Wifi enabled remote

Hi, I have a remote for my fireplace.  It uses a RF of 303.87 mhz.  I was trying to think of a way to build something that could recieve a message over wifi that would then trigger the 'buttons' on the remote.  I found some RF receiver/transmitters but everything is for 315 or 430 mhz.  Will those work for 303.87? Or was this remote designed to not be easily cloned?

Posted by FrankA2 3 years ago

Remote control lights

Right simple situation Solar powered remote controlled LED lights. I want to be able to change their colour remotely. ideally in "groups" not specifying RGB colour or anything. Just colour A or colour B How do I do it? ideally cheaply!

Posted by Switch 8 years ago

please help anybody,IR remote controles

I have a sony MEX-5di car stereo i bought the remote for it online but they sent me the wrong one i cant send it back.and the one they sent me isn't compatable.So i cant access all the functions.Is there a way to program a universal remote to work with it.Or can you make a remote work with it by soldering or unsoldering something inside the remote.can i mod the remote somehow so it will run all IR equipped devices.or is it just wishful thinking that this will work so i dont have to spend another 60 dollars on another remote?

Posted by mark6822 7 years ago

remote controle car

Heej everyone i have a remote controlled car but the remote is broken ( idont knwo why it just doesn't work) so i want to control it via my laptop but if i search it up on these pages there are some answers but they are too complicated so i don't get what i need to do xs can you guys help me please

Posted by jwollanders 7 years ago



Posted by ahmad5204 8 years ago

Remote controll help

Hello. Could someone please help me? I would like to build a remote controll ship, but I do not know how to solve the problem of remote controll. My plan is to controll 2 electric motors, each 4.8 volts dc, separately forward and backward from 6volt batteries via radio controll. Could someone please send me drawings for the sender and the receiver circuits so that I could remote controll the 2 electric motors? I would be really thankfull for any help.

Posted by Vaszilij 6 years ago

Should I use a remote-controlled solenoid to tip something over?

Hi all, I want to be able to remotely tip a model face over when my friend walks in the room (see attached photo). The face is made of cardboard and spray foam and is mounted on a piece of plywood that is hinged to the table. Should i try to use a remote controlled solenoid to pull this gag off? Any better recommendations? It should be remote but I could probably hide a wire if there is a different and more reliable system. All advice welcome!!!! Thanks, D

Posted by damianzuch 7 years ago

Mini RF Remote

I would like to build a RF remote controlled candle but I am having a hard time finding a remote to do the job. My question is does anyone know where I can get a Cheap! Remote and receiver to work a single led? I found This: Wireless DoorbellI was thinking of pulling the speaker out and attaching a Led, My thought is if it turns on/off a doorbell noise if should do the same for a led? right?Thanks for your time and help.oh, I should say it needs to be small enough to fit in a candle like this: FlickerCell REMOTE™ Battery Operated LED Candle

Posted by corerat 10 years ago

Remotely controller beeping device

I'm a real Noob to this electronics thing (but I find it fascinating..). Anyway, I want to try to build a device that beeps. The duration  of the beep is fixed, but the frequency and pitch should be variable, depending on user input. The whole device should be as small as possible and water proof. I would prefer to be able to control the beep frequency and pitch remotely - perhaps from a mobile phone or from something like a remote controller. The beeping unit should be kept simple as possible. Any ideas on how I can achieve this? Thanks, Yossi

Posted by technoyos 6 years ago

USB controlled relay withou µC?

Hello everybody, I've seen many posts about people who made a remote control switch with a microcontroller. My question is simple but the answer is possible not easy: can you remote control a switch by PC without using a microcontroller?

Posted by maximeke2 7 years ago

How to make RF remote?

I was given a Clapper for my birthday... anyways, it came with a remote that uses Radio Frequency to turn on stuff. I want to know how to make my own circuit, any suggestions? I only want to control one thing, so the transmitter doesn't have to send too complex a signal and the receiver won't have to decipher much. All I need to know is HOW to send it. THANKS!

Posted by Login258 9 years ago

Simple wireless remote switch

Hi all, Long time fan off the site. Just wanting to verify this a concept before buying and building. current situation, looking for a wireless switch solution for a X-ray generator: Machine has a 2 stage switch 1st depress is prep 2nd depress fire. switch is wired with standard telephone cable red and black common. yellow prep  green fire I think the product linked(sorry if not allowed) will do the trick? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-2-Channel-Wireless-RF-Remote-Control-Controller-Switch-Receiver-Transmitter-/152308878478?hash=item2376510c8e:g:a~wAAOSwZVlXpZ3X It has configuration for momentary connection so function would have to be hold a button then when ready hold b button Any issues with this?

Posted by TerryJ31 1 year ago

oh dear what can be done ................

Hello people i have a CPU cooling unit and 2 tv remote and radio and cassete player set a liilt old version. is there anythign that can be done with them???????????????? please ppl give ideas and help me

Posted by panchu the science freak 11 years ago

Remote button presser

Hi :) I will try make this short. I´m a taxi driver in Denmark and have a little problem. When a customer calls for a cab I receive it on my screen and press a button to accept it. I have 10 sec to press accept and if i´m not sitting in the car then i take my remote receiver that makes a sound so i can jump in the car and press accept. Most of the time i don´t make it to the car because i only have 10 seconds.  So i could really use a little thing to press the button for me. It could be something that reacts to the sound and clicks the button, or it could be an extra receiver/transmitter that i press manually. The button is almost like pressing a keyboard button and it doesn´t matter if it its pressed without me getting an order. 

Posted by donpipe 6 years ago

I need someone to build a unit that will switch off a washing machine remotely.

Hi there, I am looking for someone to build a unit which can be hardwired into a washing machine to allow it to be switched off remotely. I rent them out and want to turn it off if they don't pay. I have an understanding to how it needs to work so can give an idea of what I need and how it could be connected. I would say I need 200-300 over the next few months. Let me know if you need more info or can help me. Thanks

Posted by washingmachine1 3 years ago

GSM remote temperature monitoring/ logging

Hello! I currently monitor low energy buildings using temperature, power and CO2 sensors.  These are stand-alone units which log to an internal memory. Which is great if the person is in and you can collect the data - but not so good if they are out. I want to take things to the next level and be able to collect temperature and power logs remotely.  There are bits of kit on the market which do this - but the cost is prohibitive (£1,000+).   There are also various other cheaper GSM based products on the market for GPS trackers, car sensors, home monitoring etc... Is anyone out there clever enough to suggest cheap modular components that could be combined to: 1 - sense a temperature 2 - log the temperature 3 - periodically send the file via a mobile signal I'm up for doing the work  if someone can point me in the right direction - or very happy if some has already done it! Many thanks John

Posted by Cornwalljohn 6 years ago

telescope keypad commander

Hello, can anyone help me in regards to my telescope's remote commander? It is a bushnell north star 78-8890. lent it to someone and he returned it without the commander. It is practically useless now that it doesnt have the keypad. he said he is willling to pay for it buy we cant buy it anywhere. even on line?! I tried it myself, he was right. can someone find it for me or maybe construct it for me? please. thor

Posted by Mighty T H O R 11 years ago

Remote control damaged, how do i train my dth remote?

My TV Remote control damaged and it is not working, now how do i train my dth remote?

Posted by SrinivasR45 2 months ago

Remote Control

Hello people! I was wondering if anyone knows how to hook up a computer to a remote control from a bluray, so I can do stuff with the commands from the remote.

Posted by Game Maker 4 years ago


I have a triple switch which connects fan and 2 lights. I want to install a remote control switch (picture attached) and make the process remote as well as switch. How can i do this? 

Posted by SafarM 3 years ago

Computer controlled remote control

Anyone here have ideas on creating a computer-automated cable box remote control, so that I could use my computer to schedule when to turn the cable box on/off as well as have the computer make the remote select the appropriate channel?

Posted by etelos 11 years ago

Replacement battery for remote controll thing

Hey, help is needed again. My brother has a remote control airplane car thing and a 7.4 volt battery is needed. could i use a 9v with a resistor?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Winamp wireless remote controll

Ive made a winamp remote controll of a wireless keyboard.it was quite easy.take out the printcard and hotwire the chip :)Controll your music and video from your couch. Ive made mine on my living room table. Here`s a short clip of it in actionWinamp remote controll

Posted by Lynlimer 11 years ago

Device Remote Pager!!!!

Ok check it out guys, how many times have you said "where the hell is the remote?!" and cant find it? what about the page feature on a cordless phone? granted there is a constant connection and a remote looks off IR but I put it to anyone who can make a beeper page solution to help in finding a lost remote? hopefully its a small enough solution that it can be integrated into a tv and game controller

Posted by babelfish42 8 years ago

Samsung TV remote 'source' hotkey?

Hi there. Is there a way to get to a specific channel without pressing the SOURCE button 5 times every time?

Posted by Robot-Zombie 10 years ago

Remotely controlled throwies

I'd love to make some throwies that can be remotely controlled. At a minimum I want to turn them on and off, colour and brightness change would be fantastic.  What's are the options for doing this - what's the cheapest, lightest, smallest way to control them remotely? Some kind of RFID and switch? Is this going to drastically raise the price from about $1 a piece, or could it be done cheaply? How many could feasibly be controlled at once?

Posted by ollieg 6 years ago

iPod Universal Remote

I saw this Infared ipod thingy the other day and I would like someone to give instructions on how to do it without the pocket pc. for ex. you could make a way for it to record right off your pc or mac.

Posted by Nameless37 10 years ago

I need help to make a remote control window opener/closer

It can't really be to hard.  I know I need a servo,and a remote (does not have to be wireless but it would be nice) inexpensive I hope, and some kind of metal rods of something. Oh, I have a newer kind of casement window (vinyal) Please help I've been wanted to do this since I was a kid. CT

Posted by CheapToad 7 years ago

Bluetooth remote?

I really really really hate infrared remote controls. When I'm sitting comfortably, I always have trouble pointing it just right. Of course I realize this is probably an issue with my setup, but it wouldn't be an issue if the remote used Bluetooth. So I figured I'll write an Android remote control app that pairs with a little Bluetooth box that has an infrared led pointing right at the decoder. Thing is, the programming is no issue, but I haven't built anything more involved than an AV-switch box in the last decade. So I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on using off-the-shelf components to pair/send/receive Bluetooth commands and decode them so I can flash the little infra-red LED. I'm perfectly happy to handle storage and all the other requirements on the phone.

Posted by KingCoder 8 years ago

make a reprogrammable ir tv remote

Im very new to programing microchips. i have been programing in visual basic 2008 for a few months now. I'v heard about this function in irshell for the psp, that actualluy lets you make new ir codes basicly you point the remote's ir emmiter to the psp's push a button on the remote and the code is writen on the psp to let the psp emmit at the same code that the remote emmits. So thats got me thinking can i build a circut that does the same job as the psp irshell. Scince im new to programming i would like to know if this is possible if so i woud like a scimatic, source code and the components needed for this project. please i need help and of cource when i get the circut working i will definatly make a instructable.

Posted by lj123456 8 years ago

Need help with remote control

Hello guys/girls I got a Playstation controller (CECH-ZRC1E) its for PS3, AMP and TV but i want to sync my TV, but the problem is... I got a unknown TV (Terris LCD 2213, Medion, BEKE, TEVION) so i can't find the code for it plus The PS3 remote is IF (infrared) and the original is RF (Radio Frequency) So my question is, is it possible to sync it on one way? The chance of finding the codes isnt a problem but if i can use a IF remote on RF remove (That's what i'm thinking that its Infrared and Radio Frequency, when i block the top side of the original it wont work, and the PS3 will respond (tried it on the PS3 and it still react)

Posted by Snozuf 4 years ago

Make a phone ring

Anyone know if its possible to make a phone ring without a call coming in? Maybe get this to work via remote. This would be an awesome practical joke for my office!

Posted by slide23 10 years ago

Help! I'm trying to design/build a remote controlled prank flashlight (with a r/c "on/off" rig)

Hi all, I'm building a haunted house and would like to make a prank flashlight that I can remotely turn off ("oops! The flashlight failed in the dark scary room!"). I'm using a 6V camping flashlight; my plan is to replace the big squareish 6V battery with 4 AA batteries (anyone know if that would work?); I would use the extra space in the battery housing to hide a remote-control system. Does anyone have any advice to build this prank? I don't know that much about r/c servos etc but I have a soldering kit and can follow instructions decently well enough :) Many thanks- Damian

Posted by damianzuch 7 years ago

remote controlled led project

Hello there, I am looking for someone who can make me a simple led project for a costume. What it would consist of is 2 groups of leds that can both be switched on by remote control. They would need to strobe simultaneously and also alternate between either group. I am not looking to spend alot on this as i think it should be easy for someone who knows what they are doing, but i will compensate you accordingly. I can give you more information on what i am looking for if you are interested.  Thanks for your time and i hope to hear from someone soon, thanks

Posted by td27 7 years ago

Hirobo XRB Remote control helicopter

I have a Wireless remote control twin blade helicopter for sale. This is not the cheapo mini copter you see on Ebay. This is an hirobo XRB, cost me $400 new still have the reciept. Comes with xtra rotor blades, remote, 2 Lipo batteries. I have cut some of the plastic away to make it lighter in weight. The X and Y axis are adjustable on the heli and the radio. It flew great 1 year ago, The blades are a foam composite, ( you can buy carbon fiber ones online.) The colars where the blades mount are broken, so if you want to use it as the heli you have to purchase new ones from Hirobo, couple bucks I assume. Or you can use it for whatever you want to, everyone in this community is quite creative, I however am not. I'll try to post pics. Someone can build some cool stuff with this. Make me an offer

Posted by fineglock9 9 years ago

cheap wireless button to control dc motor

I'm looking for an easy, cheap way to remotely turn a dc motor on/off with a wireless button. preferably the motor would be on while the button is held down and off when it isn't. anyone have any ideas? thanks! mrPalomar

Posted by mrPalomar 10 years ago

[REQ] A physical switch for a remote LED bulb with removable parts to break the circuit

I realise that this might seem like it doesn't have a lot of practical applications but I am trying to replicate a typical puzzle from video games, the 'Fuse Box Puzzle' whereby the lights are off and the hero must solve a puzzle replacing the fuses to illuminate the room. I have an LE A60 B22 LED bulb which is controlled by a remote control and I would like to create something similar to the attached image whereby the three fuses must be inserted and the switch thrown to light the room. I would rather not install an actual fuse box for this however and would like this to control only the LED bulb. Does anyone have any idea where I should start with this?

Posted by GazzHayes 2 years ago

Remote water tank pump shut off

The community has a water tank on the top of the hill and a pump about 1/4 mile away, nearly line of site. There is a float in the tank that used to send a signal down a wire to shut down the pump when the tank was full but the wire has since corroded and is no more. They do not want to run another cable. We are thinking that a solar powered radio transmitter at the tank could operate a shut down receiver at the pump. (The pump has AC power but there is no power at the tank.) Anyone have any ideas how to make this work?

Posted by unklstuart 10 years ago

Make a stamp disappear?

I'm planning a mystery dinner party. There will be a postage stamp on display. I have a way to trigger a lights-out remotely (just by plugging the lamps into a remote-control switch). During the blackout, which will last a few seconds until I can "find the fuse box," the stamp needs to disappear. I could of course just walk over and steal it myself, but I'm looking for other suggestions. Print the stamp with some kind of ink that will vanish if hit with a camera flash? Some sort of motor-and-string attachment that could pull the stamp into a hidden chamber in the display case?

Posted by snoyes 7 years ago

Cable remote control

Hi all I am interested in building a specialised tracked vehicle but instead of your "normal" remotes I would prefer a cable remote control that can at least use 12 or more functions. I actually look of building this in to a small Metal Case like you use for camera equipment with a monitor in the Lid and include the battery pack to power everything.  Anyone got any ideas of how to build such a remote and the outlay of the functions. I have some knowledge in electric and schematic. I do have a CTC 3D Printer with Dual Extruder but I only just got this one and have so far not used it as I want first to get the feel for it on how to work with it and look up a variety of videos on YouTube before I use this one in anger. I also do not yet have the Case as I am still bidding on one on eBay. I plan to start the build in September / October and be looking at the moment for a large (1/16 or larger) Tracked Vehicle Chassis. I once did see one in a Chinese Online Shop but cant find it again. I am sure that I bookmarked it but again, I cant find it. So I am looking over various online shops for a set but so far I had no success. If anyone has build something similar before please get in touch with me as this is my first real project that i would really love to pull of over the winter time to hopefully use next summer.

Posted by BernhardK4 2 years ago

remote control light

I'm working on a sort of a scavenger hunt thing. Night time on an outdoor trail. For one station I would like to have a set-up where a seeker would press a button (like a doorbell) which would light an LED, telling them where to look. I know that I could connect a battery, a button, and some sort of a light using actual wire, but it would be great if I could do this wirelessly. It would only have to work over a short distance (a few dozen feet at most) and only for one evening. I'm not especially electronics-savvy, but I work well with instructions. I'd appreciate any leads!!!

Posted by Purple Chez 3 years ago

Sort of an LED question....

Every October I organize a Halloween event for Letterboxers in my region. For those who aren't familiar, letterboxing has some similarities with geocaching, which seems to be more well known.... an outdoor treasure hunt thing. Since I don't hide the hiking trail letterboxes until the day of the event I can't give seekers printed clues. Since the hiking starts after dark I have used light -- LEDs -- to direct participants to the boxes. This past October I thought about how neat it would be to fix the LEDs so that they would illuminate only when instructed to do so. Although I want nothing more complicated that for the LEDs to light temporarily when a button is pushed - I figured that this was not a practical option... UNTIL I saw a recent instructable that repurposed TV remotes to activate other items. So, now I'm wondering: A) can I rig up a system whereby LEDs would be lit by some sort of remote control, be it an old TV remote, a phone, or whatever, B) if so, is it something that a fellow such as myself, who is NOT an electronics person but who is very good with instructions, could do, and 3) would it break the bank to set up as many as nine LED "targets" and at least several remotes? I always love the advice I get in these forums... looking forward to hearing from you!!

Posted by Purple Chez 3 years ago

Remote control light for bicycle

Here's the scenario and idea. Scenario: MY friends and I have taken up biking, however sometimes we get a little far from each other. My concern is that if one of us blows a tire or something like a chain falls off happens, there is no way to alert whoever is in front to stop. I've tried screaming but only look like a fool to anyone's house we ride by lol. My solution. I would like to build a remote light kit. I would like to have box with a small button (box size hopefully no bigger than 2x2 in) that could send a signal to another box on my friends bike that has a light attached to it so when I press the button (on my box) the light in the box on his bike lights up (therefore signaling him to stop). Dilemma: I know nothing about remote control electronics, as far as I can figure I need some form of transmitter and receiver. Hopefully able to run off of a triple a battery or one of those CR2032 watch batteries. I would need it to be able to send the signal maybe 100 feet (but if it can go further that would be welcome) I'm hoping maybe someone has experience with such items and might be able to suggest something... ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by DaveP32 4 years ago

Attention Electronic DIYers, whats the name of the component?

I want to build a wired remote control that pushes one button on  your computer keyboard. It should be a simple circuit, yet still need the part that actually clicks, pokes or pushes down the key. I can imagine its some form of relay or trigger, but is there any that actually do have an attachment that physically performs the action I am looking for? Any words for what I am looking for? I'm lost.....  Maxxsart

Posted by maxxsart 8 years ago

remote controlled light - revisited

Hello, Instructibles gang…. I originally posted a similar question over the weekend, and then got some feedback telling me that there wasn’t enough information to bring in worthwhile responses. My intention wasn’t to be secretive.  Rather, it’s a project that’s still in the planning stage and there aren’t yet many specifics. But I think I can still flesh it out a little bit, and hopefully gather some more specific suggestions. I’m planning a sort of a scavenger hunt thing coming up in October. Most of the stops/stations will be fairly straightforward “orienteering”-type scenarios: “20 paces at 250 degrees,” “north to the hollow stump,” that sort of thing. But I still want to mix it up a little bit. One of the ideas that’s swimming around in my noodle is that, at one stop, folks will be told to “push the button.” It will be dark, so they’ll have to hunt for the “button”… basically a doorbell… and maybe secured to a tree (in such a way as not to harm the tree). When they press the button, a light will be illuminated at a short distance, leading them to their next stop. I know that I could easily do a simple circuit with actual wire, but it would be far nicer to achieve the same result wirelessly… and even though I’m not very electronics-savvy, I imagine it would also reduce the problem of resistance in the circuit. This only needs to operate over a relatively short distance… almost certainly less than 100 feet… probably much less. And while it must be able to operate out of doors (a woodland trail in a rural/suburban park) it only needs to last for a few hours. An LED… or maybe a chirping sound effect… something that would draw seekers from one spot to another. Thanks for any suggestions. And please let me know if more information is needed.

Posted by Purple Chez 3 years ago

Using a power mat as a charging station for internet controlled robots???

I've been wanting to make a robot with video and audio capabilities to play with the dogs while I'm at work or otherwise out. My question is this. Has anyone tried using the mat chargers to "park" their robots on when not in use and recharge? I was going to use one of my roombas but have found that sometimes they don't park in the charging base properly. Also I though this would be a good idea for a flying robot using one of those quadcopters as the base. Any thoughts? Marcel

Posted by Marcaine Art 6 years ago

Custom mechanical K'nex?

With all this 3d printing now days, and some of it is being used with K'nex I'm wondering if there are more things that need to be added to the range. Now i can understand that K'nex with its target at younger folks (the highest age they list is 9+) it probably isn't feasible for them to spend the time developing some things. And the things im talking about? Pneumatics More powerful motors Custom gears (sizes, rack and pinion, worm gears) Servos A more dedicated robotics system anything else i may have missed? Just peoples thoughts on whether this is worth pursuing, perhaps even make them for sale (please don't sue me K'nex)

Posted by jjefferson1 2 years ago

tv and remote matching

My friends have a tv and digital cable boxthe remote of the box can be configured to be able to control the tv too. they played with this setting and now none of the remotes can control the tvhow can this be fixed ? (so atleast the tv remote works)both remotes are functional (you see if you shoot the remotes at a digital camera) and the box remote can control the boxtv is jvc av-21etg2cable box is advanced digital broadcast (adb) decoder (from hot cable tv company)

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

Question about Remote Control Challenge?

For the remote control challenge, I have an idea for an Instructable to build a type of universal remote controlled by a program running on your computer. I'm not going to give too many details about the project right now, but my question is does the Instructable have to be for a remote controlled device, or can it be for a type of remote control itself? Thanks!

Posted by generalgeek314 6 years ago

Remote Control Builds and RC hydraulics

Doe anyone have experience of remote control builds and Rc hydraulics from ENGLAND, not USA or Germany. John

Posted by Michaelgoode 8 years ago