how to refill and reset toner chip of hp m1213nf cc388a?

I have hp m1213nf printer my inductry carteidge finish but ihave problem how to refill and reset toner chip specification is: laserjet pro m1213nf cc388a

Asked by rachit59 7 years ago

Ball point pens

Does anyone have any ideas about refilling a favourite ballpoint pen with ink? I have thought about using a syringe, but the ink is too thin. Before anyone asks, I can't just buy a replacement refill for the pen as they stopped making them.

Posted by batjonesy 9 years ago

Can I refill a disposable lighter with something besides lighter fluid?

I found an old empty lighter. Can I refill it with something besides lighter fluid? Like axe or something?

Asked by Shadow94 8 years ago

please help me, Is any body has a controller or kit to make a home made powder filling machines?

Please help, I need controller or kit that can process powder filling machines, with timer or weight controll Thanks Efrinto, Indonesia

Asked by efrinto 7 years ago

Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink? Answered

Do printer ink refill kits give the same kind of print quality as the manufactures packaged ink?

Asked by threadbare 8 years ago

Ink pen refill...what type of ink to use?

Alright, alright, so I did read some older forums regarding a similar issue, however after attempting some of the suggestions noted on there, I encountered some problems... I am addicted to my Uni-Ball Signo Rt Gel pens (.38) - yeah, that's right - they are freakin' awesome! The problem is that I write the hell out of them, and the refills cost 6 cents cheaper than the pens (which aren't cheap either). So, yeah, I did hunt down my dusty inkjet refill kit, and slip that tiny syringe into my empty cartridge, and successfully loaded it with some ink. My excitement soon dissipated as I began writing... the old .38 writing that it used to have turned into a fatty rolling ball writing the bleed through all of my class notes (just putting out too much). It's obvious that I am simply not using the right type of ink. It seems like it might not be viscous enough? I knew it probably wouldn't work the first time, but seeing how I was able to actually 'refill' the pen myself, there MUST be some ink out there that will bring my pen back to life! Any info on the right type of ink would be great! Thanks ~ pete

Posted by petrasjazz 10 years ago

refill glade type plug in scent devices

I posted this someplace i thought, i looked at home forums and other forums everything seemed to be from 4 to 8 years old.  i even saw a poster referring to a resources forum that i couldn't find.  I am signed in as Pro,so i should have access, just strange, i must be doing something wrong. however my question is hw to make a solution to refill the glass bottled plug ins.  i actually prefer the soy based cubes that  are scented when melted t, but they use a 40 watt bulf, wish i could finf a hot led build to heat the soy.  i want to stay away from tea candles and fire, i don have a fire place , or fire pit yet.

Posted by escapefromyonkers 6 years ago

Stratasys hack, legal??

Hi , I  think of making an instructable about how to hack  3D printer cartridges, so they can easily be refilled with cheap material. I got an old Stratasys Dimension BST 3D printer from 2005 or something and these printers need chip protected filament cartridges to operate- and these cartridges are quite expensive (~200$ per kg filament...) There is a way to hack these cartridges using a small arduino based programmer to refill them with generic ABS and HIPS, each about 20$ per kg. So its 200$ vs. 20$ , and 15 minutes of work. And I would like to make a small instructable about how to do that. But I don`t know whether this is legal. My question: whats the policy of Instructables here? And if Stratasys starts legal action (I seriously doubt that, because the printers are out of production) who is liable, would that be me or Instructables?

Asked by ralph124c 1 year ago

How Does A Chip Resetter Work

Hi, I would like to reset the chip of a cartridge that I use for printing so that I can refill and continue printing. There a resetters  available and I was wondering how thess devices work. Can anyone explain. In addition, If you know of a simple way to reset, let me know

Posted by anon_private 2 years ago

Are Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) air systems refillable? Answered

The kind of Tank Im talking about is a Paintball air system. Are they refillable?

Asked by Paintballer98 7 years ago

Refilling the scripto windresistant light (Torch)?

I've done the breakdown of the lighter and removed the tank but can't figure out how to refill it using my universal butane fuel can.  Can anyone advise?

Asked by Garryf2004 8 years ago

How to get Lexmark printer to reuse a refilled cartridge?

I have a Lexmark Z2300 printer. I refilled the black cartridge but the printer wont let me use it again. It still tells me to replace the cartridge. How can I get the printer to reuse it?

Asked by Scroman 8 years ago

How can i refill a brother LC970BK printer cartridge?

Brother MFC-235C printer scanner takes above cartridge cant find out how to refill. thanks in advance

Asked by 9 years ago

how can i refill a mont blanc meisterstuck fountain pen?

I already have a refill ink available. I just need to know how to put the ink inside the pen. Thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Refills for Reed Diffusers

My girlfriend buys reed diffusers from a company called West Elm for about twenty bucks apiece. When the scented oil eventually evaporates, she buys a complete new diffuser because the company does not sell refills. It would be great (and economical!) to be able to make our own scented oils to refill the bottles. I have seen cooking recipes on Instructables so maybe someone out there has a recipe for making scented oils. Thanks!

Posted by DanDiego 9 years ago

Can you refill a HP ink cartridge?

I'm using a lot of ink and I would like to be able to refill my cartridges. Has anyone done this? I'm afraid I'll really screw up my printer. Thank you.

Asked by ms bo 4 years ago

How can i refill a 20 # propane tank with methane. Where would I make the connection to the tank?

How can I refill a 20# propane tank with methane? I'm not trying to make it liquid just to hold a compressed volume of gas.

Asked by 8 years ago

when refilling a ink cartridge with micr ink do i need to add regular ink to it as well??

I have tried refilling ink cartridge with micr ink but when i print u can barely see the ink what do i do

Asked by vero1 1 year ago

Have a 20 lb ABC fire extinguisher that I cannot get refilled / hydroed, made in 1980, Why?

Have a 20 lb Ansul Sentry ABC fire extinguisher.   I recently took it in to be hydroed/refilled but the refilling company would not perform this for me.  The extinguisher is in great shape and there is no visible damage or rust. This fire extinguisher was made in 1980 and Apparently they said that they would not refill or rehydro your product if it was made before 1984 or so.  Why did they tell me this and can I get it refilled somewhere legally?

Asked by baudeagle 8 years ago

What equipment is needed to fill an appropriate cylinder with oxygen generated by the electrolysis of water?

Update: I need someone that has experience with gas cylinders to point out potential dangers that would be present by filling this way, We've already discussed water vapor and oil potentially making its way inside. That doesn't sound good to me so I need certainty that its safe or those can be eliminated or reduced to safe levels. Right now I would really like to know what I need so I can refill tanks myself. I'm guessing its a special adapter or replacement valve, but I don't know where to start Original: Would it be possible to fill an appropriate oxygen tank with the right adapters/compression system with the oxygen generated by electrolyzing water and what kind of equipment would be needed? I know for propane you can buy adapters and refill/transfer from one to another, but obviously this is completely different, and I don't know anything about oxygen valves/adapters or compression systems. Yes I know this could potentially be very dangerous and also have no interest in collecting the hydrogen. Just to clarify we are talking about commercial grade tanks, not a 2 liter soda bottle. Also, if possible how high of purity would be expected using optimal electrodes and electrolytes to prevent corrosion and impurities. Any information at all would be very helpful.

Asked by NathanE31 1 year ago


So, I just saw this: know there are inkjet refills for why couldn't we make our own ink? Maybe starting with pen refills?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

can one refill a tn 3185 brother cartridge? ?

My printer says the toner is empty, so i refilled it with toner, but the printer still says that the toner is empty please help!? I have a brother 5250 DN printer. and i'm using a TN 3185 cartridge. does the cartridge have a chip in them?

Asked by 9 years ago

How to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge ?

I don't want to exchange a new Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge for my printer. So i want to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge by myself to save my money. But i haven't done that ever. i don't know how to do it ? Any idea?

Posted by bella2009111 8 years ago

how do you 'refill' ink tape for a typewriter?

I bought an old typewriter and i can't find any new ink tape, any ideas to re-use the old tape?

Asked by lieuwe 9 years ago

Printer cartridge Non-reusable. Why and how? Last cartridge lasted 3 years. New one, 1 month and refill is fruitless.?

I refilled a cartridge a thousand times until it just wore out. Purchased new (black) cartridge, used it, attempted refill & can't make the thing print for love or money. It's an HP cartridge but it's sure different from my old one. How are they doing this and is there a bypass? Thanks for any help, Zappenfusen

Asked by zappenfusen 7 years ago

What kind of air system is the cheapest for a Kingman Spyder Paintball Marker? Answered

I need the most cheap, most efficient source of air possible, I am on a low budget so refillable air would be nice.

Asked by Paintballer98 7 years ago

Can I refill a Sharpie keychain? Answered

I want a pocket-sized paint marker, and I know some exist, but I would like one small enough for a keychain. Do you think there is a way to crack open a Sharpie keychain to fill it with paint marker ink?

Asked by noahh 8 years ago

Inventing on Vacation: Wounded Fish

This idea came to me after a day of fishing (I lost my best lure, but through the miracle of snorkeling, found it.) This seems like a simple idea, and I'm surprised it hasn't been invented yet. It is an improvement on the lures that supposedly look like a wounded fish.The idea is simple. A small, sealable "refill tube" connects to a hollow area inside the lure. This is the reservoir for fish blood. A thin membrane on one side of the lure allows the blood to seep out. You refill by filling an eyedropper with blood and inserting it into the refill tube. (I'm being brief right now because this is the third time I've typed this and I'm getting tired.)

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Is it worth the added expense to use nitrogen to inflate tires? Answered

I bought a new car last week and while doing the final walk around inspection before leaving the lot, I noticed the tire valve stems all had green caps. I asked the salesperson about them. She informed me that the dealership refilled all of their new cars' tires with N2. And then she rendered a rehearsed pitch about the benefits of N2 vs. air, less leakage, little tire pressure change and so on. By that time I just wanted to get the hell out of there and go home. I started thinking about the N2 issue today and after checking around, I found that it is very difficult to find places to refill the tires with N2 and those that do have it charge $5 to $10 US per tire for a refill. As of now, I plan to refill the tires with regular air when needed and throw the green caps away. My question is, does anyone have any real world experience with N2 inflated tires and any bits of advice or information to pass on. Thanks

Asked by Burf 3 years ago

water in 2 tanks

Hi, I have coffee machine with small water tank. i want to put large water tank next to it so i would not need to refill it every time. my problem is that the water tank in the machine is not sealed, so if i put more water with a hose from bigger tank it will spill out.. How can i create bigger water tank next to it so the smaller tank will refill automatically? Thanks, 

Posted by gabik 5 years ago

Compressed air can - How to make larger one, refillable?

Hello! You know those compressed air can for cleaning dust form electronics and computers. They are working well, but if you use them a lot they become pretty expensive. For heavy user's alternative is to use compressor. They are not so expensive any more, but they are loud, heavy, large and not so practical to carry with you… So, after take in consideration that written above great thing would be to make reusable, larger, compressed air can. Something simple to use, some on/off leverage and small nozzle, and also refillable - fill it with that compressor which is heavy and loud. Some manometer would be nice, just to know how much air is inside. That "can" should be larger than Do you have any idea how to make it? Please share details, ideas, plans, other help… Thank you in advance! Best to all!

Posted by davor07 6 years ago

About metal hydride?

When I fill metal hydride in tank or cylinder to storage Hydrogen gas Do I must refilling agin metal hydride to the tank or cylinder to storage Hydrogen?

Asked by Hamzaaite 8 months ago

I have 2 questions. 1, how do I refill a co2 powerlet at home?2, how does an airgun trigger work?

 I am building a co2 powered pen gun ( dont ask ) I plan for an extremely powerful gun.  Just keep in mind that here in arizona, united states, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy duct tape.  I have loads of scotch tape, masking tape, packing tape, and rubberbands and a bike.

Asked by bendog38 8 years ago

My Epson Stylus Photo 900 printer won't recognize a refilled black ink cartridge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Answered

I put more ink into the black cartridge when it got low with a refill kit. The printer won't work and keeps flashing "black cartridge needs replacing" ! Is there a secret step I must do? The new cartridges have a thin film over the bottom ink hole, so I tried scotch taping it to simulate a new cartridge but that did not work! Help please !

Asked by triumphman 6 years ago