how to make a simple robotic arm?

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what things are needed to make a robotic police dog ?

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is there any other robotic kit exept legos mindstorms?

I thought of buying legos mindstorms but some said that it is too expensive,so if there is any other robotic kit plz suggest me....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Robotic Snakes on a...

Pretty soon the TSA will have a new threat to deal with...Robotic Snakes On A Plane! They can climb up walls, stairs, go snooping for people, get through a chainlinked fence, they're pretty much unstoppable. But most impressively is the snake from Hirose Labs in Japan, it's pictured below, and that mofo can actually swim.It's beautiful, and amazing to watch this biologically inspired robot move, check it out: Clearly these robots are going to be very agile and useful, some researcher used his to walk the ring down the isle at his wedding... creepy? Yes. Awesome.... also yes. Let's see how many uses of robotic snakes you can come up with! Go:

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How to make all terrain robotic car? Pls list out all the parts required and also the step by step procedure to make it.

The dimension of the entire car should be 30*25*25 cm... and should run in a 12v supply...... It should be of min cost too...

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where can i get lego mindstorms nxt kit at chennai & what is the price

I want an robotic kit.plz help me

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How do I get a start in robotics/electronics?

G'day, have been a long time lurker and finally decided to join, my question is how do I get a start in robotics/electronics would love to make some of the inventions on here but have no clue what they are talking about, any books I should read or you could recommend, or any simple cheap and easy instructables to get a start. thanks for your help

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how to load ASM program onto 89c51?

I hav  planned to make robotic car after reading article  "A very cost effective ROBOT using 89c51" posted by poovakoot .I got every details but i don't know how to load  given ASM program onto 89c51 as it was given and promised to be given on demand. But how to place the demand? can u please provide details on email ID or u can send confermation then i will pick from given link.

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where can i get legos mindstorms at chennai & what will be its price?

I wanna buy a robtic kit.plz help me.

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What should I use to make robotic clamp?

You see, I need to do a robotic clamp for a teddy bear machine, I need the clamp to Open and close in order to grab a teddy bear, thanks for the help

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I want to know about the DIY ROBOTIC HAND CONTROLLER second step the hand structure how it makes and work what is use to make hand and how it will connect to glove to hand the process is very confusing  

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KNEX Robotic Controller

Howdy, What do KNEX builders use to control robotic projects.I am asking about the physical most fans use one of the hobbyist controllers (BASIC STAMP, Cricket, Arduino, etc) or do fans hack the RCX/NXT? Does anyone use the old KNEX controller "Leornardo" ? Thanks, Richard

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Help with 6DOF robotic arm?

Hi, I am building a 6DOF robotic arm for my final school project and i need you help I have an arduino and i have to run 6 servos with it i have a joystick shield on my arduino and was wondering what the best way to power the servos is. Should i get a servo shield, or seperate board? Also i have a 360º servo in the base and when it spins left it instantly stops when i let go of the joystick but when turning right it does stop but it stops smooth. I thank any help you can give me and english is not my first language. PS.: if you want i can send pictures.

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iPad/Tablets for Disabled with robotic X/y plotter

HI all! I develop tech stuff for people with very significant physical challenges.  The iPad has been a great boon to those disabled persons that can use their fingers/hand to access it.  But this leaves quite a few of the people I work with left out. I wish to create a "plotter", similar to the old CAD/CAM plotters, with the movable X and Y coords that would be adjustable for iPad, and the Androids, Nooks, Kindle, etc.  It could be controlled, by the disabled user, by joystick.  When the destination is reached, they would press a joystick button and a 'pointer' (instead of an ink marker) would tap down on that spot.  I realize that many of these tablets require a capacitive touch and I have found pointers/styli, that seem to get around this somehow, so it's the robotics portion that I don't have experience with. Would anyone be available for contracting to do this? RJ :)

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How can I make to arms move towards each other with high precision and a single motor? Answered

What I would like to do is have two "arms" side by side both starting at 90 degrees (Figure A), and then have them pivot inward until they touch at the tip (Figure B), but I need to be able to precisely control their angles, use a single motor, and the base of the "arms" cannot move. Does anyone know of a way this can be done?

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Can I write a program that my OWI robotic arm edge will understand?

I am a student, I am suppose to program my OWI robotic arm edge to reconize flowers. We picked the CA poppy as our flower of choice, we purchassed a uCAM camera, we are writing a C++ code program for how to move around on a 24 inch board. When we are done with our program, is there a way to get the program to work with the OWI robotic arm edge? Thank You for any help! 

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I was inspired (and pretty amazed) at the ServerBot instructable that someone had made for the iRobot Create challenge (LINK). So inspired, in fact, that I would like to try to make one. The problem is, I have a low budget, only knowledge in Basic Stamp 2, and I have some, but not many, types of sensors. I am almost sure this is possible (even remotely, at least) with the basic stamp 2. I have some of the ideas for the coding in my head, and some idea of how to make it. If I do follow through with this, I will make an instructable on it. But I need some ideas. Is this truly possible with a basic stamp 2? Elaborate, please! Credit to the below picture goes to JoeCreate who made the robot (LINK).

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robotic arm arc welder

Is it a robotic arm capable of arc welding feasible for a diyselfer ? I spotted some robot arms for cheaper than 200 $ over the web . Vantages for the operator would be no weld fumes breathing , no uv rays and such ..

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Hey guys i am intrested in electronics and robotics. i studied electronics. Now i want to study robotics. I live in India, Kerala. I studied craft and some paperwork myself. I started building spurt robots with the help of projects in instructables. I created an arduino robot looking at chicken parmi's instructable. I want to create a robot with my own ideas so i decided to go to a robotic class and study and make. I searched robotic classes in Kerala but i couldnt find one. There was one but it was over early in summer vaccation. I need a regular class so please help me to find one.

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I want to make an animatronic head for a roughly lion-sized cat costume. Can anyone here help? Answered

Here's the problem I'm running into. I want the eyes to be able to look in all directions (or at least 8, anyway), the ears to turn and flatten, the mouth to open and close and the lips to pull back to show the teeth and I want it to do all this without external wires or me needing to have someone controlling the face wirelessly. Is there a way to do this? I know about bend sensors and pressure sensors, but I can't seem to figure out a way to use those without the face having seizures when I'm walking in the costume. Please see the sketch I have included of the roughed out concept for the costume to see what I've got figured out so far. (yes, it is supposed to have 2 tails.) Any suggestions?

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Inverse Kinematics ? Answered

I am planning to make a robotic arm and found this link showing some inverse kinematics problems . I am confused what should I substitute l1 ,l2, Xhand, Yhand, Øhand as . My robot has 3dof and has a arm size of 15cm.

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Someone with skills in servos, robotics and similar.

I'm on the search again after a little break to see if I'll be able to find someone who could help me out. I'm looking for anyone will the knowledge in robotics, mechanics/Arduinos/Servos/Animatronics for a project I am putting together; a spider creature mask. It would have functioning parts (i.e. eyes, mouth and more) and I unfortunately lack the skills to do this part myself. If you are or know of anyone capable of doing this sort of thing do let me know so I can discuss this further with them. It doesn't have to be started immediately I'm just looking for anyone willing to give it a go when they are available. I'm located in Sacramento California. Much appreciated, thanks for looking.

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Animatronic hand help! Is this the right tubing? Answered

The instructables member Tannatraad  made an instructable on how to make an animatronic hand. ( and it is made using the black wire encasing tubing found in cars. I bought some, but mine has a slit running down the whole side. The picture shows exactly what kind of tubing it is (ignore the clear tubing.) Is there a simple fix, or do i have to go out and buy the right kind of tubing, if what i have won't work. 

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Robotics: The latest if not the greatest from G4TV

Recently viewed on Attack of the Show:     DIY robots, Cube Stormer, and Thespian robots Robotic Source Video

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The future for robotics

This is a forum in which people talk about their opinions on robots in the future!

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how to get into robotics? Answered

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make a robotics contest!!! :)?

I would love to have a contest about robotics inventions!!!!!!! 

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Robot that walks like a human

Watch a video of a robot that walks like humans and balances itself to avoid falling.

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how to make a robot?

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how to make a autonomous robot?

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Ketchup robot

It's a robot, squirting ketchup, accompanied by somebody with a recorder. That is all I know.

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What Is The History Of the Instructables Robot

What is the history of the instructables robot?

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Instructables Robot Family

Please meet some of my long lost and briefly lost cousins. Long lost robot cousinsBriefly lost robot cousinsemergency food preference

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need help controling dc motors

Im having a prob. maybe someone here can help. im going to be making a robotic arm for my wheelchair to lift and hold my tablet pc. im going to be using 4 mg996r servo motors moded to be geard dc motors. i own a (owi robotic arm edge robot) im hoping to use the pc board out of it to control the 4 motors forward and backwards,but i cant seam to figur out how to hook up a 6v acdc adapter to it to do so. here are pic of the edge robot schematics and a link to the manual (pdf) if anyone can help or know a easer way to control 4 motors both ways and not with arduino as i dont know enuff about them yet. edge robot manual pdf

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Hey, im wondering would anybody be able to make a tutorial on making a flame throwing robot with mindstorm.. as in with a can of lynx attached that the robot can press and spray onto a flame that is also on the robot? and i would also like the robot to be able to move.. would anybody be able to do this for me?

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robot tutorials

A good site for robotics tutorials and help

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Are the finalists announced in the robot contest include the judges prizes ? 

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is there a website that explains robotics?

I need to know more about, well everything envolving the assimbally of a robot.

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good place to start robots?

I want to start making robots and dont understand things very well, what are some cheap, easy ways to start getting into robots? links please!

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my knex robot

This is my knex robot. it fires rubberbands. should i post instructions?

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Name the Robot?

I think we should give the "Instructables Robot" a proper name. Who's with me?

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vacuum cleaner robot?

How can I make a autonomous vacuum cleaner robot for my home purpose?

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Robots with no microcontrolors?

Does anyone have any ideas how to make a robot from simple ics not a fancy microcontrolor? (ROBOT= any thing with no human interaction requierd)

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Self Sustaining Robot? Answered

I Would like to build a solar powered robot that could basically move around by itself indefinitely. I'm not very experienced in robotics and would just like to know if this is possible. thanks!?

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how do you make a robot hand?

Plz help me make robot hands

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KNEX Robotic Shuttle

Howdy, thought to share some images of the a robotic shuttle  using the PCS Brain.

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Puppy vs. Robot!

Puppy vs. Robot. Fight! ...via Suicide Bots

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Does anyone else finds this robot creepy?

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