How You Can't Report Bugs

There doesn't seem to be a contact route to report bugs on the Instructables website. Having encountered a very annoying bug, I searched the Instructables website and found in the Forums "How to Submit Bug Reports" at . That post has a  link to take you to where you can report your bugs. That link is . Surprise! That link takes you to .....(drum roll!).... . Which is exactly where you started from. After about six circuits of this merry-go-round without finding a way to actually get wherever bugs are supposed to be reported, I just decided to post this so everyone else can have as much fun as I did. If they want to. I think it's a bug, but since I can't find a way to report it, I'll go home now.

Posted by ldmorgan 4 years ago

Bug report in contest rules page

Hi On Terms section 5b(1) the web address is malformed. In the same page the first part of the document has not been completed correctly: REPLACE THESE Arduino Challenge February 6, 2012 May 1, 2012 May 2, 2012 -> one day after end date -> contest url 18 -> # of winners May 8, 2012 -> winners selected on or around 20 -> number of finalists 5 ->number of judges (5) 2 bug reports for the price of one! Best regards Greg Do I still get a pro membership? :P

Posted by gregoryfenton 6 years ago

Reporting someone?

Not sure where this should go but I've looked and couldn't find anywhere more suited. I'd like to report two user's as I believe they are either the same person or one has stolen from the other. The specific intsructables I am on about are here: will notice they both have the same idea, as well as the reel of blue tape is the same and so is the surface on which the photos were taken, and of course they were both submitted on the same day. I flagged both of them as spam (now I think about it maybe 'inappropriate' would have been more appropriate), but I'm sure this will just be ignored once whoever checks them find nowt wrong with the individual instructables (I don't think just one person would look through them all).Is there perhaps a moderator or admin that I can send a message to?

Posted by The Ran 9 years ago

Writing a useful bug report

From time to time, people have trouble with the Instructables site. Often they have found a bug that we need to fix. If this happens to you, here's how to tell us so we can fix it as soon as possible.Search!A lot of times the bug you found has been reported already. Do a quick search in the bug forums to see if you can find an existing report. There may be a workaround that someone has posted, or an estimated fix time. If it's already been reported, go ahead and comment on that rather than making a new report.Check, as well, if the problem is something on your system that we can't do anything about. For example, Firefox users may have installed the Greasemonkey extension, and some Greasemonkey scripts cause unexpected behavior on Instructables.Details!Provide a lot of information, including:the OS and browser you're usinga link to the page you were on, and/or the page before, where things were still OKthe error message you got, if any (copy/paste if possible)anything else you can think of that seems relevantProcess!In order to fix the problem, we have to be able to see it happen - we have to be able to reproduce it. Write a step-by-step list of the things you did to get the problem. If you don't remember exactly, try doing what you were doing again, slowly, to get the bug a second time. If you can't get it to happen again, we probably won't be able to get it to happen either. Sad but true.Patience!Some bugs may take a while to fix, either because they're very difficult, or because other bugs and features are higher priority. In general, if you can't do something you should be able to do, we'll fix it as soon as possible. Things that just look weird, or have alternate ways to be done, we'll fix later.

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

Bug report

I am using Firefox 10.0.1 on  Compaq AMD 4450e 2300 mHz, Windows 7 version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002. When open my pending topic and hit the EDIT button I get a pop up screen with teh following message: There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal   The tab locks up and a little "UPLOADING" icon flashes at the bottom. It stays forever , or until you close the tab. I can't edit the topic and I am not sure why. I started writing in word and did a cut and paste to put the first paragraph into the first step. No picture, no graphics,. Just a few sentences of text. Your help would be rgeatly appreciated.

Posted by vectorges 6 years ago

Bug: Can't comment on people's profiles

I can't seem to comment on people's profiles. I tried commenting on DJ's, Owen's, and LR's profile but I can't. When I clicked the 'Add Comment' I con, the comment box didn't appear. Is this some sort of bug?

Posted by Camisado 9 years ago

Cannot load page fully

Website is great but there is a bug when reading articles. When you get towards the bottom of the page it stops and bumps you up. You can try to go back to the bottom but it once again bumps you up before you can reach it. I have duplicated this problem on windows 10 and on another box with windows 7. So if you are glued to reading the next comment you can forget it... it just bumps you back up. Very frustrating if you want to read posts. 

Posted by fixit-13 1 year ago

Insturctables Search not working

I am having problems with the "Lets Make ______".  I enter a search (the letters do not show, so I have to assume I'm typing the right letters).  It seens to allows me to search, but instead returns me to a blue screen with the "Lets Make" button again, this time with an option to change where I'm searching.  When I try to change from Everything to Popular, it won't change.  Not only that but when I do allow it to search for my item in Everything, it returns EVERYTHING, but nothing on what I had searched for.  It is frustrating, and although I used to surf your site a lot (and have made a lot of things via the Instructables), your new search has made your site almost useless for me.

Posted by mommaquilter 5 years ago

how can I report a bug?? Answered

I had a bug while writing a guide, which incapacitated me to write it, I refreshed the page, but the bug continues. I decided to report it, but i dontknow how. can someone explain me how?

Asked by tgferreira184 6 years ago

IDEA: Report user

When we had an Orangeboard, I used to leave messages on a spammer's Orangbeboard, and then report them so the staff could see. Now I can't do that. On YouTube, under the about page, I can report the user, but now, I can't do that. Example, on the right part of the screen: Something like this: *clicks* Choose between the following options: Spamming/Unwanted advertising Inappropriate profile picture/comments/etc... ... *clicks* Thank you! The Instructables staff will review this ASAP!

Posted by Yonatan24 1 year ago

I'm Liking These Ads..

Much better than Iranian singles! :D

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

Annoyance: Formatting/URL mistakes suppress preview completely

A new feature deployed recently checks the URLs we put inside comments (i.e., the first token inside square brackets) and reports if we haven't given a valid URL.The annoying bug is that the whole preview is suppressed, and there is no indication of where in the text the error might be. Briefly, the preview actually showed the whole text, but with the error part called out in big red box. That was better, and would be nice to get back.Failing that, maybe just putting the malformed URL into the preview as a literal string, highlighted or underlined or something might be helpful.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Making safety easier

I have seen many users ask questions like "how do you report a user"  and " is there a button for flagging a user after I flag the instructable?" Well I myself already know but that doesn't help the other few million users(wow) that don't know. After this forum post I plan on emailing but maybe there is another way. I was thinking that maybe an admin could send a private message to every new and old user saying that the way to report a user is to go to the about page  click on an instructables team member then to send them a private message telling them what the user did, where and why it should be removed( user and/or instructable). It would be even better if the instructables team got together and made groups open to the public again. I did some research and groups used to be easy to get to but if you copy and paste this and try to go to it it won't work. I did some more research and it seems that all the current groups are run by businesses or companies. I just want to make things easier for the average user so that we can make this a more enjoyable site. Also I would like to make a group for younger users so that we can post instructables to each other. It would be cool to have our own circle.  -gearup500

Posted by gearup500 3 years ago

Best Answers Count For 2011-05-21

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Posted by NachoMahma 7 years ago

Best Answers Count For 2011-08-20

90 Iblers checked: 11010010110 34 acidbass 38 alex-sharetskiy 44 AndyGadget 149 AngryRedhead 40 artificialintelligence 4 15 blkhawk 13 Burf 220 caitlinsdad 26 CameronSS 20 canida 12 caarntedd 41 ChrysN 45 cyberpageman 22 diyoutdoorsman 13 DJ Radio 68 dombeef 3 Dr. Pepper 23 ewilhelm 11 Flannel UK 11 frollard 413 fwjs28 16 gmjhowe 6 gmoon 48 Goodhart 14 Gorfram 52 Grathio 53 Hiyadudez 15 iceng 67 iPodGuy 17 Jack A Lopez 137 JamesRPatrick 11 Jayefuu 60 jeff-o 103 Joe Martin 41 jtobako 64 karnuvap 22 kcls 12 kelseymh 303 -- kelseymh has passed a milestone! -- kevinhannan 16 Killer~SafeCracker 40 killerjackalope 28 Kiteman 256 Koosie 9 Kryptonite 12 lemonie 529 Lithium Rain 13 lizzyastro 5 LoneWolf 7 M4industries 11 MahavishnuMan 54 MegaMetal8 2 MichelMoermans 24 mikeasaurus 71 Mr. Stealth 20 NachoMahma 178 nfk11 2 nickodemus 19 NobodyInParticular 59 Nutrition Man 11 orksecurity 471 outofyurworld 3 patriots8888 9 plane phanatic 9 Prfesser 30 purduecer 11 randofo 26 RavingMadStudios 127 Re-design 639 RelaxedSoup 17 rickharris 180 seandogue 242 Shadowman39 22 siliconghost 29 Sorunome 5 Steveastrouk 578 The+Ideanator 23 TitanTechRobotics 4 uniqueutopia 20 username252 2 UziMonkey 34 Willard2.0 9 wrivera6 13 yokozuna 96 Zengineer1618 13 zero.gx 90 Zero BAs (soon to be deleted): ehudwill 0 GuardianFox 0 knuckel 0 Added to list recently: knexinventer vishalapar Vyger Credits: Best Answers Monitor v1.00.04 (2011-04-25) by NachoMahma (Original Perl script by Jayefuu) (Regex help provided by kelseymh) Patches and other graphics by caitlinsdad

Posted by NachoMahma 6 years ago

Contest Entry Bug Report

The page with the listet contests shows different entries, then the page of a single contest itself. My own entry to a contest raised the number in the contestpage itself, but not in the overview page. Furthermore my entry isn't even visible in the contest page The same happens with the number of views on any instructable

Posted by NagelmaierP 11 months ago

Somewhat misleading link for bug reports on Submit page

I think that the link for "Submit new Bug Report" on the main Submit page is a bit misleading, especially to inexperienced users.  Instead of going directly to a page for creating a new forum topic in bugs (i.e., the URL associated with that button just goes to the top-level Help forums list. I'd like to suggest that the URL be changed.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

I want some info on industrial project report for final year adft department diploma?

I want some info on industrial project report for final  year adft(apparel designing and fabrications technology) department. where can i get it, does any body help me on this? 

Asked by thanupama 5 years ago

Allow members to post "build reports" and mark Instructables as "I did this!"

The purspose of Instructables is to provide guides for people to build stuff, right? So it seems like members should be able to click a button that says "I built this!" for an Instructable, and we could see how many people have actually gone out and built their own version. It'd be even cooler if you could add a "build report" with pictures and videos of your version of that instructable. Otherwise, people who build stuff might put their pics up on Flickr or Facebook, and maybe link to the Instructable, but it isn't easy to see all the different versions of that Instructable that have been implemented.

Posted by dalangalma 8 years ago

Useless Machine was on The Colbert Report!

Make Magazine's editor-in-chief, Mark Frauenfelder was on the CR promoting his new book and he brought a few gadgets with him.  Imagine my surprise when he brought out the Useless Machine. After letting Colbert try the machine, Mark explains that it's only function is to turn itself off.  The audience laughs and Colbert says "I'll tell you what it does breaks my heart." I guess I should mention that the machine will be featured in the next MAKE magazine and that was why Mark brought it on the show! My mind is officially blown. Mark had sent me a heads-up letting me know about this, but I didn't receive it until after watching the show.  I'm a regular viewer of the CR so for me this was especially sweet.  Thanks Mark! Cheers, Brett

Posted by Frivolous Engineering 8 years ago

New Bug Report

My Instructables iPhone app crashes every time I attempt to save to I save to my device before saving to I have deleted and reloaded the app with no further success. 1. iPhone 5 - iOS version 8.3 (12F70) 2. Instructables Mobile App version 2.63.4 3. The draft I am currently attempting to upload is Backyard Party And Ambiance Lighting 4. I am unable to capture a screen shot of the crash. 5. I created a draft on my phone that includes steps with text and photos. When I press "send to", my app crashes. 6. I have allowed your app to use my cellular data.

Posted by Tater Zoid 3 years ago

Something Ain't Working - A Bug Report

Something ain't working. That's right, I said something ain't working. And I demand that you fix it right now. Just to make sure that you get how irritated I am, I'll say it again in all caps: FIX IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! See how I put a bunch of exclamation points, too? That shows that I mean business. Yessir, I am not a person to be trifled with. I have a Shift key, and I'm not afraid to use it. Tremble before my wrath! So go fix it! And no, I'm not going to tell you what it is. I am the customer. It's not my job to provide useful information, and besides, my time is very precious to me. Sure, it would take maybe five minutes for me to tell you what happened, what section of the site it happened in, which link I clicked, what browser and OS I'm using, whether it happened once or a thousand times, when I first noticed it, or whether it's already been reported by someone else, but those five minutes are MY TIME!! I am the customer, and I absolutely refuse to participate in any way, except to tell you that something ain't working and I'm REALLY REALLY ANGRY about it.  Instead, I expect the staff to go check every link and every button on every page on the whole site, using every single combination of browsers, operating systems, plug-ins, security settings, hardware and connectivity options that exists. And you'd darn well better hope that when you've done all of that and discovered every possible bug, you fix mine first. Or I'll type more stuff in ALL CAPS! And don't even think about suggesting that there might be something I could do on my end to fix it. I will not put forth any effort whatsoever! I AM THE CUSTOMER! So what if I'm not clicking the right button? It's YOUR JOB to come to my house and click the right button for me, because THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! That means you have to drop everything and do whatever I say, no matter how irrational or counter-productive it is. It also means that none of your other customers' bugs mean anything at all, just mine. Because I am THE customer. So hop to it! Something still ain't working. You better fix it right now, or I'm gonna file a complaint with the cops, my Congressman, FEMA, my mom and Jesus. I'll probably do that in all caps, too. Well, maybe not the one to Jesus.

Posted by RavingMadStudios 8 years ago

How to Make a Report Card

Ok so how do you make a fake report card? or scan your report card and change things profesionaly looking

Posted by yuckzee 9 years ago

How do I report a hacker who insulted me and posted stuff without my knowledge?

I as reading the What Would Escher Do instructable by Kiteman when I noticed that someone used my username to post a insulting comment without my knowledge. Here is what he said: "IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM TROLLING IM SHOUTING IM SHOUTING IM SHOUTIN IM SHOUTING YUR STUPID YUR STUPID YUR STUPID AN YUR PASWORD IS LAME NOW GO AN REPORT ME... JIM" So how do I report him?

Asked by moneyfuskie935 6 years ago

Are Flag Reports on Comments getting to Instructables Staff?

I just flagged a comment for spam on my instructable but I didn't get any indication that it worked. (i.e. no message). So then I went to see if a comment I flagged for spam a month ago was removed, but its still there. In both cases, the comment is just a link to another website, and has nothing to do with the topic (i.e. spam). I know I've flagged a few others, but I can't remember where they are. Are flag reports getting to staff? or is this a bug and its stopped working? The spam comment I just flagged on my instructable can be found here. The spam comment I flagged a month ago can be found here. Screenshots of the comments are shown below.

Posted by canucksgirl 6 years ago

Science fair project?

I'm a 15 year old, and for the science fair, I'm planning to do something based around a floating lightbulb and wireless power transfer. However, the project has to be based around an investigation, (with a hypothesis, and a written up report including variables, etc.) I'm stuck on an aim/hypothesis, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

Asked by Unknown... 8 years ago

Glitches with the Instructables Editor

While trying to make Instructables with the Editor, I have come across two glitches (if this is not the place to report bugs and errors, please inform me).1. The text boxes for the Intro and the Steps editors refuse to let me copy/paste anything into them. The pasted text appears for a split second, then disappears.2. The same thing happens with links. I type in a URL and the text for the link, press OK, will show up for a split second then disappear.I hope this helps to make Instructables a better place.

Posted by Thorondor95 4 months ago

Colorful Characters at the Maker Faire -- Instructables on NPR's California Report

Instructables and Tim Anderson both were mentioned on NPR's California Report episode: Colorful Characters at the Maker Faire.If you've ever met someone who likes to tinker around in their basement or garage, you know they can be a little eccentric. But the art of tinkering is being taken to a new level by the do-it-yourself movement. We preview this weekend's Maker Faire in San Mateo, where some of the DIY movement's most colorful practitioners are setting up shop. Reporter: Jon Kalish

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Bug: Halloween contest 2017 in the archives

For the ones that cannot find the Halloween contest 2017, you can find it in the archives, in November 2016. I guess it is a bug? Or just follow this link:

Posted by Matlek 10 months ago

Don't be shy? I'm not shy, but why have numerous questions I've posted never seen the light of day? Answered

Why am I wasting my time is the better question. Are the questions "moderated"?  I'm just curious as to whether or not I should even continue frequenting this site if games are being played or bugs are keeping some of my questions from appearing.  Not saying that's the issue, but I'd appreciate the courtesy of an explanation so I'll know to ask questions on my trustworthy sites instead of wasting my time; or help make note of possible bug issues, here on this site. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Sovereignty 6 years ago

Bug Reports

Bug Reports.

Posted by ArtSklad 2 years ago

Bug report: profil pictures impossible to see

OS: Windows 7 Browser: Google Chrome I have no idea if it has been reported before but I cannot see the profil pictures on users profils, there is an error message: "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later".

Posted by Matlek 10 months ago

No more traffic sources report?

I remember that it was possible to see the traffic sources in the stats of an instructable. Did this feature disappear with the site update?Thanks!

Asked by Matlek 5 months ago

can you report members?

I published an instructable yesterday and today someone commented on it saying something insulting. so i was wondering if you could report members.

Asked by propchap 3 years ago

The accidental Gymnist

Sled runs a reporter over. You could say he fliped for the oppertunity to be on camera. :)This

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Bug report bug report!

Grrr... I tried to enter a bug report through about the problem that RocketScientist, GorillazMiko and myself have experienced with images getting copied from one forum post to the next (see here), but when I tried to post it, everything got screwed up! The first image below is a copy of the page I got after posting, the second one is what I get when I try to read my bug report in the system...Are we no longer supposed to use the ticket system, but only posts bugs here in the forum? I noticed the ticket system is now only accessible through the Contact page...

Posted by Patrik 10 years ago

How to do a report on the human body? I need it NOW!!!!!!? Answered

Please give info at a 7th grade level! It's for a sience report! It also has a pre-made booklet to use so please just list sources of good info!

Asked by Mauigerbil 6 years ago

Where to report crucial bugs?

Hey, I am posting this topic on the behalf of wanting to know where to directly report a crucial security bug to. This particular bug allows you to inject arbitrary JavaScript code into the site and thus gives you the possibility to do virtually anything, including, but not limited to, fetching cookies of other people and thus logging in as them etc. I reported all the other crucial bugs to service [at] instructables [dot] com and they got fixed after some time, but the issue with this one is that I reported it more than a year ago and re-reported and re-poked about it multiple times, still no fix present. So I wonder where I can contact somebody of the dev team directly so that this bug will actually get fixed!

Posted by Sorunome 2 years ago

how to report a spammer?

Should I report someone who sent me a message promoting another site that had nothing to do with my instructables etc and obviously joined to spam people? If so how? FYI I thought I was posting in a Help forum and somehow got here but... Thanks

Posted by susie 10 years ago

reporting a bug

Two people who are pro members were not able to download my PDF with images. Since I am not a pro member myself, I could not either. They suggested I report the bug, and I thought posting in the forum would make sure the images aren't loading for anyone.

Posted by tesseliot 8 years ago

How do you report spam?

I've noticed at least one user posting bogus Instructables such as recently.  (I'm pretty sure I know how to contact a U-Haul rental store.)  What's the process for reporting similarly objectionable unsolicited commercial content?

Posted by pbruns 5 years ago

Temperature reporting device that I can telephone and remotely obtain the temperature at its location Answered

I want to make a temperature reporting device that I can access remotely by telephoning to its location and obtaining the temperature at the location of the device.  I already have ability to phone and turn heat on/off.  I asume I will neet a digital thermonator .  Accurate temp. is not required, just  enough to know that heat is working properly and that freezing conditions do not exist, or are near.

Asked by neblliw 8 years ago

How do i spam, report or ban someone? Answered

A certain person called me the "stupidest person on the earth" and i think that is offensive.

Asked by NYPA 8 years ago

Why make the variable declarations for all the weather report words? Answered

Is there a reason to make the declarations for the weather report words? For example, String rain = String("Rain"); Why not just use the weather report words directly in the If statement? For example, if (forecast.equalsIgnoreCase("Rain") || forecast.equalsIgnoreCase("Light Rain") || forecast.equalsIgnoreCase("Rain Shower") || forecast.equalsIgnoreCase("AM Showers")){

Asked by PatrickM95 1 year ago

Bug Report Stored XSS Reflected/ XSS in your site

Good Day Webmaster, I would like to report a bug of your site webmaster, because i am concern for this site, and to protect the name of your site. I found a  bug to your site. That having bug could a Reflected XSS vulnerable, and it can cause and inserting malicious script to your site. Please do and action with this bug report webmaster. OS: windows 7 Browser: Mozilla Firefox Version 31.0 Please see the poc that i attached

Posted by testeronly123 3 years ago

report blatant copyright violations

Who should we be reporting stolen content to? IE. having it removed for review It's not MY content but I won't just watch and ignore while other people submit material ripped off from others. It shouldn't require a request from the owner for something do be done when it's so obvious. Step up and confront it. At least add something to the flag menu.

Posted by explosivemaker 5 years ago