Running applications.

 IF you want to run applications that are not enabled by defult, right-click and select 'run as administrator' that's it. it's that simple. you still can't install anything but you can play most games/ run most apps with this simple trick. Have fun =P

Posted by pbmoose 8 years ago

firefox 3.6 running slow?

Since upgrading to firefox 3.6, my browser is running slow and freezes

Asked by NUNYABC 8 years ago

I think Randall Munroe is running out of ideas..

I think Randall Munroe of xkcd is running out of Ideas.

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

is there a way to run this loudspeaker with the computer ? Answered

Hi guys, is there a way to run this type of loudspeaker with the computer ? thanks in advance

Asked by BilalC4 2 years ago

Can you use one nano running a sequence to trigger 8 other nanos to run each of their sequences? Answered

I have 8 nanos running different sequences and I want to use another nano running a sequence to trip each one of those.

Asked by slowguy 5 years ago

Who here runs linux?

Anyone here run linux? If so what kernel? Do you use it a lot? Got any cool apps? I run Ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn.

Posted by sardines454 11 years ago

run leopard on xp?

Can i run leopard on my dual core XP amd machine and how

Asked by 10cats 8 years ago

Need help in cleaning dryer vent run

I need help in figuring out a way to clean the build-up in my dryer vent run. The run is in a crawl space and approximately 25 feet long. I have been unable to find anything available to run through it to clean the lint buildup. Thanks in advance for any viable suggestions.

Posted by imasiberian 9 years ago

running a marathon with a camcorder-How to??

Can i mount a camcorder on my shoulder with straps (or duct tape)  and run 26.2 miles through beautiful mountain ranges.  Hands must be free. Any suggestions?!

Asked by swieckert 8 years ago

What is harder to catch the faster you run? Answered

Whoever answers this correctly will be featured in my next instrucatble.

Asked by DELETED_DELETED_HIVLTGE1 9 years ago

Knex Marble Run

Here's something I made recently. Thought I'd share it on instructables. Subscribe to My Channel for updates on more Marble Runs.

Posted by coaster105 7 years ago

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Can I run Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000???

Asked by west49rules 9 years ago

how do i run a sound mixer?

I need to lern how tp run a sound mixer

Asked by doyel 7 years ago

how to run alternate operating systems?

How to run alternate operating systems on samsung cellphones and digital point and shoot cameras?

Asked by awesomeepiceli 5 years ago

how to make a simple LED running message display?

Share you knowledge please..^_^ thanks..

Asked by jir3h 8 years ago

Arduino help

I want to run 2 stepper motors with arduino uno.motor wants 12 volt supply. i tried to run with arduino stepper motor driver wont run. then with ULN2003 it was running now it is not running with it in proper steps. i tried L298 also but same problem is plz help me as soon as possible

Asked by tejaspatel811 6 years ago

could this project run on the 8266-01 ? Answered

I don't know ! n~ i don't know how ?could this project run on the 8266-01 ?

Asked by David_Lin 1 year ago

Run mac programs in windows?

I want to run future basic from my home to work on school work but i have a pc. Is there any easy emulators or ways so I can run future basic on my windows 7?

Asked by zigzagchris 6 years ago

How do you run more than one subroutine at the same time in arduino? Answered

Is there a way to run more than one subroutine at a time with arduino. Or is there a way to run to commands at once.  Such as moving two servos at the same time, or running a piezo melody, and a led matrix or pattern at the same time.  Thanks in advance!!!

Asked by JaredsProjects 8 years ago

running mandriva, need steps or commands to run arduino interface software, downloaded 0022, but does not exe..?

i've googled solutions for 3 days, either i don't know the linux command or can't find the right packages..

Asked by johnpoole 7 years ago

How much would a laptop cost that could run Fallout 3?

I was wondering how much it would cost to buy a laptop that would run this game. Not necessarily at max settings, but at least run the whole game. Thanks.

Posted by SC-Ghost 9 years ago

Free running

I would like to see some instructables on parkour and free running as it is a fast growing sport and very good for you.

Posted by The Fallen Bumble Bee 10 years ago

How to run a DC motor? Answered

I had a motor with four pins i dont know how to wire the motor to run.Can anyone tell me how to run that?  

Asked by Rajkumar2506 1 year ago

can make the bike running with water only?

Can any one tell to make the 100cc bike by only running with water (hydrogen in water)?

Asked by monaman 9 years ago

Dewalt Radio running on batteries of different voltage, would you see a change in performance? Answered

I want to buy the Dewalt Radio (DC011) which can run on many different size Dewalt batteries. My question is will the radio be louder, run longer, or experience no change in performance if it runs on an 18-volt battery opposed to a 12-volt battery?

Asked by 9 years ago

Free running

I would like to see some instructables on parkour and free running as it is a fast growing sport and very good for you.

Posted by The Fallen Bumble Bee 10 years ago

Error when running Answered

I get an error message when running : mmal: main: Error opening output file: image00.jpg~No output file will be generated

Asked by binot44 1 year ago

why do i get a stich while running?

I've googled it and one says the liver is heavy and forces down, others say this and that. what is the real reason why you get a stitch? and what is the best way to stop it while running?

Asked by NuclearGreyhound 9 years ago

Did any vehicles runs using water as a fuel?

By removing hydrogen from water and burnt it by using combustion engine to run the vehicles.How much  rupees does it takes?.Explain it briefly,please ...........

Asked by nirmaltrk03 3 years ago

Stop the incessant video advert regarding instructable

Please, is there a setting to stop this invisisable video on instructables from running everytime I get to the site it runs, when I reload the page it runs again, when I go to another instructable it runs.

Posted by MsheArt2 1 year ago

The Eagle autodesk has a Run Test? Answered

Hello, this EAGLE autodesk has a test run in order to know if the circuit works properly, before we send to print the BCB?

Asked by furibio gonzalez 11 months ago

why wont my ibook turn on when pluged in but runs fine off battery?

Yeah my ibook recenly stopd working it run off battery but wont charge and wont run off the ac charger iv been through 3 new chargers

Asked by Goomanhimer 9 years ago

running a loop in arduino program

I want to run a loop only upon taking the user input i.e whenver user gives input, the loop must run N times where N is the user input. Can i do so? please suggest with the code.

Asked by VinodhT 2 years ago

how much solar power is required to run a motor?

Is it possible to run a motor of 1KW power with a solar power of 400W.No battery should be used .Suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Asked by k.manid 2 years ago