how do rate on things plz answer? Answered

How do rate on like some thing that some one makes?

Asked by build52 7 years ago

rate button not visible

most of the time i can't see the rate button on instructibles just a blank spot where it should be.

Posted by noahadam 7 years ago

Can't see stars to rate

I can't see the stars to rate an instructable unless I reload the page a time or two. I updated both Flash and Java and still have the poblem. What's up?

Posted by gezer2u 7 years ago

Can't Rate

Ok so over the last couple of days I haven't been able to rate things. On my Mac OS X using Mozilla I just see grey where the ratings should be. Please Help!

Posted by MegaMetal8 6 years ago

How do you rate knex guns?

How do you rate knex guns.I rate it on this system (the stars are what i give or take from the base rating of a gun for that part):Gun build- 1 starlooks- .5 starsrange- 1 starFunction- 2 starsother opinions- .5 starsIf its a block trigger, It gets 0.5 stars, and it goes up from there (up to 3 stars)what is your rating system?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor Ratings

These are the ratings of the 5 Gum Flavors by my opinion. 1-SOLSTICE 2-RAIN 3-LUSH 4-ZING 5-REACT FRUIT 6-ELIXIR 7-REACT MINT 8-COBALT 9-FLARE

Posted by bwb12 8 years ago

Does Saying "Please Rate and Comment" Help At All?

I was just wondering, because of the iBles I've seen with that on it. ~~If it does, it might give me an edge in the Holiday contest.~~ >.> <.< Nobody saw that, right?

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Rate a Custom TR! (update)

Since everyone likes the TR so much and people are making custom TR's, I decided to have a "Rate a TR" thread.  Other sites have similar threads, like SSCoasters. The basis is that you post a picture of your TR, and the next person to reply has to rate your TR on a scale of 1-5.  Then he posts a picture of his custom TR, and the next person rates it and posts his TR, and so on. The more modded a TR seems, the higher rated it should be.  To start the topic off, here is my custom TR.  It uses Zak's stock because I like it so much, and it features original custom ironsights, and a neat trigger guard that attaches to the foregrip.  I will probably post a video later. *Edit* since there seems to be some debate on mods, I will clarify what I meant: By "mods", I meant mods that make the gun better or increase efficiency in some way or form.  So if you throw a bunch of random parts on your TR like a scope or a grenade launcher, it doesn't count towards my overall definition.  *update*:

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Three big Problems

Hello everyone, I have three problems at once. They are: 1. I can just look at pics as if I wouldn't have a Account EDIT: I just mean secondary pics can't enlardge 2. I can't rate anymore 3. I can't leave comments anymore, I can just reply other comments I would be so glad if someone could Help me! EDIT: OP-System: newest ubuntu version browser: firefox I already cleard cash and delited cookies and loged out and everything.

Posted by Sorunome 7 years ago


Hi, i'm new on here.. just wondered how the rating system works on this site? Thanks, Gemma

Posted by gemma87 10 years ago

What's your top rated?

What's your top rated instructable in the get the led contest out?

Posted by XOIIO 9 years ago

how do you rate a forum topic?

How do you rate a forum topic?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago


HI everyone....i am not a professional artist.. just an amateur but I'd like to know your honest feedback and rating  :) thanks

Posted by madonna91 4 years ago

Why cant i rate instructables anymore?

I cant seem to rate any instructables anymore. it seems to only happen on recently posted ones.

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

What happened to search by top rated?

Well, I Went to go and check what the top-rated thing in knex was, so I went and put in knex, pressed graphical search, and rating wasn't there to click! All of the other stuff was though.... It's really weird. Maybe someone else should see if they have this problem...

Posted by Seleziona 7 years ago

&quot;Rate&quot; feature doesn't appear in Safari Mac OSX

I've noticed recently that the feature to rate an instrucable doesn't seem to work with Safari 5.0.5 on my Mac, running OS 10.5.8. Instructables that have been rated don't display the rating (stars) under the info tab, and instructables that haven't been rated, can't be rated. But when I switch to Firefox on the same computer, these features do appear. Suggestions?

Posted by Winged Fist 6 years ago

Rate an Instructable? I've hovered, depressed, left clicked, right clicked, and double clicked.?

How do I rate an Instructable? I expect an answer that says first, second, then walk to the kitchen, get a drink, return to the computer, etc, sort of answer. I'm old. Thanks

Asked by mathman47 9 years ago

Can we not rate things any more?

Hi, i don't know if it's just me, but I can't 'rate' things any more.... I have tried on two different computers and well... it's confusing me... have i missed an update? are we not rating things any more? Am I being overly dense? I'm running an up-to-date version of fire fox if that helps toodles Jay

Posted by Biggsy 6 years ago

how do you pick up the signal from the chest strap of an un-coded heart rate monitor?

I've got a Polar heart rate monitor, which includes a chest strap and a watch. The strap sends out an RF pulse for each heartbeat it detects. These pulses then get counted and then displayed by the watch on your wrist. I would like to be able to intercept this RF pulse and do my own thing with it. My initial idea is a treadmill-mounted device that displays the current heart rate and at least some sort of min/max display, indicating when you are in the ideal HR zone. I think I know how to build the device, but the first step of intercepting the pulses has got me stumped. Anybody know the specifications of the strap and how to get the signal? Thanks!

Asked by dmeierhofer 8 years ago

My 1st attempt at art

Any comments, good or bad, would be really appreciated. Thanks 

Posted by James Kennedy 1 year ago

The real instructables rating system

The new instructables rating system is messed up, theres the rating that they want you to think, and theres the rating you actually get when you give a crap instructable on how to open a can of sprite a .5 rating .5 - 2.68 1 - 2.73 1.5 - 2.77 2 - 2.86 3 - 2.91 3.5 - 2.95 4 - 3.00 4.5 - 3.05 5 - 3.09 anything rated +1 in the previous rating system is a 5, which really means a 3.09, i think its that way... this only applies to 1st ratings

Posted by wussap 10 years ago

Rating stars often load incorrectly

Oftentimes the 5 rate-able stars do not load, so I find myself refreshing the page several times before I can using the rating system. Is this intentional or a bug? Thank you for your patience

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

How do you rate an instructable? Answered

 I'm new to instructables so I don't really know much about it.  I keep on seeing people saying to rate their instructable. How do I do this? 

Asked by Zippo1234 8 years ago

No More Ratings

Thanks to some guy who unpublished my latest rating because it was posted an instructable can be blamed for me stopping my rating system. Sorry DjRadio because I can't post them as forum topics and I'm not going to waste my time transferring them. As for Dj, the Ar-3 was great and shot 70 feet. Best true bolt action ever. Sorry about this but I'm going back to making new things.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Is there a way to rate answers?

I keep browsing through Answers, and i have noticed that alot of times, the person who asks the question never really selects a best answer, and sometimes it's because alot of the answers are similar. Is there a way for users to rate on another's answers, selecting a best answer by vote?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

Editor Bugs

When I try to make an image note in the editor, sometimes all that happens is a error sign shows up, sometimes it works other it does not. Also sometimes I cannot drag the cost and difficulty bar when I publish. Any help?

Posted by E-R-IC 9 years ago

Instructable rated up to 5.22!!!

There are some strange things going on on instructables...4 Knex instructables are the highest rated instructables ever...And one has ratings over 5 - 5.22, and that instructable belongs to: I_am_CanadianWhat is going on?!?

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Rating problems, Help!!

I don't know what happened, but my Plasma Speaker instructable's rating had dramatically dropped down, and nobody had rated bad! Does anybody have any idea what is going on???

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Rate %

It's a suggestion for rating and info user page . When you locate the mouse on a user face , you can see the feature % , best answers % , .... . Why we can't see the "Rate %" ? I think is a helpful way to know how much is the affection of people to this user's instructables . For example you can put a percent for rating . 0-100 % . or more ways . I want to see your look about my suggestion .

Posted by farzadbayan 7 years ago

Rate my awesome dog of awesomely awesome cuteness!

So, here's my dog. She's a pure-bred Maltese named Snowy. She's a real bundle of joy, I'll give you that!

Posted by Camisado 9 years ago

Counting Heartbeat with Arduino: Help with Code?

I got a premade heartbeat sensor which uses an IR led and an IR receiver to sense heartbeat. It gives out an analog signal, which i have connected to my Arduino's A0 pin, and uploaded the analogRead sketch to it(sends values to serial port too). Then to visualize the heartbeat i used a processing graph program that took the values from the serial port. When i place my finger on the sensor,  i get this graph shown below:   Yes its very clear, but can anyone help me with the code? it just needs to measure the beats per minute, and store it in a variable.  ** The spike in the grph showing the pulse varies in height sometimes. So the code should calbrate and all. Also there is a 1-2 second delay before the clean pulse comes...

Asked by DangerousTim 3 years ago

Rating filter missing

From the Knex section of the site, many members are dissapointed at the loss of the 'rating' filter. Instructable's rating system makes the very best stand out, due to not being based on percentage, and mow they are being shrouded in darkness. Could we please have the rating filter back?

Posted by ~Aeronous~ 7 years ago

How do cell phones know their charge rates? Answered

I got a new phone and realised that the charger had a rating of over 2A. So I was thinking, how does the cell phone know not to draw more than the rated supply? Some phones charge at more than 500Ma, but if I connected it to a computer (rated at 500Ma) what stops it from drawing more and damaging the computer? How does it know?

Asked by David97 3 years ago

Rating System

Never mind---just read this if you're bored or something......Canida explained it for me What happened Instructables?! All of a sudden half of the instuctables on this site are boosted up a whole number! My best instructable used to be 4.08 which was very good but now all of a sudden its 5 exactly. I feel the new rating system is too easy and it is making it so every instructable has ratings which are way too high. I cant even sort by rating anymore because there's at least 1,000 instructables that are 5 stars and it doesnt show me the true best instructable of that category! Please fix!

Posted by Electroinnovation 7 years ago

Can I use 741 op amps instead of 1 LM324 in a heart rate sensor?


Asked by DangerousTim 3 years ago

3 Month Membership Giveaway to the 500th commenter!

The membership I told I owuld give away to my 500th commenter has been awarded to madwheels37! Congradulation madwheels37 and thanks for commenting! I peobably will be giving away another 3 month membership formy 1000th commenter as well! So keep waiting... Thanks to all my commentors who have helped me improve on my instructables with their valuable comments!

Posted by vishalapr 6 years ago

How does one use a certain ninjutsu technique? Answered

Could someone please tell me the basics of the technique to slow down your heartbeat? It's a technique I have heard of but not seen. Apparently it is used to fool an opponent into thinking that you are dead. Anyone know how to do it?

Asked by Neovenetar 7 years ago

Help to build sensor for Polar FS1C watch

Hello, I got this watch Polar FS1C as a gift, unfortunately without sensor which is necessary to collect data from heart rate. I would like to ask you, clever guys, if is it possible to (home)made cheap sensor suitable for Polar FS1C? I could not buy this sensor in Slovakia in reasonable price so I am trying last chance here, to built it on my own. Thank you for reply. Mx.

Posted by Mirio46x 4 years ago

You really CAN rate your own ibles and forum topics!

Hey everybody! You heard right, it's true. Don't believe me?Go to one of your ibles or forum topics. Hover over the stars. I know, it says "sorry, you can't rate your own." Ignore that and click 5 stars. It shows up! Yay!

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

What is a rating? Answered

I was sorting out my favourites and I noticed there was a rating on some of them. Who rates content? What does it do? When can I rate something? Where are the people that rate stuff? Why should I take notice of ratings? How can I rate an Instructable? I have attached a screenshot.

Asked by JM1999 3 years ago

Rating Filter is back!!!

The rating filter is back YAY!!!! :)

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

rating system for answers? Answered

Why does the rating system give a rating on the basis of a single vote? Seems both biased and silly to me. Actually I don't understand the reason for rating questions anyway.

Asked by rickharris 6 years ago

Why the parsimonious ratings?

Since the staff changed the ratings paradigm, I've seen only one instructable with a rating of 4 or above. And I've personally rated a few with 4.5.... Why are we suddenly so stingy with our ratings? (Is it like the "negative rating" days? down-rating because we can?) Or is the new system weighted, also? (with views, etc., factored, too?)

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago


Why does my rating thing say "1.5 some flaws"? What does that mean?

Posted by inept 9 years ago


The /5 stars ratings are not really meaningful for purposes other than popularity, have other different ratings for difficuly, usefulness, show-off-ness etc

Posted by UberPug 9 years ago

Ratings do not change.

So I decided to give the knex pinwheel here: 4.5 stars out of 5.  However, the rating did not change. Before I rated it it was at a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  After, it was still a 3.38, with 3 ratings.  I tried rating it other ratings and this did not change the rating either.  Again, this shouldn't be on the top of a priority list or anything, but its definitely worth fixing.

Posted by DJ Radio 7 years ago

Star Rating?

How do you set up your instructable so that viewers can rate it?

Asked by annerjx 6 years ago