Best Place to recycle Old Battery?

Where do i recycle my batteries?

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Paint recycle centers

Here you can look up paint recycle centers in your area and get contact info. Please recycle!

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way to recycle plastic bags

I have been looking for a way to recycle the bags i get at the supermarket.

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Where is a recycleing centre in Iowa that pays you for scrap metals Answered

I live in iowa and am woundering where i can go to get rid of this junk i got but only if i get some kind of money for it. (i could use the stuff on other projects if there is no place like that)

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Recycled Vitam Water Bottles

        One of my teachers at school used to drink a lot of Vitamin water, and she would leave the bottles on her desk.  My enviromentally concious friend took the Vitam Water bottles home, and built a side table out of them.  She made the side table so that it can varry in height.  It's pretty sweet looking, I'll post pictures if I get the chance.  I just wanted to know what you guys (and girls) think about the idea etc.

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how do you harvest platnum from old hard drive platters ?

I know most hard drive platters have a thin sheet of platnum . how do you seperate the platnum from the non precious metal?

Asked by mrdmburns 5 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

recycle PP together with PET ?

We have (atlast) bongomats (recycling bins for plastic bottles) in town they are intended for transparent bottles made of PET and marked with the recycling icon and num 1 in it is it ok to throw there plastic stuff made of PP (recycling icon with num 5) or its better to trash it ?

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Recycling Plastic?

I happen to have a lot of standard water bottles...a lot. So, I was wondering if some recycling plants will still pay for water bottles? And if so, how can I find one? Thanks!

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Need recycled idea

I need an idea for a project that could be done in a short amount of time (like a week) that uses recycled materials, but is still kinda cool.

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Need to create a lifesize "tree" out of recyclable materials

Can anyone suggest a way to create a life sized tree or an abstact looking tree (preferably out of recycled materials)?

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Is there an easy way to break this down for recycling? Answered

This is a new feather in my recycling cap.  Is there a way to break these down. I'd like to get a better price than "electric motor weight". Thanks

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Is it the recycled-content paper that's making my printer jam?

It's an HP Deskjet 3740--a cheapie, yes, and about 5 years old. The paper is 35% recycled from Office Depot. Is recycled paper known for jamming printers, or is this my imagination?

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Abstract Tree Prop out of recycled materials

Hi, I am looking for a way to create a life size tree or abstract looking tree preferably out of recycled materials. Any suggestions?

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need to buy recycled ?HDPE plastic?

I live in ky. we do not have a center to buy recycle plastic HDPE  if someone can buy  recycle beads i can pay the S/H to ky i ould like black a good amount if anyone can help me 

Asked by bruce5000 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

how i can recycle stereofoam?

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Is Ikea the only place that recycles incandescent light bulbs as well?

CFL bulbs need to be recycled properly due to mercury content, and there are many places: Park districts, hardware stores, Ikea, etc. that recycle CFL bulbs. However, I haven't found any place that recycles incandescent bulbs, I searched online and they say, they don't contain any toxic chemicals and can be thrown in trash and not curbside recycling. However can't the glass be reused to make new bulbs? I am sure they can reuse the glass, and the filament is probably too hard to recycle but the glass could be. I know Ikea recycles incandescent bulbs as well, but why aren't there any other companies that do? Also LED bulbs, I guess dead LED bulbs can either be returned to manufacturer if it has warranty, or in electronic recycle.

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What is "litho" recycling? Answered

Out of 32 items on my recycling invoice, the only one I know nothing about is listed as "litho".  I do know lithography is a printing process.  I do not know what the lithographic materials are that get recycled. Is it plates?   X-ray stuff?    What have I been missing out on? Thanks

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More devices from recycled electronic parts???

I am interested in finding more ibles and external links to functional devices built from recycled, unrelated electronic parts and devices. This: is an example.

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Chair of recycled acrylic

Chair of recycled acrylic With concern for the environment, having as one of its core values actions aiming at sustainability. It is for this noble motive that some companies in Brazil, arrive annually to collect about 480 tons of plastic waste per year for recycling. The acrylic sheet recycled exhibit properties similar to the original acrylic plates and cost much less. In this project, I show the creation of a chair design with fully functional and above all sustainable.

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extracting batteries from recycler

Has anybody tried to remove batteries from this?there are a bunch of dead 9V's in there and i want to get them to make battery clips from them.but the lid is small and it is spring loaded.I was thinking a speaker magnet on the end of a string and just drop it in and you get whatever you get.are batteries magnetic...

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how to make the bag from "ecoist" name is misako mori. i want to know how to make this bag. which make this bag is "ecoist". one of the grope of recycle. material is ravel of cocacola botol. if somebody know it, please teach me....

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Portable car stereo

While waiting at a red light, I noticed that inside of a FedEx truck, the driver had his own portable car stereo in the cab with him. It consisted of a wood box with three 3.5" Dia speakers on the side with the stereo (what looked like an older model) sticking out of the top of the box, vertically. I'm guessing he had it wired for a cigarette lighter adapter to power the unit and the box was held in place in the cab by bungee cords. It looked like a great way to recycle old car electronics, wished I'd thought of it when I had to drive cross-country in a Uhaul with only an am/fm radio.

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fusing plastic bag question - can you add paper?

When fusing plastic bags to make things, can you add bits of paper to make a design/collage, or will that weaken the fused result?

Asked by astartae 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

What to do with nearly 200 bottles of beer? Answered

Ok,so I have been buying this really cheap, and surprisingly good beer at Lidl called Finkbrau. The thing is it comes in a cardboard box, that contains 24 of these 0.25l bottles. And I have at least 150 if not 200 of them sitting around. The store doesn't accept returns on the bottle, and I'm a bit reluctant to throw them away.Not to mention the fact that because of their unique size, the automated recycling centers like the one in the photo below won't accept them. (The IKEA logo is because you could get free coffee and hot dogs there for every 10 bottles/cans you recycled) I was thinking of making a beer table, but the problem is that they are really short, and I would have to stack a lot of them up to get a good height. If I do go that way, I'm thinking of adding flourescent water and UV LED's to make it stand out. But what other use can you find for these little bottles?

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Any ideas on how to fold newspaper to make temporary pots for germinating seeds?

Currently I take 4 sheets of newspaper about 8" x 8" lay them flat and place a drinking glass in the middle of the paper and "wrap" the glass and secure with tape.

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Broken digi camera; what could I make with it?

My old compact digital camera is sitting looking at me accusingly, is there anything I could make out of the bits and peices? I feel bad just chucking it out. Im thinking earrings from the circuitry but not sure beyond that. Any Ideas?

Asked by kitwah 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

I have a hp dv1000 that tweaks all the time. What should I do with it?

My front speaker is falling apart, and sound doesnt come out of it. When i type it deletes what i type. Its weird. Just wondering what ideas you may have or suggestions. Im getting a mac in a month. SOOOOO...

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Coffee Table out of old medicine cabinets

Hey Guys, I recently bough a house in the sunny sanfernando valley and I am remodeling. but i would like to re-purpose the old building materials. I am a good idea man but i lack the time to make some of the things I would like to try. I thought that with some wood scraps and my old mirrored medicine cabinets i could make some sweet end tables for my den. any suggestions? Maybe someone in the LA area would like to collaborate I provide the materials and we could make some great things. Also on a completely separate note i would like to convert a drill press into a shave ice machine.... any thoughts ? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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These napkin rings go well with the waffle coasters to create a set on the dining table. The colors of the magazines give it a bohemian charm. Finish the ring with lacquer for easy cleaning and durability.INSTRUCTIONS: www.projectfidgetyfingers.blogspot.comMeasure the length and the circumference of a toilet roll.Fold magazine sheets into quarters. Once cut into quarters, fold it into half and then 1/3 and ½ again. Measure the width of the strip and match it according too the circumference of the toilet roll. It should match, giving some allowance of the thickness of the strips. Work out the thickness of the napkin ring. We have measured out 1/3 of the toilet roll, including allowance for the thickness of the strip.Use glue stick to stick the strips onto the toilet roll for placement and ease of weaving. Weave and tuck loose ends into the square weaves.Finish with lacquer.

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make a dinosaur out of recycled material (fun and easy)?

Looking for ideas to make a dinosaur out of recycled material, it needs to be simple, fun, easy

Asked by arca2000 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

rotating compost pricicng

How much do you think people would pay for a rotating composter made from a recycled 55 gallon drum and all recycled materials?

Asked by Herbal_T 9 years ago

Recycling gets sexy with the recycled bikini

Victoria's Secret has introduced a bikini top that's made from recycled polyster and spandex. It's pretty significant in its utter insignificance. Finally, a luxury item can use recycled materials and I hope that we see more companies doing this, but there's only a few square inches of material there. And can they do it without having to make it literally green? It all reads like more of a publicity ploy than any real movement towards sustainability.Patagonia has been using recycled materials for several years and have been making real progress in putting their money where their mouth is. Will others please start following in their footsteps please? Lots of others? link

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Recycling from A to Z

I love to do what I can to help the environment, and I love helping others reduce their impact. I found an A to Z guide to recycling on the Real Simple website.Recycling made easyFrom aerosol cans to zippered plastic bags. I definitely recommend you read this.Aerosol cans. These can usually be recycled with other cans, as long as you pull off the plastic cap and empty the canister completely. .........Zippered plastic bags. Venues that recycle plastic bags will also accept these items, as long as they are clean, dry, and the zip part has been snipped off (it is a different type of plastic). photo from

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Does anyone know any tips for recycling tires at home.? ? Answered

I was   just curious if anyone  had   any tips for recycling tires  at  home on the farm? Also any  uses?  Seems such a   terrible  thing   on  te  enviroment with so many tires   and not   nthing to do wih them.

Asked by andy1917 8 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Cargo rack for bikes

Making a cargo rack for bikes out of recycled materials.

Posted by wewexteriors 9 years ago

recycling plaster of paris used in glass casting

Actually it is a question again on same topic but the way the plaster has been used here may change the way it can be recycled. I use plaster of paris to make moulds for glass casting.I want to know if the plaster from these moulds can be recycled since they already have been heated for 24 hours in 800 degrees temperatures. Are the properties lost once heated that high?

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Recycle, how do YOU help the environment by recycling, do you just toss plastic and paper products into correct bins whit the recycling sine in it or do you reuse old stuff, remake to keep up whit the time, take action yourself. What do you do? For example, I recycle old news paper... Its a whole proses, first you cut the news papers into smaller peaces, then you let it set in a special, secret concoction, then you blend them, then a secret method of removing the ink from the paper, and finally evenly distribute the sludge into a mold and let it set, dry. One day I might make an Instructables on how to recycle old newspapers. So what are your actions on helping the Earth recover?

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incandescents: more ideas for recycling!?

Soon they'll be banned, but not extinct!  They're everywhere!  Lightbulb glass is no fun to get rid of, so let's get cleverer (more clever?) with the reuse ideas!

Asked by boogiesmom 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Hello Friends Can we repair or recycle any lead acid batteries?Plz must reply it.? Jbdmjmd.Tpmdmajamtjbjthjg.Dt

Please answer me, How to recycle lead acid batteries ?

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recycled soda tab earings

 this is a likeable recycable, that will bring attention to any look.

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$10,000 prize for Cathode Ray tube recycling

Innocentive is giving away a $10,000 prize to the entity who can show how to best recycle cathode ray tube glass. See details:;_medium=cb&utm;_campaign=9933317

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I am looking for projects that are kid friendly (7/8 y.o.) for making things out of existing items - projects that are fun to make while teaching kids how to reuse/recycle/repurpose.  Thanks!!!

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Is there a place to recycle car batteries? Do you get money for it? Answered

Theres a old car battery sitting in my neighbours yard probably not doing any good to the environment. So I thought I would do a favour to my neighbour and the environment by taking it in to be recycled. where might I do that?

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How can I make a crocheted recycled plastic bag tote?

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how can i make bath soap from recycled material?

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