Rolling House

The Roll It is an experimental house design that was developed at the University of Karlsruhe. To use the house in a different way, just walk along the inside to roll it to create a new up and down. There's a bed, an exercise area, and even a kitchen with a sink. I really wish I could find an explanation of how that last one works. Roll It via Core77

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Egg Rolling

Hey ppl, I am curently a helping Cubs leader and next friday we will be having an 'egg rolling' competition. This basically entails rolling a painted egg down a hill, the furthest egg that doesn't get broken wins! The leaders have also been invited to bring eggs aswel so, i need a way to make the ultimate egg. Does anyone know how to do this, should i varnish it or somthing? Thanks ppl, happy easter

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Rick Roll music

What's the name of the music from smouch? I REALLY liked it!

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How to roll a building

If you want to move a building a little over to the side and, oh, upside-down, then it looks like all you have to do is set off explosives on just one side. That's what it looks like what happened in this video in Turkey, anyway. Wish it also included what led up to this amazing building barrel roll.

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Rolling Ball clock

I was wondering if anyone on these forums think they could make one of these. It is such a interesting time piece and i think it would look great in any modern living room. I want to make one but the kits are kind of exxpnesive and its more fun if you can make it on your own. Here is some pictures.  Enjoy and thanks for your input :). Toby Mac

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rolling work bench

Does anyone have any feedback on workbenches on wheels? I've got some old shop lockers from a school that got demolished and I'd like to put wheels and a top on and use as a moveable work area. I've got two locking casters and two free moving casters to put on the bottom, but am not sure about the steadiness of the work surface. Any thoughts or Ideas? I will be putting tools in the locker so that will weigh it down quite a bit. Foothill Frontier

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Anyone got a recipe for "pretzel bread" (or rolls) that I can make in a bread machine?

Pretzel rolls are dense and chewy -- not unlike Philly soft pretzels. Not overly salty tho. I've come across pretzel rolls on a few occaisons -- most recently, here in the NE (CT) at a Blimpie's; Previously, I picked up some lucious rolls at a supermarket in NJ outside Philly. Oh, and, if at all possible, I'd like to make the rolls from Whole Wheat flour (for the added fiber). Thanks

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Toilet Paper Roll Ideas

I have a small but growing stack of toilet paper rolls and I'd appreciate ideas for what to do with them. I'm strapped for ideas after hitting an idea block.... asdgfasdf

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good rick roll sites ?

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what is rolling resistance in tire?

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Giant ship rolls on by the tower

It's just another day working at Instructables/Squid Labs when a giant wooden ship rolls past the control tower.

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What will roll a can automatically? Answered

A while back someone posted a way to make ice cream, put your ice cream recipe mixture in a small coffee can, put that can in a larger coffee can and it surround the smaller one with ice and rock salt. You were supposed to roll it back and forth but I want something that will roll it automatically. I thought about an old toy rock tumbler or maybe I could find an old hot dog roller, anyone have any other ideas for something I could use?

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CRASHspace Group Roll Call!

Welcome welcome CRASHers and other maker people to our hacker space group! This is the time to introduce yourself. Tell us a little about yourself and about what you like to make/hack/disassemble. I'll go first. My my name is Barb, and I'm your humble admin. I've been a member at Crashspace since early 2014, and am systematically conquering all tools the space has. At the time of writing, I'm very much into 3d printing on our Bukito and Bukobot. I also like woodworking, Arduino, electronics, paper, sewing, and plenty of other media. A recent project I'm proud of is my Hexachord, a giant 6-chambered, motorized, rotary string musical instrument. Also, meet the Crashspace mascot, Sparkles, a magical (and functional) soldering unicorn. Sparkles likes heating things up. ;)

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My first Ible' - Sausage rolls

Https:// do you think of it?Oh and merry christmas!

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What are camping roll mats made of? Answered

Does anybody know what kind of foam those cheap roll-up camping mats are made from?  The most detail I've found on a label is "foam construction".

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how to stop dogs rolling in pooh?

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how to make flavored rolling papers?

I need to know how to make flavored rolling papers i would like to make my own flavor...plez help?

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whats better rap or rock and roll

I say rock but anyone can say there opionon and debate (argue) i will 'debate' with anyone just call me out

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Sewing a Rolled Hem with Fusible Thread

Don McCunn shares the lovely Sandra Betzina's (whose own Instructables you may be familiar with) technique for sewing tiny rolled hems perfectly every time.  The secret?  A bobbin full of fusible thread!  Check out his great video for more details, and be sure to share your own inspiration here on Instructabes! Click here: Sewing a Rolled Hem via

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How do you Parkour roll?

I've had an older traceur try to teach me, but he only showed me twice, so I couldnt pick it up very well. A video?

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FINISHED EXAMS !! Let the 'ibles roll !

Hi everyone, I finished my last exam today and now i have an 11 week holiday completely free (well -1 week for life-gaurd training :P) Im planning on making LOADS of instructables :D Who else has finished exams/school year ??

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NASA's Shuttle Atlantis Rolls into Place

From the NASA homepage:"Space shuttle Atlantis' rollout to Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been rescheduled to begin at 4 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 31 [today], as preparations for the STS-125 mission move forward. Atlantis is targeted to lift off May 12 to service NASA's Hubble Space Telescope....During Atlantis' 11-day mission, the crew of seven astronauts will make the final shuttle flight to Hubble. During five spacewalks, they will install two new instruments, repair two inactive ones and replace components. The result will be six working, complementary science instruments with capabilities beyond what is now available, and an extended operational lifespan for the telescope through at least 2014."Link

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Where is the TP Roll Organizer Box instructab ?

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how to make tobacco pouch for rolling cigarettes?

 For any smokers who roll their own ciaretes. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to makes a pouch to hold tobacco, complete with a pocket to hold papers and possibly filters. I've seen these made with laminated magazines and stuff but the logistics are way over my heard...thanks!HOw do I do this??? HI

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Help developing a Kodacolor-X roll of film?

I have a roll of Kodacolor-X Color Negative film, and I know that they won't develop this in a normal lab with the rest of the C-41 rolls, so I need some help. All the information on the roll is read as: Process C-22 Kodacolor - X DAYLIGHT OR BLUE FLASH CX 135-20 ASA 80 - 20 DIN 20 EXPOSURES 24 x 36mm Does anyone know a way or a place I can get this process C-22 developed? Please let me know. Thanks!

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How to create an Rick Roll after image illusion?

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How can I make a small rolling mill for my silver, the ones sold commercially are way out of my budget? Answered

I want to make a rolling mill that is adjustable and will roll out silver for silversmithing. It dosen't have to be elaborate just strong.

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how do i make a cigarette rolling machine?

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Pen / Art supply roll from old jeans?

Hi! I've got a pair of sturdy black jeans that are too damaged to wear anymore, but there's still plenty of material to work with and I'd hate to throw them away. I also urgently need something to hold my countless pens and pencils for my art class, so I thought I'd solve those two issues in one go. The thing is, I have zero experience with sewing. So it would be absolutely GREAT if someone could post an EASY instructible on how to make a pen roll out of old jeans, you know one of those that holds each pen seperately (either in little pockets or with rubber / denim loops). Thank you guys in advance, Lisa

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Where can I get rolls of plastic for thermoforming/ vacuum forming? Answered

I am building a thermoformer that will need 18" wide plastic rolls. Does anyone know where I can get them? They can be any rigid plastic.

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Would an Instructable on the Grandmother of Rock 'n' Roll be ok?

I've been writing an Instructable on how to become a better guitar player and performer by getting to know the "Grandmother of Rock'n'Roll" Sister Rosetta Tharpe.I was wondering if it was something Instructables would want.I've been passionate about her for quite a while. She was an Electric Guitar legend and influenced everyone from Elvis to Keith Richards, but for some reason there are many people who don't know who she is.I uploaded a couple of her videos on DailyMotion about a year ago. They have always been 5 stars. I was thinking about making some "music video" slide shows with some of her music, so I can put them in the Instructable. (I'd love to know what programs you would suggest to make them - open source is best) There isn't much video of her. I've only seen about 7 clips. I was going to point out some of the passages in the songs, that I think illustrate her musical genius, and go through how her style evolved from Delta Blues, to Big Band, and into Gospel. Almost all of it Rocks also.I'm actually not a guitar player but I have played other instruments and can hear what I think are a lot of the influential parts of her playing. I think I can identify the types of guitars also. She played acoustic back in the 20's, then went to a resonator in the 30's, and started playing Electric as soon as they were invented. She was a contemporary of Robert Johnson the "Grandfather of Rock'n'Roll". She started playing guitar at 4 years old in 1919. Yes, 4yo, no typo there. They stood her on a table. She is from the same Delta Blues tradition of Robert Johnson but went into Gospel.I'm pretty sure she was the first black woman to ever play guitar in Carnegie Hall.There are music historians that credit her with the 1st rock and roll song - "Strange Things Happen Everyday" in the mid 1940's. She recorded from the 1920's to the 70's.I don't want to write the whole thing here, so I better stop now.What do you think? Appropriate for an Instructable?Check out the video to see what an amazing musician/performer she is. You can see another one from the 70's on my Dailymotion page. I'm SFHandyman there also. It's fun to see this middle aged church lady, in a long flowery dress, in front of a gospel choir, rock out on an electric guitar.

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the new rickroll

The new rick roll: caution: extremely awkward.

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Materials question? Answered

I know it is possible to by "flexible plywood" or "flexible MDF" - sheet material that can be rolled up in a single direction, whilst remaining rigid in the other. However, I have only found versions that roll with a minimum radius of about 15cm / 6". Does anybody know of a similar material that can be rolled with a much smaller minimum radius, say only 5cm / 2"? It doesn't have to be wood, any easily-worked sheet material will do if it can be rolled in one direction whilst remaining rigid in the other will do.

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how do you make a sliding iron gate roll smoother? Answered

Have a heavy iron driveway gate that has two sets of brackets fitted with 2x3 inch grooved roller bearing wheels. I have oiled and cleaned them on a regular basis, but the gate is hard to start rolling. When you do get it rolling it can rapidly develop momentum. I would like to be able to open this gate with minimal effort. My wife struggles to make the gate to start rolling. A solution would be most welcomed and appreciated.

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How can I manually roll up a broken electric car window?

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Where can I get a keyboard like the roll out one Justin Long uses in Die Hard 4 Live Free Or Die Hard?

In Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard, there's a scene where Justin Long's character rolls out a keyboard and uses it to hack into something. Where can I buy a keyboard like that?

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So, beginning of the third day of learning Parkour. However, years of "Hardcore Tag" seem like the same things, just higher landings, instead of more effectively rolling. Anyways, Can someone point me in the right direction for parkour? I think I know how to roll, however Im not sure. Tips on vaulting and speed vaulting? How about after I vault, I have a 6-10 ft drop. Do I roll? How do you roll from high up? Do you do a landing, then crouch to roll? How can you become to have a smooth roll? Tips on catleaps? Where is the best place to practice or try out parkour?-RoAr

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Where can I buy a roll of silver or brass zippers. I also need stops for them.? Answered

Where can I buy a roll of silver or brass zippers. I also need stops, those pieces that stop the zipper from coming off, for them.?

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I am looking for a quick and easy bread roll recipe?

Without the use of yeast! I know of a biscuit recipe, any others like it?

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The Macy's Day Parade Was Just Rick Rolled!! (UPDATE WITH VIDEO)

The float for Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends float started off with "You're My Best Friend" then it cut to Rick Atsley's "Never Gonna Give You Up'!!!

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"Tech" link in section submenu rolls over on to new line

The "Tech" link on the lighter orange submenu bar at the top of each instructables page has rolled over onto a new line. You can see it in the bottom left of the attached screenshot. It didn't used to be like that, I'm sure, and I can't imagine it's not optimised for a 1024px wide screen. (yes I do have my firefox window maximised) I'm using Windows XP w/ SP3 w/ 1024x600 res and Firefox 3.5.6

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How to make roll cables through corners and all around ? Answered

Well I decided to join cause I was looking for a solution of a problem I have at my job. I work in a datacenter, and frequently I have to pull delicate cables, which have to run through many corners, sometimes they got stuck between sharp metal pieces on top of the racks, or even the doors. Not only that, but also the times that get to pull them from one place to the other (sometimes cables of 60 or 80 meters. You have to be also carefull on not pulling so much. So I was thinking in to invent something to put in many places as auxiliars that let run the cable in every corner. Many Ideas but I am not in use very frequently with the inventive that your experience have. But I think I discovered what I like most in life. INVENT THINGS.!!!! (too much Monkey Island when I was a boy) Greentings community Mijac

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12 foot empty linoleum roll... what can I do with this?

After laying down new linoleum in the kitchen, I'm left with a gigantic 12 foot cylinder and no idea what to do with it.  It's got a diameter of about 5 inches and is pretty sturdy. Any ideas?

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Any techniques for preshrinking a "Jelly Roll?" (pre cut fabric strips for quilting)?

 It seems like it could be a big tangled mess if I put them in the washer/drier ---  This is for a quilt that combines a few different fabrics of variable provenance/manufacture - and similarly variable shrink rates.  Jelly roll in question is "Deer Valley" brand.

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Mini tesla coil? Answered

Is it possible to make a small tesla coil with a toilet paper roll for the secondary coil?

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how to bake a torta??

I am interested in making the roll, torta, at home. I know what to put in them for sandwiches, but would like to know how to make the roll itself.

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Roll over ads with sound

The "roll over "ads that have talking messages and sound are most annoying. So bad, they will cover an area I want to click. Some of them won't close until they have there say.  I was so turned off that I closed the page and left. I hope instructables will see the negative effect these have and put an end to it. Two of them popped up at the "6 cent throwie" and at the "contact us" page. I believe one was titled Hangover Days and some other concerning Microsoft.

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