How to make a radio telescope (With simple tools)? Answered

Please tell me How to make a radio telescope (With simpleTools )?

Asked by sky777 8 years ago

How do i make a radio without the crystals?

Some people have told  me about using a penny to make a radio. The objective though is to make a radio without the crystals

Asked by ajyounes10 8 years ago


HI! GUYS// THESE IS ARCHEOPTERICS..I AM GOING TO BUILD A RADIO BUT SUFFERING FROM LOT OF PROBLEMS>>>I AM confused abt the basic circuit of the radio......anyone have idea abt that/////pls HELP......

Asked by archeopterics 8 years ago

Battery removal from Mini Bluetooth Radio?

I have a battery that is dead inside a mini portable Bluetooth Radio, the radio can work only plugged for few minutes, then it turns OFF, a radio assistant says : "please recharge your battery"!!. As it is a Chinese product, i couldn't find this type of battery, i've taken out the battery and plug the radio directly to the adapter, the radio runs for 1.5 seconds then is turns off!! then a loop like this runs endlessly! so am wondering if there is any way to remove the battery element completely and use the Radio only with cable.

Asked by Bouzenzel 1 year ago

Radio Shows

I was recently given a copy of an old radio show called The Shadow. I enjoyed listening to the program, and could not help but wonder if there are any new radio shows being broadcasted. I found a few shows that air in the UK, but I could not find any in the US. Does anyone know if there is a station that still has radio shows?

Posted by Sedgewick17 9 years ago

Radio stuff

Could you replace the crystal from a vex transmitter to run off a different receiver.

Posted by IX Smith XI 9 years ago

Help to get rid of static on my alarm clock radio?

Every  time I take my hand away from my alarm clock radio there is static. Some times people walk in front of it there is static there.

Asked by pheonix10 4 years ago

I need a small FM radio tuner that can be set up for presets?

I need a small form factor FM frequency radio with tuner that can be set up for presets and to a plug in power supply To be used on a exercise machine. It also needs a headphone jack.

Asked by fiteqprpr 9 years ago

How would I go about making a low power radio station? any helpful info would be... helpful.?

I would like to start a low power radio station, only part time on the weekends. What kind of equipment would i need? 

Asked by kiffer360 8 years ago

salvage a radio?

I found an old portable sterio but the cd player and tape deck did not work but the radio did so i took the pc board out that has the radio guts on but now im lost  the wires coming out of it say s/m rch lch gnd +B Has anyone got a clue what thease mean  im guessing  rch and lch is right and left chanal for the speakers but the s/m and +b is throughing me

Asked by nonamesleft 7 years ago

What can I do with parts from an old police radio?

I have an old police radio and i dont know what to do with the parts. Ive already taken it apart makeing sure i didnt break any of the parts, but i have no idea what to do now.

Asked by Whiz kid 8 years ago

Is using PCB in a radio circuit a problem? Answered

I am making this FM bug: . I decided that I would use this instructable as my first PCB creation. However, I read that the copper creates small capacitors and would ruin the circuit. Would this be a problem on PCB?

Asked by seraine 6 years ago

Find it

Find the antenna! I need to make it bigger.

Posted by thejrb 10 years ago

can any one help me by saying any use of an old radio !!!!!!!!!! which works but i am not intrested , can i do

, can i do something else with it as i am a beginner !!!!!???????????? please help me !!!!!!!!!

Asked by abhishek.sreeni 6 years ago

can i sell my music through itune?

I am a musician and a compose i have recorded music audio and video.

Asked by kutlane 5 years ago

radio filter

Hi everybody,First off all , i'm new on this forum.My english isn't very good.problem:i have a stereo with cable to listen to fm frequenties.the signal i get isn't a real good quality and a lot of unwanted noise like when your on frequentie that doesn't have a signal.there is somewhere on this site an answer , but i can't find meit hase a cable , for a tv but with a big fiche, not like one from in my garage where the signal enters the house.view link: a pannasonic sa-ak330

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Asked by pop top 9 years ago

I have a question about my crystal radio. Answered

I just made a crystal radio and got it to work, but I can only get it to work during the day. Can any one tell me why it does that?

Asked by techno guy 6 years ago

Sattelite radio

I have a satellite radio. Got it from World space satellite radio inc. Since it got bankrupt in India , i cant avail any service. 1.Can i reuse it by subscribing to other company 2.Can i use it for some other technology eg. use it as local receiver. say something compatible with the frequencies that satellite radio use.

Posted by jagmeetsinghsaluja 7 years ago

Is there a way to make a regular radio get better reception?

My radios either have a standard antenna or the antenna in the power cord. When I'm tuning the radio I can get stations in clearly, but when I walk away the station gets static.

Asked by artquilter 9 years ago

Would I fry a boom box radio if I put a tv antenna on it?

Would it fry the radio if I attached an old tv antenna to a radio? I have already attached a loooong antenna to it, but I need more more more!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

My radio in my car was stolen and I dont want 2 buy a new one. Can I hook up a cheap radio 2 play thru the car speakers?

I have a 1992 Honda Accord that has no radio. In the empty space where the radio used to be, there are two cables: one that looks like a headphone plug, and one that is some sort of 32-pin female connector. Is there any way I can hook a cheap radio or maybe an Ipod to play through the car speakers?

Asked by 8 years ago

Tube radio not tuning, only making a hum

I have an old, Light green GE tube radio, AM only, and when I turn it on it only hums, it doesn't receive any stations, How can I fix this

Asked by macwhiz 6 years ago

I want to create a Web Radio for paying members, automatic monthly debit with Page Creator; is there a link or....?

 I want to create a Web Radio for paying members, automatic monthly debit with Page Creator or similar tool; is there a link or ...?

Asked by 8 years ago

How do you build a BFO for a shortwave Radio? Answered

I was on amazon looking to buy a better shortwave radio and this guy on there said "I did build a separate little circuit called a bfo. When I hold this next to the radio, I can understand radio amateur transmissions (around 7 mHz). " and I would very much like to be able to do the same, So how would you build such a thing. Thank You. All the best.

Asked by Graydant 4 years ago

Internet Radio

So, I started playing around with nowlive, it's a website that lets you host a free internet radio station. Pretty neat. Anyways, I just finished up my first official broadcast..and wanted to let any of you who like the idea of being a dj know.My station's site:

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

How can I modifying radio speakers?

Let's say that I took a pair of radio speakers and disconnected them from the radio.  Now I want to connect them to a power source (either wall or battery) and connect them to a headphone connector so that I can plug my mp3 player into them.  How would I go about doing this?

Asked by kiltsa 8 years ago

27MHZ 2-way radio? Answered

I need help building a 27MHZ 2-way radio, as the title suggests. I really want to build one so I can learn more about how radios work. And it has to be 27MHZ. I would also prefer the transmitter and receiver to be separate circuits, so there would be multiple uses for this. Thanks in advance, Dan

Asked by DanielB12 3 years ago

The FM is not operational, but the AM works?

Subaru car radio/cd player

Asked by GingHeskett 4 years ago

Turning AM/FM clock radio into just a radio?

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and couldn't quite find the answer to my question.  I have a cheapo AM/FM clock radio and thought it would be a fun Sunday afternoon project to turn it into just a radio.  I don't need the clock/alarm function anymore (I use my phone) and my dog likes to have some noise around when I'm not home (TV is an option, but I hate leaving the screen on all day).  Currently, the radio only turns on when the clock is triggered by the set alarm time...and it only plays for a max of 60 minutes.   Should be easy, right?  I opened the clock and couldn't quite figure out what I'm looking at...

Posted by Alischon 4 years ago

Does anyone have any advice on making a homemade clock-radio? Answered

I have a radio with a dismembered antenna, and a bright clock, and I want to make them into a "new" clock-radio, maybe steampunk, cyberpunk, or a combination of the two. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by Foaly7 9 years ago

how to trensfer a fm scan radio to static?

I have a HO700 SENTRY and i would like to make it to play 1 channel only. can somebody help me?

Asked by cobito1060 3 years ago

Any way to use this mobile cb radio indoors?

A friend gave this to me but I don't have a car, any way to convert it to AC current to use indoors?

Asked by buffysissy1 7 years ago

set up a small-range radio station ?

I want to set up something like a radio station in my college for my department so that we can deliver the messages through that and my fellow mates can listen to it in a FM receiver (in their mobile). How can i do it in the cheapest way possible?

Asked by navinn_11 7 years ago

How to make a DIY radio density meter?

I would like to build a radio density meter for my dad. I have some experience with arduino and netduino, soldering, some super basic electronics, but I have no clue where to start with a radio density meter.  What kind of signal do I have to generate?  What kind of chip/circuit will I need to read the radio signal and analyze it? I'm mainly interested in search terms, web sites, books, etc that will point me in the right direction - but any help at all is appreciated.   Thank you.

Asked by DWAK 4 years ago


I love baseball.  I want to watch the World Series on TV, but I don't want to listen to the TV announcers.  I want to listen to the radio broadcast instead.*  Problem is, the "live" TV arrives 1-2 seconds after the radio.  Which means I hear about the deep flyball to left before I see it. And that takes the fun out of watching the game. So, I'm wondering if I can add an adjustable delay to the sound from my radio, to sync up with the picture.  I can sacrifice a boom box or other radio for this if nec. Or some other solution? (I can record both and sync 'em up later using video editing software, but that's not practical). * for baseball fans:  it's the choice between the Buck/McCarver team (perfectly boring & perfectly obnoxious) and Jon Miller/Joe Morgan radio team (passionate and fun).

Asked by willz 7 years ago

How to make a single frequency am radio receiver?

I know how to make a 1 mhz am radio transmitter, so now I want to make a 1 mhz radio receiver to receive audio. I would prefer to not have to wind any coils and just make solid state with few components. Do I need to have a coil to receive the radio waves? Also can someone link me to an explanation or explain how I can demodulate with a 1 mhz crystal oscillator. I don't want a link to 'how to make an am radio' I can do that myself. I just want to know A. how to receive the radio signals hopefully without a coil (only using a variable cap?) and B. How I can demodulate using a crystal oscillator. Can I somehow receive the signal using an oscillator like was done with a 555 timer here Links to schematics / pictures of schematics must appreciated? Thank you

Asked by sk8aseth 6 years ago

homemade rider to rider radios?

Does anybody know how to make a set of voice operated rider to rider radios that can fit inside a crash helmet? im a real noob with electronics but im slowly learning, i can make an led flash and a buzzer sound and by the morning should be upto speed with a number of gate types. im on help!!?

Asked by SAPPERSTICKY 9 years ago

Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station .

Hi, I have a new neighbour and despite pleading, he puts his radio on outside our bedroom window. Is there any way to disrupt or jam the am /fm radio station so when he puts it on we can disrupt the signal. Maybe he would get the hint that the radio no longer works from that window and he would move it somewhere else. Please can anyone help?

Asked by oscarwhite 9 years ago

Can i wire up a tube from an old radio just for the glow?

I found a 6BQ5 amp tube and know nothing about them other than the pin id's.

Asked by Capt. Howdy 9 years ago

HAM Radio Questions

I am training in information to get into HAM radio... however, what kind of equipment is used? I looked up "HAM RADIO STARTER KIT" and differnet like phrases to see what I would be looking at... but simply cannot find anything. I assume its because your not supposed to purchase any of the stuff unless your licenced. I want to get in but I don't know where to start... and if after I start if I can afford it. Where can I learn the stuff thats on the test? I don't want to BUY a book, I have never seen any topic that didn't have soo little stuff under google. I mean I have been looking under "Amature Radio" and "HAM Radio" and getting certified and everyone wants to sell a book.

Posted by teamcoltra 9 years ago

Wiring a cb or ham radio microphone?

Hi. I've constructed a 40 metre transceiver. The mike wiring diagram shows ( mic signal / mic ground /ptt / ptt ground).  Can anyone tell me the correlation with  (common / rx / tx / audio) Thanks Ken

Asked by kadamak 1 year ago

AM Radio Reception

Any one know how to build a super antenna for pulling in AM signals from far distances i live in the boondocks and AM radio reception is lousy at best i've tried rigging up standard wire antenna and wound my own various contraptions nothing seems to pull the signal in stronger it comes in fair during the day but at night almost nothing but skipping and noise ... Any Suggestions  Thanks

Posted by fretted 5 years ago