Recharging a car battery

Hello, My burning question is if I can recharge a car battery with a 12 v 5 Amps DC energy source. The car battery is a 12v 70 A standard battery, i think it uses Lead. I am asking because i do not have any experience in recharging car batteries and i know that mobile phone batteries can explode if you do somenthing wrong, so i want to get it right the first time with a car battery. Thanks.

Posted by cdanutz 6 years ago

How to Charge Rechargeable Batteries Via a Micro USB Port in a Portable USB Charger

I recently made one of the Altoids box USB chargers that have been popping up all over the site and it turned out great, but now I'm looking for a little more of a challenge, so for my next endeavor I'd like to make a portable USB charger which uses rechargeable batteries that can be recharged while still in USB charger through a micro USB input (like how you plug in a phone to charge the internal battery).  I've seen a few projects that use solar panels to achieve a similar result but (perhaps just due to my own limited knowledge) I couldn't figure out how to make it work with a micro USB port. Also, if possible, I'd love to be able to use the 18650 (EFest IMR) as the rechargeable battery/batteries.  I have a few of them that I use for e-cigarette mods and they hold a good amount of juice so why spend more money on rechargeable batteries when I already have some.  But if using more conventional batteries would make things easier then that's not a problem at all. I can't wait to hear the community's input on this.  And to those who are the knowledgeable ones in this field, don't feel obligated to say everything entirely in layman terms for my benefit  - what I don't know I will look up; how else are we supposed to learn new things anyway?  Thank you for your time and for any help you can offer! -John

Posted by nettles4349 4 years ago

Adding a recharging circuit to a LED hula hoop

Hello all!I'm just completing a LED hula hoop. I was hoping to eventually retrofit it to add a detachable solar recharging circuit.What I'm wondering is: What's the best way to splice the recharging circuit into the already existing LED circuit? The current setup is two batteries in series, connected to 9 LEDs and resistors in parallel. The batteries and LEDs are separated by a switch. It's loosely based on this ible: plan to add the capability to plug the hulahoop into a solar recharger box during the day so it can glow all night long! I'd like to set it up so there is a small recharging 'port', near the batteries, that can be plugged into the recharging box.Any ideas or tips?

Posted by dochockin 10 years ago

Storing electricity in a homemade rechargeable battery

Storing electricity in homemade rechargeable battery ... I've read lots of things about cranking the shaft of a conventional motor to create electricity. Can the electricity be stored for later use in a homemade rechargeable battery? Also, does anyone have an idea on how to make such a rechargeable battery? Thanks.

Posted by pinoymale 10 years ago

Solar Rechargeable USB Mint Tin Power Pack

I have seen many variations on this site of power/battery packs in mint tins to charge various personal electronic projects, or solar/wind powered set ups to achieve the same purpose. However, I haven't seen anything on making a solar or wind (preferably solar right now) rechargeable pack. My project I want to build is a mint tin containing rechargeable 9v or AA batteries with USB power connection. The tin would be able to power the personal electronic device from the batteries or the solar; and when not being used to power the device, the solar panels would recharge the batteries within so that it can be used even when the external power source isn't capable of producing power. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could tell me how to achieve this, or of course preferably make an instructable that I could then follow. FYI, I am brand spanking new to all of this. This site is singularly responsible for my foray into electronics. I have experience in many other hands on craft type fields. I have been studying the projects on this site, all information that I think could help me in my new found hobby and even been salvaging and in limited amounts buying things like breadboards, and misc. electronic component kits so that when I figure out how to build the projects I have in mind (the above mentioned project first) I will have the necessary parts to do so. Although I am still trying to figure out what all the parts I have are. lol Please feel free to message me privately with any information you deem helpful or whatever. You can also message me through my private e-mail. And if any of you are in the Colorado Springs or Denver area I would love to get together and learn whatever you are willing to teach. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read this, and hopefully assist me. James Willard  Colorado Springs, CO

Posted by jwgottabass 5 years ago

weak rechargable battery

I have two drills with weak batterys ,craftsman 14.4 and dewalt 14.4. are there any sudjestions to get them to work better?

Posted by michaelsr. 8 years ago

How do regular rechargeable batteries do in cold temperatures?

How would regular 1.2V rechargeable batteries do in extreme cold temperatures like -40, even if they were receiving a charge in that temperature? They would be kept in an air tight container. Thanks in advance.

Posted by horsebones 7 years ago

what button cells can you recharge?/ super capacitor help

What button cells can you recharge? For example, some are in calculators wtih solar panels, do they need a complex charging circuit? I'm building a bunch of tiny circuits and I don't want to keep on changing the battery. edit, I now need help with super capacitors

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

How to use a rechargeable battery in a circuit?

I want to use a rechargeable battery in a circuit, but I'm having trouble understanding it. Let's say I want two switches... One to use an alkaline to charge a rechargeable battery, and another to power an LED using that charged battery... can some draw the absolute SIMPLEST way to do that using a AA battery and this battery: LED works fine with 3.6V)Remember, I'm very dumb, don't assume I know ANYTHING!Thanks!

Posted by perkinsb1024 11 years ago

Charging rechargable battery using USB?

New here and I have a question. I was building a NES MP3 player and everything is going fine until I got to the battery part. At the moment, it current uses normal nonrechargable AAA battery to power it but I was wondering if it's even possible to put in a rechargable battery in there and wire it up to the USB port so that plugging it into the USB will recharge the battery? If so, how do I do it? Thanks in advance

Posted by Incostel 11 years ago

Finding proper charger for old rechargeable batteries?

I have a couple of old rechargeable batteries from random broken gadgets and was wondering how I could go about charging them? I have a bunch of old chargers too laying around. Thanks!

Posted by niiick 6 years ago

Rechargeable MintyBoost

I think the mintyboost is awesome, but at walmart i saw a MusicPower Encore for like $30 bucks and thought it could be much cheaper made from scratch. Basically it is just a lithium battery pack that recharges when pluged into ac and has two usb ports that can power devices from the mains when plugged in or from the battery when not. I think this would make a fantastic instructable; maybe use a cell phone battery(or two) or rechargeable AAs. I can just picture an altoids can hanging from an outlet with a flashing led or something. Also two usb ports would be a great addition to any mintyboost project.

Posted by elbel86 10 years ago

Recharging batteries while in a project

So I'm thinking of a few projects using rechargeable batteries and I wanted to try something. I want to have a power cord attached to the project that can plug in to a standard AC socket to recharge the batteries. I have no experience with rechargeable batteries beyond putting them into the box and sticking it in the wall. I want to be able to hook up 6 AA rechargeables and have no idea what DC voltage I should be using. I have an old charger for a two way radio that runs at 9V and was designed to charge the 4 AAA batteries inside. Would this work? It would be nice because it's small and even has an LED to indicate the charging status. Is this possible and is there anything other than DC voltage I need to worry about? Also, is it safe to hook that up as long as there's a switch to disconnect the batteries from the project? Any help is appreciated!

Posted by ncontorno 11 years ago

Rechargeable LED Strip Lights off a 12v DC Battery

Hi Guys, Here in South Africa, we have something called "Loadshedding" which at the moment involves daily 2 hour long blackouts (usually at night). So I need to build an LED strip light setup that can run off of a 12v battery for at least 2 hours and that can be recharged when the power comes back on. Ideally I would like the battery housed in a box (out of sight) with a connection on the outside of the box (to be connected to an adapter to recharge when necessary) as well as a switch. Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this?  Thanks!

Posted by sakershaun 3 years ago

Hack Needed: Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Greetings all, I'm in need of a hack to replace the lead acid battery in a rechargeable halogen spotlight purchased at a local store. The spotlight came with a AC recharger but 15 charge time hours returns only approximately twenty minutes of usable light. I'd much like to replace the power source with something of a longer duration than the current one third of an hour. As much interested in simply rewiring the device to work from my car's AC outlet if possible. Mind I only have a few dollars invested in this device still I'd like to see if a replacement power source is worth the effort. Thanks to all who reply.

Posted by patron_zero 10 years ago

Recharging an RC car with NonRechargeable Batteries

I got my little sister these little rc cars made by tomy. they have infrared to avoid obstacles and navigate themselves (pretty cool) but they burn through batteries very quick. it uses 2 x AA non rechargeable batteries so i want to make them rechargeable. Here is my problems with current ideas, and the pictures really help explain everything so please look there. 1 normal rechargeable batteries --- will have to remove battery door every time and it is too much hassle 2 use rechargeable battery pack for wii like below -- not as common and expensive 3 heres the one that might work incorporate a 3v rechargeable power source with a dc charger port and 2 indicator leds, all in an enclosed 2 x AA battery holder HOW??? please help --- i just want to make it work out but i really dont care if i have to change the batteries or anything like that also, i need to make 2 of these so cheap please!!! and maybe add another led for the car to have a glow like pic 4? thanks rak

Posted by raykholo 9 years ago

Rechargeable led light using mobile phone battery

I have a spare bl-5c battery (a nokia phone battery) at home. i was thinking if i can be able to use this to make a rechargeable led light. Cellphone batteries are now much cheaper these days and there are a lot of things that it might be able to power up, though a led light would be a good start and might not be that "electrically" dangerous. I'll also try to research on this and see what i can find out. Cheers ~

Posted by 7600 8 years ago

Using and charging at the same time?

Here is what i am trying to archive: 3 LED's to run off a small rechargeable battery or USB. It should also run off USB while recharging the battery.  Lake a wireless headset.  Thanks.

Posted by Squashie 4 years ago

Recharging Li-ions in parallel

Hi I am new to rechargeable cells.For my application, I need 2 Li-ion cells (LIR2032) in parallel to increase the capacity. I am using NCP1835B charger IC . Can I use the same IC to charge them while they are in parallel. Is there any extra protection circuitry to be used? What happens if the 2 cells are at different voltages initially ?Will the trickle current bring one of the cells to proper voltage while not affecting the other one?

Posted by anu_11gem 11 years ago

waterproof battery pack for 2-3 Li-Ion Rechargeable 2032 Button Cells

I need help making a waterproof battery pack for 2-3 lithium ion rechargeable button cells.  I want to run a strand of 10 led chrsitmas lights on button cells rather than 2 AA batteries.  please help. Thank you for your time Jeremy

Posted by jjrat10 6 years ago

Rechargable Wireless Mouse

I had this idea a while back and have yet to see one made. Unfortunately I don't have the means to try it myself. What I thought was a wireless mouse which would be recharged with its own dongle. When the dongle is plugged into the computer the batteries inside would be charged up then when it is put into the mouse for storage those batteries would charge up the mouse. I don't really know a whole lot about electronics - despite perusing instructables now and then ;) - so I don't know if this is even possible. But I don't see why it couldn't be done, or why it hasn't been done yet {unless I just haven't found it}. Peace to you and yours, Matthew "Dra'Gon" Stohler

Posted by BlueDragonFire 6 years ago

Universal (adjustable) Rechargeable Battery Power Supply?

I would like to build a battery power supply that has these features: * holds some number of commonly available alkaline or rechargeable cells (AA or C since those are pretty common) * has adjustable voltage for 3V-18V (or whatever might be practical) * has adjustable current 100mA-3A (again, whatever is possible) * batteries can be recharged by plugging in to normal AC outlet * can still function as a power supply while charging (perhaps via AC?) Is such a thing possible? With phones, iPads and other items that are battery powered, it would be nice to be able to power a few accessories via battery and not need to recharge (i.e., be able to load fresh batteries) if on a remote recording session (for example). I don't know much about electronics, and would need a higher degree of hand-holding for parts selection and other stuff. I am good with a soldering iron and have done a few DIY projects and kits that have all worked fine.

Posted by stubbsonic 5 years ago

inexpensive high AmpHour 12V rechargeable?

I'm  looking to build a battery-powered speaker system for use on job sites, that will need to be louder than the equipment being used. For this purpose, I plan on using a tripath amp and some pretty decent speakers I have lying around, but the tough part is power. I need between 12V and 13.6V, with a relatively high AH rating. I considered a car battery, but don't want to have to trickle charge. I considered a Power Wheels battery and charger, but I've been seeing bad reviews on lifespan Any thoughts?

Posted by gschoppe 7 years ago

what do you use to protect your rechargeable batteries while charging?

I got this off ebay (see attached image).  But it just flashes extremely fast between red and blue when charged (which is obnoxious since I can see it - you would not want this charging in your room at night, it's like a crazy strobe).  Another from a different seller just lights both red and blue at the same time.  Does anybody have other suggestions for what to use?  I don't need it to have lights.  Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 3 years ago

Rechargeable Battery Pack Install

I have a project that I have been working on, and it currently runs on two different battery packs for different components. I want to put rechargeable batteries in these packs, and I want to install a wall charger to charge the batteries.  I am having trouble finding a good tutorial on the circuitry of this.  Will I need two different chargers for the two components, or can I charge both from the same power supply?  Can anyone help me out? I can post some photos of the project and its current circuitry if needed, its a laser spirograph. 

Posted by ugman77 7 years ago

How to make it work? USB + 5V rechargeable battery + 12V LED strip!

I want to an LED Strip that works my USB or Battery, I got the battery and the USB working fine, the battery charges up without problems, but I need to light the LED Strip (12V) with a 5V battery. Is there a DIY way to: -Step up the voltage, or -Step down the LED Strip Voltage. I know each SMD LED works around 3V, but I can't make sense of the wiring and resistors on the Strip, to wire the SMDs in parallel.

Posted by RaptorHunter 4 years ago

easy recharging method for child's toy

I want to use a rechargeable battery inside a toy, and I don't want to remove the battery for charging.  I'm looking for a simple and safe method for charging that a young child can do by themself.  Here are some thoughts I've had: wireless (such as with a qi pad) = Is there any way to actually keep this from getting hot?  I'm assuming the base would be always on, and the toy would be left on it all night or longer. solar = This requires a light or the sun to charge.  I'm considering putting the solar cell in the bottom of the toy and making a light base that it could be placed on, but I'd need some type of sensor or switch so it only lights when the toy is on it. metal contact pads = This would be easier than a plug since you'd only need to set the toy down, but can it be done safely?   Anybody have suggestions?  Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 3 years ago

DIY or Mod a rechargable Battery for Old camera

Hello, I've got a great old 16mm Cine camera, but unfortunately the battery has corroded into non-existence. Fortunately I managed to get into contact with a guy who used to rent out the same camera and said that I needed to find or make the following battery. Voltage between 8 and 12 Volts, with 3.8Ah I would like to be able to recharge this battery as it would save a lot of money and obviously I would like an easy as well as safe way to charge them. I'm not much of an electrical guru, but I can solder, follow instructions and work some things out for myself, but I really need some help getting this machine working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by crudworks 7 years ago

recharging the battery in a polaroid type600 film pack

Anybody know how to recharge the 6v polapulse battery in a polaroid 600 film pack? I'm trying to rig the whole camera up to a dslr body (essentially replace the "film capture" with digital) and fire the shutter on the 600 camera. Apparently, you can't fire the shutter without juice, and from what I understand, the 600 film battery only holds enough juice to fire 10 frames, the length of one film pack. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Maybe rigging up 6v worth of juice and connecting that to the camera itself?

Posted by poozoodle 9 years ago

USB Device Recharger

For efficiency has anyone tried the ZipLinq X2 model universal charger coupled to the Gomadic retractable cord with tip #37 for the Creative Zen V+. It seemed like a nice setup except it doesn't work.I also tried to use it for my Motorola Pebl and Razr with tip #28. No Joy. Wish someone would try and comment. GomadicZiplinq

Posted by BatRat 11 years ago

a few battery questions

I got 2 questions1st. i was shopping at target today and noticed that the big energizer rechargeable "D" size batteries has the same mAh rating as the smaller "AA" rechargeable energizers i have at home (2500 mAh) can any one explain this?2nd. i've seen some pics around the site of custom "D" sized "AA" battery holders that hold 4 "AA's" in a "D" sized space ( ), but i haven't seen any instructions on how to make them. can some one make an instructable about this? (preferably one that can be made to hook up the" AA's" in parallel)

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 10 years ago

Battery recommendation

Hello, I'm looking for a rechargeable battery for a project and I'm not having any luck finding a suitable one.  Here's what I need: The battery will need to be between 12 - 18v with between 1-2 amp.  This will be powering a set of speakers, so not really sure what type of amp hours I need.  The battery will need to fit into a tin lunch box.   An idea I had was to use a 12 or 18v battery for Power Tools - not sure if it will work though.  I also found this, not sure if it is powerful enough though. Any thoughts/ideas is appreciated.  

Posted by RabidNoodle 7 years ago

small solar panel,charge aa batterys,control voltage to unit.

Hi,I bought a acu=rite weather forcaster.Model 00638.It works good but when i bought it i thought i would use my rechargeable batterys.The book for this unit says no rechargeables because of higher operating voltages.The home unit uses 3-aa batterys and says 4.5 v. i have an outside sensor that has 4 aa batterys,i dont know what the voltage is there.          I would like to hook up a small solar panel to each and make it so i can leave in my rechargeables and not exceed the input. ideas?

Posted by ron17571 7 years ago

What can I do with my dead AA batteries?

Besides throw them away.Edit: Or make them into art. You can make anything into art, so that's a given.I have both rechargables and non-rechargables. And I can't be the only one with a buttload of dead batteries idly lying around the home left over from the 90s.

Posted by bodybreak 11 years ago

Rechargable NIMH Batteries Question

I have a laptop battery that was cracked, so i opened it up, and like any other, it had individual NIMH batteries strung together... how to i find out how much voltage the individual batteries can take? I want to make my own battery pack with several of these laptop batteries... battery pack is GP B905 NIMH 12 volt thanks

Posted by Hurdy Gurdy Man 10 years ago

Wireless or bluetooth rechargeable button attached to PC with a dongle

Hi, I am trying to find details of a cheap wireless/bluetooth largish 3 or 4 inch single button that uses a dongle connected to a Windows PC via USB.  It'll be used for push-to-talk type stuff. It should be rechargeable via USB (a mini connector, or some such thing).  While the button is held down it should send some kind of signal to the PC, and any advice on how I can detect that in C# would be appreciated.  There should also be a status light that will show green when the unit has sufficient charge, red when the button is pressed and blinking yellow when the battery is running low. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks reaxion

Posted by reaxion 5 years ago

Solar - Powered Batteries

Check out these cool batteries! Their creator is Knut Karlsen.See what he said:At home i always have some batteries lying around, either rechargeable or normal ones. Usually they are empty, but i'd like them to be always fully charged. I could use a normal charger and there is a lot of solar devices that charge rechargeable batteries. I wanted it simpler; why hasn't anyone made a battery with integrated solar cells? The idea of the "SunCat" batteries where born. The batteries should just bask in the sun like a cat and left for a while, in a sunny window, they would slowly recharge.For more details visit this site.Thanks!Stanislav

Posted by comodore 9 years ago

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

Hello Everyone! I am planning to make a rear bike light, which has rechargeable batteries through USB. I then decided to use Lithium Ion Batteries for it. But the problem is that I dont know what parts I need. It should be able to light up 4 COB LEDs (Each rated 12V, photo given) Till now, after looking at several other instructables, I am able to say that: 1. It needs a steup transformer from 5V TO 12 V - TP4056 (;=1505148914&sr;=8-8&keywords;=lithiumion+batteries)  or 2. It needs some sort of protection like: 3. Also do can I allign three 3.7V Lithium Ion Batteries to make 11.1V? Please help me out Thanks!

Posted by nabeel.quadri 1 year ago

Curtis mp100 mp3 player mod ideas

Hi all, It my first time posting and I wanted to get some ideas, I found a old mp3 player of mine its a curtis mp1000 1gb mp3 player, its a self contained usb rive and uses a aaa battery for power. I am looking to make it a bit more useful to myself, I wanted to know if anyone would have a suggestion as to how I can make this into a good voice recorder, it has a mic already. I plan on using it for lectures ect. I was hoping that I could add a rechargeable battery that recharges off the usb connection, and somehow expand the memory while leaving the buttons and their controls intact. This may be impossible, but let me know, and thanks in advance for whatever help I receive.

Posted by RichardHellyer 7 years ago

Rechargeable LED Glow Hoops

This hoop is assembled using ProdMod instructions and materials. It's rechargeable, collapsible, stays lit up to 6 hours, is quiet, durable and contains 21 leds - 7 blue, 7 green and 7 slow or fast color changing lights. All hoops are soldered for optimum durability. 40" diameter.Charges in about an hour!Charger is small and compact just like your cell phone charger. Weighs only 5 oz. Easy to carry in your purse or travel bag. Only one simple wire to connect to your hoop. An easy to read indicator light tells when its charged. Charge at any time, no need to wait for the lights to die out.Custom colors and sizes also available. Inquire. or

Posted by HoopElements 10 years ago

Creating a solar powered clock

Im currently trying to make a solar powered watch the size of a gauntlet. at max i want to use 2 AAA batteries. The biggest problem i have right now is how do solar panel recharging work and what not. I know and fully understand the straight through setups with a simple diode to avoid the battery bleeding at night. and for power to go from the panels to the batteries the voltage has to be higher then the batteries voltage. but how do i make the battery recharge higher then the clock drainage on the battery and avoid extreme over charging where 1. i kill the batteries 2. avoid having the users arm blow off. i was thinking of making a bleed off where if the battery reaches a certian voltage the power is drained a little. Iv also heard from some that a small solar panel can recharge a battery but would never damage it cause it only only charge at 12 hours max and with the clock the drainage will be enough. does any one else have more information on this. like how do i obtain high enough voltage to recharge a battery but very very slowly. thanks

Posted by megaclaw 11 years ago

Wall charger for rechargeable batteries HELP!

Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to recharge these BATTERIES without having them blow up in my face. I'm very new to making my own electronics and a little timid when it comes to messing with batteries. I believe i need to use this DC jack connector? With this CHARGER? I'm using the battery to power 21 LEDS wired in parallel with resistors (3.4v 20mA) if relevant. I think i need to wire it up like in the picture. I guess my question is if i wire all these things together and try to charge the battery will it destroy something? Also if i wired two of these batteries in parallel can I still charge it the same way? How do i know i'm using the right DC jack connector and charger? Is there a specific switch i need to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

Posted by kasmir 4 years ago

Voltage regulator for solar panel

I have built a solar panel as a fun little project, now it has come upon a big problem. The solar cells that I am using seem to have a higher amperage output and a lower voltage output in high intensity sun while having a high voltage and low amperage output in medium and low intensity sun. This poses a problem as my batteries were able to recharge during late winter and early spring but now are not able to recharge when there is the most energy to be captured during the summer. The average voltage during high intensity is about 11 while the voltage during medium or low is around 12.5 and 13. I want to know if there is a way to create a transformer to step up the voltage or create a voltage regulator that can withstand 13 amps so the battery can recharge properly. A link or any suggestions would help.

Posted by menace 9 years ago

Help with recharagables

First off I'm pretty expierenced with electronics, but I've not been using rechargables that much. I'm not sure how to build a charger for nimh batteries. I want to charge a 3.6v battery, 70 mah (3x 1.2 volts, 70 mah each, I know, it's a small battery for a small device) as cheaply as possiable. I also want it so that it can still power the circuit (takes about 20 maH to run the circuit) when charging. If possiable, I want to charge like 5 or 6 of these at once. Help please!

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago

ecoblast air horn

Can someone do a hommaed one, that cost less?

Posted by disceptre 9 years ago

Charging batteries via a 5v USB connection

I am working on a project that requires 4 AA batteries. I would like to discuss if it is possible to create a charger that would charge the batteries (rechargeable AA's of course) via a 5V USB cable. The unit itself would not need to use the 5V USB power to operate, just to recharge the batteries when not in use. Does anybody know if this is possible? Please let me know if this a vague question, as I am in no means a professional in this area. Thanks in advance to any insightful comments!

Posted by honduhridr 11 years ago

Portable battery pack using smart Blackberry D-X1 batteries

Firstly: Big admirer of your collective works. Secondly: My electronics/electrical knowledge is practically non existant. (my ideas are great IMHO, execution blows FACT) I have been given half a dozen D-X1 Blackberry batteries. They run at 3.7v. I thought of daisy chaining them to make a large, rechargeable pack charged by USB B mini, then connecting a USB A port to them and using it as a portable (And relatively flexible) power source for my USB powered gadgets. They charge well, and hold a decent quantity of power if the Blackberry is anything to go by, they were free (yay!) and I have a bunch of them. I'd like to make them into a device that attaches to my rucksack strap. The latter is a detail, the real issue is how to make 4 or 6 D-X1 batteries into a rechargeable pack. Any ideas for the electronically subnormal?

Posted by Spiced Ham 6 years ago

I need some one to build a LED project for me. No PIC's, Needs to wireless recharge/remote on.

I made this ZPM below It is a prop replica from stargate. This is my ZPM 1.0 Im in the process of making 2.0 I want 2.0 to have the following.  Items marked with a * are optional. White/Yellow LEDs on pointed up and down. Rechargeable power system. Wireless on/off switch remote Wireless Recharging* The unit mist be 2 1/2" inches wide in diameter and 1 1/2" tall As seen in the picture below I need this project to be Bright as below . Im also going to need a bulk amount.  If you can find me the parts/ source and show me the spec data I will pay a finders fee, If you want to build me a quality kit I will buy them in sets of 5. And the same goes for completed units. If you can help me out I will be grateful! 

Posted by freeman42718 7 years ago

Send photos over wifi using a cellphone camera module, rechargeable battery, solar cell, and a wifi module.

I want to build a very small WIRELESS IP Camera using an iPhone 4 camera module. Ultimately, I want to be able to view a new photo every few minutes (more frequently is better of course). Preferably these photos would download to a folder in my computer (Mac). It would also be cool if I could use a small solar cell to recharge a LiPo (or other rechargeable battery, or high capacity capacitor) which would power the device. I am very new to all of these things, but I am very technically inclined and ambitious, I don't currently have any parts on hand to try what you might recommend, so this is all theoretical for me. Thank-you to all who participate in bringing this wish of mine to life. brokey

Posted by brokey 6 years ago

Solar powered blinking Led (with photo switch)

I was wondering if anyone has or will post an instructable showing how to build a self-contained solar/rechargeable blinking LED (or LEDs)  I have a telephone pole I would like to have illuminated for oncoming traffic.  Reflective tape isn't cutting it.  I was thinking a LED strip that blinked would be a better "notice" to drivers. It would have to be self-contained and powered given the location, hence the solar/rechargeable aspect.  It would also have to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. (off when light out, on when dark, so a photo switch needed) Any ideas how this can be done?  I was thinking hacking a solar powered yard light to power a LED strip but I have no idea how the electronic parts work or if the charge is enough to do so.  I am sure there are parts in one of those lights that I can use.  Harbor Freight is my buddy. Any help appreciated.

Posted by xrobevansx 7 years ago