what makes those rocks in the party poppers pop?

I know its some kind of reactant but what?

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Rock Band Logo Font (W.I.P.) (Need Help)

Heres what i have so far. i spent 4+ hrs in MS Paint only. i need a font making program. anyone know a good one (preferably free or trial).

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DIY Table Fountain help

I'd like to make a do-it-yourself table fountain with a whisper power filter fish tank pump. any ideas or websites that might help? i'm thinking i'll glue a bunch of flat river rocks in, like a 'vase' kinda thing that the pump will fit in. and then put the rock 'vase' & pump in a 4-6(ish) inch deep glass dish and fill that with water and more rocks............ any input would be great!

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any body have any ideas to help my rock/rap band "The-Legends"? Answered

Its rock/rap dudes come on!!!!!!!

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How do I attach rocks and stones to fiberglass?

When a neighbor's whirlpool brokedown they decided they no longer wanted the tub. they took it up and threw it away. Being into recycling I took the tub and buried it up to the rim in the ground and using all the steps used to put in a pool liner. I have my rocks and have banked the sides so that the tub will work as a pool but now I'm not sure what is the best mortar to use to adhere the rocks to the rim and the upper foot of the tub walls. Please answer as quickly as possible as I want to finish before my family reunion this summer. Thank you.

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Does anyone have any information about this rocking chair?

One of my friends gave this to me and told me to take care of it. Apparently there is some sentimental value to it and i am trying to bring it to its original glory. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of it or has any original pictures. Or any information about this. Rocking chairs aren't my expertise, and not much stuff about them are on here but i felt it was worth a shot.

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How to make a Guitar Hero/Rock Band Wii bot?

It needs to be able to 100% a song on any Guitar Hero/Rock Band game but any specific game is fine. Guitar Hero 3 is wanted the most. Auto whammy and star power not needed.

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Dentist radiation chart

Living in a rock or brick house exposes you to 700 times the radiation as eating a single yellow banana ! A BBC chart shows a banana as 0.1 radiation units and rock/brick homes as 70 radiation units and flying a trans continental aircraft is much worse in exposing you to radiation...

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Is this stupid? Answered

If you know about those little banger thingies that you throw on the floor and they bang, what are they composed of? I had opened one up and I had found rocks.... also I had set light to one of those nifty things and BOOM! Why did that happen? They combust when they hit the ground, or is my match at a really high temp.?

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Rock Music on Classical Instruments?

For our spring orchestra concert at my school, I convinced my teacher to pick an arrangement of 21 Guns by Green Day as one of our pieces. Why pick 21 Guns over Don't Stop Believing? Because I like it better. THAT's why :P So...I was wondering. Has anyone else played an EPIC rock/punk/alternative or just something totally UN-CLASSICAL on a classical insturment? Perhaps something as awesome as a Green Day song? I play violin btw xD

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TechShop opening in Austin-Round Rock TX

Texas Makers: TechShop Coming To Austin Round Rock Area! Our friends at TechShop are opening another location this fall in Round Rock, TX near Austin.  TechShop is a do-it-yourself workshop, sort of like a fitness club, that offers its members access to a complete range of tools and equipment, software, classes, personal coaching, and access to other creative people so you can build the things you have always wanted to make.  Membership is about $125 a month, and classes start at around $50.  They currently have over 5,000 active members system-wide. The TechShop team is throwing a TechShop Austin-Round Rock Pre-Opening Party this Friday and Saturday (September 7+8), and they invite everyone in the Austin and Round Rock area who is interested in making things to attend. This will be TechShop's 6th location and they have 3 more locations under construction. For more information about TechShop and this event head over to Techshop.ws

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Guitar Hero Drums Mod for PS2?

I have Guitar Hero III for playstation2 and I don't want to get rock band. I know the Rock Band drums don't work for guitar hero. Maybe i could take apart a Guitar hero controller and make it into a drum set. I want it to be able to wammy and use star power (maybe pedals or something). and i want to be able to press 3 buttons at the same time (another pedal?). I also want to be able to hit it repeatedly to hold a note (like in rock band). I guess it should "strum" automatically when i hit a note. I don't have any idea on how to make it, but i know it's possible, and that there is a simple way of doing it. it doesn't have to look nice. it should just work. Anyway, I hope someone could help me out and make an Instructable or a youtube video or something. I'm sure many others would love to do it. thanks, schetleft

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What is this song it has been bugging me for a week!!!!

Ok, I only know the first few words from the song. I have heard it before, but just forget the name. The first few lyrics are " I was so hi I did not recognize the fire burning in your eyes" can you help me, it has been bugging me for a week. thanks.

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Does a PS2 Rock Band guitar controller work with the PS3 Guitar Hero games, and if so, how do I connect it?

A family friend had a PS2 Rock Band drum kit and guitar controller lying around, and I bought them off of him. The drums aren't a problem, but the guitar controller won't connect. I plugged in the USB transceiver, checked the batteries, checked the power switch, but it still won't connect. Any reasons?

Asked by Joanassie 9 years ago

help needed on how to make a rock retaining wall and sealed with concrete?

Well, my front yard is currently supported by piles of rocks where there is a ditch next to it, however only when there is heavy rainfall that the water passes through the ditch otherwise its empty.  The piles of rocks were placed one onto the other and these were never mortared and neither has a good base.  So, I have a huge amount of stones in my yard that I wanted to get rid of and also the quality of the soil where I live is very poor as it is like mortar when humid and blocks of soil when dry which I was thinking of using as backfilling. My question is how can I use the existing rocks to rebuild the retaining wall well, solid and also have a good look. By the way I live in Mauritius where the climate is humid and I live rather close to a mountain and river and the rocks are lava rocks meaning very hard. Please give me instructions on how to make everything from building the trench to finishing the wall and the tools that will be needed. thanks

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I made a hack for playing Rock band with a real guitar, but I'm not so happy with the finger contacts...

Here is the video of me playing rock band with a real guitar https://www.instructables.com/id/Play-Rock-band-2-with-a-real-guitar-and-boxing-glo/ I hacked an xbox rock band guitar controller and ran a wire from ground to the strings of the guitar, and then one wire for each of the fingers on my left hand. I made a little tin foil "hat" for each finger, and even though it worked great for controlling the game, I didn't feel like I got enough controll of which string I actually pressed down. For playing the game it is enought to just put the correct fingers on the stings, but what I wanted to do was to actually play along with the tunes in rock band to the best of my abilities, to actually have cool sounds come out of my real guitar. But what I'm looking for are suggestions on how to make the finger contacts better?

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my rock band 2 disk wont read on either of my ps2's, but the track pack will. any suggestions?

My ps2 wont read my rb2 game, but it will read the track pack vol. 2. it also wont read ghmetallica, but it used to. my slim ps2 wont read them either.

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electret = brown's gas + rock dusts + high voltage during cooling?

Electret: a material that is electric like a magnet is magnetic. Using rock and silicate dusts, is it plausible/possible/simple enough to melt the rock/silicates in a crucible furnace, pour the mix into a mould ... which is polarised by a high tension DC voltage field: Upon cooling, the material is said to become a high voltage electric parallel of a magnet. The concept is simple enough, right? I think Hutchinson adds barium titanate to his crystal cells, which I believe her charges straight off the 90 degree spike from a HV coil. so ... polarisation ... like a magnet.    possible? plausible? doable? instructable!!  :D thankyou! Will

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will plasicine stick to fibreglass resin?

Im having a hard time getting some normal grey clay to make rock climing hold moulds and was thinking if i could use plasticine instead?

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Rock Paper Scissors Arduino Glove

This glove lets you play Rock Paper Scissors against an Arduino opponent. The sensors on two fingers along with an accelerometer detect when you play and it puts out its own move on the screen. Even better, this looks like it was done by Grathio who is sporting an Instructables shirt in the video. Nice one! Link via Neatorama

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How do I make a rock tumbler? Perhaps not from scratch, but by adapting something else?

I'm not necessarily technically minded, so preferrably without having to rewire or solder things...

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Led Zeppelin Christmas medley?

I heard this neat Christmas song on the radio. It was a medley of Led Zeppelin songs and Christmas songs. I'm not sure what Christmas songs there were but it had the tunes of Communications Breakdown, Rock and Roll, and Kashmire. I am not surte if this was actually by Led Zep or somebody else but I was hoping somebody could tell me who performed it and maybe post a video of it.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

cool handmade schpeglar bracelets

A few bracelets that I designed and made recently.Mostly made of leather,although I do like to incorporate other materials into the design

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Converting Wireless PS3 Rock Band Guitar to Wired USB?

I'm a bit late to the Rock Band party (okay, *a lot*), so I when I saw a PS3 Rock Band wireless guitar at a Goodwill store, I excitedly bought it, but when I got it back home, I was disappointed to find that it does not use the PS3's Bluetooth after doing some research, and actually requires a special wireless RF dongle that I did not receive with the guitar. Unfortunately, these things cost around 30 bucks on their own. So, I've been wondering if it's possible to make this wireless guitar use a USB cable instead (perhaps to just work with the PC). Is something like this even possible without swapping the internals altogether? Thank you in advance.

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How do you make fake rocks/boulders? Answered

I'd like them to go around the pool area in constructing a water grotto so they need to be durable and water/weather resistant.

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Naruto rocks. its about time the is a group over his great name.

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Where is Instructables HQ? Answered

Anyone know?

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Sealing stone

I was just wondering if anyone out there knew how to seal stone in such a way as to make it useful as a food service platter or maybe a cup. I know its possible to use glaze like one would on a piece of pottery (or maybe tile sealant?) but I would like to find some way that 1)doesn't require a kiln and 2) leaves the rock looking like regular rock. Best would be a way that makes the rock look wet but matte and doesn't change the texture.

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Ajleeces rock of the day.

Just to giving a little motivation to all the knexperts(yes jollex I am talking to you) a chance to do something different.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM 14th Novemberhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-AYAv0IoWI 15th November

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What is the best way to study for Exams ? Answered

!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

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Would this circuit work? Answered

(Look at the picture)

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What does nothing smell like?

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Can you add a jack for cymbals on a rockband 1 drumset?

I just got rockband 3 and I have an original drum set without the cymbal ports, would it be possible to add the ports to the rock band 1 drums so I can play pro mode?

Asked by esahcb 7 years ago

Which is a cleaner game Rockband 2 or Guitar Hero 3?

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Bag labelled Kandis? Answered

So today i got a bag ,  one of the things inside was a small bag labelled "Kandis", with the numbers 0000. Inside are large clear/white crystals about 1 cm2. The crystal structure is monoclinic. As in square with angled edges. If anyone can tell me what these are, i would be very grateful.

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can any body build a knex rc 10x10 with full solid axil suspension and all wheels actually moving

Can any body build a knex rc 10x10 with full solid axil suspension and all wheels actually moving if you can then i will show my pics on here and youtube it really is a knew way to use knex?

Asked by thesoundbender 7 years ago

Citing another, or two instructables.

How do I direct visitors of my instructable to someone elses? User RedHandFilms has a featured on about building a basking rock for a bearded dragon, I built rocks to submerge and grow moss. I would like to give RedHandFilms credit for inspiration.

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Are you good at Rockband? Are you new? Lot's of Information about Rockband, I will anwser ANY questions... I will not know EVERYTHING

So, I'm like 500th something in the world in RockBand. To Prove it, here are all the songs I've gold starred. The Lines mean that I didn't gold star the next song(s). Like for example, I gold starred the first 17 songs. I will list 17 songs, then make a line. The songs with the "*" next to them are Fc's only a few :(Say it Ain't so By WeezerCreep By RadioheadI think I'm paranoid By GarbageWanted Dead or Alive By Bon JoviIn Bloom By NirvanaGimme Shelter By The Rolling StonesWave of Mutilation By (the most overrated band ever)The PixiesCelebrity Skin By HoleMississippi Queen By MountainHere it Goes Again By OK GoSuffragette City By David BowieMain Offender By the HivesMaps By the Yeah Yeah YeahsReptillia By The StrokesEpic By Faith No MoreBlitzkreig Bop By The RamonesShould I Stay or should I go? By The ClashBlack Hole Sun By SoundgardenThe Hand that Feeds By Nine Inch NailsSabotage By The Beastie BoysParanoid By Black SabbathDani California By The Red Hot Chili PeppersAre you gonna be my girl? By JetWelcome Home By Coheed & CambriaVasoline By The Stone Temple PilotsWhen You Were Young By The KillersGreen Grass and High Tides By The OutlawsEnter Sandman By MetallicaBONUS SONGSPleasure (Pleasure) By Bang CamaroBrain Power By FreezepopDownloaded SongsCharlene (I'm Right Behind You)* By Stephen and the ColbertsDirty Little Secret By The All American RejectsFranklin's Tower By The Grateful DeadHysteria By MuseI Need a Miracle By The Grateful DeadInterstate Love Song By The Stone Temple PilotsLimelight By RushMoving to Seattle By The MaterialNatural Disaster By The Plain White T'sPain and Pleasure* By Judas PriestPromised Land By VesuviusShe's a Handsome Woman By Panic! At the DiscoTen Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)* By Coheed & CambriaYou've Got Another Thing Comin'* By Judas PriestIf you Gold Starred more than me (There's gotta be someone on Instructables), then make a forum topic, and gimme a link. Or you can just make a comment. To Make the lines used dashes (-).To make small text make 2 commas (,) the text, then 2 commas again.==Some terms that might be helpful:==-------------------------------------------------If someone uses the term "FC" it means "Full Combo". Full Combo means that you didn't overhit (look below), and you didn't miss any notes.If someone uses the term "Overhit", it means that you hit the drum where you don't have to.A drum fill, is something that looks like long notes that go across the "guitar neck". It is also known as the "Overdrive Activator". When you see the long notes, you have to hit at least three notes, and hit the green (or red if you play on lefty) pad when you see the green "bulb" pop up at the end of the notes.Overdrive is something that makes your multiplier go higher (and count by two). For example, if you have a multiplier of 4 (the highest) and you go into Overdrive, your multiplier goes up to 8. 1 makes 2, 2 makes 4, and 3 makes 6.Your multiplier multiplies the number of points. If you have a multiplier of 1, then each note will be 25. 2, is 50 each note, 3 is 75 each note, and 4 is 100 points.Again, if you have any questions, just ask.Some things you might

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Generic Drums for PS3 with Rock Band 3!!!

Hello my name is Charlie, I write from Peru and have some doubts about Drums for PS3 with Rock Band 3. Buy generic drums locally and is identical to the product of China (http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/iEMfIyBYj?af=130194941), turn on the PS3 with Rock Band 3, connect the wireless receiver and select PS / RB and not working. Change the selector to PS / GHWT and pedal not working. Then again turn on the PS3 with GuitarHero WorldTour, I connect the wireless receiver and select PS / GHWT and operating normally. My question ?: What is the way to operate the drums on Rock Band 3 for PS3 and then use the PRO mode? And if you need to open and weld or add a card, I could indicate how. I have not found something similar in the entire site and then not want to lose my investment. Thanks for the suggestions and I hope you can help me. Cheers, Charlie,

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Why do people have a problem with rock music? Particularly metal?

I mean, i can understand why it isnt some peoples type of music, but why does everyone critisis the people who do listen to it? I mean im just curious haha.

Asked by koster24 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

daft punk

If any one is like me and likes daft punk you ROCK!

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Guitar Stand

Is it possible to make a stand for a guitar out of knex?

Posted by Rock n Roll 10 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Rock Tumbler Ideas

Hello, first off, thanks for taking the time to read my post.Second, I'm brainstorming ideas to make a dirt cheap rock tumbler, for polishing collected stones and maybe even making jewelry out of them. There are a few sites out there with instructions on making rock tumblers and other equipment. Some being:HereAnd hereThe design seems to basically be a rotating horizontal plastic or rubber cylinder, set on two evenly spinning axises. I was thinking of using 4" PVC pipe as the tumbling barrel, and maybe 1" PVC for the axises. One of my first questions is, will a large desktop fan be (roughly) powerful enough to turn the 4" barrel at 50-100 rpm? Keep in mind these are plans for a dirt cheap rock tumbler, so I really don't want to spend much on these parts. Any other suggestions for motors?And, does anyone have any plans that they have made, or even constructed tumblers?Any tips, additions, etc. to my plans?Thanks for reading my post :)

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whats a good song to play on guitar?

I play electric i woudlnt say im the best now would i say the worse i would say about intermedieat or advance. try and get something thats punk (any kind) blues, classic rock or hard rock

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago


What music do all of you people listen to? techno/trance/rap/pop/rock/metal/country?

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did any of you like this gun?

Did you like this gun because i think it rocks.

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I want to make fake granite. Seen the retaining walls along the road turned into faux granite outcroppings?

I've seen some really realistic-looking fake granite. There's a hotel lobby filled with a 'granite' water feature, and along roads they're putting in retaining walls then covering them with concrete that's dyed and shaped to look like a granite outcropping! I'd love to learn how to do that. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

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How to scream? Answered

Like singers do in bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and Bullet For My Valentine?

Asked by pyro13 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago