Hook up stereo speakers to computer for surround sound

Alright, if theres already an instructable on this, I apologize, and could someone point me to it, otherwise, here's my question: I have a set of stereo speakers, the ones with the clips that you use to hold in the wire, so it has no plug. The only stereo set I have has no outputs, no white and red RCA jacks, or anything, and I do not have any other reciever. Is there any sort of adapter I could buy or build cheap (easily, preferably) to let me plug two of those into a standard 3.5 mm miniplug? my goal is to use those as rear speakers for my computer's 5.1 surround, as they have good base and treble, and my 2.1 channel set that I was using there crapped out. Thanks!

Posted by shadthehedgehog 9 years ago

electronics remote control

Could anyone suggest how to build an electronic system for using a radio signal to turn on and off another circuit. what i mean is a transmitter with a button you could hold and press a switch and a reciever in the circuit you want to switch on and off which prevents power reaching the circuit unless you are transmitting. i would want to be able to transmit over atleast 20 metres and through thin walls, aluminium foil and clothing. thanks.

Posted by resistanceisfutileiflessthan1ohm 6 years ago

portable tv

I really would like to try and make a portable tv I am wondering if it was possible I have a decent lcd screen out of a car gps but the only markings on it are vdd , avdd ,vgh ,vgl, pol,vcom, gnd and there are some contacts that say q1 ,q2 ,q3 r0, and c1 I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to connect it to a chip and if it would be possible to make a receiver out of an old VCR

Posted by tong-b 10 years ago

Can anyone help with my RC problem?

I have these controls http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I;=LXLDP9**&P;=MLOn the receiver end each channel has 2 negatives and one positive so you can switch polarity. My transmitter is not doing anything on any channel and I get constant current flow in one direction even when the transmitters off. I don’t know much about these types of controls and I looked through the manual and can’t find anything to help. Is there something wrong with the controls or is something else going on? Can anyone help?

Posted by kendallickes 9 years ago

transmiter and reciever help

I am trying to build a reciever and transmiter, that when a button is pressed on the transmiter a switch will open on the reciever. ~100ft range. Maybe FM? any good websites

Posted by dogsrcool2me 11 years ago

GPS reciever from cell phone!

Okay, i just got back from an air force base on a extremely classified training mission. but while i was there i learned a little known fact about a device that almost EVERYONE has in there pockets right now! well let me first tell you about a law that was passed somewhere between 2000-2005 that states " all cellular devices produced after this date must have a Global Positioning Service "GPS" device/module installed". so all post millennium cell phones have GPS in them and enabled for mostly federal uses. Your cellphone service providers such as Verizon have barely caught on to the trend and realized that since they already have a virtually unused GPS device inside why not utilize it? so they added a GPS service to it. thought not bug free, it is and amazing device for its size. it can give you position, speed, and altitude! so my question is as follows... how in the heavens can we "extract" and "utilize" this chip from our old our spare cell phones? this is possible but how? possibly paired with and Arduino? if anyone has a degree in engineering or a local library and the ingenuity to reverse engineer a mobile device, then the possibilities are endless! this is up to you instructables community!

Posted by williamkidd 10 years ago

IR Robot Control

The cheapest way of wirelessly controlling a robot is IR, right? I'm in need of help for a schematic for an emitter and a reciever (this will be my first IR project). Please don't tell me to google it because I've been looking around and all I've found were vague schematics. I'd probably want to use a 555 timer for the emitter, but the schematics were vague again. For the reciever would I have to use 4, along with 4 emitters to drive 2 motors independently? As in Motor1 front and back, Motor2 front and back?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

what should i make with two reciever boxes?

I have to old reciever boxes. they were used with satlitite tv. what could i build with it?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago


Just wondering, can non-pro members send/recieve patches?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

keep signing up for instructables newsletter but don't recieve it

Keep signing up for instructables newsletter but don't recieve it

Posted by bluscreamofdeath 9 years ago


I have recieved a newsletter patch but its not showing up on my page. nobody can see that i have recieved a patch now.why isnt this working?

Posted by EncasedDeath 9 years ago

fiber optic transmitter and reciever booster

I am a hobbist/inventor/sculptor/geek. I am looking for plans or a kit to build a fiber optic booster transmitter and reciever. Or even a unit that can send and recieve data and video signals. The signal must be able to travel a minimum of 300 ft. I am trying to build a submersible rov that I can afford. The other option that I might have is a rf to fiber optic converter. Would anyone be able to help me out?

Posted by batguanno 11 years ago

Bought a Pro Membership for a present; recieved no confirmation and they didn't get the membership!

A couple days before Christmas I bought a pro membership as a gift for a family member. After I clicked purchase the site took a long time loading and then returned me to the main page. I checked my bank statement and the credit card went through; I assumed that the gift transaction had been processed. However I recieved no confirmation and they recieved nothing from instructables. I already e-mailed service@instructables last Friday and got no response. What's next?

Posted by AxelWolfin 6 years ago

tow hitch reciever

I want to get a robotic hand to pop out of a box to deliver different messages from the birdy to thank you. I would also be a great prank just sitting anywhere else. Good luck! Jason

Posted by plasticpapaview 10 years ago

How long to recieve prize

I placed first in the Make It Stick contest, and the only info i have received was to fill out my shipping info. Was curious as to how long it takes to be sent prizes from contests. Have i missed something? or just need to hold on? Thanks

Posted by Brown6041 6 years ago

Problem with purchase from Laser sales company

I have made a purchase from a laser company, Laser DIY, which is a link on instrucables.I have not recieved the products I orderd and my emails inquiries are not returned. Has anyone ordered from this company and recieved the purchase or had a problem.

Posted by saltwaterfarmtoo 8 years ago

Not recieving messages

After sending a message, I go to my “sent” tab and I can see at the end it says it was replied to, but after clicking on it, I cannot see the other users message. I only see my own original message. In my “inbox” i have nothing at all. Am I doing somethkng wrong?

Posted by TyTheWriter 9 months ago

Subscribe To Someone?

Is it possible to 'subscribe' to someone and recieve an email whenever they post an instructable, like you can on youtube?

Posted by munchman 10 years ago

Can you enter from the uk?

 will you still recieve the prizes delivered?

Posted by wizzywoo 8 years ago

Useless WorldSpace

I have a worldspace satellite reciever lying around at home. I'm from India and WorldSpace service in India has been stopped due to low profit. Now that reciever set and the antenna thing are thrown around useless. I wonder what I can do with it? And is it possible to make a mobile phone signal booster with it??? Or any other idea, anything??? 

Posted by pro2xy 8 years ago

Problem with recieving system EMail

Do only I have this problem? I'm using AOL as EMail Client, and if I get an Instructables System Mail, like 'New Comment on your 'Ible' or so, I cant really Open it. Its just a empty message. And Yeah, I'm able to open all other Email. I'm sorry for my Bad English and I hope you do understand what I mean.

Posted by Lenny24 7 years ago

Email links not working

All of the emails I have recieved since March 1st come through without the pictures, and without any working links.

Posted by wirepig 6 years ago

I got an idea

How about we have some sort of Instructables year end awards and or hall of fame? Rate this forum if you think its a good idea. Something like this: Hall of Fame: One induction per month, selected by Instructables staff. Users to be considered must be nominated by a minimum number of people (7 for example) Year End Awards: Awarded at year end. Users are voted on, however there are first nominated for certain award by a minumum number of people (7 for example) Suggestions for awards: Coolest Most Helpful Most Popular Most Dangerous Funniest Hall of Famers recieve no physical prize, but are allowed to add their instructables to Hall of Fame group, and may recieve special avatar (see Kiteman) Year End Awards recieve t-shirt (maybe) and special "medal" placed on their orangeboard

Posted by KentsOkay 11 years ago

Recieved Password change from the robot.

Hi - Recieved a password change emial fromt he instructables robot on the 7th this month - i haven't been on line to request a change. Followed the email link - it does return to instructables and i did go ahead and re input my original password for the change. - then it said my account wasn't active when i attempted log-in? Then the email change form claimed it was sending a activation notice to my email??? then that my accoutn was now active - then i attempted log in and IE claimed encountering an error. came back and i'm in logged in now. but - never requested the first password change - for all the other bugs if you will and IE error /crash to happen. thoght you should know in case it's important. or if it something i should be aware of about password spoof mail. thanks -chase-

Posted by -chase- 9 years ago

PM's don't send?

I was sent a PM around 18 hours ago, and I still havent recieved it. either ibles is slow as s*** or pm's don't travel.

Posted by rec0n 8 years ago

Haven't Recieved Notification Emails

Hi, I just noticed that while people I'm following have recently posted instructables, I haven't received any email notifications. I checked my settings and they still show that I want to receive notifications. I've received notifications about comments and new followers, just not about anything posted by the people I'm following. Is something wrong with my email, or is this a bug? (I checked the spam folder in my email, nothing was there) Anyone else have this problem?

Posted by M3G 5 years ago

Cordless Telephone Bridge

I'm trying to figure out how (or if) I can use an old cordless phone as a tranciever, wiring in an rj11 jack to the phone's reciever to essentially make a cordless phone "bridge" so that I can use my desk phone in an area without phone cabling by plugging it into the cordless phone's reciever. I've tried the phone over power adapters and haven't had great luck with 'em, so I'm trying to think outside the box. Anyone have a suggestion or two?

Posted by ptilton 10 years ago

IR Jammer

Could some please show me how to build an IR jammer? I want one that broadcasts at all frequencies, as to not have to adjust it for each IR reciever. I would be most thankful.

Posted by James (pseudo-geek) 11 years ago

Freescale Programming?

Out of the many samples I recieved last week, the freescale MC908JL8MPE is one of the few that I like the look of. Its a beefy PDIP with 28 pins, unlike the many TQFNs I've recieved I could actually solder this (well no need as it fits in a breadboard). But my problem is, there doesn't seem to be many easy-to-follow tutorials for programming these microcontrollers. The only simple solution seems to be to buy £100 programmers.. which I'm not too keen on. Is there a simple way to program them via parallel/serial or maybe using my usbtiny to program an atmel chip to program the freescale chip? Thanks.

Posted by alexgeek 9 years ago

Use for Extending WiFi?

Hey I was wondering if you can use any metal, for example a cloths hanger, to some how attach to an end of a wi fi reciever? Or maybe even maybe use a tv antenna?

Posted by rpvanpatt 10 years ago

How many patches have you got?

How many patches have you got? This is to show off/brag/sulk/moan about how many patches you got. Please tell everyone (in a comment) how many patches you have recieved, and a picture of your favourite one, thanks :-) I have recieved 11 patches so far, 12 when I get another off fungus amungus when the newest patch givaway ends, and me favourite patch is this one (its from Goodhart) :

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Bad Adds, different than the gibierish stuff

Theres an add that's like "you won a prize, click here to recieve" and it keeps making an annoying beeping noise on your compter

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

r/c and arduino communications

How do I check to see if my values for my reciever match the values in the r/c lawnmower code. It says if they don't to change them. But, I don't know how to check them.

Posted by mfm5024 8 years ago

90 copies of the newsletter?

I seem to have recieved approximately 90 copies of the most recent newletter in my email over the last couple of days. The headers and routing all look legitimate, is there a problem with the email send stuff? Gene

Posted by egbertfitzwilly 4 years ago

Spontaneously Combusting Elephants

Thought you might all like to have a chuckle, as I did when I recieved this saftey alert. Priceless simply priceless... Enjoy ;) Apparently the concrete Budda's weren't to crash hot either. Pardon the pun.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

LCD/VFD free samples?

These screens are pretty expensive, has anyone been successful at recieving a sample? Also if anyone knows where I can get samples of flux, desoldering braid, perspex, rare-earth magnets, IC sockets and headers. Thanks, Alex.

Posted by alexgeek 9 years ago

Arduino Mega with Sim900

Recently I bought Sim900a module and Arduino Mega 2560 to run my old code for sending sms and call, but now there is a problem as I am unable to send sms or either call, my code is attached below. #include SoftwareSerial gsm(2,3); void setup() { gsm.begin(9600); // Setting the baud rate of GSM Module Serial.begin(9600); // Setting the baud rate of Serial Monitor (Arduino) delay(100); } void loop() { if (Serial.available()>0) switch(Serial.read()) { case 's': Send(); break; case 'r': Recieve(); break; case 'S': Send(); break; case 'R': Recieve(); break; } if (gsm.available()>0) Serial.write(gsm.read()); } void Send() { Serial.print("Sending"); gsm.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(1000); gsm.println("AT+CMGS=\"+xxxxxxxxxxxx\"\r"); // Replace x with mobile number delay(1000); gsm.println("Hello I am GSM modem!!!");// The SMS text you want to send delay(100); gsm.println((char)26); // ASCII code of CTRL+Z delay(1000); } void Recieve() { Serial.print("Receiving"); gsm.println("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0"); // AT Command to receive a live SMS delay(1000); }

Posted by vicky58911 1 year ago

Grech contest winners declaration

Hi everyone, I recently won 1st prize in the green tech contest, and about a week after the win I contacted instructables to see if I needed any forms to recieve my prize. They said no. After two weeks and still no prize, I examined the rules and found I needed to sign a winners decleration form. Instructables made an error, and now I can't get ahold of them to give me the form. Can anyone out there help? I don't know how much longer I have before I'm unable to recieve my prize. Thanks so much, Joe J.

Posted by MacOSJoey 6 years ago

Woodcare Contest Finalist??

I hate to keep asking these questions about the contests but the Woodcare contest finalist only shows 14 instrucatbles.  The rules said there would be 20 and from that 14 winners would recieve actual prizes.  Who are the last 4 finalist going to be?

Posted by Doug Costlow 6 years ago

I didn't get my price

Hello I was a winner of the celestron space challange but my price didn't came trough. I only recieved the instructables prize pack.. What should I do now

Posted by geo bruce 7 years ago

Grammatically incorrect!

Hello Instructable community/team-I recently recieved a email message saying that a user has subscribed to me..."Congratulations!Member (xxxx) has subscribed to you! Visit their member page here: (link)"With the key word being their. It should be his/her.

Posted by Padlock 9 years ago

Discussions not updating

For the last week or so, my discussions tab hasn't been updating properly. I'm recieving emails alerting me to new comments, but they don't all show up in my discussions tab. It may be only forum commets that aren't showing up. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Posted by Brooklyntonia 2 years ago

Physics Illustrator on NON-tablet PC

Well, I've recieved a private message from well over fifty people in the past 30 days requesting that I re-compile and distribute the Physics Illustrator, so I got off my lazy butt this morning and made it. links are updated and working.

Posted by bleachworthy 10 years ago

Newsletter not working...

I have 2 emails and I usually recieve my newsletter in my hotmail and I also have my gmail acct. Where I also would like to receive it. For the last month, every time i receive the newsletter in my hotmail I sign up on my gmail with a "Your email has been added!" confirmation message, but at the end nothing happens. After all this time I still receive the newsletter only on my hotmail only. I've tried everything I could think of: to change the subscription at the bottom of the newsletter I recieve in hotmail (but it lets you change everything but the email itself, so...), I changed the email associated to my Instructables acct. I checked for junk mail, but it's useless... Im not receiving the newsletter on my gmail at all. Can you please help me?

Posted by cubaque 6 years ago

View as single page option not working

When I go to customise my profile so that all instructables are viewed as a single page, the update button doesn't activate. Its not gonna kill me to click on each instructable to view it as a single page, but the option is there and its not working. Do you recieve me?

Posted by xhmko 9 years ago

graphic display on lcd

Hello I used a processing sketch that shows a graphic form of information recieved from a pulse sensor. I would like to take that information and display it on an lcd screen. I don't know how to take that data and send it out of processing and into the lcd, so I could really use some help! thanks

Posted by Noaber 2 years ago

r/c lawnmower signal clean up

How do I get my program setup to correctly read the signal from my reciever to the arduino.  I am trying to drive a motor controller and it sometimes works but with very little consistancey.  I don't know what to try, any information would be greatly appricated.

Posted by mfm5024 8 years ago

photoresistor + entrance gate(count people)

Hi,i would like to have something like a photoresistor (or photo cell) on entrance gates to count those passing through. i have so many gates,how do i connect so many sensors to one computer? can i recieve such signals from rj45(ethernet) ? regards

Posted by xploit 11 years ago

Can I connect a cell phone to an old touchtone landline phone?

I want to connect my cell phone to an old 70's touchtone landline phone. Can this be done. I know you can connect a reciever to a cell phone but I miss the old touchtone keypad. Any advice?

Posted by paperseal 11 years ago

Replies to Message in my Inbox does not show up in Mobile view

Mobile: Android. Browser: Chrome.When someone sends me a message on Instructables, it shows up in my inbox. When I reply to that message, it doesn't display it below the recieved message. Although the replied message does show up in the Sent section.#Feedback #Bug

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 7 weeks ago