how to control small dc motors with arduino uno r3 with the connection of homade moter controller

How to control small dc motors by motor controller on arduino r3  and what is the better motor controller chip and how many small dc motors can u connect on an arduino uno r3

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R5, Bolt Action Carbine

Hey guys! After the "rebuff" I received from ZakS and FlyingFish10 (and more kind comments from TheDunkis and Raz1r Knex Bull3t) about how my K'NEX Gun: Declaration (R2) looked just like a ZKAR (to which I disagreed), I decided to rebuild and heavily edit my K'NEX gun Declaration (R2), changing the body and mechanisms so heavily that the comparison between it and the ZKAR would be virtually non-existent. After about three days of hard work, I have finally come up with this gun, the R5. With a brand new trigger mechanism and bullet transfer system, this gun is ENTIRELY different from any other bolt action gun you will find. While the bolt itself is heavily similar to the ZKAR / Zaktangle, almost everything else is entirely unrecognizable (except the magazine, that's a pretty standard yellow rod magazine). Features: Brand new trigger mechanism Brand new bullet transfer system Heavily edited (and improved) pin guide setup Comfortable stock Very reliable New magazine setup, with magazine breach Comfortable grip Flip-up back sight Great range: 50 - 70 ft. Preloadable magazine Internal magazine pusher 12 rd. magazine (could be increased) This version is by no means finished, but when I do finish it, I'll be sure to post a full set of instructions. Check out the image notes for more info. Tell me what you guys think I should change or add to this gun. I'd love to hear your comments. Quick Tip: When you have a magazine that is full of rounds try and make the last round different in some way, so that when you shoot the gun you know when the magazine is empty. This will prevent you from shooting the magazine pusher, and make it so that you don't have to keep track of how many rounds you've shot. -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Right Transistor for a apx. 50watt H-bridge? Answered

Currently i am trying to make an Arduino UNO R3 control a 50 Watt (12 volts @ 4 amps) motor with an H bridge and use the Pulse width modulation on the Arduino to control the transistors. However i don't know what would be the best choice for transistors? Also I am new to this so can some also explain how transistors are named?

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What really happened to my Arduino Uno R3?

My Arduino  Uno R3 was working properly, but I connected it to a power supply board along with relays and GSM modem and some voltage fluctuations and blinking occurred. I immediately disconnected everything from it and connected Arduino to my PC. But I was not able to upload any programs to it. avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding I was getting this error report. I disconnected every connections from it, but still I was not able to upload programs to it. When connected to PC the 'ON' and 'L' LEDs are glowing steadily. No blinking occurs to 'L' LED even when the reset button is pressed. Also the micro-controller chip is getting overheated(By a little more than usual). There is no problem with my USB drivers because I am sure that it was working fine on Windows and Linux. Can you please tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? -Thanks

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Arduino UNO R3 SMD Uploading Error on Widnows 7 64bit

Hi, I just Installed Arduino UNO R3 SMD to my Windows 7 64bit. and getting     avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error when uploading I'm sorry if it is a old problem solved somewhere in this forum. But last couple of hour i couldn't find it. Please see attached image for better understanding. Thanks Farness

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is it possible to connect an xBee to 4 servos and a tank chassis and control it on a computer? Answered

Im building an RC tank whit an 4 dof robot arm on it, can I control the whole thing on my computer using an xbee on my tank and one on my computer? and if so what do I have to download on my computer to control it?

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Arduino UNO R3

I want to make projects on Arduino UNO R3 . In fact i made one that is 3x3x3 LED Cube. But facing some problem.  I don't want to use Arduino all time. Please any one tell me the alternative for this. I want to do like this picture but i don't know the connections for this. PLEASE HELP ME

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arduino ethernet shield connect to facebook?

I have an Arduino Uno R3 and an Ethernet Shield R3 (Both official) and i want to connect it to facebook. Can someone help me?

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Dropping out of TGKTR3

As the title suggest, I am dropping out of the tournament. There are several reasons why.1. People don't like the founder of the contest being in it.2. I want to judge this last round personally so people probably won't like me judging my own entry.3. I already started taking apart my unfinished entry.For all those wondering, this was going to be my entry:

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8 bit Instruction set ?

Hello experts I need some help I want to make 8 bit instruction using folloing component so I made one simple example 8 bit instruction set 4 bit opcode + 2 bit source register +2 bit destination register+ 4 bit data accumulator A memory register R1 memory register R2 memory register R3 opcode         source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx                  R1  01           A  01                xx                  R2  10               XX                xx                  R3  00               XX                xx load data directly into R1 mov R1#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          00                  data load data directly into R2 mov R2#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          00                  data load data directly into R3 mov R3#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          00                  data load data directly into A mov A#data opcode     source      destination       data 0010            00         A  01                  data mov the content of R1 into Accumulator mov A, R1 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R1 01          01                  disable mov the content of R2 into Accumulator mov A, R2 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R2 10          01                  disable mov the content of R3 into Accumulator mov A, R3 opcode     source      destination       data 0010         R3 11          01                 disable don't use any register disable opcode       source       destination       data 0010               00               00                 xx      don't use register

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programming ? Answered

Hello ! how to delete a program that is already existing in the arduino board to upload another program in arduino uno R3

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arduino uno R3 + ethernet shield as webserver

I am trying to load a webpage stored on SD card on the ethernet shield. I loaded the sketch webserver avalable in the library. THe output that i got on the serial monitor was server is at but i was unable to open the webpage any suggestions?? thank you

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by using ardino R3 ,BT module and mpu6050 can we make stable brushed quadcopter?

Sir i want all the instruction of ardino brushed quadcopter .i want make this project in lower budget and i .can i use ardino micro insted of nano? can i use 180 motors?and laptop battery?

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What is wrong with my Uno r3?

Please help.  I have 5 UNO R3 clones and I can't install them on my computer. When I plug them in two red LEDs light and the board comes up under Other Devices as a USB V2 device. I've tried every driver I can find, but none are recognized as suitable. I've tried 5 different boards, two computers Win 8.1 and Win 7. I've swapped cables and still nothing. I have a feeling it could be a lack of a bootloader on all the boards. How would I check if this is the case and how would I fix it? I have managed (easily) to install an Arduino Mega with no problems and I've managed to install many other devices so it's not a case of too dumb. Just a little dumb :-) Any help would be very much appreciated.      Stu

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Which microcontroller to choose?

Hi all, I need to use a microcontroller for my project and am thinking of getting the arduino UNO R3 development board which composes of the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have to connect a small motor, a 16x2 LCD display and a miniature heating element to the arduino. I would like to know if the UNO R3 is suitable for my project. PS: I am very new and noob regarding microcontrollers

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Arduino wifi sniffer

Is it possible to connect an Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 (official) to a wifi router then connect to a different router though the first router? I want to do this so I can make a robot that when it finds a known network it connects to it then dumps the data from the sd to an online server. Can anyone help me with this? I have an Arduino Uno R3 (official) and an Arduino Mega 2568 (clone).

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Screenprinting on Velcro?

Has anyone tried screen printing on the hook and loop side of velcro? Any success? Any tips?

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Round 3Last round.RulesMake a ball machine.Deadline: June 1st

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how to control servo motor(analog or digital servo) with ps2 remote and Arduino Uno r3?

Hello, I just want to control my servo Pan tilt with my ps2 remote and arduino uno R3. It means when i press the Triangle(Green) button it will move clock wise, and when i press X(Blue) button it will move counter clock wise. and this condition will true when button will press. unless it stop at current position.

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TDA2003 opamp question? Answered

Hello i have some questions about the opamp TDA2003. 1.In the picture bellow the R1 and R2 make the gain for opamp .Gain=R2/R3=220/2.2=100. It's of if i replace the R2 with 2k resistor and R3 with 200 Ohms resistor ??? The gain still the same but i dont know if it still ok ?? 2.What the  C2(470uF) do in this schematic, what will happend if i replace it with a 100uF capacitor ? Thanks for advance! sorry for my bad English !

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I would like to show you pictures of the second version of my KAST R3. The KAST R4 is a CQB style weapon. It's more powerful, has upgraded sights, is really compact, has the mag in the stock like the first gun, removable mags, etc. Unfortunately it doesn't have a ram guide (in development), and is less accurate. The first pics are the R4, the last is the R3. You can find a short video of it shooting on my photobucket. I will make a better video later. EDIT: IT IS NOW POSTED!!!!

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Strangly Switching ON signs....!!!? Answered

On switching ON for the1st time Arduino UNO R3 on USB and even on DC 9v supply, Green LED is ON , the Orange LED is Blinking. Tried to reset and load load IED but failed.....!! Photo of PCB in Question is enclosed

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Question ? Answered

Hi friends i am mad about arduino I am trying to make a voice controlled LED but I don't know how to connect Bluetooth module hc 05 and arduino uno r3 can you please guide me?

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What is the program code for arduino obstacle avoiding robot it has IR remote and receiver module with HC-SR04 sensor?

It has HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor , arduino uno R3, L293D motor driver , and Infrared remote and Infrared receiver module.

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resistor id?

This might sound stupid, but being brand new to electronics i need to pose this question, i found a scematic with 3 resistors on, 1 is a variable rated as R1 100K, the second R2 1K, the third R3 270R, the problem is the third resistor, what does the "R" stand for?

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I have a question about Arduino Uno R3 stacking shields for a project

I just started on a Arduino UNO R3 project, Its basically a vehicle (a tank) with 2 separate DC Motors, that controls its movement. Another part of the tank would be a Camera dock, which would be made up of 2 Servo motors which basically moves the camera Up, Down, Left, Right. To control the Vehicle i would use an Xbox 360 wireless controller. So far the only thing i figured out is that i would require two shields, One would be the Motor shield (Controls Both dc gears and Servos:, The other shield would be the USB Host shield ( - this would be used for the 360 wireless receiver) . The thing is is it possible to combine all three, if not what would be alternative solutions?, thank you

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Can you tell me the code for arduino robot that has HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor , L293D , IR receiver module and remote?

It is a arduino obstacle avoiding robot , that has arduino uno R3 , L293D motor driver , HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor , IR remote and receiver module on 2wD chassis.

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CH340G and Standalone UNO R3 Got ERROR "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?"

I bough the CH340G USB-TTL with 6 pin (GND, CTS, VCC, TX, RX, DTR). The CH340 driver already installed, the arduino bootloader also already burn to ATmega328P-PU. When upload the sketch using FTDI or PL2303 or ATmega16U2 is okey and no error found. But if Ia using CH340 and connecteed below pin: Arduino VCC ==> VCC CH340 Arduino GND ==> GND CH340 Arduino RX ==> TX CH340 Arduino TX ==> RX CH340 Arduino RESET ==> DTR CH340 The error always appear as "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?" event the speed on the port setting already change at 9600; 19200 or 115200. Iam also trying with IDE 1.6.0, 1.0.5 and 022 the error message are same. May be someone can help me please?

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if i put 3 resistors in line with each other does that add the resistance values together? Answered

What i mean is if they are like this in a circuit: > -R1- -R2- -R3- > becuase i need 300kohms, but all i have are multiple 100kohm resistors. if i put them like described above, will that equal 300kohms? if not, what way does?

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Which Arduino is the Most Used by ibles Members ? Answered

I want to purchase an Arduino probably from Jameco Electronics close to me. There is some confusion on which revision R1, R2, R3 is the most compatible to this community.  Most of the Unos cost between $30 and $40 US. I use a PC with XP windows  later probably be getting a shield 8 pin.

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Arduino Uno R3 connected to adh8066 GSM?

I'm trying to have my Arduino Uno R3 send SMS texts to my phone with latitude/longitude coordinates with use of the GTPA013 GPS unit. The GPS is working fine but I'm having trouble with the AT codes sent to the GSM module. I keep getting errors and not the "OK" I should be getting. Below is the code I am using if that helps. Thanks for any help!! Greg. #include #include int PWON = 13; // the pin to switch on the module (without press on button) int rxPin = 0;                    // RX PIN int txPin = 1;                    // TX TX char data[256]; int x; void setup() {   Serial.begin(115200);   delay(2000);   pinMode(PWON, OUTPUT);      // sets the digital pin as output   pinMode(rxPin, INPUT);   pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);   PowerModuleOn();   delay(3000);   InitializeGSM(); } void loop() {   } void PowerModuleOn() {   digitalWrite(PWON, LOW); //Pull PWON low   delay(2000);  //Delay 300 ms   digitalWrite(PWON, HIGH);  // Pull PWON high, Powers up GSM Module } void InitializeGSM() {   Serial.println("AT");   Serial.flush();   for (x=0;x     data[x]='\0';   }   /*if(Serial.available() > 0)   {     Serial.println("Data Available");   }   else{     Serial.println("No data coming from GSM Module");   }*/   x=0;   do{     while(Serial.available()==0);     data[x];     x++;     if(data[x-1]==0x0D&&data[x-2]=='"'){       x=0;     }   }while(Serial.available()>0);   Serial.println(data);   delay(10000); }

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