Put That Down!

"They" have chosen the top 25 "put downs" from American and British TV of the last 40 years.The list is hereHave you any of your own to add to the list?This class is from the shallow end of the gene pool, and somebody' peed in it.

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how to put weight on?

Yuh i am a little under weight just want tips on how to put weight thats all really any tips?

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what to put in a matchbox?

I want to know what could go in a match box so far i have made a chest of drawers, ipod holder, flashlight and a dental floss dispenser!

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i need to put together a game design team

I need to put together a team so if your familiar with blender. message me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/michael.olabiyi  if your not well work are way around it.

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Lithium Rain's open letter to the staff. Read. Think. Read all comments. Then post.Open Letter to the StaffI'm only posting this topic, because hers got stuck in the filters.:D

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Guess where I put a robot sticker

I'll give you a hint: It is in a place where it is not supposed to be.

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how to put music on dsi? Answered

I want to know how to put music on my DSi

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how to put Captions on photos???

Just wondering how to put descriptions or captions on instructables pictures?

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How to put file into pic16f690?

I was wondering how do you put file into pic16f690 microcontroller?

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how to put dvd to blackberry?

Have you ever met the following situations ,if you want to put your dvd to another portable device,what do you often need?I want to put my dvd to my blackberry ,but I have some problem in doing it,so can you help me with it? Thank you in advance!

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Put a photo onto a ball?

Hi, i"m new to Instructables,  and just learnt how to make a billiard ball in Paint.net. I have it rolling across my movie screen now. I do  home movies in Power Director and these new tricks keep the movies interesting. Now i would like to learn how to put a photo onto the ball instead of a number. Can anyone help me with this?

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put coin draw power

This project i have to chose as final year project in that i want to add  coin mechanism which are used in pco  so plz can u give information about that also how i can use it in this project

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Problem with putting a GIF into an Instructable.

Hello, I am wondering there is a bug ( or maybe I have just misunderstood something). I've successfully put a GIF into an Instructable before but this time I seem to be having a problem. It's a simple two frame GIF; I have just put it in,as I would a photo, but it does not animate in preview or full preview. I can't remember what I did before that may have been different. I even inserted it into one of my existing Instructable's as a test but to no avail. If I open the GIF in Safari it works. I made it in Photoshop CS3 and saved it optimised for the web but I am such a idiot-hole that there is probably something very simple that I have overlooked. Any advice ? Thank you. PS It's on  an unpublished Instructable draft page: http://https://www.instructables.com/id/E56EWRZHAVGK4PD/

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How to put quote on wall

My sister would like to put a quote on her kitchen wall.  I have thought of stencil/paint, but having not done that before, not sure how kindergarten that would look.  Seems I read something one time about printing with computer onto overhead transparencies, then using that to transfer.  But, I cannot remember where I read that, how you actually do the transfer (rub?), and how it is "sealed" after the transfer.  Any suggestions would be wonderful, thanks!  Also, would some processes not work well for a room which may be humid?

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Put on your beer goggles

My school recently bought a few pairs of "beer goggles" apparently these are goggles that when are put on simulate being drunk! How on earth does this work, "DRUNK BUSTERS Impairment Goggles™ simulate effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination. For some people, impairment might result after as little as one drink." I will be going into the gym with my health class to attempt to play basketball tomorrow or monday. But until then I am curious as to how these work. http://www.drunkbusters.com/store/shopexd.asp?id=19

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Put the robot on your browser.

So yesterday when I had the usual Firefox Google page open up there was a little thing at the bottom that advertised an add-on called Personas. I checked it out and it turns out it has a lot of different "skins" for Firefox that you can interchange without restarting your browser. So, when I saw that you could make your own skins I thought of one thing, an Instructables persona, and here it is. For those who think that the amount of orange on each page of Instructables is not enough for their daily lives.The file for the footer is 3000x100 pixels. The file for the headers is 3000x200 pixels which is required for the headers and footers. The pictures below are just showing what the right sides of the different headers look like. The links below lead to the original files for the headers and footers so you can make them a part of your browser, just follow the instructions here, go to "Do I have to add my Persona to the public gallery?". Just download the original pics from these pages.Robot Header copyRobot Header 1 copyRobot Header 2 copyRobot Header 3 copyFooter it is just the darker orange color on the headerUPDATE:The persona for the first one is finally available on Personas

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How can i mount my tom drum next to the floor tom?

I own a ludwig cs accent custom. I'd like to mount the mid tom next to the floor tom. Is it possible to mount without a clamp? If not what clamp would you use? Thanks

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How to put games on nintendo dsi?

I have the games but i don't know how to put, where to put to play game in nintendo dsi. i am not being able to play games in nintendo dsi its being really problem to me.

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How to put a link in an answer or an instructable? Answered

I want to know how to put it in a word "form" where the word is orange. I've tried the "add link" button but it won't work.

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how to put a circuit board to gether?

I want to learn how to make a simlpe circuit board ?

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Where to put fuses in a dc circuit? Answered

Say I have a 12 volt battery and I want to connect a light and a radio.  Should I put a fuse next to the positive or negative terminal of the battery?  Or should I fuses in front of everything.  DC current flows from pos to neg right?  so I would put the appropriate fuse on the positive side of each electronic device?     Thanks

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Put links in descriptions to a website of a supplier

Hello, I was contacted  by a supplier who asked me if I would like to put links in the description to their website where you can purchase the components that I used. I have no problems with that but is this allowed on Instructables? Thanks. Kind regards, Rob

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Putting a mini jack in your car

I have a 1991 Ford Explorer, i want to put in a mini jack so i can plug in any mp3 player to play music over the main sound system. Anyone have any tips on this?

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How to Put Linux on a USB flashdrive

Check out my new instructable on putting linux on a flashdrive to take your computer anywhere with you. Don't know what linux is? Read the instructable to find out. Just. Click on this line

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Can I put sound on an instructable?

I thought it would be a hoot if I could get the MacGyver theme tune on a MacGyver instructable   can it be done?

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How to put Umd's in your Psp? Answered

I bought a used Psp, but I have no idea how to fit those Umd's in =(.. Please help me..

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Is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher?

Hi, everyone!A cutlery basket in my dishwasher got broken. I want to repair it with 3D printed parts. Does anybody know is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher? I mean that there are hot temperature, steam, and chemicals inside and it will connect with dishes. Thanks in advance!

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How to put a design on a metal mug?

So, i just put this in the forums (and i can't see it..) So i thought i'd put it here too. I want to put my designs on traveller's mugs and other metal mugs and i was thinking, what are the different way i can do this?  I've seen someone do it with a vinyl and powder coating...but the tools needed to do that are pretty expensive to get here, so that's my last resort. So i was wondering what are the other ways that i can do this?  I hope you guys can help me out with this. Thanks :) P.S I'm new to this.... so can anyone tell me why my forum post isn't showing up? :P

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Is it safe to put a metal dish in a freezer? Answered

I recently bought a stainless steel mess kit. Would it be safe to use it as a freezer dish; for instance, if I were to make a lasagne in it and then freeze it? I know you're not supposed to put metal cans containing food in the fridge, so I thought I'd check. Thanks! :-)

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wich is input and wich is out put? Answered

On a hand wound transformer for a joule thif wich is the input and wich is the output primary in? secoundary out?, also does it matter if the thick wire (primary) is on the bottom with the thinner (secoundary) is on the top?

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How to put pics inline in a step

I must be missing it, but I was wondering how to add images in line with instructions in an ible. I tried the standard HTML command [img][/img] and it didn't seem to work. Any advice would be fgreatly appreciated! Thanks Jeremy

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Can you put SCR's in parallel? Answered

The title said it all. The reason I want to do it is because I want to discharge a capacitor bank into a coilgun, etc, using SCR instead of a large switch. The surge current form the capacitor bank is approximately 400 amps and the SCR's I have can handle surge current of 160 amps, can I put a few of those in parallel to handle 400 amps?

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TV video out-put problem

I have broken Samsung plasma TV 50".  I don't want to trough it out, but use the inside circuit as video out put device. Use the FFC cable that goes to TV screen and convert it to round wire with HDMI/ S-video/ VGA outlet. So I can see that outlet in my projector and see the all TV cable channels and take a benefit of 2D to 3D conversion facilities of TV. I think that could be possible but I have not any experience of that.

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Bandsaw blade put on the other way?

Howdee..I need to cut wood with a bevel the opposite way of the way a bandsaw table tilts...the only way i could see this happening is if i install the blade the other way round and cut from the other end as my bandsaw does not tilt both ways...would anyone know if this can be done? cheers 

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How to put a design on a metal cup?

Hey Guys! So I'm a bit new to this (meaning I'm totally new.) So I'm not sure if this question has been asked before,. If it has, please redirect me to it :) I'm looking to 'personalise' a metal traveller's mug, and just metal mugs in general and i was wondering what options are available? I want to go through the options before i pick the method that i'll use. What i want to do exactly is to put my design on the cup permanently. I've seen someone use a vinyl decal and a powder coating machine, but that's pretty expensive to get over here. So what are the other ways i can do that?  I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, Thanks :)

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E Ink to be put on magazine cover

Esquire is going to be celebrating its 75th year with an E Ink cover, the same stuff that's in Amazon's Kindle. There will only be 100,000 copies made for its circulation of 720,000 so grab one if you see it. Magazines always cost two or three times their cover price to make, but this should be way beyond even that. Esquire had to get its own custom battery made and the E Ink can't be too cheap either.So what message is so important for all of this? A flashing message that says, "the 21st Century Begins Now." Link

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LEDs are putting static on my stereo?

I wired a outlet so I could plug in a strip of LED lights that are able to run in different modes (flash, fade, different colors, etc) When I turn the LED lights on, the stereo, that is plugged into a different circut, has static that goes with the tempo of the lights. When I turn the lights off there is no static. What gives? Here is what I got. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0040FJ27S/ref=pe_175190_21431760_cs_sce_dp_1 I used them in another part of the basement and they work good with no problem. i also checked the outlets with the 3 light tester and it says it is wired correctly.

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Put a summary of your story here...

The person will type it in and the person below has to say if they would read it. Think back, think back to when you were younger and you spent every waking moment making up and playing games.What ever you wanted, you had free rein over your thoughts and you would never ever get scared of your fantasies because you had control over them. You would play cops and robbers, pirates, witches and wizards, ghosts,vampires and werewolves, and win just because you made up the rules. Absolutely everything you could think of. Imagine the day all that stopped..when you finally grew up, when you stopped dreaming those magical places you escaped to. Instead your were going to school and starting homework and going on proper outings with your family.Your dreams lay blank..only thinking of the next day. Your life was comfortable. But what would you do when you dreamed again? What would you do when your fantasies became real?Not knowing whether they were real or just a stretch of you imagination. This thrilling tale is about a boy aged 14 years old called Mike Groves, and this is his nightmare! Would you read it.

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Putting an end to flickering LED's on mains

Greetings everyone! It's the time of year when colorful twinkling lights adorning nearly every structure you can see. LED's have become more popular as of late, and from an energy standpoint that's good. I know most people can't see a 60Hz flicker but I can, and it's quite unpleasant to sit across from a tree full of LED's all doing the same on-off-on-off nonsense.  I am fortunate to only get headaches though, other epileptics I've known have actually had AC LED's trigger seizures. So what can be done about this? We bought LED strings before thinking about flicker and have since replaced them with incandescent ones, but I've still got all the LED strings in the closet. I'd really like to be able to use them.  Perhaps I could fashion a device that acted as a middleman between the outlet and the plug on the lights that would smooth the incoming current? I have two ideas for this:  1.  Filter incoming current with an RC circuit 2.  Rectify the mains voltage I'm curious if anyone else has attempted, solved, or even just noticed this frequency problem? I don't mind re-inventing the wheel, but I'd rather not build it square. Happy holidays! **yes, I just said happy holidays. Deal with it. :)

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when i put my lcd hp 1502 put on the screen goes blink?

I have an hp 1502 LCD monitor. a weak before it start problem, as when i on it the screen goes blink white just after having a glimpse of the desktop view and when i do on and off it for several times it goes right but i faced the same problem each time when on it....   whats the problem within... 

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Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

Can I get a 700x25 tire and tube and put it on a bike wheel that has a 700x38c tire and tube in it?

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Old mario games on PSP

I know that you can put the original mario game from the gameboy and other old systems on the psp. My friend wont tell me, but he let me play the game (not umd). I was wondering if anybody knows how to do that and if you could tell me. Thanks.

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Is it safe to put electronic hardware inside of PVC? Answered

I am designing a tactical airsoft flashlight, and want to build the first prototype in a 1 inch diameter PVC tube. I was wondering if it was safe to put electronic hardware inside of a PVC tube, or if was dangerous or could destroy the hardware. Thanks!

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how do I put a trampoline together?

I was given a trampoline and I want to put it together, how does one do this?

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can i put gas in a antifreeza container?

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can you put bondo on plaster of paris? Answered

Can you put bondo on plaster of paris? i want to put some kind of filler on a rounded styrofoam shape, and then use bondo to make it look like a hard plastic or metal surface

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Is it possible to put a straight bend in a perspex sheet?

I want to put a sheet of perspex  on the back of a shower cubicle on an inside corner without joining it at the corner Is it possible to bend a sheet of perspex at a 45% angle

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How do you put HTML into Instructables?

Asked by Derin 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to put videos on a Hitachi MTP player

Does anyone know how to put videos and DVDs on a Hitachi MTP player? thanks in advance?

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what's the best way to put led's on an RC?

I want to put leds on my rc car. I would like to know what is the best way to do it and not have to many wires or switches.

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