Let's just say i want to recharge a rechargeable battery with another AA battery... Answered

(I know it wouldn't work very well but lets just say that it does) does the positive part of the regular battery go to the positive part of the rechargeable battery? I am trying to recharge a battery and i don't want to ruin the rechargeable battery so i just wanted to make sure that i was going in the right direction...

Asked by ML159 9 years ago

Storing electricity in a homemade rechargeable battery

Storing electricity in homemade rechargeable battery ... I've read lots of things about cranking the shaft of a conventional motor to create electricity. Can the electricity be stored for later use in a homemade rechargeable battery? Also, does anyone have an idea on how to make such a rechargeable battery? Thanks.

Posted by pinoymale 9 years ago

Can a "dead" rechargeable battery be resucitated?

I have a Filter Stream Ultra Dust Tamer 4500 that doesn't recharge.  Is there a solution; a replacement part; any help at all?  I really don't understand rechargeable batteries.  I think they may get fried if the transformer is left plugged in too long??  How long is too long?  I know this question applies to all rechargeable batteries with transformers, e.g., cell phones, portable vacuum cleaners, cameras and on and on.  Thank you.

Asked by randithedog 7 years ago

Rechargeable MintyBoost

I think the mintyboost is awesome, but at walmart i saw a MusicPower Encore for like $30 bucks and thought it could be much cheaper made from scratch. Basically it is just a lithium battery pack that recharges when pluged into ac and has two usb ports that can power devices from the mains when plugged in or from the battery when not. I think this would make a fantastic instructable; maybe use a cell phone battery(or two) or rechargeable AAs. I can just picture an altoids can hanging from an outlet with a flashing led or something. Also two usb ports would be a great addition to any mintyboost project.

Posted by elbel86 9 years ago

How do I install a rechargeable battery into a boombox or device that can be charged via ac adapter?

How do I install a rechargeable battery into a boombox or device that can be charged via ac adapter? I'm building a boombox and want to have an internal power supply that can be recharged via  the ac adapter that comes with the battery.  I want to be able to charge it without having to remove the battery.   I'm guessing I need to wire in some sort of switch that switches between power mode and charging mode,  but I really have no idea how to go about it or where to find the relevant information on how to do it.  I'm an electronics noob so any input would be appreciated.  Thanks

Asked by banjopoker 5 years ago

12v trickle charging rechargeable AA battery's?

Just wondering if anyone knows whether it is would be possible to charge 10 AA rechargeable battery's in series with a standard 12v solar panel without any specialist kit ? Thanks

Asked by _TEAP0T_ 5 years ago

How to Charge Rechargeable Batteries Via a Micro USB Port in a Portable USB Charger

I recently made one of the Altoids box USB chargers that have been popping up all over the site and it turned out great, but now I'm looking for a little more of a challenge, so for my next endeavor I'd like to make a portable USB charger which uses rechargeable batteries that can be recharged while still in USB charger through a micro USB input (like how you plug in a phone to charge the internal battery).  I've seen a few projects that use solar panels to achieve a similar result but (perhaps just due to my own limited knowledge) I couldn't figure out how to make it work with a micro USB port. Also, if possible, I'd love to be able to use the 18650 (EFest IMR) as the rechargeable battery/batteries.  I have a few of them that I use for e-cigarette mods and they hold a good amount of juice so why spend more money on rechargeable batteries when I already have some.  But if using more conventional batteries would make things easier then that's not a problem at all. I can't wait to hear the community's input on this.  And to those who are the knowledgeable ones in this field, don't feel obligated to say everything entirely in layman terms for my benefit  - what I don't know I will look up; how else are we supposed to learn new things anyway?  Thank you for your time and for any help you can offer! -John

Posted by nettles4349 3 years ago

inexpensive high AmpHour 12V rechargeable?

I'm  looking to build a battery-powered speaker system for use on job sites, that will need to be louder than the equipment being used. For this purpose, I plan on using a tripath amp and some pretty decent speakers I have lying around, but the tough part is power. I need between 12V and 13.6V, with a relatively high AH rating. I considered a car battery, but don't want to have to trickle charge. I considered a Power Wheels battery and charger, but I've been seeing bad reviews on lifespan Any thoughts?

Posted by gschoppe 7 years ago

a few battery questions

I got 2 questions1st. i was shopping at target today and noticed that the big energizer rechargeable "D" size batteries has the same mAh rating as the smaller "AA" rechargeable energizers i have at home (2500 mAh) can any one explain this?2nd. i've seen some pics around the site of custom "D" sized "AA" battery holders that hold 4 "AA's" in a "D" sized space ( https://www.instructables.com/id/SA59T0CFB11L31B/ ), but i haven't seen any instructions on how to make them. can some one make an instructable about this? (preferably one that can be made to hook up the" AA's" in parallel)

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

Can a battery recharge itself? Answered

Hi there, i have a query. In a circuit powering just an LED can the battery power the LED an recharge itself? Or, having a battery power an electric motor connected to electric motor running it in reverse could that generate electricity to run the first electric motor? In my head i have this image in my head that the 2 motors wired together with a LED could power that LED and themselves from the battery connected for a short while then put back in its package? I'm not blessed with access to a reasonably priced electronics store (honestly, its cheaper for me to import the components from America paying postage to New Zealand than purchasing at the nearest store even through online or phone order) Anyway, so i haven't got the patience to wait 2weeks and spend many dollars to experiment myself i wondered if anyone had or knows if this sort of thing works? Thank you Also, could you explain and list what i would need to do this? Thanks again

Asked by Scotty3000 7 years ago

solar charged bateries?

Anyone thing this kind of thing can be done?http://crave.cnet.co.uk/greentech/0,250000598,49301285,00.htmim not sure if flexible solar panels are avaliable

Asked by minus273degrees 9 years ago

Solar powered blinking Led (with photo switch)

I was wondering if anyone has or will post an instructable showing how to build a self-contained solar/rechargeable blinking LED (or LEDs)  I have a telephone pole I would like to have illuminated for oncoming traffic.  Reflective tape isn't cutting it.  I was thinking a LED strip that blinked would be a better "notice" to drivers. It would have to be self-contained and powered given the location, hence the solar/rechargeable aspect.  It would also have to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. (off when light out, on when dark, so a photo switch needed) Any ideas how this can be done?  I was thinking hacking a solar powered yard light to power a LED strip but I have no idea how the electronic parts work or if the charge is enough to do so.  I am sure there are parts in one of those lights that I can use.  Harbor Freight is my buddy. Any help appreciated.

Posted by xrobevansx 7 years ago

How to control DC motor speed, distance, and direction through Bluetooth???

Hello all:  Absolute electronic noob here looking for advice.  Thank you all in advance for your input.  What I am trying to make is a small inexpensive rechargeable device that will take small various objects back and for at variable speeds all controlled via Bluetooth.  “Android/IOS.  I would like to keep the device no larger than 6 to 8 inches but, if necessary can go larger.  I am hoping I can control the speed as well as the distance the objects travel via Bluetooth. As far as direction I would like a set back and forth stop point.  At this point the entire project is in my head.  I apologize for my electronic ignorance.  Again Thank You.

Asked by DougB53 1 year ago

I am trying to find and/or make a battery that can be charged while giving off a charge. and ideas?? Answered

I am currently working on a project that requires a battery that's capable of being charged while at the same time give off an even smaller amount of energy. Any and all details to either obtain something like this or even make one would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Magnet_Dude 9 years ago

Design help for battery powered LED lighting for display case? Answered

I wonder if people might have suggestions for battery powered lighting for a display case? The all glass case (except for base and canopy) now has an AC powered four MR16 halogen system. I want to replace that because of the heat, and because I don't want a power cord running from canopy down the glass sides. Ugly. I'd like to replace those bi-pin halogens with LED lights and power it all with a rechargeable battery. The canopy over the six foot tall case is 4" deep by 15" wide by 70" long, open at the top. I'd like to conceal the works in that 4" space. I'd want the battery(s) to be easily removeable and reinstallable for external charging. Long life to maximize intervals between charging would be a big plus. The lights would typically only be used when we have visitors. Maybe for as long as a couple of hours several times a month, but probably typically for much shorter periods. Ideas? Thank you. --David

Asked by davidqxo 7 years ago

Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip?? Answered

Can you recharge rechargeable batteries with a normal battery clip like you buy at radio shack? (batteries will be charged via solar charging circuit)

Asked by monkhm 7 years ago

Hack Needed: Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Greetings all, I'm in need of a hack to replace the lead acid battery in a rechargeable halogen spotlight purchased at a local store. The spotlight came with a AC recharger but 15 charge time hours returns only approximately twenty minutes of usable light. I'd much like to replace the power source with something of a longer duration than the current one third of an hour. As much interested in simply rewiring the device to work from my car's AC outlet if possible. Mind I only have a few dollars invested in this device still I'd like to see if a replacement power source is worth the effort. Thanks to all who reply.http://ledmuseum.candlepower.us/third/fixit.htm

Posted by patron_zero 10 years ago

Connect timer w Rechargeable 9v to Solar panel?

I am using a rechargeable 9v battery in my irrigation timers.  I would think it would be easy to hook up a small solar panel to charge the batteries during the day and then I don't have to worry about them failing and me not noticing until my garden goes brown.  Two wires join in a pastic coated cap that hooks to the 9volts.  Can't I just take the cap apart and connect the leads from the little solar panel?

Asked by solartimer 5 years ago

Are there any Instructables that utilize or modify the different parts of a solar powered/hand crank rechargeable radio?

I got a pretty new rechargeable radio that comes with a solar panel, a hand crank, and DC power. I was wondering if there were any ways to make the solar panel or hand crank useful to power or charge something else. Any ideas would be cool, just thought it would make an interesting project being as I got the radio for only $10.

Asked by jfg2597 9 years ago

Is it possible to make a battery powered comb that is also a flatiron?

For marketing class, we have to design a product and packaging. It has to be something that could be an actual product, although we DO NOT have to create a functioning prototype. I would like to design a comb that, when you turn it on, is also a flatiron and is powered by a rechargeable battery. My teacher doesn't think a battery could heat it hot enough. I want to the comb heat to at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Is it possibly for a rechargeable battery to heat a device that high? Thank you!

Asked by creativemariar 3 years ago

Battery recommendation

Hello, I'm looking for a rechargeable battery for a project and I'm not having any luck finding a suitable one.  Here's what I need: The battery will need to be between 12 - 18v with between 1-2 amp.  This will be powering a set of speakers, so not really sure what type of amp hours I need.  The battery will need to fit into a tin lunch box.   An idea I had was to use a 12 or 18v battery for Power Tools - not sure if it will work though.  I also found this, http://www.altex.com/12V-Lithium-Ion-Rechargeable-Battery-Set-LBP-124500-P150057.aspx not sure if it is powerful enough though. Any thoughts/ideas is appreciated.  

Posted by RabidNoodle 7 years ago

4 pins with unknown polarity, i want to charge a battery with it?

So I have 4 pins with unknown polarity, and a rechargeable battery with 2 pin with known polarity, and i got a multimeter. How am i going to solve this? I randomly did something and it worked, but it did not charge, but it could use the battery, but now its empty it cant anymore. layout used is --++ please help :)

Asked by lhu 6 years ago

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

Hello Everyone! I am planning to make a rear bike light, which has rechargeable batteries through USB. I then decided to use Lithium Ion Batteries for it. But the problem is that I dont know what parts I need. It should be able to light up 4 COB LEDs (Each rated 12V, photo given) Till now, after looking at several other instructables, I am able to say that: 1. It needs a steup transformer from 5V TO 12 V - TP4056 (https://www.amazon.in/TP4056-lithium-Battery-Charging-Charger/dp/B00JQ2VG1A/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1505148914&sr=8-8&keywords=lithiumion+batteries)  or https://www.adafruit.com/product/259 2. It needs some sort of protection like:  http://www.batteryspace.com/PCB-for-11.1V-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack-4.0A-limit-----PCM-L03S04-559.aspx 3. Also do can I allign three 3.7V Lithium Ion Batteries to make 11.1V? Please help me out Thanks!

Posted by nabeel.quadri 10 months ago

Portable battery pack using smart Blackberry D-X1 batteries

Firstly: Big admirer of your collective works. Secondly: My electronics/electrical knowledge is practically non existant. (my ideas are great IMHO, execution blows FACT) I have been given half a dozen D-X1 Blackberry batteries. They run at 3.7v. I thought of daisy chaining them to make a large, rechargeable pack charged by USB B mini, then connecting a USB A port to them and using it as a portable (And relatively flexible) power source for my USB powered gadgets. They charge well, and hold a decent quantity of power if the Blackberry is anything to go by, they were free (yay!) and I have a bunch of them. I'd like to make them into a device that attaches to my rucksack strap. The latter is a detail, the real issue is how to make 4 or 6 D-X1 batteries into a rechargeable pack. Any ideas for the electronically subnormal?

Posted by Spiced Ham 5 years ago

Do I need a charging circuit if my power source outputs 9 volts and 2 amps? Answered

I plan on using maybe 6 rechargeable 9 volt batteries in parallel to run some computer speakers I put into a cigar box and would like to charge them just by plugging the wall wart into the power source from the speakers. Does the need for a charging circuit change based on how much power comes in or is it necessary whenever you want to charge batteries? Also if anyone wants to suggest a better battery setup, that's great. The speakers need 9 volts and ~4.5w. Thanks.

Asked by oddjobzombie 8 years ago

Can you overcharge a rechargeable battery?

Is it possible to overcharge a rechargeable battery? If so, how, and how can you prevent it?

Asked by phalanx447 9 years ago

Recharge rechargeable battery with a led battery powered lamp?

I am making a lamp cordless using batteries and low poer 12v led strip. My question is can i somehow connect a solar cell so as the light hits it recharges the rechargables batteries that will actually power the lamp. So I dont have to take batteries out and recharge them every few days or week? 

Asked by jjb82177 5 years ago

how to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo give 9V? Answered

How to recharge a battery of 12V ? I am trying to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo.Can I use a dynamo of 9V to recharge the battery of 12V? 

Asked by tarz_00 7 years ago

How should I recharge a 7.4V battery? Answered

I have a 7.4V rechargeable battery and I'm wondering what voltage I should be charging it with. would 9V work? Are there any general guidelines for recharging batteries? Specs: 7.4V 1400 mAh Lithium-ion Was originally used in a NXT LEGO robot. Thanks! Ryan

Asked by jensenr30 6 years ago

Rechargeable CR2 (3v) Battery Pack for a Digital Harinezumi camera?

I've been burning through CR2 batteries while using my Harinezumi camera. I would like to make a battery pack that wires into battery compartment, makes a connection with the terminals and keeps it juiced as long as the pack can juice it.   Ideally, I'd like to have the battery pack in my pocket with a wire going to the camera through a small hole drilled in the battery compartment door. I have about 10 rechargeable CR2 batteries with these specs... Rechargeable 3V CR2 800mAh which I've been using to power the camera just fine,,, just not long enough. How would I go about making a battery pack to give the correct current/power to the camera without causing any harm (frying it)?  Should I use and combine the batteries I already have , or should I make a battery pack with different, bigger, batteries? Once I figure this out, I'll post the complete instructable on here with photos of my project. Thanks!!!

Asked by eldrizno 8 years ago

Do I need a diode? Answered

I am wiring 8x 5 mw lasers in parallel, powered by a 3.7v Li-Ion rechargeable battery. I was told that I would need a diode, specifically a 1n4001 diode to regulate polarity. I know what a diode does in theory (control the direction of electron flow), but I'm not 100% where in the circuit the diode needs to go. I'm assuming it goes between the positive battery lead and the output devices. Can someone clarify?

Asked by h4xs4w 6 years ago

Instructions and parts list to create a USB port rechargeable battery powered LED string?

Hi folks.  I work at a place called "The Running Room" up here in Canada and am looking to help out the local running folks with being more visible in the accursed winter darkness.  While we encourage reflective running gear, LEDs are a nice accent and would help with safety.  I don't mind picking up parts off Ebay and am OK with soldering and such but I am not an electrical engineer so any instructions and parts would have to be pretty basic.  My apologies for the questions to follow and thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.  I don't mind if you want to "turbo charge" a killer rig, but I would need the final construct to be able to be worn comfortably and run for a few hours before being easily recharged via a USB port. Thanks, Joseph

Asked by floating_weasel 5 years ago

Need help sourcing a battery for my project?

I'm in the development stage for my next couple of projects, and after thinking about variables and other such random stuff, I've decided on a project (no, I won't tell you what it is. not yet at least!). The project is going to have to be very small, and will really be stretching the limits of through hole soldering (I dont want to to SMD on this). Due to size constraints, and power consumption, I need a very specific size battery. I need a battery with (I hope) at least 700mah capacity, if not more, as well as be rechargeable. Diameter should not exceed that of an AAA battery (around 12mm or so). Voltage CANNOT be 1.5, and must be more than 2v (single batteries only please! Multiple cell batteries are fine, as long as they are in a single package). Length of the battery can be pretty long, but should not exceed more than 40mm or so. Battery can be any rechargeable type, with the exception of Li-ion flat packs (I think they are a bit too fragile and volatile for a project exposed to daily wear and tear.). My current choice is a 123A li-ion 880mah battery, but it is a bit too wide for me.. Anyone know of a good, rechargeable, small battery? I know this is really stretching my choice limits, but I would GREATLY appreciate any help you give. Many, many thanks in advance,  -Thomas

Asked by astroboy907 5 years ago

How much and how efficiently can a capacitor store charge?

I recently found out all the items required to build this project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Electricity-Generating-Footwear/ .  I don't want to buy the power bank, so I though about using rechargeable batteries. But I had none, but I had capacitors and I thought of using them.  These capacitors 1000 uf . I am thinking about soldering 5 of them in paralell so that I have 5000 uf storage capacity, But I am concerned how well it would work, if at all.   Can this store upto the amount of charge that a powerbank can? Can it actually charge up at a constant voltage if I use it?  Thanks for helping!

Asked by aninda13 4 years ago

Ipod Solar/Battery/Wall/USB

 So after perusing a few instructables such as minty boost and others, I have decided I shall make a travel charger. Kind of. Basically the idea is an all in one, pimped out ipod case. I have most of the parts already, and I work at radioshack so I can get whatever I need. This case is going to have an external speaker mounted to the back of the ipod touch, directly above a rechargeable battery (nine volt?). The solar panel will be mounted behind that facing outwards and on a hinge that will allow it to unhinge out and act as stand as well.  Hopefully this is making sense.... I'm thinking that the ipod needs to be charged via the battery, which will be charged both via solar and occasionally wall. The speaker I also plan to run off the battery, so this will have to be some battery!  Like I said, I work at radioshack so I have access to all kinds of stuff, so the best possible battery for this scenario is what I'm looking for, along with any advice on this. I'll make an instructable also if anyone would like. Thanks!

Posted by ShiesTech 8 years ago

USB charged USB charger?

Hey all,      I'm looking for a combination of 2 circuits that I know exists already. I want to charge a Li-ion battery via a USB port in a computer or a wall adapter. Then (to save space and be more streamlined) I want to be able to use the same USB connection In the device I'm making to charge my phone from the Li-ion battery. If anyone could point me in the direction on this circuit that would be greatly appreciated.     Thanks

Posted by patdoherty 5 years ago

Solar LED 2835 strip with rechargeable battery, controller and night sensor?

 Needing help with a solar set up to recharge and power a small led strip with 2835 LEDs. I need a small strip of bright LEDs to light up a address block during the night and it is in a rock column.  I want the set up to be as visually minimal as possible.  My plan is to have a solar panel charging a battery during the day, have the sensor turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn.  I have a reel of 2835 LEDs and I want to cut a 1 Ft length of them and mount below the address block to illuminate it.  I already have all the mounting details set and how I plan on running the wires.  I will put the battery, controller and dimmer in a box on the back of the column and close it off and run the wires through the mortar to the LED strip which will be sitting on a rock shelf.  The solar panel will be mounted on the top of the column which is almost totally flat.  My questions and assistance needed is on the design of the solar components, battery, controller, wiring, design and if it I have it all correct and it will work.  I have done hours of research on the net and think I have an understanding of this, but would like one you electronic wizards to proof my concept and provide any input on things I might need to add, change or improvements to make it better or more cost effective.  I also searched previous forum questions and didn't see anything exactly like this. Pic is attached on my general layout, but here is what I have come up with so far: -12v 10w Solar panel, $20 -Charge Controller, $6 -20a Fuse, $0 -12v 5ah battery, $16 -LED dimming controller, $6 -12v Photocell, $3 -2835 LED 1 foot strip (cut from reel), $0 --I can provide links and further details to the components if needed, but they are all standard items that you can get on ebay or amazon Total cost not including box housing is approx. $51   (seems like there should already be something like this available much cheaper, but I have searched a lot and can't find anything.  I don't want one of those bulky solar LED lights and I want something that will stay on for at least 8 hours at night) I did the research and 1 ft of the 2835 leds uses about 4 watts.  Looking at all the formulas I found and the battery I intend to buy, 5ah, I calculated it would run the LEDs for 14 hours.   4/12 = .34   * 1000 = 340    Battery is 5000mah so  5000 / 340 = 14.7 hrs Does this sound correct? Next was determining the solar panel required. I came up with the 10w panel to have enough to charge the battery.   10w / 12v = .83    battery again is 5ah, so 5 / .83 = roughly 6 hours Is this correct also? The other items are components to complete the circuit, protect the battery and controller and have the ability to dim the lights if they are too bright. I'm hoping I researched enough and did correct calculations and didn't miss anything. But please provide input, thoughts and anything I might have missed.

Asked by Ti6 1 year ago

Need help with electrical math and set up for Solar Power Battery Charger

Hey I am thinking of making a mini solar panel battery pack/charger I need help figuring out how to set it all up! This is what I have: -Mini Solar Panel, believe it is 10v  -9.7v 700mAh Ni-Cd battery pack -Female USB slot How to set it up? -I want to have the solar panel charge the battery -Insert a LED indicator for batter, Charging/Charged -I want the USB female to be outputting battery power (for any USB device i.e. cell phone, ipod, etc.) -I am guessing I will need/want some sort of regulator between the panel and battery and one between the battery and the USB output? Any help on set up and pieces needed would be much appreciated!  Thanks

Posted by rpvanpatt 8 years ago

why won't my xbox 360 wireless controller recharge?

I bought 2 AA lithium ion batteries for the controller and i expected that when i connected it via the usb cable that is used to charge the xbox controllers with the rechargeable battery pack that it would charge the lithium ion double A's. why doesn't it charge them? when i insert dead AA batteries and then put the charging cable on the batteries heat up because (i presume) that the cable is trying to recharge non-rechargeable batteries. so if it will recharge rechargeable battery packs and attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries why won't it recharge lithium ion double A's?

Asked by cdubnbird 9 years ago

can usb then recharge the minty boost from my laptop?

Can i plug the minty boost in to my laptop to recharge the batteries or do i have to put new batteries in every time. if not how do you make it usb rechargeable?

Asked by 8 years ago

can you recharge a 1.2V (1800mAH)battery with 5V?

So i got a rechargable battery 1.2V (1800mAH) i i would like to ask if i can recharge it with 5V ? will it explode? will it glow? 

Asked by ΠαύλοςΒ 2 years ago

weak rechargable battery

I have two drills with weak batterys ,craftsman 14.4 and dewalt 14.4. are there any sudjestions to get them to work better?

Posted by michaelsr. 8 years ago

Best rechargeable AA? Answered

I am looking for some really high capacity aa batterys. I found 4600mah batts on rcdimos.com.... I thought that these looked a bit sketchy. Does anyone know some high capacity aa rechargeables??

Asked by astroboy907 8 years ago

What rechargeable batteries should I use in my solar garden lights?

I like my solar garden lights, but they came with cheapo rechargeable batteries so they don't glow long enough at night. What should I look for in rechargeables to get the best performance out of my lights? The battery size is AA.

Asked by mtdna 7 years ago

can i use 4 AAA rechargeable batterys for my usb altoids charger without capacitors or anything?

I want to build altoids usb phone charger. i have 2 options using 9v battery and 5v voltage regulator, or using 4 AAA rechargeable batterys without anything expect female USB . So can i build 4 x AAA usb charger and what else i need ( diode, capacitor,....)?

Asked by tealk 5 years ago