Instructions to repair movie camera Canon UC1A that will not playback sound?

Does anyone know how I can fix my Canon UC1A movie camera? It does not playback sound.

Asked by HandyHarry 8 years ago

Dremel just stopped

Hi I was using my Dremel with a saw attachment cutting wood half way in the Dremel just stopped. The spindle rotates cleanly I have checked the fuse etc which is fine   There were noises at all love my Dremel helps me a lot in my hobby repairing and repanting Model buses cash a little shirt so I can’t just go out and buy a new one 

Posted by Gefcon 6 months ago

How can I make drive belt for microwave turntable??

The present belt is 1/8 inch square and 36 inches in circumference.

Asked by russellc888 7 years ago

50-45V 1200mA Ac to 12V 1000ma

Hey. So i have this led light panel which was damaged by some water that leaked through my ceiling from heavy rain.My dad wanted me to try repair it(he didn't want to spend another 100$ to buy a new one) so i did and i found in that the led panel has 4 strips of ca 70 leds each 1 m length each, powerd by this guy 2 of those led strips wouldn't work anymore so i had  one led strip of 2 m which i bought for some project , and  i wanted to replace the ones that aren't working anymore but they are working pretty well on 12V 1000ma Dc(they are heating pretty fast but for that i think i will need some resistors for that or i don't know). So i'm asking how can i convert 50-45V 1200mA Ac to 12V 1000mA Ac so that i won't burn that led strip that works on lower current. A schematic will be all i need and the components that requires. P.S : I'm a begginer in electronics and i don't know that much about them and i'm looking forward in learning more sorry for the long story.

Asked by valexandru1 1 year ago

speaker repair?

 How do you repair a slight tear to a speaker?

Asked by macranston 8 years ago

rectifier repair?

How can we repair the rectifire of the dc system

Asked by wasimbari 8 years ago

Web Repair - Low Rates

Back in 1998 Nina Katchadourian spent a number of weeks repairing broken spiderwebs with red thread. Interestingly, the spiders would reject the thread over the course of the night and repair it themselves by morning. Definitely check out her work.

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Question about jewelry repair

I do simple jewelry repair,and want to learn how to solder.What tools do I need for this?I have a Dremel tool and several hand tools.Please be specific.

Asked by jeannie13 9 years ago

Repair handle on bounce horse

I am needing to repair the handle of this children's bouncing horse.  I don't know if the handle is original but it is the one that came with it.  I need advice on how to attach the handle.  

Posted by carolb4 3 years ago


How do you repair a power plug on a kindle e reader

Posted by tigger66688 4 years ago

sewing machine repair

I dumpster scored an old Sears/Kenmore sewing machine recently and don't quite know where to start to wire it for power and replace the foot pedal. Anyone done this? Cheaply?

Posted by el eliel 9 years ago

Ni-cad Battery repair/regeneration how do I repair/regenerate my dead Ni-cad power tool batteries?

I have several Ryobi 18 volt Ni-cad power tool batteries that over the years have lost all their ability to recharge.  is there a way to fix/disassemble and repair without having to buy all new ones?  I have about 5 or 6 and do not wish to replace everyone of them.

Asked by jwrape64 8 years ago

How do I sew / repair chair that is split along a seam?

Chair is split along a seam where a cushion meets.  What type of stitch hols firmly?  I plan to hand sew this with upholstery thread.

Asked by pgarland 8 years ago

weedeater repair and stuff

how would you fix a weedeater where it wont suck any gas in it has lost compression and you can actually hear grinding in the cylinder when the piston moves up and down and a screw stripped on the crankcase? and you cant get off the exhaust because it was like welded on.

Posted by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago

how do you repair a drimel ,shaft does not turn?

I got a used single speed drimel,when i turned it on every thing seemed fine,and when i put alittle pressure on it .it stopped spinning.i'm not sure what part connects the motor shaft to the main shaft?

Asked by ziggymonz 7 years ago

How can I repair vinyl "wood grain" that came off when adhesive tape was applied to the surface of a desk?

I have a Bush particle board desk I would like to repair. Recently, my wife placed some adhesive tape on the surface of her desk. Upon pulling the tape off, some of the "wood grain" was lifted off of the vinyl covering. I do not want to replace the vinyl, only touch up the areas that were damaged by the tape.

Asked by Frank Reyes 8 years ago

how to repair a window?

hey there, my window stucks, it doesnt open..its a normal 2 winged window and the spot where it stucks lies in the middle of right window, on the upper side. when i want to open it the lower part responds but the upper one is hopeless, i dont know how to fix that one? oh the brand is called internorm. thx guys

Asked by systex 8 years ago

How to replace head gasket on a 1992 Harley Davidson Sporster?

Instuctions on repairing a blown head gasket on a harley davidson sporster with a 1200 kit? it is a 1992 883 with a 1200 conversion kit

Asked by 9 years ago

REPAIR frigidaire microwave 2 years old model # FPHD2491KF0......

When iI just turned it on made a pop sound and a strong electric burning nothing is working..lights or display... outlet is good?  any ideas on how and what to do?????   I spoke to Firgidaire and they are willing to sell me a megatron... could that be it and how hard is it to replace......Ken

Asked by kenny.panzer 3 years ago

how do you change the induction heater element in a Bosch oven?

I have a Bosch HBL745 electric oven (2 actually) but the induction heater element keeps burning out on one of them. I have watched the repair once and it looks easy, but it would be nice to have a procedure. For example, does the oven need to be fully removed from the wall unit or can the repair be done in place?

Asked by 9 years ago

Stool Caster Repair

I have a short stainless steel stool on wheeled casters. The caster itself is in two parts; the wheel with a long prong that inserts into a receptacle which together fit into the leg of the stool . See attached jpeg of the receptacle in question. I need 4 of these receptacles. Can anyone direct me to where they can be had? Thank you in advance for any consideration you give this matter. dtpostel generic layperson

Posted by dtpostel 6 years ago

Can a polypropylene water main be repaired.?

I wanted to tap into a polypropylene water main.  I had some previous experience with this type of pipe in my city.  I tried to used a PVC barb fitting coupling with SS hose clamps.  But these pipes have been in the ground in my city about 30 years.  The pipe seems to be brittle with age.  I had to  use a torch to get the previous 1" pipe to slip onto the barb fitting.  It held for about 2 months, then split and began to leak at the repair.  My plumber friend tells me his company will not touch these pipes.  They just replace the whole water main with copper pipe (for about $2200!).

Asked by fixallmike 7 years ago

how do you troubleshoot/repair wii-mote that will not show lights with fresh batteries?

My childrens wii-mote stopped showing any sign of life at all.  I was hoping I'd find a guide showing a disassembly and possible troubleshooting steps.

Asked by lburkhardt 7 years ago

Multimeter DIY Repair?

I have a Radio Shack digital multimeter, Model 22-174. Since the 10 Amp measurement circuit is not fused I blew this circuit and that part of the meter does not work now. I like this meter and would like to know if I can DIY repair it and what I need to do. I have looked around the Internet and have not found any information including the Radio Shack site. Was looking for the wiring diagram only found a parts list. I hope that I can fix it. If I can fix it I will fuse the test leads (black lead) or work out an internal fuse for this circuit so I don't repeat my mistake. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

Asked by phantom9 8 years ago

Fixing Kodak EasyShare C653

I have a Kodak EasyShare C653 that was left outdoors for a few days. With new batteries in it, it won't work. When I turn it on, I just get the red light that normally indicates the battery is low. Any ideas on what it could be? The cost of repair is probably more than the camera itself. Thanks!

Posted by lkh 9 years ago

Brass Vietnam Zippo repair.. Help!

Any one experienced with repair of small gauge hinge's, or is familiar with Zippo's repair? I need help... :) Please... I have two '67 '68 Vietnam brass Zippo's... They have been authenticated. One of which, has a broken hinge. I was interested in repairing it, as on the base side it has disintergrated. I am hesitant to send it to Zippo... As I believe, it is still under warranty yet I am worried that a standard hinge replacement would look odd.... as they won't age the brass etc... Could come back looking bad... Although I know, Zippo is great at servicing them! It already has ALOT, of pewter throughout the brass... Obviously fairly rusted out at some stage... And I was wondering, has anyone used pewter to mend brass before? I'm sure it's not common practice, because of colour differences etc.. Perhaps I should call Zippo to find out first hand.... Just for interest sake... Has anyone got the same inscription... I haven't seem the second of these before... I'd be interested if it is a generic quote or written be the owner... "I'VE LOVED EVERY INCH OF THE LAND I STAND, I'LL DIE BEFORE I RUN" Tactical Air Command:- "CAME DOWN THE HELL, FELL DOWN THE GOD" Any help would appreciated. Thanks! ;) Sorry about the cruddy phone pics... Doesn't really do them justice... :(

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Any chances of repairing an unwilling 2.5 inch hardisk?

I have an 2.5" external harddisk which is unwilling to really start. A few clicks when starting up and a blinking green led on the hardrives casebox, but no communication between disk and laptop. It's a Samsung 40Gb disk, so called Spinpoint MP0402H. Has anyone tried to open a harddisk and succesfully got it running again? I know I should not open it, to keep dust out. But it's only for once, just to get my valuable data off the disk. What appreciate positive experiences. Regards, Jaco de Graaf

Asked by 9 years ago

water is leaking from the shut off valve of my toilet, how do I fix this?

I just noticed that water is leaking from the pipe that connects from the back of the toilet to the wall. right above the knob where you shut off the water.    I don't even know how to begin to repair this, any suggestions?

Asked by misshandy 7 years ago

Western Digital My Book - How do I replace the USB data connector?

USB connector problem: the USB data connector of my WD My Book external hard drive has broke off. The plastic receptacle that is installed in the drive has broken off in the male connector at the end of the cable. Can I repair this connector and get a new usb cable?

Asked by 8 years ago

Open Sonic Care case...?

What is the best way to open the Sonic Care case with the least amount of damage so it can be reassembled..?

Asked by 8 years ago

How to fix a cars air conditioning.

Alright, so my sisters cars air conditioning is no longer working. She took it to a mechanic and he said the repair would be around 3 grand to fix, but understandably she would rater fix it herself. So, I am trying to fix it for her, but I wanted to know if there was a way that I can remove the compressor without pouring Freon all over the place?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

Repair? Answered

How do ibeingto repair?just few rowesand not full rowes thanks.

Asked by Deborah Simpson 1 year ago

Sub Zero refrigerator model #KSSS 42DMX 05 does not restart after defrost.?

Will not come out of defrost mode every few days. This is an intermittent problem.

Asked by morpheus2011 8 years ago

lawnmower wont start

I have a pull-lite 3.5 horsepower engine on my used sears mower, I replaced the sparkplug and still no start, I get a flooded carb, could it be the magneto?

Asked by charlie12124444434 8 years ago

replace head gaskets on a northstar engine?

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

why does my evaporative cooler leak water at night but not in the daytime?

At night water runs off my roof when the cooler is on low but it does not do it during the day.

Asked by 8 years ago

how long after i publish an instructable can it be found on the site?

I just published an instructable but cant find it, after how long can i find it thanks glendalf

Asked by glendalf81 8 years ago

Printing a PDF file.

I am a member with User Name, Password, etc. When  I attempt to download or print a PDF file, the site tells me I must become a member. What's the secret here??

Asked by mrbobbo 6 years ago

What type of screw drivers to use to open a Craftsman 19.2 volt battery pack?

On the top of the screws it looks like a star with a dot in the middle. None of my usual tools fit in.

Asked by chenxinghao 9 years ago