How about LESS food recipes?

How about LESS food recipes.  Of today's list of INSTRUCTABLES, about half are just recipes. How about categories that we can opt out of?

Posted by Nate Ocean 7 years ago

Squirrel or Rabbit Recipes

I'm looking for recipes that a member has created and that has not gone to some website.

Posted by DELETED_outdoorsman2014 10 years ago

The Gluten-Free Contest is starting Monday, August 26th!

We want to see all your best gluten free recipes - especially well-loved and everyday recipes! Gluten free pancakes, gluten free cakes, gluten free bread, gluten free cookies, etc. :D We've got a great programmable slow cooker up for grabs as well as some books and kitchen accessories. Check out the official Gluten-Free Contest page and get brainstorming!

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Why Vegan Is Good?

Here are four reasons that make me cook and eat vegan, and most important – enjoy it: Vegan is Healthy - Eating vegan and fresh food several times per week will make you lose weight, look better, be full of energy and feel better. Go back to the roots. Vegan is more Sustainable - Conventional livestock farming is the most polluting, water using, greenhouse gases emitting and cruel industry humans have ever managed to create. And don’t give me that crap about pesticides and migrant workers picking the vegetables – buy seasonal (see recipes for autumn-winter, spring-summer or all season meals) and local products. It’s your choice who you’re giving your money to after all! Vegan brings Cultures together - Vegan meals are dominant menu in all ancient cultures – from India and the Middle East, through South East Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Vegan is a Challenge - My first rule – never follow a recipe to the letter. Use your imagination and creativity, change it according to your personal taste, improvise and share your experience. And here I am putting together a cookbook with easy vegan recipes and willing to share experience! 

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Http:// the above link is VICTORY BEGINS AT HOME! RECIPES TO MATCH YOUR SUGAR RATION this next is the correct link, tested twice. the following is OCR generated text, but there is a PDF read on-line only there too. The link to the catalogue was posted to the Internet Archive text forums today. NOTE, The PDF can NOT be downloaded to keep, just read on line. BOOK OF FORMULAS PREPARED BY THE EDITORIAL STAFF OF POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY RECIPES, METHODS AND SECRET PROCESSES GROSSET & DUNLAP • Publishers • NEW YORK COPYR1GHT, 1932 AU rights reserved PUBL1SHED JANUARY, I y J 2 SECOND ED1T1ON FEBRUARY, 1934 TH1RD ED1T1ON AUGUST, 1934 »On*TH ED1T1ON JULY, 1935 PUNTED IN THE UN1TED STATES OF AMER1CA

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What should I learn to cook? (Or, what would you like an ible on?)

I get seriously tired of the same old things. I want to branch out a bit.What should I learn? What are your favorite things to cook?What are your favorite things to eat?I think my next big thing will be scalloped potatoes. I love when my mom makes them, but I've never had success at it by myself. And perhaps new desserts and breakfast items?Obligatory Iron Chef apron picture activate!

Posted by jessyratfink 9 years ago

Best Recipe

Hey everyone,     What is your best recipe? It can be something you made up or something you just found in a cookbook. I want to hear all about your cooking adventures! I will post my recipe for curried spinach soon.

Posted by nerdfighter73 7 years ago

The Italian Food Contest is starting on Monday, 4/29!

We want your best Italian recipes! We're looking for appetizers, meats, sauces, desserts, candies, pastas, beverages, or anything else that is both edible and Italian. It is important to note that we're looking for creative and traditional recipes - keep in mind that just because it has pasta it doesn't mean it's Italian. ;) We're giving away a Kindle Fire, Bialetti Espresso Makers and cannoil forms - check out the official contest page for more information. The contest will be open 4/29 - 5/13 so get to cooking - this one will be over before you know it!

Posted by jessyratfink 5 years ago

Show me the chicken!

Today we're launching a new Chicken Recipes Contest, and I wanted to invite you to enter! Typically, I would have launched this as a Scoochmaroo Challenge, but you all have been so responsive to these challenges, we decided to turn them into full-blown contests.  Then I realized that you wouldn't get the normal update from me about the challenge, and might not know we're running it at all - oh no!  So from now on I'll do my best to keep you apprised of the contests in the Food & Living categories, and herein create a forum for everyone to chat about it as well. So break out your chicken recipes - I know this seems exclusive to vegetarians, but I also know how creative our audience can get - and show us what you've got to win some sweet knives generously donated from Wusthof.  These are the same knives I use in my home and here at the Instructables HQ! We're even giving away one special prize to one author who submits the most entries!  So enter now, check in often, and vote for your favorites.  Contest closes August 27.  

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Hello, I just found this group and though that it is a really good idea! I am a fellow Italian too, and I really want to get foreign people to know real Italian cuisine. So let us get started with good recipes! I will post one as soon as I finish it.

Posted by Caffeinomane 8 years ago

Questions about anything? Post them here!

Hi everyone,    If you have questions about vegan nutrition, why I became vegan, why I started this group, or any questions about the world in general, post them here and I will do my best to answer them. Please keep your questions appropriate.

Posted by nerdfighter73 7 years ago

Muffin Recipes...... GO!!!

 Post your very favourite muffin recipes. If your not going to give up the precious recipe made great by your ancestors and passed down to you, Post a picture. Tickle our taste buds. Anything Muffin-ish.

Posted by CrawdadMan 9 years ago


A recipe was posted on my FB today for Bacon and Egg Brunch PIe here is the link, but clicking on the pdf does not have the recipe come up thanks

Posted by porkysgirl 6 years ago

Creating Polish/Different Recipes

Hello Everyone...I would like to introduce a forum for leather polishes. Please send in any recipes, ideas or ingredients that you deem worthy for polishes.

Posted by dfunct 4 years ago

Recipe for dense hard clay?

Greetings, I am looking for a recipe to make dense hard (and still mailable) clay, not the soft playdough-like clay there are already two instructables for. Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 8 years ago

Giving Credit for a Recipe

I have a recipe that I really like and on which I would like to do an instructable.  My question is about giving proper credit.  I looked around at some recipes on here and didn't see anything about giving credit.  So the recipe I want to use is a common basic one, but the one I use, I found on a blog.  So do I reference the blog in my instructable?  Is it different because I'm just teaching how to make the recipe?

Posted by cfremming 2 years ago

I need a kale recipe/s

Can any one kind enough point me to some nice green kale related recipes please? Preferably soup and or side dish related. Thanks.

Posted by Treasure Tabby 8 years ago

diabetic cakes, biscuits recipes wanted

Have you got a favourite cake or biscuit recipe suitable for a diabetic diet without commercial sweetners

Posted by kkeagan 5 years ago

Everything Chicken and Eggs - Recipes, Games, Free Products, Gifts and How To Advice

Last week my daughter came home from JK with a photograph of her holding a chick she watched hatch. (She was so egg-cited.) She is learning about eggs as one of the signs of spring. Being the curious mom, I decided to do some web research to learn what all the clucking was about.So fellow moms (and dads) here are some great sites complete with lots of cool free chicken and egg giveaways! I hope you are hungry.1.) Do you want to have fun with eggs? Visit http://www.getcracking.caThis is an awesome, fun site sponsored by the Egg Council. You can join the Egg Lovers Club to receive free recipes and the kids can do Eggtivities and Eggsperiments. For example your kids can learn how to do the Uncrushable Egg Trick. Not to give away anything but let me know how many books you were able to pile up.2.) Are you looking for agricultural or nutritional information? Visit http://www.chickenlovers.caThis site is sponsored by The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. You can go to the Teacher's Resource Section and order free kits with "how to" projects for grades 3 to 10. In addition there is a super Order Desk section where you can get free posters and fact sheets. The posters feature delicious recipes with all the information you need to make the right menu choices.3.) Are you an aspiring chicken farmer? Go to http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.comThis site has tons of information and products related to chickens. It has everything you need on how to keep your chickens and their farmers happy and healthy. You can do everything from buy chicks to listen to their radio show called Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer. You can also order a free catalogue and sign up for free weekly emails but that's not all. They even have an amazing Hatchery Gift Shop perfect for the hard to buy for chicken farmer on your list.And finally, Are you ready to get started and want to make your chicks happy? Go to one offers a great "how to" E-Book written by Bill Keene who has many years experience as a poultry farmer. He knows how to build a chicken coop that will keep your chickens healthy and happy. It sells for $29.95 USD but one of the neat things I liked about this site is because it is an E-Book you can print off as many copies of the book and its plans as you want. It also comes with 4 Free Gifts and a money back guarantee.In conclusion, I'm glad my daughter's photograph led me to here. Sign up for all the cool free giveaways soon. You and the kids will have fun. I need to go now; I'm trying a new recipe for supper tonight called Caribbean Chicken. Enjoy!

Posted by lisa9c 9 years ago

What's your favorite Smoothie Recipe?

Just posted a new video Instructable - Make a Solar Smoothie - and was wondering if anyone has a favorite smoothie recipe they'd like to share. What's your favorite smoothie recipe? What makes it different or 'gives it kick'? Looking for ideas for next solar smoothie video - and also for our farmer market stand. Thanks!

Posted by Jonlo 5 years ago

Healthy Meals and Recipes !

Learn how to cook the perfect steak, make your own chicken broth & prepare the most delicious vinaigrettes. No grains, No dairy, No legumes, No sugar, No vegetable oils and No preservatives. I recently bought The (Paleo Recipe Book) and thought I would actually share with you a bit more about it... "Paleo Recipe Book" is a comprehensive collection of recipes from across the globe. Whether you're looking for Paleo-friendly breakfasts, dinners, desserts, or international favorites, you'll find dishes for every taste!  

Posted by PIMV 4 years ago

Call for Mac & Cheese Recipes!

Homeroom is a specialty Mac & Cheese restaurant opening soon in Oakland.  Even better, they're running a mac and cheese recipe challenge!  You don't have to be local to enter (or win), and the best recipes will be included in their upcoming cookbook.  I suggest posting your mac'n'cheese Instructable, then sending along the link as your entry - we'd like to see what you've made, too! Details from the Homeroom website: The winning dish will be selected from a group of 10 finalists, who will be invited to show off their mac and cheese at cook-off party held right here in Oakland. But don’t worry out-of-towners, if we choose your recipe one of us will cook it up for you. But there’s a catch. For your recipe to qualify for the grand prize or for a spot in the cookbook, you must follow a few simple rules: * You must use only California cheeses in your mac and cheese. * All recipes must be based on 1 pound of dried pasta. * The retail cost of all your ingredients must equal or be less than $20. This includes pasta, milk, butter, flour, cheeses and whichever veggies or meats you decide to include. * Email your entries no later October 15, 2010. Be sure to include your name, contact info, and a detailed recipe, including brand-names. * Gluten-free and vegan recipes are welcome and encouraged!

Posted by canida 8 years ago

Future minecraft update led as

What would be some good ideas for future minecraft updates? I have already thought of recipes book, planet minecraft (cube to be exact), and more water animals.

Posted by Rebreg 6 years ago

WANTED: Recipe for maiking instant powder drink/juice

Hi im looking for a recipe to make an instant powder drink or artificial drink from scratch. that is i would like to do it commercially/manufacture it in south africa.i sort of know the ingredients but need a solid recipe with quantities to go with it. any help will be greatly appreciated. thank you

Posted by mzminty 5 years ago

Archaeologists + Cake nerds, recipes needed!

Sidestone Press is looking for nerdy archaeology cake recipes, if they get enough they're planning on turning them into a book. They contacted me after seeing my dinosaur excavation cake and need more nerdy cake recipes to make a book. This could be a fun crossover, but they can't make the book if they don't get enough content. Make an Instructable out of it and it's like a double-win! Here's the Facebook page, submit your recipe today and have it in a book!

Posted by mikeasaurus 4 years ago

Corner Bakery's New Spicy Thai Coconut Soup Recipe anyone?

Have you tried the Corner Bakery's Spicy Thai Coconut soup?! ZOMG IT'S SO AH-MAH-ZING. I'm trying to look for a recipe but can't find one that is like it so I'm asking help from the Instructablions: Do you know where I could find this recipe? OR Can you make a recipe that tastes like this soup?! I had it for the first time yesterday and I was MIND BLOWN. It was so awesome and I want some more today but Corner Bakery only sells that soup from Wednesdays to Saturdays so I'm fresh out of luck. Any help here? haha

Posted by Julianne fights Dragons! 5 years ago

CHOW/Instructables Thanksgiving Recipes Contest Winners Announced

The winners for the CHOW/Instructables Thanksgiving Recipe Contest have been announced! Congratulations to the winners, and a special thanks to everyone who entered.  Really great work. The winners list premiers on CHOW today, and will be posted on later in the week. Congratulations again, and we look forward to running more contests with CHOW in the future! see the winners now!

Posted by scoochmaroo 7 years ago

Non Stop! Caramel cookies recipe

Hi! About 6 moths ago I was visiting family in Germany, and my uncle had these weird cookies (well not really weird, unusual) called Non Stop! Caramel;=/sweet/&f;=all/ Now, I live in Finland, and these cookies aren't available here, so I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to mimic these or had some suggestions what recipes would work. I don't have a lot of free time, so trying out a hundred recipes is not an option. There is another thing. Since then, I have also become a vegan, so if I were to find these in a store, I couldn't eat them, so I sorta need to do this myself. So if anyone has eaten these cookies and knows a recipe for something in the same direction, or can make up a copycat recipe, it would be much appreciated. The recipe doen't have to be vegan btw, I can convert it myself. Thanks in advance,  - Kalle

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Has scoochmaroo plagiarized Emeril Lagasse's work?  You be the judge! I, for one, would find it hard to believe that Emeril would poach from smoochmaroo, and that's not considering the six year difference in dates.

Posted by JunkBot Bob 8 years ago

What the T-Rex goin on?

Of all the food recipes on here, I see nothing of the sort for bread maker recipes. I just got one this christmas and have been making some rather delicious white bread and recently, carmalized onion bread, ooo god, F****** delicious.If no one has any good recipes to offer I'm gonna experiment myself and start posting some bread maker recipes, I like food and so does everybody else.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

Picture of Ingredients. How important is it to you?

Do you count on seeing a picture of the ingredients or do you rely on the actual "List of ingredients" in a recipe? I frequently make recipes up as I go along, taking fastidious notes of what was added along the way and taking a lot of pictures. Because of this proclivity, I've found taking a picture of the ingredients (before the recipe is completed) is a total waste of time.  That wouldn't be so bad, except that I often run out of an ingredient used in the recipe and have nothing to take a picture of.  For example: I'm making an peach pie and the voice in my recipe box shouts "Baja! Remember the fresh strawberries you have in the frig? I bet they would taste great with those peaches!" So, of course I listen to my exuberant recipe-box-voice and add the strawberries... but now I'm out of fresh strawberries... and the closest grocery store where I might be able to find them is 2 hours away.  UGH.  All opinions appreciated... unless you want to criticize my loquacious recipe box.  It happens to be very close friends with my tool box, who is fiercely protective and carries a blunt, heavy weapon object at all times.  It could get ugly, so please don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

Posted by bajablue 6 years ago

Wanted your cocktail recipe ideas

Hi everyone home bar guy here I love enjoying alchohol at home responsibly of course, and i also love making videos. So i combine the two to share recipes with anyone whose interested through the magic of instructables and youtube. If anyone has any cocktails or recipes they'd like me to try out and feature in my videos i'd love to give them a try. Thanks everyone. Instructables - home bar guy youtube - darryl logan

Posted by TheHomeBarGuy 4 years ago

Looking for a Jägerschnitzel Recipe

So the other day, I went to "Spring Fest," a local German American Society event. Naturally, the beer was great (some types I've never even heard of before), but... the food was incredible :) I'm looking for someone's own recipe for jägerschnitzel (as opposed to something I find on a large recipe database somewhere on the interweb). Perhaps it's my red meat deprived diet - but it was incredibly delicious and I'd like to try making it myself along with some red cabbage sour kraut (equally delicious).

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Toaster Oven Recipes - Need this category in FOOD

There needs to be either a contest for cooking stuff in a toaster oven, or a category in food for cooking in a toaster oven.  I'm going to college in a few months and I need yummy recipes and how to make them cook right in a toaster oven, since I can have one in my dorm.

Posted by hlagas 7 years ago

Help! I need a recipe for lamb with dried limes...

Hi folks, the holidays must have cooked my noggin. I could have sworn that there was a recipe on 'ables that involved lamb baked with dried limes. So while in London I procured said limes as this cooking looked so very, very good. Now back at my lair in Wales and can I find the recipe anywhere? Er, no. From memory it was baked low and slow, any help would make my taste-buds sing. Best wishes to everyone for 2009. Bosh.

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Posted by Lateral Thinker 8 years ago

A Recipe for D&Disaster

Alt Text pokes a little fun at Dungeons and Dragons language with this cookbook-based parody. Could a mash-up of Iron Man and "Iron Chef" be next?Link

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

Happy Excessive Turkey Day!

As I type, millions of turkeys are coming to a gravy-covered end. Post a link to any left-overs based recipe you have published since last Thanksgiving, and any that I like will get a Pro membership. If I get enough recipes get posted, I'll gather some of the nicer ones into a Collection. So, happy Thanksgiving to y'all! Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Last Two Days for Fake It, Don't Make It and iRobot!!!

This is the closing weekend for TWO contests: the Fake It, Don't Make It Holiday Recipe Contest and the iRobot Create Challenge.Bring on the recipes! Bring on the robots! Bring on the robots powered by food!OK, the robot guys and gals know who they are, but anyone can enter the recipe contest. Make some food and document it. Show us your cool shortcut. Take some nice photos of the results and process. We want to see it and we want you to win cool stuff.Which recipe will be published in Real Simple? Which robot creator will win $5,000?

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Do the RealSimple Recipes Count?

Concerning the Fake it, Don't Make it! Contest, I was wondering if RealSimple's ('s) Instructables count. They are added to the group but I wasn't sure if they were just there to attract visitors and inspire them, or what. Thank you.

Posted by Bran 11 years ago

Best Paper Mache Recipie

Hello, I was wondering what people have found to be the best paper mache recipe out there. I'm currently using flour, elemers glue, clove oil and water, but was wondering if there is a better recipe out there.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

Taco time sour cream - any one got a recipe?

I've been looking everywhere. Does anyone here have a good taco time sour cream recipe? I wish they would sell it in stores as it's amazing. I've tried replicating it on my own but am a horrible cook. I always come here for amazing recipes but this one is haunting me!

Posted by DELETED_artncoffee 6 years ago

Brown Sugar

Well I was wondering how Brown sugar affect recipes differently from normal sugar. I am making a recipe from scratch, so this will help me from repeating it over and over. Also since its a candy does it melt like normal.

Posted by acer73 11 years ago

How about a 'gluten-free' channel in the food category?

Well, all is in the title... it's a good thing to just click in the menu to see the vegan recipes, but it would be even better to select the gluten-free recipes (dessert AND other dishes) great site, by the way...

Posted by blurpblurp 5 years ago

Fake It, Don't Make It Recipe Contest Winners Announced

Real Simple magazine and Instructables are happy to announce the winners for the Fake It, Don't Make It Recipe Contest!We saw some delicious recipes entered and encourage everyone to see the full group here.Grand PrizeThis winning recipe by trebuchet03 is featured in the December issue of Real Simple. Trebuchet03 also receives a $100 Crate & Barrel Gift Card, a monogrammed Real Simple apron, an Instructables T-shirt, and a year's subscription to Real Simple magazine. How to Make Monkey BreadFirst PrizeThe authors of these winning recipes will receive a $50 Crate & Barrel Gift Card, a monogrammed Real Simple apron, an Instructables T-shirt, and a year's subscription to Real Simple magazine. How to make Gingerbread Pumpkin Whoopie Pie by DMR30 Ravioli with Lobster Cream Sauce by shangrilarcadia Frozen Pumpkin Pie by SteveGerber Easy Dessert Puffs by jmjmcelwee Second PrizeThe authors of these recipes will receive a monogrammed Real Simple apron, a year's subscription to Real Simple magazine, an Instructables T-shirt, and Instructables stickers. HOLIDAY BISCOTTIS by Patricia Stiehr Mint Oreo Chocolate Pudding Pie by aliciak Creme de la Tea by Brennn10 Warm Coffee Cake by beldeen Quik 'n Easy Peach Cobbler by surfergirl French Silk Pie by stef42678 Holiday Fake It: LHS Cornbread Stuffing by debontherocks Savory Biscuits! by mje Pumpkin Pie Dessert Squares by GregDDC Easy Perfect Pancakes by LasVegasJudging was done by Real Simple magazine staff.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

My dad doesn't like some instructables.

He says that i shouldn't trust the recipes and some of the stuff on here because most of the recipes i make from here aren't that good like randofo's apple pie. :-(

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Bugged PDF generating


Posted by padovan 2 years ago

Canning for Beginners - Recipes My Mother Never Told Me - Kickstarter Campaign

Hello All I started a Kickstarter Campaign to get funding to product a waterproof cookbook, of 10 of my favorites canning recipes that I do every summer and fall. I want to share this with beginners.  I need backers for the campaign. I also need to know if this is a good concept. Waterproof page printing is pretty expensive, but it pays off in the long run.  Here is my link for the Kickstarter campaign - only 23 days to go.................

Posted by The_I_T_Lady 4 years ago

Cooking contest

Drinkmorecoffee's instructable on cooking got me thinking... I think that our next mini contest should be a cooking contest. The rules being that you make something you've never made before, but without using a recipe. So instead of getting a pomodoro sauce recipe online, you make it yourself, using what you think it needs, and then make an instructable on how to make it. Of course you can use the basic sponge recipe like drinkmorecoffee provides, but from there you make it your own. What do you think?Well, the contest is up:Have Fun!

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Do you mix oranges and tomatoes in the same recipe? How?

How do you mix oranges and tomatoes (if at all)? Any favorite ingredient combinations with these two? I'm working on cold salads, and these two seem to clash a lot when mixed with other ingredients. Thanks, everyone :)

Posted by garnishrecipes 6 years ago