Hi there! I'd like to sew a toy rabbit for my niece, does anybody have a pattern (model) of soft toy rabbit? I'm going to use my sewing machine. thx a lot!

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Catch A Rabbit

The LAPD, The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides to give them a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and each of them has to catch it. The CIA goes in. They place animal informants throughout the forest. They question all plant and mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist. The FBI goes in. After two weeks with no leads they burn the forest, killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and they make no apologies. The rabbit had it coming. The LAPD goes in. They come out two hours later with a badly beaten bear. The bear is yelling: "Okay! Okay! I'm a rabbit! I'm a rabbit!"

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Hunting rabbit?

So, I know you're not supposed to hunt rabbit during the summer, because of diseases and parasites, but what if they seem healthy? Like no fleas, bots, spots on the liver, etc. Yes I do want to eat them, and yes it is legal in this area because they are simply destroying my moms garden, and she asked if I could take care of it. However, since I don't want them to go to waste, I wanna eat em! Would they be safe to consume?

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Squirrel or Rabbit Recipes

I'm looking for recipes that a member has created and that has not gone to some website.

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A very disturbing "instructable"

Can someone please talk to someone in charge and take down an Instructable by "velacreations" named "Make a rabbit fur hat from scratch"?? This crazy person is encouraging people to breed bunnies and slaughter them for fur to make hats, need I say more?? Well I will, it's revolting, and extremely disturbing. I was in shock when this even came promoted to my email. I don't want to unsub from this site but will with no hesitation if this doesn't get removed. Rabbits are supposed to be wild or loved as pets. Not raised to be killed, butchered, and skinned (with kids at the house too boot it seems!) and spread across the internet with info on how to do it to tons of other defenseless bunnies. Come on now guys, don't stoop this low and think this acceptable. Thank you and I truly hope action is taken ASAP. Joanne

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help found a baby rabbit need tips on how to take care of it?

Found a baby rabbit need some help on how to take care it

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we saved a baby rabbit

There were 5 rabbits but 2 died and 2 we haven't found the reason we know there are five is because we saw them the day before ,but didn't save them because we thought that the mother would come back Then the next day we saved them when we noticed only one was living. something sorta lucky happened... when we were on our vacation to Pennsylvania the rabbits cage tipped over and the rabbit got out and hid some where in our house. but my brother that stayed home so some one was there to look for him. He couldn't find him after like 2 hrs of looking he so he told my dog to find him and sure enough she sniffed him out in like 1 - 5 minutes. He ended up right behind the computer I am sitting at.... as I fix my grammar and spelling errors. he is also as big as a soft ball now :P that thing grows so dang fast.

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my rabbit isnt eating? Answered

I read on a website that they'll go ina phase where they just wont eat for a couple days. all my other rabbits are eating but she isnt. she just started this today. a few days ago he did this for about ten minutes and i gave him a flower and she ate that, then ate her pellets. what should i do to get her to eat or should i just keep a close eye?

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Check out my crazy rabbit fur wallet

I made this a while a go, I plan to make an instructables for the next one I make.

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How can I make a large-ish auto waterer for my rabbit hutch? Thanks? Answered

I want to know how to create a self-waterer for my rabbit hutch using the nozzles that came on the small bottles the rabbits have now. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any ideas since I am disabled and watering the bunnies has become quite a chore. Thank you in advance to the team for any help you can offer.

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Could I have a rabbit's nest under my shed??

I've seen a wild rabbit near my shed. I can't see all the way under the shed, even though it's up off the ground, because there's a mound of dirt under there. I put lettuce just under the shed, and it disappears. Could the mound be a rabbit's nest??

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how can I make a TRIX CEREAL RABBIT . head piece for mr my costume???

Im either going to make the TRIX RABBIT head piece and want to know how... or The ENERGIZER BUNNY RABBIT... need help with that too

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How do I take care of my rabbit? I just got it yesterday.?

He's one month old and I've never had any pets before. What should I do to keep him clean, safe, and happy?

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Pelt curing: how to preserve the ears and feet of a hare or rabbit? Answered

Yesterday got a hare from roadkill. (It is stewing right now). I want to try to do an attempt at taxidermy. I got the pelt off intact, except the lower part of the legs, and I still have to do the head. I was thinking of just letting the legs dry: Quite tedious to take the skin off, and hardly any meat on it. Can I do this, and can I just let the ears dry?

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Hunting Tips

Hi everybody i was wondering if you could give me some tips on hunting foxes because i just bought a 55 IB recurve bow and the dam fox has killed 2 of our ducks and i want to take it DOWN, i know a bit about hunting, like using camo, tree stands, traps and so on, could u all please help me to kill this fox. thanks for the help

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Jameco Build Night at The Rabbit Hole

Friday the 16th of August will be Instructables/Jameco build night at the Rabbit-Hole in Rochester, Mn. We did the unboxing of the Jameco grab bag of goodies last week, so I'll link that video here: It's called The Rabbit Hole - Episode 032 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GQqA56uS7s Thanks again to Instructables.com and jameco.com for making this happen, we're looking forward to an educational and fun night!

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Has anyone made a rabbit-run inside their house?

I have a rabbit in a large cage in the garage. I would like to give it more room for exercise, but don't want to have it loose chewing everything up. I'm thinking of making a rabbit run to other parts of the garage or house. Like a long and very skinny cage with a larger cage at either end, or hubs with trails in-between.

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how can I make a wild rabbit house?

I wanted to find some free diy plans on making a portable, house for rabbits, that for wild rabbits that's designed so the rabbits will not need any matanince (because they are wild critters which do there own natural thing  so people do not have to disturb them,with access for emergency use. you can make your own project then post it just make sure it's safe for the rabbits and people, I don't want to spend too much money, It's just a possible plan it's not a garrentee   I disclaim I am a humane ethical young man, I am good at heart, I will see what I an do if nessary and get my parents concent, it is meant within the terms of use

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Adding an instructable to the Deconstruction Group

Hi folks - The Rabbit Hole team here from the Deconstruction... We uploaded an instructable for the Deconstruction group from the Rabbit Hole team - rather than do this a million times (and not see it in the group), is it awaiting moderator approval?

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rabbit (alice year old) is very thin how do i get her to gain weight??

She lives with 2 other female rabbits, i see her eating all the time, she eats all the fruits and vegis i give her, i felt her spine and it is very bony (i can feel the outline of her spine and ribs) they live outside, all the others (including another rabbit we have separated from the 3 due to her going after them) are nice a plump, i can sorta feel their soine but its nothing like alices, what are some foods i can give her to help her weight, would alfalfa hay be OK to mix in her hay?

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my rabbit alice has a deep cut on the inside of your thigh i dont know what from?

Its probly about a centimeter or two deep i sprayed it with disnfectent that we use on our cuts. its a little smaller then a 5 cent piece. should i open it and check for maggots? its almost complettly scabbed over. she doesnt act any diffrent but i do know that rabbits try hard not to act hurt when they are. for now i will spray it one a day will disnfectnt. please help!

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Why is my female rabbit going after my other 3 females rabbits they have been together for a year and she just started?

Chippy (one of the 4 females) has been going after the other 3 when around them. so now she is sepperted from them. they all live outside in a large hutch with an upstairs and down stairs(there is a door you can shut to keep them from going up stairs or down stairs so they can be seprate). chippy is now up stairs at night and down stairs during the day and gets an hour to run everyday while they other 3 are inside their hutch(there is a 6 foot run ). The 4 of them have been together for a year, since winter has started moving in, Chippy has been going after the other three by putting his head under their butt and biting them so they go away, or is it to show dominance? Today i let him sit with Cocoa (our lop ear) and he was cleaning her ears and sitting with her on top of their hutch just with her and had made Nutty (one of the other 3 rabits) go away. chippy hopped down to the run and cocoa followed and then i noticed his ear was startn to bug him a little and he made her go away (with the bighting there bottom thing). he seems to tollerate cocoa Way mor then the other 2. when ever alice (1 of the 4 chippy used to have a big bond with) comes within a foot of chippy, chippy pounced at her and alice ran off.  I think it's dominance, will getting her spayed fix this? I worry if chippy will be warm enough threw the Whole winter by herself...(i put warm blankets in both halves of the hutch each night for them to use and on the openings in the hutch thats made for sun to go threw we have covered so its not So cold at night) Advice? please

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how do i help my 3 rabbits goin after each toher?

I have 4 rabbits, all females we are 99% sure we have had them for a year and about 3 months, they live in a large hutch outside with a large run space. after a while Chippy would tear out the others fur, i thot it would stop but i didnt so we separated her.now the other three are toether and they are humping each others face, when one is laying down one will come up put their nose under the others crotch and make the one they are biting get up. when they dont hump the others face, they hump like normal but hold on to who ever their humpings fur and then tear it out when they are done. i think its maintaing dominance but it keeps going on....through out the after noon they will die down and not do it to each other. (the 3 run in the run area during the day and at 5pm i put the 3 in the hutch and let chippy run until about 9 then put them all in at night, chippy goes in his own area closed up on the top of hutch other 3 on bottom half.) dureing the after noon till about 3 or 4 the are totaly chill with each other. they lay with one another, clean each other, etc.  Should i just wait for them to pick a dominant or is it more serious...  summer is comeing and we are going to get chippy his own hutch and split the run in half so all 4 of them can be out 24/7 and have more room.  Will it get better when they arent in side all night, is that the problem??  Please help i dont know what to do!

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How to make the Silen Hill amusement park mascot?(Robbie) Answered

READ Have you ever heard of Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill? I want to make his costume! It may or may not take alot of time and since I won't be pressured by trying to get it done before Halloween I can take my time and do a great instructable. Here's a little idea of what he looks like, he's a pink bunny with big oval eyes and a sort of half-smile with a lot of  blood smeared all over his face, he wears bloodied blue overalls and seems to have smaller feet than an average cartoon mascot. Here's a pic: https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FAW/FH2I/G145JI1B/FAWFH2IG145JI1B.SMALL.jpg So any suggestions on how to make this mascot costume?

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What is the cheapest place to get rabbit pelts/ raccoon tails in the Utah County area/online?

I'm looking for a bunch, so price is crucial.

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The world's cutest biofuel: burning bunnies.

Stockholm has a pest problem - thousands of rabbits (the descendants of escaped pets) have to be culled every year to stop them eating all the green spaces.  The culled bunnies are frozen and stored. But the fate of these cute corpses is causing a stir amongst Stockholm residents. The rigid rabbits are collected by contractors, taken to the town of Karlskog, and burned to heat the town. Leo Virta, the Managing Director of Konvex - the plant's suppliers - told the BBC that Konvex has developed a new way of processing animal waste with funding from the EU as part of the Biomal project. He says that with this new method, raw animal material is crushed, ground and then pumped to a boiler where it is burned together with wood chips, peat or waste to produce renewable heat. "It is a good system as it solves the problem of dealing with animal waste and it provides heat," said Mr Virta. The Karlskogans don't mind what provides their heat, but in Stockholm, the urbanised residents think they're just too cute to burn... What do you think?  Clever use of waste biomass, or cruelty to bunnies?

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Happy Chinese New Year!

It's that time of year again: Chinese New Year! In Asian households all over the world (well at least mine), preparations are starting for the holiday. This year Chinese New Year is on February 3rd. Time to celebrate the year of the rabbit! I know w we've been baking, cooking, and buying all sorts of things for the new year. I found some great recipes to make for it and you'll be sure to see some of them from me on instructables (hopefully if things don't get too hectic). Here's some recipe and happy Chinese New Year! Pineapple Tarts Fried Pot Stickers Kek Lapis Braised Peanuts Sesame Balls Almond Butter Cookies Vinasse Eggs Tofu Dessert Chester Cake Tomato Soup with Vermicelli Stir Fried Beef (images from google)

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my rabbit is twitching her fur/skin?

The other 3 she lives with (one of the three is separted from them) arent twitching, im pretty sure rabbits dont just twich their fur just to do it, i sure it's cause something is irritating her skin. is there anything i can do at home to stop the iritation?i checked her fur and from what i can see she doesnt have anything in it. they live out side in a large hutch with a long run and it,s the middle of winter so i thought everything should be dead.  what can i do to help her?

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How do you potty train a rabbit? Answered

My rabbit is named Bunny. She is a lion head dwarf and shes really smart when she wants to be. She only wants to be potty trained when she feels like it. One day she will do really well, not leaving a single dropping on the ground. Then other days she makes a mess and i'm very tired of deep cleaning my carpets all the time. I first started by keeping her in a small area, the bathroom. When she was caching on I started giving her more space. Now, I have bunny proofed my room and it's now her room and she was doing really well with the training for wile. I have about 6 litter boxes all around my room, but now she never uses them and I don't know what to do. Nothing is working for me.

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a fold of skin next to rabbits vagina collecting yellowish stuff? Answered

Two of my rabbits have it i dont know if the other to have it because they wont stay still long enough. it doesnt seem like a cut but its mor like a fold of skin but you cant un fold it. its right next to their vagina and it collects yellow moist stuff. should i just leeve it alone of clean it out? it hurts them when i do stuff to it and i know that because after i try to get the yellow stuff out they chatter their teeth. please help

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What is the best way to pull in a High Definition signal with just a standard plan antenna (Rabbit Ears or Outside)?

I would like to pull in a High Definition signal well enough so the picture doesn't freeze. I'm using HD rabbit ears?

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will my four rabbit sbe ok out side during storms?

We live in nebraska wether changes suddenly a lot we have just orderd a hutch for them out side, they have been outside all day before but all come inside at night. it has been storming latly with a lot of thunder. i have read that they can die of being to scared. will they be ok being outside during thunder? they do will have shelter from the rain. also they are inside bunnies they sleep and are inside, will they be ok suddenly being outside all the time 24/7?

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Presidential Weirdness

Proving the only thing weirder then presidents are presidential candidates:Dennis Kucinich admitted during a debate that he witnessed and communicated with a UFO. Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico) then called for the federal government to "come clean" on UFOs.In vaguely related history, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit. Photo courtesy of the Jimmy Carter Library.

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whats the best to ammo use for slingshots? (apart from rounds and ballbearings)

For shooting rabbits and squirels

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CAn't you read?

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Sling shot

I just bought a barnett black widow and it came with some plastic ammo and was wandering are black widows good? Also could plastic ammo kill a rabbit or duck

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Advice needed! how transfer designs to fibreglass sculpture

Hi I have a design submission to decorate/paint a 3 foot high fibreglass Rabbit! I want to create a pattern similiar to a wallpaper flock pattern but I don't really want  to do it all by hand. I thought I could design my pattern and create a decal, transfer, (acrylic image transfer is something I am hearing and reading about) and apply it to the rabbit. Any tips or suggestions would be great. P

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Here are some of my pets i have i still missing one of my cats (not in real life i mean a picture) UPDATE i took three more pictures of jack

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Mind control

I don't know why, but the picture for the robot contest looks like instructables robot mind controlling the rabbit or what ever the creature it is. It makes me think it is a mind control contest when I first saw that picture.

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i like shooting targets with my slingshot in my garden but dont like picking up bb's that i shot any ideas? Answered

My mum dosent like it because we have a pet rabbit that could choke on the bb's

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handicap easy around cart i want to speed up electric motor to get more speed out of the cart ?

I can get around now don't need the cart so i want to see just how fast ,or speed i can get  of this thing.It has a turtle & rabbit  dial turtle 1mpr & rabbit  is a fast walking pace it runs off  a 12 volt  25 amp deep charge batteries   and  an electric  motor and the rear wheels are mounted  directly to the motor i am not  a student of  electricity but know just enough to be dangerous thx u just lookin to have some fun.if if  i cant make it faster with electric theirs a lawn mower engine (last resorts)   

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For Sale: Bioshock Splicer Masks

Hey there! So I've made some masks recently and I'm thinking about selling some more. So here's how it goes: You choose from a variety of styles. These include Rabbit, Bird, Spider, Cat, and Butterfly. Some pictures and examples can be seen below.  All of these come in either Clean, Bloody, Dirty (as seen in the bird mask picture), or, in the case of the Rabbit mask, Sander Cohen Black. After you choose this, you can go to my Etsy account and place an order (http://www.etsy.com/people/inept77).  I will then make your mask and send it to you as quick as I can. Because these take a bit, I can only do 10 orders at a time. They will run about $50 each. If you have any more questions, go ahead and post below or message me.  Thanks!

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window gel things you put on picture windows

I am trying to find out how to make those gel window cling ons, you know, they have snow flakes for winter and easter eggs and rabbits for spring. About 1//8th of an inch thick they seem to be, any ideas on how to make them and save a bunch of $?

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Why will my power washer only run on choke? Answered

 I have a typical small engine power washer which was running fine the first day I used it this year even on the old fuel. When I got a can of new fuel this year, it would start and run while I had the choke on, but when I tried to take the choke off, it would simply die. This was the case even after it had run awhile. I was able to adjust the speed from rabbit to turtle and back to rabbit with no problems. However, while it is in choke, I just am not getting the same power. What could be causing this small engine to only run in the choke position? It has oil. This is New Jersey, and every gas station now has ten percent ethanol mixed into the gas. I can guess that this has something to do with it, but how can I fix the problem? What exactly is the problem?

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What the BLEEP do we know?

How many have viewed the movie or read any of the books enititled: What the BLEEP Do We Know? [http://https:www.whatthebleep.com What the BLEEP link]I just viewed the shorter version of "Down the Rabbit Hole", and would like to have some opinion on whether it is worth my while to veiw the extended (6 DVD) version of it?

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are my four bunnies ok to be outside in the winter?

They have been outside the whole summer and they have been doin goood threw the 90 to 110 degree weather, before the summer they were inside, but then we got them a hutch and they have a large running area, they have a room upstairs in the hutch and they love it, will they be ok to be outside all day and all night in the freezing weather?  

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Winnie the pooh mental disorders???

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but i think everyone in pooh bear has a mental disorder you decide put what you think below please =) enjoy! Pooh Bear: Eating Disorder Piglet: Social Anxiety Disorder Tigger: ADHD Rabbit: OCD Owl: Narcissistic Personality Disorder Eeyore: Depression Kanga and Roo: Dissociative Personality Disorder Christopher Robin: Schizophrenia What do you think?

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