Rechargeable MintyBoost

I think the mintyboost is awesome, but at walmart i saw a MusicPower Encore for like $30 bucks and thought it could be much cheaper made from scratch. Basically it is just a lithium battery pack that recharges when pluged into ac and has two usb ports that can power devices from the mains when plugged in or from the battery when not. I think this would make a fantastic instructable; maybe use a cell phone battery(or two) or rechargeable AAs. I can just picture an altoids can hanging from an outlet with a flashing led or something. Also two usb ports would be a great addition to any mintyboost project.

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can you jump start a dead cell phone battery? Answered

Is there a way to recharge a dead cell phone battery? or too put a charge back in to a cell battery?

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Can you overcharge a rechargeable battery?

Is it possible to overcharge a rechargeable battery? If so, how, and how can you prevent it?

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Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip?? Answered

Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip like you buy at radio shack? (batteries will be charged via solar charging circuit)

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DC to DC Convertor?

Does anybody have a circuit that is able to turn solar power from a solar panel (preferably 1 watt) to make enough juice to recharge an iPad? The iPad requires 10 watts of power to charge. I wanted too use Adafruit's mintyboost but I don't think that has enough power to charge the iPad. Any suggestions?

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Recharging a car battery

Hello, My burning question is if I can recharge a car battery with a 12 v 5 Amps DC energy source. The car battery is a 12v 70 A standard battery, i think it uses Lead. I am asking because i do not have any experience in recharging car batteries and i know that mobile phone batteries can explode if you do somenthing wrong, so i want to get it right the first time with a car battery. Thanks.

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Best rechargeable AA? Answered

I am looking for some really high capacity aa batterys. I found 4600mah batts on I thought that these looked a bit sketchy. Does anyone know some high capacity aa rechargeables??

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weak rechargable battery

I have two drills with weak batterys ,craftsman 14.4 and dewalt 14.4. are there any sudjestions to get them to work better?

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LED HOOP- rechargeable

 I am tyring to make my led hoop- what i am trying to do is hook up a rechargeable battery that I can hook the wire straight from the hoop to the wall. what do I do and how? I have been trying to figure this out and just can't figure it out! can anyone help me? 

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Rechargable Wireless Mouse

I had this idea a while back and have yet to see one made. Unfortunately I don't have the means to try it myself. What I thought was a wireless mouse which would be recharged with its own dongle. When the dongle is plugged into the computer the batteries inside would be charged up then when it is put into the mouse for storage those batteries would charge up the mouse. I don't really know a whole lot about electronics - despite perusing instructables now and then ;) - so I don't know if this is even possible. But I don't see why it couldn't be done, or why it hasn't been done yet {unless I just haven't found it}. Peace to you and yours, Matthew "Dra'Gon" Stohler

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How to recharge these batteries?

I took apart 2 cordless drill batteries and there were 13 cells in each one, which were Ni-Cd 1.2 volts each. Also there were the numbers C DE35ND on them if that helps at all. I cut 3 off in order to form a 12v battery (it was originally 15.6v) but I dont know how I can safely charge it. I no longer have the charger that went with the drill, but I was wondering if I can just use a wall adaptor to charge them or do I need a better charger? All comments and answers are greatly appreciated!!!

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USB Device Recharger

For efficiency has anyone tried the ZipLinq X2 model universal charger coupled to the Gomadic retractable cord with tip #37 for the Creative Zen V+. It seemed like a nice setup except it doesn't work.I also tried to use it for my Motorola Pebl and Razr with tip #28. No Joy. Wish someone would try and comment. GomadicZiplinq

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Rechargeable Battery Help?

I'm sick of throwing away AA batteries, and I go through a lot with my camera flash. The only rechargeable, multi purpose batteries I've used were some generic energizer ones I got some years ago, so I need your recommendations.I'm willing to spend a bit more for a quality charger/batteries that will last. For batteries, I'd like to support Eneloop, as they sponsored an instructables contest in the past. They are significantly better than Energizer/Duracell, right? How does Rayovac compare in price/power?For a charger, I was looking at the the BC-9009 by La Crosse. It has good reviews, charges slowly for a slower drain, prevents overcharging and has all sorts of other features. It comes with 4 AA, 4 AAA batteries and a case for $40. See it here:;=electronics&qid;=1251579646&sr;=8-1I don't know how good the la crosse batteries that it comes with are, though. The BC-700 would work fine and can be bought alone for $30.For packaging reference, I need to have at least 8 AA batteries, but would definitely use any extra AA or AAA that might come with it.So, what do you have to suggest? Thanks!Update: I read that energizers may be better than eneloops for things that use a lot of power quickly (like a camera flash) while the eneloops are better for things that use it slowly (like a remote control). Is that true? I'm concerned about getting batteries that will store a lot of electricity over many charge cycles, but not so much about them holding a charge during storage.

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Recharge rechargeable battery with a led battery powered lamp?

I am making a lamp cordless using batteries and low poer 12v led strip. My question is can i somehow connect a solar cell so as the light hits it recharges the rechargables batteries that will actually power the lamp. So I dont have to take batteries out and recharge them every few days or week? 

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How to Charge Rechargeable Batteries Via a Micro USB Port in a Portable USB Charger

I recently made one of the Altoids box USB chargers that have been popping up all over the site and it turned out great, but now I'm looking for a little more of a challenge, so for my next endeavor I'd like to make a portable USB charger which uses rechargeable batteries that can be recharged while still in USB charger through a micro USB input (like how you plug in a phone to charge the internal battery).  I've seen a few projects that use solar panels to achieve a similar result but (perhaps just due to my own limited knowledge) I couldn't figure out how to make it work with a micro USB port. Also, if possible, I'd love to be able to use the 18650 (EFest IMR) as the rechargeable battery/batteries.  I have a few of them that I use for e-cigarette mods and they hold a good amount of juice so why spend more money on rechargeable batteries when I already have some.  But if using more conventional batteries would make things easier then that's not a problem at all. I can't wait to hear the community's input on this.  And to those who are the knowledgeable ones in this field, don't feel obligated to say everything entirely in layman terms for my benefit  - what I don't know I will look up; how else are we supposed to learn new things anyway?  Thank you for your time and for any help you can offer! -John

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Is it possible to repair or repurpose a power bank charger where the mini connector to charge it has become dislodged?

I have an EYON power bank. A year after I got it, the mini connector broke off inside so I could not recharge it. I would like to either repair it or find a way to repurpose it to recharge it and then power/charge things but I don't know enough about how to safely open it without destroying it.

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More efficient bike charger for USB devices?

I' been inspired by these bike lights from I have a set of these for my bicycle for reliable and very effective lighting. It's stated they are powered by "pure induction". There's got to be a way to harness the energy from both wheels to charge a USB device (5 volt) in the same manner. Instead of using a friction generation mechanism bike charger or bike generator.Any thoughts?

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Adding a recharging circuit to a LED hula hoop

Hello all!I'm just completing a LED hula hoop. I was hoping to eventually retrofit it to add a detachable solar recharging circuit.What I'm wondering is: What's the best way to splice the recharging circuit into the already existing LED circuit? The current setup is two batteries in series, connected to 9 LEDs and resistors in parallel. The batteries and LEDs are separated by a switch. It's loosely based on this ible: plan to add the capability to plug the hulahoop into a solar recharger box during the day so it can glow all night long! I'd like to set it up so there is a small recharging 'port', near the batteries, that can be plugged into the recharging box.Any ideas or tips?

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Can you use an alternator on an axle to recharge batteries? Answered

If you have a battery powered vehicle of some sort, can you put an alternator/generator or something on the axles to generate electricity to recharge the batteries the vehicle runs on? When the axle turns, the brushes pass over the coil generating electricity which is then routed back to the batteries thereby recharging the batteries. Please pardon the bad Paint drawing, but something like this.

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can usb then recharge the minty boost from my laptop?

Can i plug the minty boost in to my laptop to recharge the batteries or do i have to put new batteries in every time. if not how do you make it usb rechargeable?

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DIY Rechargeable Cell Chemistry?

Hi i was wondering if there was any electrically reversible battery chemistries that can be made from around the house materials like copper wire, iron nails, galvanized nails, graphite rods, aluminum foil, and other items like those.

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solar panel and rechargeable battery

If i must using 17.5volt solar panel to charging battery 12v 72ah, what should need to apply between both of the item?

Question by fboll 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Recharging batteries while in a project

So I'm thinking of a few projects using rechargeable batteries and I wanted to try something. I want to have a power cord attached to the project that can plug in to a standard AC socket to recharge the batteries. I have no experience with rechargeable batteries beyond putting them into the box and sticking it in the wall. I want to be able to hook up 6 AA rechargeables and have no idea what DC voltage I should be using. I have an old charger for a two way radio that runs at 9V and was designed to charge the 4 AAA batteries inside. Would this work? It would be nice because it's small and even has an LED to indicate the charging status. Is this possible and is there anything other than DC voltage I need to worry about? Also, is it safe to hook that up as long as there's a switch to disconnect the batteries from the project? Any help is appreciated!

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Recharging Li-ions in parallel

Hi I am new to rechargeable cells.For my application, I need 2 Li-ion cells (LIR2032) in parallel to increase the capacity. I am using NCP1835B charger IC . Can I use the same IC to charge them while they are in parallel. Is there any extra protection circuitry to be used? What happens if the 2 cells are at different voltages initially ?Will the trickle current bring one of the cells to proper voltage while not affecting the other one?

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Rechargeable Battery Pack Install

I have a project that I have been working on, and it currently runs on two different battery packs for different components. I want to put rechargeable batteries in these packs, and I want to install a wall charger to charge the batteries.  I am having trouble finding a good tutorial on the circuitry of this.  Will I need two different chargers for the two components, or can I charge both from the same power supply?  Can anyone help me out? I can post some photos of the project and its current circuitry if needed, its a laser spirograph. 

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Can a battery recharge itself? Answered

Hi there, i have a query. In a circuit powering just an LED can the battery power the LED an recharge itself? Or, having a battery power an electric motor connected to electric motor running it in reverse could that generate electricity to run the first electric motor? In my head i have this image in my head that the 2 motors wired together with a LED could power that LED and themselves from the battery connected for a short while then put back in its package? I'm not blessed with access to a reasonably priced electronics store (honestly, its cheaper for me to import the components from America paying postage to New Zealand than purchasing at the nearest store even through online or phone order) Anyway, so i haven't got the patience to wait 2weeks and spend many dollars to experiment myself i wondered if anyone had or knows if this sort of thing works? Thank you Also, could you explain and list what i would need to do this? Thanks again

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Rechargable NIMH Batteries Question

I have a laptop battery that was cracked, so i opened it up, and like any other, it had individual NIMH batteries strung together... how to i find out how much voltage the individual batteries can take? I want to make my own battery pack with several of these laptop batteries... battery pack is GP B905 NIMH 12 volt thanks

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Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

Hello Everyone! I am planning to make a rear bike light, which has rechargeable batteries through USB. I then decided to use Lithium Ion Batteries for it. But the problem is that I dont know what parts I need. It should be able to light up 4 COB LEDs (Each rated 12V, photo given) Till now, after looking at several other instructables, I am able to say that: 1. It needs a steup transformer from 5V TO 12 V - TP4056 (;=1505148914&sr;=8-8&keywords;=lithiumion+batteries)  or 2. It needs some sort of protection like: 3. Also do can I allign three 3.7V Lithium Ion Batteries to make 11.1V? Please help me out Thanks!

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Rechargeable LED Glow Hoops

This hoop is assembled using ProdMod instructions and materials. It's rechargeable, collapsible, stays lit up to 6 hours, is quiet, durable and contains 21 leds - 7 blue, 7 green and 7 slow or fast color changing lights. All hoops are soldered for optimum durability. 40" diameter.Charges in about an hour!Charger is small and compact just like your cell phone charger. Weighs only 5 oz. Easy to carry in your purse or travel bag. Only one simple wire to connect to your hoop. An easy to read indicator light tells when its charged. Charge at any time, no need to wait for the lights to die out.Custom colors and sizes also available. Inquire. or

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Portable,rechargeable mobile charger? Answered

I've come up with a plan to make a potable mobile charger for my galaxy phone with a rechargeable 9 volts battery.My original mobile charger(220 VAC input) says it gives an output of 5VDC at 0.7 amperes and hence I decided to make it with the given ratings.So here's my plan-I'll use a 7805 to regulate the 9VDC from the battery to 5VDC.The 7805 gives a maximum of 1 A output.So here's my question should I use a current regulator(LM317) to limit the current from exceeding 0.7 amps or will the phone's battery draw the sufficient amps from the LM7805?Maybe it might be a good idea to assist the output with a resistor as a safety measure.So,what do you say?

Question by Adarsh_tronix 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

can i charge 10X1.2v 3000ma rechargeable batteries in series using a 12 volt 400ma current ?

I am building a r/c tank and i am using 30 1.2v 3A rechargeable nimh batteries. now i have tried charging them individually in my energizer battery charger, but they seem to get extremely hot (75 celcius) when i charge them for 2 hours. now in the tank i have these batteries in 3 battery packs that hold 10 batteries each and i want to know, if i put a 12 volt 400-500ma current through the battery pack, will that safely charge them without damaging them? recently i tested one of the hot nimh batteries out of the charger with my multimeter, and it read that the battery had 10.28 amps in it and had1.2 volts which is anbormal (exept for the voltage).also i was wondering, is it posible tocharge these packs which once run in parrell give a voltage and current of this (10X 1.2 =12 volt 3A) X 3 packs in parrell =12v 9A can i chareg all of those at the same time, or must i charge one pack at the same time now before you say anything ill just add that these are individual batteries that i have placed inside a battery holder pack, also ill add that i wont buy a sla battery as ive used quite alot of money on these batteries already and lastly, i am not going to go buy a 10 battery charger as they cost way too much, unless sopmeone can find one online that costs under $25

Question by oldmanbeefjerky 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Mouse wheel battery charger?

Is it possible to make a (trickle?) charger for a 12V battery that runs off a mouse wheel (or several)? The battery is intended to be used to power a 70-100W TV through an inverter... Where can small (mouse/rat-powered) generators be found (or how to make them)? Could small electric motors be used? Is this even possible?

Question by gizander 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How should I recharge a 7.4V battery? Answered

I have a 7.4V rechargeable battery and I'm wondering what voltage I should be charging it with. would 9V work? Are there any general guidelines for recharging batteries? Specs: 7.4V 1400 mAh Lithium-ion Was originally used in a NXT LEGO robot. Thanks! Ryan

Question by jensenr30 6 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Using the wrong charger?

What are the risks of using the wrong charger for rechargable batteries?  Can you do it if you don't leave the batteries on too long?  Can you get away with it if you make certain the batteries don't get too hot?  Specificially for my 18V power tools the charger I have is only intended to charge NiCad batteries.  The company that made the tools has also made different types of battery packs that are interchangable in the tools, but each battery pack comes with a different model charger.  What if I used the NiCad charger to recharge a NiMh battery pack?  What if I use the NiCad charger to recharge a Lion battery pack?

Question by etcmn 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How do I charge a 12V battery from a 12V 30A power supply? Answered

This is my first post ever and I am completely new to this but would like to be able to charge a sealed lead acid battery. The battery is 12V12Ah / 20HR.  Is it possible to charge directly from power supply which is 12V30A or do I need a resistor to limit current? Besides a power supply is it also possible to recharge the battery a different way? I tried online and made a circuit that didn't really output correct voltage. Can anybody please help?

Question by Etronix 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

What type of battery do I need to power a 12V LED Strip?

I have a 5M LED light strip that is currently powered by an AC to DC 12V power pack.  I would like to power this entire strip for around 5 hours.  I know that I need to do some math with Amp Hours.  I have tried 12V batteries in parallel, series, and various combinations, but had no luck. I would need a way to recharge the battery, then be able to run the lights from the battery for at least 5 hours.  Preferably, the smaller the battery, the better.  So the question is, what are the specs I need in a battery?  Links would be much appreciated. Thanks, Chase

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how to make a rechargable battery at home?

Question by relampagueante 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to make rechargeable led light lamp?

Question by Rabia029 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What is the easiest way to recharge a capacitor? Answered

I'm in need of a way to recharge a capacitor ( or more ). The disposable cameras circut is trashed ( it didn't work even before then w/ the right setup ), and I can't afford another. Is there some way to avoid the circut in favor of a more direct route? I need to recharge it for use as a shocker or coil gun, and have an AA battery holder as my power source as well as a switch to fire. Please help.

Question by StartedBullet 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Let's just say i want to recharge a rechargeable battery with another AA battery... Answered

(I know it wouldn't work very well but lets just say that it does) does the positive part of the regular battery go to the positive part of the rechargeable battery? I am trying to recharge a battery and i don't want to ruin the rechargeable battery so i just wanted to make sure that i was going in the right direction...

Question by ML159 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Do Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries make a quiet popping sound when recharging? Answered

          I am recharging my Ni-MH batteries today (Wii-motes eat them up fast!) and I was wondering if it is normal to hear a quiet popping noise coming from the batteries? it sounds like tiny bubbles popping--very similar to the sound carbonated drinks make after being poured out of the original container.         I believe this noise is a result of the reversing chemical reaction being created inside the battery. the batteries shown below are my exact brand and model.         Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? If so, do you think it is normal? Leave your thoughts, comments, and otherwise below!      =D

Question by jensenr30 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Need Help for charging 12v Lead Acid Battery? Answered

I need a charger for a 12v Lead Acid Battery for my Battlebot. I am planning to buy a UPS, detach and use the battery of the UPS to power motors and other stuff in the Battlebot and then recharge the batteries by connecting them back to the UPS charging circuit. Can my above be successfully implemented ? Please give me your opinions and suggestions as to how this can be implemented.   

Question by Jayvis Vineet Gonsalves 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo give 9V? Answered

How to recharge a battery of 12V ? I am trying to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo.Can I use a dynamo of 9V to recharge the battery of 12V? 

Question by tarz_00 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Storing electricity in a homemade rechargeable battery

Storing electricity in homemade rechargeable battery ... I've read lots of things about cranking the shaft of a conventional motor to create electricity. Can the electricity be stored for later use in a homemade rechargeable battery? Also, does anyone have an idea on how to make such a rechargeable battery? Thanks.

Topic by pinoymale 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Can a "dead" rechargeable battery be resucitated?

I have a Filter Stream Ultra Dust Tamer 4500 that doesn't recharge.  Is there a solution; a replacement part; any help at all?  I really don't understand rechargeable batteries.  I think they may get fried if the transformer is left plugged in too long??  How long is too long?  I know this question applies to all rechargeable batteries with transformers, e.g., cell phones, portable vacuum cleaners, cameras and on and on.  Thank you.

Question by randithedog 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Rechargeable led light power system

, any ideas on how i can make this unit rechargeable? and by that i mean to where u plug a cord into the unit and it charges the internal battery for the battery is not removable in the unit so its kind of same idea as charging your cell phone. below is a drawing of the unit.

Question by GNOEL82 7 months ago  |  last reply 7 months ago

How to charge a rechargeable 9v battery?

Hi guys, I am using a lot 9v volt batteries so I thought why don't I buy rechargeable but I found out that the charges where expensive. so does anyone know a circuit to make a charger?

Question by bobbiy 5 years ago  |  last reply 7 weeks ago

How to use a rechargeable battery in a circuit?

I want to use a rechargeable battery in a circuit, but I'm having trouble understanding it. Let's say I want two switches... One to use an alkaline to charge a rechargeable battery, and another to power an LED using that charged battery... can some draw the absolute SIMPLEST way to do that using a AA battery and this battery: LED works fine with 3.6V)Remember, I'm very dumb, don't assume I know ANYTHING!Thanks!

Topic by perkinsb1024 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Charging rechargable battery using USB?

New here and I have a question. I was building a NES MP3 player and everything is going fine until I got to the battery part. At the moment, it current uses normal nonrechargable AAA battery to power it but I was wondering if it's even possible to put in a rechargable battery in there and wire it up to the USB port so that plugging it into the USB will recharge the battery? If so, how do I do it? Thanks in advance

Topic by Incostel 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Hack Needed: Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Greetings all, I'm in need of a hack to replace the lead acid battery in a rechargeable halogen spotlight purchased at a local store. The spotlight came with a AC recharger but 15 charge time hours returns only approximately twenty minutes of usable light. I'd much like to replace the power source with something of a longer duration than the current one third of an hour. As much interested in simply rewiring the device to work from my car's AC outlet if possible. Mind I only have a few dollars invested in this device still I'd like to see if a replacement power source is worth the effort. Thanks to all who reply.

Topic by patron_zero 11 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago