Rocket Launcher

Alright u guys, prepare to be blown away by my bottle rocket launcher! Heres a sneak peak picture!

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Water rockets! Who doesn' t love them. Cheap, easy, safe, fast....

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Rocket help? Answered

How can I build a high powered rocket? It needs to be cheap and i also need help on california san jose high powered rocket laws.

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water rockets

Would anybody like me to post a Instructable showing how to make a clark cable tie water rocket launcher look at this image for a example;

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Rocket Launcher

I need ideas for the firing system for a rocket launcher. I have some pictures of what i have built. But i do not have a firing system for it yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. This is a knex rocket launcher that used the Air Ball Tower tubes.

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Coco cola rocket?

U live near Great Meadows, New Jersey??

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Model rocket parachute??

Does anyone know how to make a durable twelve inch parachute for model rockets? One of mine is hopelessly  tangled up, and the other has a tear in it. I do not want to fix the others but make two new ones instead. Does anyone have any ideas?

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knex rocket luncher

I made a knex rocket luncher. need moding by me so pictures of the gun will not be released. right now the gun only shoots the rocket 10 ft. below are pics of the rocket. the gun has the handle and trigger system of the knex cannon. the barrels are similar.

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Rocket Ignition Switch?

I have seen multiple high power rocket igniters, but none show you how to wire them.  I want to link three 9v batteries in a way that outputs 27v.  How do I do that.  Is the wiring (+|-|+|-|+|-) or (+|+|+|-|-|-)

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rocket help needed

My son would love to build a rocket, or thunderbirds/star wars machine. does anyone have any designs or can you guide me to one. many thanks

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Fun with rockets and planes. Answered

Okay. I am building a plane from scratch designs (will post about it when i complete it) and I am planning on having a booster rocket to well to boost it. The only issue i have is with my igniter system. What im curious about is, would I be able to use a relay wired to an extra channel on my reciver? If so, what relay would be best?  (voltage,amperes,etc) Thanks, Bud

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film canister rocket?

i was thinking i could make a pvc pipe launcher that could fire those film canister vinegar and baking soda. you could put them in the barrel with the cap facing you and the body would fly out of the launcher. if you think this is a good instructable im happy to make it.

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theory of water rocket?

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Rocket engines, anyone?

 How can you make a simple rocket fuel with only materials that you could get from your local hardware store.

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does any one know what is the best water rocket launcher?

I want it to be full bore and not a restricted nozzle.

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How to make (or where to buy) spring loaded fins for a model rocket? Answered

I think it would look really cool if I could launch model rockets from some sort of tube or underground silo. The only problem is that the fins get in the way of securely packing the rocket in the tube. I would like to know if there are plans for spring loaded fins or if there is a place where I could buy a set of spring loaded fins.

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i m making rocket shoes. any idea which topics r required to study? had it been made earlier???

Hiii....has anyone yet made rocket shoes??? shoes, on wearing of which justly, u can fly.... i m trying to make one wid chemical or ion propulsion.....any idea or suggestion...??? my e mail

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Need advice on making a proposed rocket I've devised different to the ones seen on here, before I waste materials?

I was thinking of making a rocket and using the fuses in a party popper as the propulsion, I was going to set up 4 gutted poppers with just the fuses on a 600ml/1 or 2 lt bottle and use a string fuse attached to the popper fuses at equal distrance running into a centre fuse/string to light it and get clear.I would use skewers or something to make it launch straight up.I would have the bottom of the popper housing/film cannister against the ground/launch pad. Has anyone tried this? Would the popper/poppers just simply blow up the thing I put them in and not work? Would I be better of doing the film cannister cannon thing instead of poppers.?

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rocket fuel

Which is better?fizzy stuff or milk with chocolate.

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How do you make a pyrogen fuse?

I need to know how to make a pyrogen fuse to light off I - 161 motors in my rockets.

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i am in need of some help and i need some advice.

My question is can i get some advice on how to build my high powered hybrid rocket . Advice like is it cheaper to buy the hybrid rocket engine or motor. And how can i fire it with out the air force firing at me etc. please reply i need all the help i can get.

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whats up

Whats up every one

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How to do water rocket?

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Baking soda/vinegar rocket

I recently made a baking soda/vinegar rocket and I wondered if I should post it.It uses 1/2 pipe and a bottle.I was wondering whether or not to post it.Please tell me what you think.

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The Ultimate Water-Powered Rocket!

NASA and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) have launched a water-powered rocket 1300 feet into the atmosphere!The rocket was actually propelled by a frozen mixture of "nanoscale aluminium" (isn't that "dust"?) and water, pumped in at the consistency of toothpaste and then frozen in place. The propellant is known as ALICE (aluminium and ice - convenient, eh?)Earlier this month, the collaborative team, Drs. Steven F. Son and Tim Pourpoint of Purdue, Rich Yetter and Grant Risha of Penn State, Vigor Yang of Georgia Tech, Harold Bell and Frank Bauer of NASA, and Mitat Birkan and Thomas Russell of AFOSR watched as the rocket soared high into the sky, to 1300 feet near Purdue University.ALICE is generating excitement among the researchers because it has the potential to replace some liquid or solid propellants. It is a promising propellant energetically. Theoretically, when it is optimized, it could have a higher performance than a conventional propellant. In addition, because of the abundance and easy handling of the raw materials, ALICE could potentially become the propellant of choice for missions leaving other planets, since it could be (relatively) easy to manufacture from local raw materials and far easier to store than cryogenic fuels. Story from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base via Rocket Dungeon.Video found by Jeff-O

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rippen rocket car help?

Can i make a rippen rocket car go up a knex chain?

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Knex Rocket Launcher: Updated

I finished this gun yesterday and here are a few pics of the final design. It shoots around 30 feet and I have put on a rocket sight and a rocket holder compartment.

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RC bottle rocket launcher

Hello instructables users. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas of how to make a revolving bottle rocket launcher with an igniter. this will be going on an rc car. any ideas will help. Things I'd like to see in your idea -hopper -igniter that will turn on/off simply -place for bottle rockets to launch from Thanks for the help

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wrist rockets and sling shots

hey do you guys have any idea on what to do about ammo for my wrist rocket. here's the diferent ammo I need.huntingcheapexplosive/fire..... for funhere's the ammo I usetarget= chalk cut upinside the house= cut up nerf dartpost pictures of your slingshots and wrist rockets too! this guy is crazy

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Bottle Rocket School Project!

I managed to snap a picture with the camera on teh Macbooks we use, and upload it here, We launched it yesterday, although the payload didn't deploy, our rocket still went the highest. Approx. 100-200m. We're working on the exact height at the moment. I'll update this as the week progresses. :D BTW, FCREM stands for Freeking Coolest Rocket Ever Made.

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Persistent Rednecks and Rockets Ad

The Redneck and Rockets ad, which takes up 100% of the page, cannot be dismissed. I PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP and don't want to be forced to see an ad EVERY SINGLE time I visit a page. If this is the case, refund my membership and let me deal with advertising.

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Cheap Two Stage rocket

If you were to take two model rocket motors and remove the secoundary charge (that pushes out the payload) from one and possibly fill the rest of the cartrage with homemade propellant. if you put one cartrage ontop the other and secured it with a little tape, would that work as a two stage rocket. does anyone think that the flame would travel into the secound cartrage and the pressure would blow out the first cartridge. Just wondering if anyone tried this before and is still alive and happy.

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help with black powder rocket

Hi i am making a black powder rocket similar to a bottle rocket just bigger scale and am having trouble with it ill give as much info as i hope someone can help me out thanx the rocket engine is 53 mm in length 1.5 mm thick wall 16 mm inside wall to wall hopefully that all sounds ok the (nozzle) in the end is 6mm thick was planing on filing it with black powder and packing it in around a core with 42 mm of powder and a further 5mm plug on the end then turn it over and put in a fuse etc... strap to a small stick or skewer and launch what i am wanting to know how big should the nozzle hole be to actually get lift off and should i just insert a fuse or a fuse and quick match or fill the core with loose black powder and make a paste of black powder and plug the end and insert a fuse onto that im probably going the complete wrong way about this if i am feel free to tell me what im doing wrong or what i need to do thanks

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How to make simple and cheap rocket fuel?

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how do i build a rocket for a launch tube?

I have an airsoft rocket launcher and am having some problems with rocket stability. i need some kind of a desighn for colapsable fins or something that will give the rocket more stability in flight.

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LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) Rocket Competition hosted by Kari Byron

I just finished watching Kari Bryon hosting a Rocket competition on the Science Channel in Lucerne Valley California I Missed the initial showing on July 5th.   But they seem to be replaying it now and then (I saw it on July 10th, at 10 PM EST

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Sturdy or hard straws for straw rockets?

What is a good source for sturdy straws of plastic tubing that can be used as  an Ultimate Straw Rocket.   It would be good if the straws did not melt with hot glue as cheap thinner straws do.

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how can i build water rocket?

how can i build water rocket?

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how can i make rocket fuel?

I want to know how to make a powerful solid fuel rocket propellent. I want to know how to make it with easy to find, but mabee not found in the average home, though that would be a bonus.

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need an easy rocket to make, i gratefully appreciate help

Im stuck at home on a nice weekend, and want something fun to do outside. i want to make something like a rocket, or bomb, but i dont have a lot of materials, so i need something that is easy to make, with usual household materials. i greatly appreciate ur help!

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What cool things can I do with this box of model rocket engines?

I recently re-discovered this box of model rocket engines in an ammo can in my garage.  They look to be in great condition.  I don't have any of my model rockets, or any parts to build them.  I'm really wondering if there is something else interesting I could do with these.  Also, they are at least 20 years old.  Prolly still good, right? :/

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how can i make a easy rocket motor like what you can by? Answered

I want to make a roket motor because i live in new zealand and cant by any please help me!!!!!

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Water Rocket Launchers

Water rockets are fairly new to water warrior technology. To reduce our carbon footprint, water rockets are built using plastic bottles. This forum topic talks about the operation of standard water rockets and launchers, how they can be used in a water war, construction of water rocket launchers, rockets, and add-ons like water balloons on the tips of rockets, ammo clips, and grips as well.

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when making a rocket engine do you need to use pure kno3(potassium nitrate) or will any stump remover do? Answered

I need max thrust witch is why I'm asking,and if you know of an even more powerful engine mix be it liquid or solid please do tell.

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How to make the top part of the cardbord rocket ship at

I need to be a project and i don't now how to build the top part of my cardboed roket. i went to this website to find about the rocket

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ultimate water rocket

I need help to build a water rocket that when it reaches the highest point a device for making the fall slower like the back pack of the skydivers something like that so please i will upload a video and give you credits so please help!!! o and remember it has to be cheap for a 15 year old budget

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is it possible to obtain pure concentrated kno3(potassium nitrate) in the us,legally?

Im making,well trying to make high power two stage rockets and need pure kno3

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Gs to Speed Converstion

I am looking for the math equation that converts G load to speed using Arduino (  I am building a high power rocket data logger/controller. I need to know the speed by using accelerate of the bird. Yes I might be able to use GPS info, but at super sonic speed GPS can not keep track of the speed. The bird is a 2 stage bird. I want to stage when about 40% of the speed has bleed off.  Thanks Rocket Nut

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