Summer Resolutions...

Well, since my New Years resolutions are (mostly) done... okay, I've only done 2 of them (get a date, fill a sketchbook (TWICE)) So, I have a lot of things I want to do this summer, and I WILL get them done (I hope) -Make a couple of Instructables (Original ideas, actually) -Make a short stop motion video (Also original, sortof) -Moar arts -Be more involved with the online community (Like, do contests and stuff) -And a few other things, just not entirely sure if I can/want to do them. Any 'Summer Resolutions' of your own?

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New Years Resolutions: What are they for you?

New Years is a week away! Have you decided what you need to change about yourself? Type your New Years Resolutions on this site and explain how important they are to you.And if you have other goals that you want to achieve through life see my other forum, Goals: What are they?

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How do I post a profile picture

I am a beginner with instructables.  How do I post a picture to my profile?  The picture is in my library, but I can't seem to link it.  Is this a resolution based problem?  If so what resolution do I need to use?

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Tips to computer shopping? How to avoid laptops with crap WXGA TN screens online? Good computer companies? Answered

I'm shopping around for some decent <$900 class mid-range laptop computers, and one thing I have noticed is the difficulty in determining the quality of the screens. Often I see nothing more than wank marketing terms (Dell truelife® display, Acer CineCrystal Technology®, etc) which are meaningless. I have had enough experience with 1366x768 to know that it a really poor resolution, and often indicates also the quality of the screen in general. Want is something with at least 1600x900, preferably 1080p, with a proper color display that is not 18,000K, with a viewing angle better than an old back projection TV. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, what are some good computer companies? What experience do you have with HP, Compaq, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, Acer, Alienware, Samsung, etc? My father is pretty HP oriented, and doesn't like Dell too much, mentioning all the problems they had with them at the place he used to work. I have not had the best experiences with HP (probably because of Vista though), but no experience with any other company other than samsung for phones and tablets. My old tried and faithful low-end Compaq computer (HP owned I believe) has held up very well over it's 7 years, and is still in use to this day, even though the WXGA screen has faded and yellowed over time. The HHD and RAM have been upgraded, and it has been running ubuntu for many years now, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found this deal at costco for $700, it seems really nice and I cannot find anything bad about it. It has a decent display (saw a very simalar model in costco), 5th gen core i7, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HHD, and some good peripherals build in.;=978495&langId;=-1&storeId;=10301&refine;=

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Best picture resolution for an instructables?

Hi guys, I am just wondering what's the best picture resolution for an instructables (In pixels) Would 800x600 be too small or too big? Thanks in advise! ^^

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Upgrade Laptop Screen resolution

I want to upgrade the screen on my 17" HP ENVY 17T-j100 QE CTO Laptop. I now have a 1600x900 resolution I want to install a 1920x1080 resolution screen, Can I do that? If I cannot why, if I can do I have to change anything else?

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2013 Accomplishments and 2014 Resolutions!

The New Year is almost here!  Does everyone have awesome plans and resolutions?  How about, what did you accomplish this year; new job, Instructable milestones?  Even sharing a resolution from last year that you accomplished counts! Nothing is too big or too small to share! I'll get the ball rolling: Accomplishments: Instructables moved to Pier 9 (pretty sweet!) Hit 1 Million views (1,037,806, and steadily making it's way up) Hit 100 Instructables (133 now!) Posted 52 Instructables Well, there are a few anyway :) Resolutions: Work out at least once a week (well, who doesn't have a goal like this) Reach 200 Instructables (I only need to post 67, seems possible right?) Get organized (you do NOT want to see my cottage) I'm sure I'll think of more later!  Your turn!

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Image resolution on instructable step

Hello everyone.I've had an instructable that has been up for a long time with electrical drawings detailing a wiring modification. I get comments from time to time asking for better images of the drawings and I end up emailing them to the person. I tried to upload the images again and they still have reduced resolution when I look at them in the instructable. Is there a way to ensure the images are not compressed when added to the -ible?BTW, the originals are about 400kb - 500kb.Thank you!

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GTA San Andreas resolution problem.?

Hi, when I try to play GTA San Andreas on a 1280 by 1020 resolution I get these weird lines in my screen. Theres only about 3 of them but they make the game unplayable. My moniter is a 1920 by 1080 so it should be able to play these games.

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Dual monitor problem?

I have two VGA ports on my pc, so i recently plugged in two monitors. Only one of them will turn on. Vista doesn't even know the second one is there. What can i do to make vista recognize the second one? There are some pics to help you diagnose ze problemo. EDIT!: Look at picture two.

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Photo Challenge: Take a Photo Everyday in January

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- PLEASE READ THIS THREAD!!!! ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- With the New Year comes New Year's Resolutions, and one of my on-going resolutions is to improve my photography skills.  I have a hunch I'm not the only one who wants to be a better photographer, so I would like to pose a challenge in which I will also participate. The Challenge: Take a photograph everyday in January. The Reward: Bragging rights and a fancy patch to show everyone that you successfully completed the challenge. Simple, right?  It doesn't have to be the best photo EVAR.  It doesn't have to be beautifully lit.  It doesn't need perfect composition.  It just has to be the very simple act of picking up your camera, taking a shot, and posting it online.  It can even be a photo you're going to use in an Instructable, a dual purpose photograph.  The trick is that it has to be done every day.  No old photos.  No rehashes.  This is for personal improvement and making photography a habit. Now I realize that not everyone will be able or willing to do this everyday because stuff happens.  If you can take a photo for 20 days in January, you will get a patch.  If you can manage to take a new photo every single day, all 31, in January, you will get a very special patch! If you would like to participate in this challenge, leave a reply to this topic saying that you accept the challenge.  As you submit your photos, reply to your original acceptance reply.  This will keep things a bit tidier, and you will be able to see your accomplishments altogether.  There's a great deal of satisfaction in seeing a big chunk of what you've done and feeling motivated to do more.  If you would like to see an example of how to submit photos for the challenge, please look for my acceptance comment on this topic and how I reply to that comment with photos I am submitting. Alternatively, you can submit links to images on your Flickr, Picasa, DeviantArt, and other image sharing services.  This will save on bandwidth usage on Instructables.  Please do not submit links to private accounts such as Facebook and Myspace.  The images must be publicly viewable without requiring a linked account. There are some mighty fine Instructables on photography, so you might want to take a look around.  Hopefully, by taking part in this challenge, you will not only improve your photography skills but your Instructables as well.  You might even be motivated to post an Instructable about photography in January! If you would like to participate in a much larger challenge, check out Project365. So here's to a Happy (and productive) New Year!

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New Years Resolution: Achieved :P

Perhaps I need to pick more difficult resolutions for future years... This year's was to learn how to use a sewing machine.... While I'm no expert and still have a lot to learn, it was surprisingly easy. That being said, sewing a long straight line is frustrating -- especially if your machine does crazy (yet full of school spirit) stitching :)So, my first project -- feedback?So, now I'm ready to sew a kite o.0 yet... I need more practice and need to do a bit more research on design :P But soon I'll be on my Doom Wheels!

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increase analog read resolution arduino?

Is there a simple, hardware based way to use two analogRead pins on an arduino together for higher resolution?  I have a project that only needs two analog values, but the more accurate the value the better.  I do NOT want an external ADC, I am aware they exist, but I don't have time to get it shipped.  It doesn't need to be fast, or multiply the pins (just a value of 0-2047 would be fine, but 12 or 20 bit equivalent would be better).  Preferably something with just resistors and diodes, if that exists, but more components is okay too.  I was thinking something like a resistor-divider or something, but I can't figure out a simple way for that to work.   Again, I do NOT want a new ADC, I know how they works and that I can buy one, but I prefer just using the built-in one because there's no interface issue.  No matter how simple it "really is" I ALWAYS have a problem getting two components to communicate.    I'm using an UNO

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Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2008 was amazing. Let's hope '09 brings cool projects, and good health. My resolution is to get good grades, post lots of i'bles, and help as many people as I can. What's your New Year's Resolution?

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NYR: (new year's resolution, to be started IMMEDIATELY)....

I am starting to really feel the effects of my age now,  and my time not exercising my brain. I WANT this to change (besides, I can't just LET Kiteman's challenge go without a fight LOL).  Some of this will involve me making an attempt to pump up the volume, as it were, of what I make and thereby post.  I don't mean I am going to rush through things, but I wanted to do a bunch of things I haven't had time for up to now.   Not that I have anymore time now, but I am going to MAKE time. If I don't do it now, it will never get done. Wish me luck :-)

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how do I read the resolution in a 3d printed object?

I am looking for something like file extif with the pixels in the image but on the 3d printed object instead of the camera that's used in a similar way, I know their probably is a way but what free program on the windows ,because it's always possible as long as there is pixels and a resolution,   

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Computer screen problem Answered

I've got windows vista home premium 64 bit with an HP w2338h display. Whenever I open a picture in windows photo gallery or sometimes when I maximize a youtube video the picture goes black and white, with verticle lines, and out of resolution as well-- help?

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My camcorder is DVD based, and encodes into MPEG-2 format.  the quality is poorer than the previous model owned by me, a tape based camcorder with same specs. the difference is the storage media, and the villain is the compression. Now i need the uncompressed video, i don mind the size of resultant file.jus give me a way to raep it in full! i read somewhere that uncompressed vid is passed on to LCD viewfinder. 

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High Resolution view of Victoria Crater on Mars

NASA has released a beautiful high resolution picture of Victoria Crater (below) taken from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. If you zoom in on the full resolution image, you can see the Opportunity rover's tracks and stopping points (faint lines with bright dots) around the left part of the rim.The photo was taken in July 2009, so many of Opportunity's tracks have already been obscured by wind and sand.

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Help me find a shop.? Answered

It was a shop that sold new york themed goods, and some extravagant things like the resolute desk and hot dog carts, any Ideas?

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small serial high resolution display?

Is there a 720p or 1080p display that is about  .75" -1.5" diagonally, this would be used for an Arduino project so if it has pins rather than a type of ribbon cable connector that would be helpful.

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Cellphone camera into working camera? Answered

Well i just took apart this cellphone and i found a camera. i want to use the camera but i dont know how to hook it up to video outputs. if the is anyway to make it work plz tell me below are the pictures

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how to copy and print large high resolution maps using Google Earth or any other tool to create a wall sized map?

How can i extract large map out of Google Earth to print it on a color printer supporting A4 sheets to make a large map wall.

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About image size

What are the maximum size and resolution for images ?Are images automatically resized on upload ?Thanks!

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what is a listerning device for bird watching ?

Specifications,mode of operation,accuracy and resolution,stability and drift,range of use and limits of these,operating conditions,

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Is it possible to replace a damaged 19 in lcd screen with a good 17 inch lcd ?

Both are dells the 19 inch is cracked,17 inch has the flashing light syndrome but the lcd works tried it in another monitor.Pretty sure the wiring matches up but i'm not sure about the resolutions the 19 would have a higher resolution and i don't know if the 17 inch lcd would be able to run it,any input would be appreciatted.

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My Palm pda z22 screen resolution is low after a wet accident! can anybody help to fix it?

Hai I recently got a palm z22 to organize my life. It was really helpful until after a week it got wet in my bag. I didn't know initially it is wet. So I tried to use it the next day it was not working. So I try to charge it. Still it was not on. Then I saw that inside the palm cover is wet. So I used blow dryer on low heat setting. Then I tried to on the power button. I got little success. It was on but the screen resolution is very low. I can barely able to read it. Then I reset it. Still it was in the same condition. I let it dry as it is for a day. Then I opened only the back and blow dry it again. Still it was the same condition. The battery is fused to the back cover. I haven't tried to open the front. Today I am trying to charge it to see whether that will solve the problem. My question is what I can do to get the screen resolution back?

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Laser keyboard

A scanning laser can be mounted on a pad together with a low resolution camera.  With these, an image of different types of keyboard for typing, piano playing, gaming, finger writing can be programmed for user interaction.

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Happy new year!

Well, over here in Britain, we've just passed midnight. Happy new year, all! What are your new years resolutions?

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book scan - Camera Setup

Hi all, So I was scanning the book manually today using camera. Everything turned out to be ok, except the final pictures file size was staggering big(little over 1MB), which finally will compiled into a single PDF file. I was using resolution of 1600*1200 and found it to be the minimum accepted resolution in my situation. So my question was under what kind of camera setup should I get the smallest picture size but relatively clear picture. Thanks,

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Robot T-shirt

Ewilhelm pointed me to some high resolution picts of the instructables robot I made a T-shirt with T-shirt transfer paper.~Matt

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New Years' Resolutions

Well, with my New Years' resolutions plastered on the Makeblog it looks like I'll have to work twice as hard to make sure I keep them. Here they are:Create more order. I find that once you have order, maintaining it isn't that hard. Apply this in practice to my garage.Learn a new language. Probably will be Ruby; Spanish will come next if I can reach a comfortable level with Ruby.Respond to or otherwise deal with every piece of email sent to me within 1 week or as soon as possible. Maintain an inbox that fits comfortably on one screen without scrolling.Say "good morning" with a smile, and mean it -- start each of my personal interactions out on a positive note every day.Try to have either a lower mass or lower volume of possessions by the end of the year. Get rid of things I don't use and probably will never use; don't buy anything that might fit this description. Check out the full post here:

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Instructables Wallpapers

 I was trying to look for a new wallpaper, as there isn't 'just the right Doctor Who' wallpaper out there, and it occurred to me that Instructables don't have any downloadable wallpapers (that I could find). SO I took it upon myself to make some and share them with all of you! I've never made wallpapers so I kept my designs simple. I chose the Instructables Robot, as he is the most familiar icon around here. I didn't want the hand, as for some reason it creeps me out.  I have made 5 wallpapers in total: One is the Instuctables Robot sitting in the middle quite large. Res: 1024x768 Second is the same above but the resolution is 1280x1024 Third one is the same as the above two, except the Robot is a lot smaller. Res: 1024x768 Fourth: Same as above but designed for some laptops, so the resolution is 1280x800 Fifth: Same as above but resolution is 1280x1024 Feel free to tinker or change them. I have also included a screenshot of my laptop using the fourth image.

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Plans for 2008?

Got anything Instructable-related plans for the coming year?I plan to:Make at least 1,000 comments (<-- good useful comments)Double my number of published InstructablesGain (or reinforce if existent) a "Kiteman" reputation (<--sorry! =)

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Can i take an old Nokia n80 apart and use its lcd to build a (low resolution) projector? Answered

The n80 has a 352 x 416 18bit color screen... could it be used to make a projector?

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Site Feedback

Hello, I have some feedback regarding the site. First, the page width is a little too big. On 1024x600 resolution there is a horizontal scrollbar, which seems kind of useless to me and takes up vertical space. Secondly, the link named Feedback on directs to;=faq, as does the link named FAQs on the Contact Instructables page. Third, a button to hide the search header would be a nice feature, it's unnecessarily big and takes about 1/6th of vertical space on resolution of 1024x600. I hope I explained understandably and that you can make some tweaks. Firefox 21.0 Windows 7 Home Premium

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Giant Hi-res image of the night sky

Found this the other day. Huge ultra-high-resolution image of the night sky, with interactive doohickeys to boot. Very enjoyable.

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computer commands [question]

Alright what I want to know are some computer commands. NOT like pinging sites with cmd. But like shift+alt+print screen makes it go into high resolution mode. If you know any please tell me how to do it and what it does.Thank you in advance.

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Help in Metro 2033 bug?

In Metro 2033 I have already found many game stoping bugs, but I have overtook them, either by experimentation or using the Internet. But I have now reached Armory station and I have encountered yet another bug: After getting cuffed by the reds and starting to run I am always caught by the first soldier even before reaching the first turn of the hallway. After a lot of failed trials I decided to search the internet for solutions. I found nothing but "you have to run" Which I do and "you must lower your resolution" something that I can't becouse the game is already playing at the lowest resolution possible. What should I do?

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not optimum mode

Hi Everybody, I have a Samsung 913N LCD Monitor which is giving me a problem (not optimum mode explained hereunder). The screen just blacks out, gives me an error saying "Not Optimum mode Recommended mode 1280x1024 60Hz" Normally this message stays for about a minute, to give you a chance to change resolution, and it goes, but now it stays for ever. The only way to get rid of it is by switching off everything wait for about 15 minutes and display comes back to normal again. I tried going to VGA mode and fix it but to no avail. I tried the same monitor on different PC`s but problem still persists, although it takes longer to happen on one pc than on another. In my opinion there must be a way to disable this annoying message !!! The problem is how? Either from the buttons on front of panel or from its software. Perhaps there is a way to enter the monitor`s software and disable it from there. The funny thing is that it never happens while installing a fresh copy of windows until it comes to change the resolution (and not always) Before the problem started to happen I could easily adjust the resolution any MODE I like!! Any help on how to solve this will be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Digital pen

Can  an optical mouse be turned into a PC screen writing gadget or digital pen? Optical mouse have a low resolution camera. By using a software that coordinates what's being shown on the screen and a modified optical mouse, it could be possible to draw on the screen or turn this combination into a touch screen application.

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Digital control analog synth?

Hi all! I have an idea buzzing round my head and I could really do with some guidance. I'd like to implement digital control over an analog synth so I could have presets saved on a microcontroller. The synth in question is Serge modular. All the info on various modules can be found on the link below. Ultimately I'd like to be able to save and recall knob and switch settings, not patching. I would like this to be at the highest resolution possible, so no MIDI. Ideally 16 or 14 bit resolution. I'm a beginner in this, although I do know how to solder, but I don't have the underlying technical knowledge. So, how doable is this? What do I need to consider? Has anyone done something similar? Thanks!

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My computer won't boot fully after installing new graphics driver

A long time ago I messed with something on my computer, and after that it can't display resolutions about 1024x768. It used to be able to display a higher resolution. (It is a inbuilt GPU, not a seperate card) I tried searching for a new driver, but after I install it, and reboot (BTW: I am using Windows XP), it just ''cycles'', it will boot up to the Windows XP loading screen, then it just reboots, and goes back to where you can select safe mode etc. Then it just tries to do it again. When i choose boot with last known good configuration, it will boot properly, but that doesn't solve my original problem. Any ideas on how I can update the driver without that happening? Thanks, Thermoelectric!

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I cannot upload photos with the editor because the UPLOAD button is out of reach?

I cannot upload photos with the editor on my laptop because the UPLOAD button is out of reach at the bottom of my screen. I have tried minimising, moving toolbar to side and even different screen resolution. I use Windows 7 OS>

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crt monitor image distortion

I have huge 21 inch crt monitor which i found yesterday in the trash i plugged it in now. it works but the image has some distortions the color that should be black is bright gray and all other colors are like addition to it. the image looks very bright and with bright gray tint. setting brightness and contrast to minimum does not help much there are some kinda scratch lines across the display. the lines form a shape of a 'lightning' with horizontal lines and diagonal that connect them. the density of lines is higher when i switch to higher resolution the image size is severely affected by the brightness of what is displayed. it grows larger about 1 cm on each side when i open a window with white background other than that the monitor works ok in all resolutions from the bios screen and up to 1600x1200 what can be the problem ?

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CNC Laser Printer

Looking for someone to help me build a Laser printer. I want to go A0 size. Use Photographic negative, that is to use a developer and fixer liquid once the image is done. The image has to be B&W photographically with a sharp image quality. What sort of laser would allow me to have a high resolution? Thanks jag2x

Posted by jag2x 9 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Portable Xbox 360

I saw the website of Ben Heck ( and I was wondering if it is really necessary to modify the heatsinks for the GPU/CPU and replace the fans. I am planning on making a portable xbox 360 in an alluminum suitcase with the LCD screen from a computer monitor. Is there any easier (legal) way to wirelessly obtain xbox live? What resolution monitor should I get? Any advice?

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Can i replace 1 inch mp4 player display with 3.5 inch display from a camera?

Hi, i want to make in car video player using an old mp4 player and the display from an old broken camera. Is it possible at all? If yes, how is going to be with the different sizes of the displays and the resolution? 

Asked by hummer_head 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago