remove paper label on Vinyl records disc

Dear all.. Please help me to know how remove paper label on Vinyl records disc.I have tried with lighter fluid but not success.Thank you in advance.

Posted by lam 4 years ago

Remove screw PDF does not work

Instructable on "5 ways to Remove Screw" PDF does not work.

Posted by LarryB45 1 year ago

Remove these ads by Signing Up.

Try searching for something containing "remove". I (pro user) find many results just because of the "Remove these ads by Signing Up." content.

Posted by lpdunwell 7 years ago

How Do I remove an Instructable from a group?

I added an Instructable to a group by mistake and now I need to remove it. There is no remove button and I do not know how to do it.

Posted by Daybringer 7 years ago

How to remove an Instructable from a contest

Hi There, I would like to know how to remove an instructable from a contest. Thanks, Tyson

Posted by NEIN 4 years ago

Remove an Instructable from a Contest?

I seem to have accidentally added one of my instructables to a contest. Can't seem to figure out how to remove it. I see a place where I can add more contests but nothing to remove.

Posted by degroof 10 years ago

How do I remove my instructable from a group?

Hi Folks, I accidentally added my instrucatable to the Help group when I published it. It doesn't belong here, how can I remove it from the group? Thanks!

Posted by barney_1 10 years ago

Help! Need free solution to remove spyware!

Sorry I don't know where I should have posted this but I'm kind of running low on time. Well just a little bit ago my computer detected that I had spyware. I'm pretty sure I didn't download anything unsafe but that's not the point. I tried searching but I couldn't find anything so is there any free program that doesn't just search for it but destroys all spyware too? My mom will kill me whether it is my fault or not.

Posted by TheDunkis 10 years ago

Intructable deleted itself

Hey, Recently i made an instructable called Codz30's Guide to Sparkler fun, I published it and was given a link for it asweel, like normal. After a few days i noticed it hadn't been index'd yet and when i checked just today, it wasn't under my published instructables nor my unpublished. I still have all the pictures etc in my library Any ideas?

Posted by codz30 10 years ago

remove me from instructables.

Please remove my account and any instructable from any contest. thank you

Posted by sparten 9 years ago

How to remove a Facebook link to my account?

I really do not like linking my account here to facebook. Please tell me how I can remove this link from my instructables account.

Posted by Thrasym 7 years ago

Removing accidental unpublished instructables?

Hi,  When I created a step by step Instructable, it didn't show up at first so I clicked create again and now I have one that's completed and published and one that's sitting in limbo. Any chance there's a delete button where I can remove that? Otherwise, I'd probably use that for another step by step project. Thanks

Posted by dailodai78 7 years ago

Anybody tried to dismount sealed lead acid batteries?

Hi My battery started to leak between bottom base and top cover (check pic). Just wondering anybody removed top cover? I know, you can remove top plate in order to add ionising water etc, but the actual top base? Thanks

Posted by Extasy 7 years ago

Unable to delete instructables in my group

As an admin of my group, I should be able to delete or "remove" Instructables added to that group.  When I go into my group and then choose "Manage this group" from the Admin Options I get a list of all of the instructables.  Over to the far right is a column titled "remove".  There is a link "[X]" that I assume should remove that particular instructable.  When I click the "X" I get an "Error on page" message.  I have tried this from 3 different computers with the same result. Does anyone have a suggested solution? Killer~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago

Changing Faves

So much cool stuff, but now I have hit the max amount of items I can save as favorites. How can I remove/delete older favorties, so I can add/save newer ones?

Posted by dannozanno 6 years ago

Removing silicon from pcbs (leave the copper patterns)

How can you dissolve the silicon (and possibly solder) off of a PCB to leave the copper traces? Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

how to get someone's comments removed

Someone who is sure they are right is posting in one of my instructables. The project works, and I have done all the math there is to do, but this guy is totally convinced that despite the fact that my design works perfectly and always has, that his math proves it shouldn't and/or is doomed to failure. I really don't want the banter that is there to stay there, and personally I'd just like him blocked from posting anything further to my instructable. I made the analogy of the wright brothers making the airplane, and while everyone was looking up at it in flight, he was on the ground pointing out how it was impossible, and attempting to prove it to everyone. It's neither constructive nor helpful, and I'd like it gone. Someone please help me in how I go about this. I don't think it's gone to the point of abuse, but it's close. I've flagged things as "not nice" before, and nothing was ever done about it.

Posted by SuperTech-IT 4 years ago

SyntaxError: Unexpected token

Hi all, I'm currently in the process of creating my first step-by-step, and along with this messing things up for me, I am now unable to edit one of my steps. I haven't uploaded any pictures to it (yet), nor have I used any unusual characters (I think - I can see a preview of what the step would look like by going to 'full preview', so I screenshotted that, below). All the other steps function perfectly edit wise. When I try to select the step, I get the 'SyntaxError: Unexpected token' message, and it freezes the java interface. I am running Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5. I can't provide a link to it, as it's not published yet, but if an admin can see my as yet unpublished projects, it's step 1 ('Go Forth and Gather!'). This is the url that is present, however, when the message appears, if it is of any use:,stepId=SUMX8FLHCV928LO I am unaware as to what I was doing when it became uneditable - I had edited it multiple times, then moved on to write more steps. I then came back and was unable to progress. It isn't completely essential to me publishing the step-by-step; however, I would like to make a few changes. Cheers, S.

Posted by SanjayBeast 5 years ago

Need help removing weight off a motor

Hey guys i'm currently trying to make a very simple robot (2 motors, a battery and a switch) and everything is fine exept for the fact that the motors i'm using are from a PS2 controller, so they are vibrating motors. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the weights (half metal circles) that make tthem vibrate when rotating and that's going to be a problem, since i want my motor to have wheels, not vibrators hah... So if any of you have advice on how to do it i'd be glad to hear it. PS: i joined an image of the motors so you can see the half circles i'm talking about.

Posted by poolm 3 years ago

How to get something out of your eye

I'd like an Instructable on how to get some small object (like a peice of sand) out of your eye (especially if you can't find it, but you know its there). Someone please make this soon. Perhaps within the next 20 minutes :-)

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Cannot Remove my Tic Tac Ible...

I can't seem to remove my Tic Tac & Bubble Gum Instructable. It says: ERROR: Not able to remove as it is entered in a contest. What do I do?

Posted by Atomman 9 years ago

does anyone know how to remove bubbles from the kitchen sink?

Do you know those pesky bubbles in your kitchen sink that always reside after you finish washing up the dishes? well i know them all too well and they never pop however much i poke them or blow on them or hair dryer them :( i had a look online and found a idea that you can tip ground pepper on the suds to pop them efficiently, but all it did was pop a couple of centermeters of the bubble monolith and now my sink smells like pepper :( does anyone have anyone ideas/experience as to how sove my bubbly problem?

Posted by sooie 5 years ago

Why does the message system strip all formatting?

So, I've been sending and receiving a bunch of messages lately, and every time I do, all my paragraph formatting gets stripped and my message arrives as an ugly and hard to read block of text. Is there a way to get around this? Does anybody know why this happens? (I wasn't sure where to put this, so I dropped it here. Is there an official area for website questions like this?) ~ Joe, ThePropNerds

Posted by ThePropNerds 7 years ago

Sponsor- drop down box

Why is that stupid drop down box for in my way when I try to search for anything? I can't make it go away easily; as there is no "x" box in the upper right corner; and it wont go away until- well I'm not sure how i got it to leave anymore. By the time that I got rid of it- I had forgotten my search query. Now, I would never use for anything, Ever!!!

Posted by bitchmobile 10 years ago

Removing Knex

I have been searching for the instructable that details how to remove the knex instructables from the list. Any seen it? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I just want to browse real instructables and not the annoying knex ones! :(

Posted by Cryptonat 10 years ago

Removing Humbucker Covers

I have an ebony Epiphone Les Paul that's a couple of years old and I'm considering taking the pickup covers of of the humbuckers just so it looks different from all of the stock Les Pauls. How would I do that? I recently built my own electric guitar and I'm still in that mode where I want to customize my instruments. So far my Les Paul is completely stock. Also, if anyone else has any ideas of things I can do to customize it, I'm open to ideas. Thanks!

Posted by saxman42 10 years ago

We must keep the Allsteps preference!

The title says it all, Allsteps should be a benefit when we register, Now we are going being treated like dirt by the system! We are being removed of all the basic features! What do you think about this happening? Do you think it is fair? do you think it Should be done? And do you think madness will occur when it takes effect?

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Sharir1701 Knex Gun Videos To Be Removed

Hey guys! If you don't know me, this probably won't interest you much, so go right ahead. On the other hand, if you do know me, I just wanted to make a short announcement for the sake of clarification and understanding. Again, if you know me, then you would have known that I used to make innovative style Knex guns and I was quite the messy builder. I had a few good guns along the line (REMPAR, all S-series, M17s), and some pretty horrible ones too (SABR, FPMG, SAR5). I've stopped building for over a year now, and I'm pretty confident I'm not going to go back to it. I still have all my Knex boxed up somewhere, but I won't be using it in the conceivable future. Now, I'm sure not many of you know this, but I've started not so long ago, to be a small YouTuber. I post almost exclusively MineCraft content, of all shapes and sizes, and I am quite passionate about that. Now, the old Knex videos I have on my channel are all unlisted, so that nobody on my channel can find them, but you guys here can still watch them if necessary. For a couple months now I've been watching the analytics for my Knex videos and it seems like almost no one at all is still watching them, which seems very reasonable, as they're quite old and most people have already seen them. I don't REALLY mind them being there, but I would prefer to remove them, as I have absolutely no interaction with them, and as it appears, nobody does, really. So, I've decided to remove them from my channel. I'm not going to go straight ahead and remove them right now, no. What I've decided to do is to post this forum topic letting anybody who's interested know about this, and consider it for a second. So, my point is, if there's anybody who would like me to keep those videos up, for some reason, please tell me down below. I will make my final decision in two weeks from now, on January 15th (-ish). Just a little bit of advice, if anyone wants to see any of my videos for the last time, it would probably be a good idea to do so now, and that's also part of the reason I'm posting this. I'd just like to point out that me taking these videos down has no other implications on my Instructables account. All my 'ibles will remain as they are, but just without the videos. I'm probably going to forget to even take the embedded videos off if I do delete them from YouTube. So, once again, let me know if you really want me to keep them, if you're still interested, go watch them now, and lastly, have a happy new year and an amazing day! GODSPEED!

Posted by Sharir1701 4 years ago

Removed intake resonator, now I have a small whine

I removed the intake resonator on my car, now I have a small whine to my engine. I know the resonator takes away noises and stuff, but others have done this and got a low hum, not a whine. I don't like my car sounding like a Ford power steering pump. Why is this?

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

2 Instructables need to be removed, but can't.

 My 2 instructables I have, I wish to delete them, but it says they are in a contest. Can anyone delete them so I can add some new, better worth-the-time ones? P.S.; I wish to remove them because they suck eggs.

Posted by Atomman 8 years ago

Remove Vinyl Flooring

What's the best way of removing vinyl flooring to put tile down? Namely, the glue? Any chemical removers?

Posted by DELETED_Phill 8 years ago

answer removed ?

I wrote answer to this question and it got removedi dont see any obvious reason why

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

removing instructable from group

How do I remove an instructable from a group? I just added 'how to remove a beer bottle top" to the scouts group by accident... whilst in the UK that might be true, not sure it'd be so happily accepted in the US.

Posted by tim_n 9 years ago

Picture removed without my consent.

A picture was removed without my consent or knowledge. There ws a comment that the picture was removed because of obnoxious comments.   There was nothing wrong with the picture. Now I can not edit the instructable as it will not save or update. Guess I will not be renewing.

Posted by Computothought 2 years ago

Removing an instructable from your favorites

How can I remove an instructable from my favorites? thanks! :-)

Posted by dr15 11 years ago

how do you delete (removed by poster)

How do you delete the (removed by poster) coments for i know i did this on my orangeboard before. and i would hate for people to constantly read (removed by poster)(removed by poster)(removed by poster) "I will post (project) in a week!" well if you can tell me how i did it then please do for i have no memory of how i did it and NO I DONT HAVE ANY ILLNESS IN MY HEAD.

Posted by Sypran 10 years ago

Removing Silver from CD.

Is there a way to remove the silver off of a CD that's relatively fast and doesn't scratch or damage the disk in anyway?

Posted by BoomGuy 11 years ago

Safe removal of a ~30' HAM Radio Antenna

Hello all, I have a friend who has a 30 foot (approx) HAM Radio antenna mounted on his garage.  The pole base attaches to two brackets which are anchored to the exterior wall of a garage.  Near the top of the antenna, 3 cable anchors connect to brackets on the roof.  He wants it gone, and wants me to take it.  But, this must be planned out carefully.  The pole could be lowered 3 feet or so, so it makes contact with the ground.  It could be used as the fulcrum to lower this down into his backyard.  Power lines are not in proximity.  If several people were on the roof, could that point be used to lower the antenna gently to people on the ground?  My concern is that the construction looks aluminum. The pole is 2" steel pipe.  ButI cannot be certain on the actual antennd contruction or weight.  There are 3 or 4 small boxes mounted at various heights on the pole.  I can't image they weigh too much.  Can anoyone tell me what there are used for?  Occasionally, a red led will blink on the bottom of the case. I am excited to acquire components that one day may help me get my amateur license.  But I am concerned about how to safely do this, and will not attempt without a very clear plan.  I don't want it to end up being too heavy, and slingshotting the people on the roof (like something that would happen to red green).  I also need to insure his roof is not damaged.  I think the brackets will be left on, and the cable cut at the base.   Any knowledge is greatly appreciated!

Posted by huck alexander 6 years ago

Removing rust from a motorbike's fuel tank?

My dad has got a yamaha xs650 but the fuel tanks got rust in it. What solvents can I put in to remove the rust without removing the tank or messing up the fuel? The pics are of 1)in the tank 2)The motorbike 3)a blurry pic of inside the tank

Posted by thermoelectric 10 years ago

removing printed ink from an id card

Hi my student id is a printed plastic photo id card as i am graduating this year it is about to expire is thee away to remove any of the information on the card like the an expiration date?

Posted by tawcnysc 9 years ago

how can i remove stripped screw heads?!?!?

How do i remove on with a messed up head sorry for bad pic

Posted by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

Why low quality stain odour remover don’t work well ?

Generally we don’t think about the quality stain odour remover for floor or a marble which can easily grab oil, grease, souse, blood  stains, and these type of stains not remove easily by the normal marble cleaner that’s why it's don’t work superior. So what you thing about that type of stain how to remove it easily with or without hard work?

Posted by einsclean 3 years ago

Removing a screen...

Well, i took apart my mp3 to put it in a "lego case", but it won't fit in. So, the only thing i can do is to remove the screen (it's totally broken so I don't plan to cut a hole in the case for it). My question is, if I remove it, would the mp3 still work? thanks.

Posted by SolidSp3ctr3 9 years ago

Removing adhesive from vinyl tiles

I am having solid hardwood flooring installed in my first floor of my home. The existing flooring is currently 12x12" vinyl tiles. I am in the process of removing the tiles (using an iron). How do I remove the old adhesive that was used to put the tiles down? Is it necessary to remove even though felt underlayment will be placed under the hardwood? Thanks in advance.

Posted by meemee_0822 5 weeks ago

Removing Bicycle Decals

Does anyone know of a good way to remove the decals from a bicycle, specifically a Mongoose Montana? On the Interweb, a lot of people say you can, but just as many others say that doing so will ruin the paint and mess up the clearcoat that is applied over the decals. Is there a way to tell if my bike has a clearcoat above the decals? If I can remove them, would heating them with a hairdryer aid the removal process? And the sticky residue - what's the best thing to get rid of it? Lighter fluid? Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

removing a comment on my project instructable

I made an Instructable post, and have some one posting mis leading info about the parts I used for it. I know that everything I have done is safe and correct.  How do I remove the comment and Block the user?  thanks,   Bill

Posted by hearsejr 7 years ago

Removing the stamp on a bulb

Hi!  Just a really quick question: Is there a way to remove the stamp on the bottom of a light bulb (you know, the bit that says the number of watts and the manufacturer) without damaging the bulb? Thanks for the reply.

Posted by TashaDax 6 years ago

How to remove comments ?

I'm wondering if i can delete comments that i do not like in my instructable?

Posted by emilk 10 years ago

Cant search by rating

I am unable to search instructables or anything else by rating. Was this feature removed or is it just me with this issue? If it was removed, can you quickly explain why? It would make zero sense to remove it, if someone wanted to make something or find the best of something, they can find the highest rated instructable and that will most likely be the best choice. Also, if you remove search by rating, then you should remove being able to rate stuff altogether.  Help / explain

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago