gets switched ON and OFF by a float switch in the reservoir. What I want to do is to switch ON the pump from down where the pump is, when the float switch in the OFF position without going up to the reservoir ,

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Run a hydraulic ram pump on no water drop? Answered

So I was wondering if you could run a hydraulic ram pump by digging down 3ft beside your well then pump water up about 50 feet at about a 40 degree incline. This way there would need to be no change in elevation between your ram pump and your well. Thanks!!

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I have a12 volt RV water Pump. I want to use it for short pump jobs without carring a big 12 volt battery around.?

Can I use a 12 volt battery charger to drive the pump.?

Asked by djwegener 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

variable output dc water pump for a wind generator

I'm interested in figuring out how to direct the energy produced by a wind turbine into a water pump. My goal is to pump water from a river to the top of a hill into a pond. then slowly release it through a variable water turbine so that the pond serves as a battery. i've seen pumps that work with the power take off(PTO) of a tractor that could be retrofitted if i had the right dc motor. i need to figure out what motor might work and what type of contolling i would need. also would it be better to use several smaller units that engage one at a time as the power input increases to keep the pumps closer to thier ideal operating range? The (PTO)water pump i saw operates between 17-23 hp or 20kw or less, which is perfect because the turbine is 20kw. the other thing is what if the pump operation starts at 17hp(?) then most of the power would need to be directed somewhere when producing less. maybe a series of different sized pumps and a controller to determine which pump(s) to engage to get the most water pumped.

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mixer grinder pump

Our water tank is on the roof, so the tap there doesn't have much pressure to water mom's plants on our roof with a pipe. So i need to make a pump. We have an old mixer grinder set with all its jars. But i'm not sure how to make a pump into a jar. limitations: 1) Can't cut holes in the metal parts of the jars, no equiments. only the top is plastic 2) 3D printer/ cnc or any thing of that sort is not available

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searching for a pump that can handle pudding

I dug through a few forums, trying to decide which this was best suited for. I settled on tech since its a physical computing project. I'm looking for a resource for a water pump that can handle something like pudding. the initial thought was use an air pump and a bag or maybe have the bag be squeezed closed but i need it to cycle through.  Like a water fountain of pudding! The pudding spurts out, then there is also an intake which is recycling the goop. Does anyone have a resource on pumps which could handle something so thick?  (and since its a small scale project, cheaply and small!)

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Amps for 12 volt tire inflation pump

I'm trying to attach an AC adapter to a 12-volt tire inflation pump (the kind that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter), then convert it into a vacuum pump for degassing molds. I tried connecting the only 12 volt wall wart I have and it just barely got the motor moving. I'm guessing that the amperage of the adapter is too low. What sort of amps would this unit need to run correctly? Is it even possible to run this thing from a wall outlet?

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I need help finding a mini water pump with DC motor

I've been trying aliexpress, Amazon, ebay, etc., but I'm not sure what to look for really. I just need a water pump with an attached low voltage DC motor that can shoot a jet of water. Everything I see looks like low flow stuff for fish tanks etc... perhaps I'm not using the right search criteria or am not able to recognize the right motor and pump when I see it. 

Posted by tsaltzman 3 years ago

What is the right and the best Electric TRANSFORMER for this water pump specifications?

Im a beginner in electric circuits so can anyone give me the right 220v ac -12v dc transformer for this pump (Amp, watt) hose tails Twin core wire Current Draw: 1.7 Amp (max. 2.7 Amp) http://www.amazon.com/NEW-Water-Pressure-Diaphragm-Pump/dp/B00DLKT4OO/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_i Can anyone send me a link of the Transformer ?? Thanks community !! 

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how to make a small hand held portable rechargeable bicycle air pump??

How to make a small hand held portable rechargeable bicycle air pump??which can be either attached to the bicycle or be handy.I was kind of thinking to make a compressor operated by bicycle itself when one is cycling and air is pumped into a cylinder.Now when the air in the tyre is low one can use the air from the cylinder to refill it.But i need technical help,and how-tos? as well as financial help?

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Anyone know where I can get a low cost, low power(1) solar pump,

It will be used to pump hot tub water(salt) or glycol 9feet vertically, than through an accura radiator in a thermal box and return to tub or another exchanger in tub. I don't know what kind of backpressure I will experience but maybe 10psi? any guesses. Most pumps I see are about $100. I need a lower cost. Thanks good luck

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What is this?

Hi, I want to know what this thing is? It resembles a water pump, but on a miniature scale... I want to know the exact name for this thing and possible the use. Thanks for all your help.

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How do I open the housing on a small, single head laboratory vacuum pump?

There are three little black metal pieces keeping the motor housing closed.  I'm not sure how to remove them.  I think the on/off switch on the pump got bent and I would like to simply fix that part.  But I can't get to it because the housing is closed with these pieces.  Any help would be appreciated.

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how to make a handheld inflation system?

Asked by relyt222 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

water pump idea

I hypothesise that when is heat applied to a suitable sealed vessel, filled with water, and having a pipe into the base of the container below the water level, that when the water gets hot enough, it will exit the pipe under pressure. if anyone has any input or had experiance with this kind of a thing or knows of a device which works in the same or similar manner, i would like to hear from you.  i though it could be a way of moving water with no moving parts or access to electricity, motors etc. thank Kim.C.S.B

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Air Compressor/Vacuum Pump

I have a theory: You have your supply of compressed air. You connect that by hose to one branch of a y-connector. The other branch is connected to a hose that goes into some sort of fluid that you want to move from one vessel to another. The trunk of the y is your exhaust (in theory). So now I give, say, 15 psi out of my air supply and that shoud drag my fluid out of its vessel through the y connector to the destination of my choosing. Would that work?

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How can I start/stop a waterpump (230V 500Watt) using a magnetic floating switch which can switch 230V max 1A 15W? Answered

I have a cleanwater pump in my cellar 230V / 500W to keep the floor almost completely dry. I have a liquid level sensor that can switch max 250 volt, max switching current 1A, and maximum switching power 15 Watts. I don't know enough about electronics to know how to fix this problem. But I do know that the switch won't work when I connect it directly to the pump... So how can I get this working (low cost)?

Asked by NiekZ 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Hoping to convert a couple 12V DC sump pumps to run off 120V AC...Wondering if someone can give me some pointers? Answered

I found a unit that I think will work - a Tripplite PR20 20 amp AC --> DC power supply, which plugs into regular AC and converts to 13.8 volt DC, but I'm hoping somebody can tell me A) If it will, in fact work B) what will happen if it doesn't C) Can I get away with a lower amp version of the Tripplite unit? Do I need a higher amp version? D) Whether or not the power supply will draw continuously from the outlet even when the sump pump isn't running, thereby jacking up my electric bill to the point the project isn't worthwhile.  The pumps are from two different brands of battery back up sump systems;  Basement Watchdog, and Ace in the Hole, but seem to be of the same power demand and hp.  I would only be hooking one of them up at any given time to the PR20.  I also have a 12v dc float switch on which I would install an interrupter plug  to make this work (until it wore out, at which point I'd switch to an AC float switch with interrupter and plug the Tripplite into that...).   I know I'm making more trouble for myself than it's probably worth, but these pumps are brand new, and I could save a couple hundred bucks if I can make them work...Any help or advice you could offer would be great.  The Tripplite unit specs are available at Tripplite.com; just do a "model search" under PR20, or PR...There are a whole line of different models w/varying amp ratings...

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?Epilog Challenge?

I see things entered in the contest that are of other peoples design, is that legal, can I just mine the internet for others designs and enter them?

Asked by rosemore 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

can I reverse the cycle on a refrigerator to warm the inside?

So I have just built (mostly) a workshop shed, and it's about time to move in work benches, tables, small appliances, etc.  I want to be able to move some temperature sensitive stuff out, too, and I don't want them to get too cold. I'm probably over thinking this and there's a simpler solution, but a refrigerator is already a well sealed, temperature controlled, shelf. If I could get a second hand or scratch and dent, could the condenser be put on the inside to make a "warm box" for winter?  

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How best to transfer 2 liters of liquid from one container to another and back again?

I'm bulding a cleaning machine. I need to transfer 2 liters (.53 Gal) of liquid (water with a small amount of cleaning agent) from one container through a filter to another empty container of the same size, quickly. I would like to accomplish this buy pressing a button. Then transfer the liquid back to the original container. Looking suggestions on how best to accomplish this. Thanks

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repair a tire pump? Answered

Hand pump offers little to no resistance when pumping. loss of seal inside the pump cylinder.

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Coil Pump

Morning, all. We've just completed a quick proof of concept for a hand-powered coil pump. The pump lifted water through 3.1 meters of vertical height. Take a look at https://www.instructables.com/id/Coil-Pump/ comments and ideas for development appreciated Thanks!

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How do you make a bike pump from scratch?

Need a pump

Asked by GEEK1 9 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

EMF Pump

Can I use a sphere magnet when building an EMF PUMP? Glued onto the pulley. Thanks

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Air Pump

Does anybody know how to make an air pump for a aquarium out of stuff laying around your house?

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Will this water pump work? Answered

 It is tought to be a wind-powered water pump and i wonder if the desing would work. I hope the picture is understandable.

Asked by EdSe1991 8 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Whats the best pump-action knex gun? Answered

Whats the best pump action i dunno which one to make

Asked by MegaMetal8 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to my intex easy setup above the ground pool?

I have a intex swimming pool and the pump that came with it qite working.someone gave me a m7000 swimming pool pump. the only problem is that my other pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and this new pump looks to have 3. i just need instructions on how to hook this pump to my pool.

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New knex pump action idea

Ok, to start off, If you are wondering why I dont have a gun to demonstrate this concept, its because I just thought of this a few hours ago.So anyways, I have an idea for a pump action concept. This idea would work like thisthe rubberbands would be hooked onto the pump instead of the gun via Y connectors on the pump.when the pump pulls the ram back, the rubberbands do not expand or contractafter the ram goes behind the trigger, the pump is pushed forward, expanding the bands and giving the gun its powerthe pump hooks into a locking mechanismthe trigger is pulled, and either recoil or another mechanism hooked to the trigger unlocks the locking mechanism for the pumpThe advantage of this over other pump action guns would be that the pump would be easy to pull back, no matter how many rubberbands are on the pump.

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How to replace a power steering pump on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 engine? Answered

Step by step instructions to replace power steering pump

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water pump

I have a very strong 18v motor from an expensive cordless drill(clutch went out). I also am in need of a pump to drive some misters, 20+ PSI. Is there a pump I can make or buy to be driven by my motor?

Posted by geckoguykc 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Projects to use a bilge pump?

I have a 500 gph fully submersible rule bilge pump that is not needed for anything. I've been looking around and trying to find a use for it. I feel like the possibilities are endless yet I can't think of anything. It's a 12 volt 2.5 amp pump. Any ideas?

Asked by Kirschbj 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

How do I make a simple, homemade, wind/water powered pump to extract water from a stream and pump up 10ft?

Hi, Anyone know to make a homemade wind/water powered pump to extract water from a fast flowing (shallow - 1ft) stream at the end of my garden and pump water up 6 - 10ft and then around my garden to feed plants and animals?

Asked by gerryshauna 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

has anyone hacked the crank ez pump and made one of their own.????

i would like to know if some one has hacked the crank ez pump advertised on the net, or made one of their own that pumps as good as this one.????

Asked by dagyboy 7 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

how to connect a m7000 swimming pool pump to a above the ground intex pool?

I have a intex pool and the pump quit working. a friend gave me a m7000 pump, the old pump only had 2 hoses to connect to the pool and the m7000 has 3. what is the 3rd hose for and how do I connect it to my pool

Asked by robinreise 9 years ago

make or convert water pump to solar power. How to do it?

I would like to add a pump to our little fish pound. I donot want to use the power grid. How cn I convert a store bought electric pump to solar power?

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