The Same How To?!

This morning I put up this how to on how to cure the hiccups and there is already this one and this one. So what should I do?ThanksJoe Rowley

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can i work on 2 instructables at the same time? Answered

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Open page in new tab, not working

When I am writing or editing an instructables I usually put in some links, when entering the link I get a option to "Open page in new tab", The only issue is that when I enable and save that option the link opens in the same page and then the box is unticked when editing it again. I have included a short video about this Here SYSTEM: MacBook Air (Mid 2013) MacOS 10.12.3 (Beta 16D17a) 1.3GHz i5 2 cores with hypertreading 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 BROWSER: Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.3)

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Same old question!

Is this contest International?

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Same Same...but Different

Two years ago I spent my fall semester in Vietnam.  While shopping in the markets I often heard the phrase "Same Same...but Different".  This usually referred the knock-off North Face bags (mine fell apart after a month) and designer sunglasses that were, according to the vendors, just as good as the real thing, but a little different.  Although knock-off often has a bad connotation associated with it, it really just means same same but different. What types of things have you encountered in your everyday life that you've thought, "hey this is just like this other thing I tried"? examples... - the perfume I wear smells just like this designer perfume that is 3x more expensive - this bands has a similar sound to this band; they're a little less known but their music is just as awesome! - the city I live is a smaller/larger version than this other city I visited you got the idea

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Four instructables with same titles!

I have notice that they are four instructables that has exactly same titles! Wow!This is the first one that came out...Increase battery life for electronicsAnd another one... (That one is mine)Increase battery life for electronicsAnd another one!Increase battery life for electronicsAnd the most recent one...Increase battery life for electronicsIt is quite amazing, also please vote the instructables if you like them...

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Is it okay for family members to enter and potentially win the same contests?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at and potentially answer my question.     Since I I started writing Instructables some months ago, my mom and little sister have both started writing as well.  It has been great fun writing along side them as whenever we meet up to have a family dinner the converstation usually turns to contests or ideas for new Instructables that we think would be really poplular.  Up until this point we have all been entering different contests following our natrural affinities for certain types of projects but now a few contests have come up that we'd all like to enter.  So I was just curious if there is a rule against family members enter and potentially winning the same contests.  Thanks for your time!

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Same question again? Answered

Hey Guys, Here I am with the same question. Sorry for asking the same thing over and over again but im not very bright... Ok so I'm going to attach three pictures can anyone of you tell me which one will be brighter for longer?

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Question....on Workshop of the Future contest(s)

Are there 2 contests named Workshop of the Future? they appear to be different in nature. THANKS all, for making the Titles and pictures different enough in order to make the two contests less confusing. It is APPRECIATED.

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How to make a servo return to initial possition? Answered

Hi, i am new to arduino and i want to open and close my room's door with a RFID and a servo, the problem is that when i put my card in front the RFID the first time, the servo works great, but in the second time the servo moves more than the first time, and the third time even more, here is my code i've putted the problem in bold letters  : /* * 文 件 名:RFID.pde * 创 建 者:Dr.Leong   ( WWW.B2CQSHOP.COM ) * 创建日期:2011.09.19 * 修 改 者: * 修改日期: * 功能描述:Mifare1 寻卡→防冲突→选卡→读写 接口 */ // the sensor communicates using SPI, so include the library: #include #include #define uchar unsigned char #define uint unsigned int //数组最大长度 #define MAX_LEN 16 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //set the pin ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// const int pinServo      = 6;                            // servo pin const int angleServo    = 60;                           // Rotation angle const int chipSelectPin = 10; const int NRSTPD = 9; //MF522命令字 #define PCD_IDLE              0x00               //NO action;取消当前命令 #define PCD_AUTHENT           0x0E               //验证密钥 #define PCD_RECEIVE           0x08               //接收数据 #define PCD_TRANSMIT          0x04               //发送数据 #define PCD_TRANSCEIVE        0x0C               //发送并接收数据 #define PCD_RESETPHASE        0x0F               //复位 #define PCD_CALCCRC           0x03               //CRC计算 //Mifare_One卡片命令字 #define PICC_REQIDL           0x26               //寻天线区内未进入休眠状态 #define PICC_REQALL           0x52               //寻天线区内全部卡 #define PICC_ANTICOLL         0x93               //防冲撞 #define PICC_SElECTTAG        0x93               //选卡 #define PICC_AUTHENT1A        0x60               //验证A密钥 #define PICC_AUTHENT1B        0x61               //验证B密钥 #define PICC_READ             0x30               //读块 #define PICC_WRITE            0xA0               //写块 #define PICC_DECREMENT        0xC0               //扣款 #define PICC_INCREMENT        0xC1               //充值 #define PICC_RESTORE          0xC2               //调块数据到缓冲区 #define PICC_TRANSFER         0xB0               //保存缓冲区中数据 #define PICC_HALT             0x50               //休眠 //和MF522通讯时返回的错误代码 #define MI_OK                 0 #define MI_NOTAGERR           1 #define MI_ERR                2 //------------------MFRC522寄存器--------------- //Page 0:Command and Status #define     Reserved00            0x00    #define     CommandReg            0x01    #define     CommIEnReg            0x02    #define     DivlEnReg             0x03    #define     CommIrqReg            0x04    #define     DivIrqReg             0x05 #define     ErrorReg              0x06    #define     Status1Reg            0x07    #define     Status2Reg            0x08    #define     FIFODataReg           0x09 #define     FIFOLevelReg          0x0A #define     WaterLevelReg         0x0B #define     ControlReg            0x0C #define     BitFramingReg         0x0D #define     CollReg               0x0E #define     Reserved01            0x0F //Page 1:Command     #define     Reserved10            0x10 #define     ModeReg               0x11 #define     TxModeReg             0x12 #define     RxModeReg             0x13 #define     TxControlReg          0x14 #define     TxAutoReg             0x15 #define     TxSelReg              0x16 #define     RxSelReg              0x17 #define     RxThresholdReg        0x18 #define     DemodReg              0x19 #define     Reserved11            0x1A #define     Reserved12            0x1B #define     MifareReg             0x1C #define     Reserved13            0x1D #define     Reserved14            0x1E #define     SerialSpeedReg        0x1F //Page 2:CFG    #define     Reserved20            0x20  #define     CRCResultRegM         0x21 #define     CRCResultRegL         0x22 #define     Reserved21            0x23 #define     ModWidthReg           0x24 #define     Reserved22            0x25 #define     RFCfgReg              0x26 #define     GsNReg                0x27 #define     CWGsPReg           0x28 #define     ModGsPReg             0x29 #define     TModeReg              0x2A #define     TPrescalerReg         0x2B #define     TReloadRegH           0x2C #define     TReloadRegL           0x2D #define     TCounterValueRegH     0x2E #define     TCounterValueRegL     0x2F //Page 3:TestRegister     #define     Reserved30            0x30 #define     TestSel1Reg           0x31 #define     TestSel2Reg           0x32 #define     TestPinEnReg          0x33 #define     TestPinValueReg       0x34 #define     TestBusReg            0x35 #define     AutoTestReg           0x36 #define     VersionReg            0x37 #define     AnalogTestReg         0x38 #define     TestDAC1Reg           0x39  #define     TestDAC2Reg           0x3A   #define     TestADCReg            0x3B   #define     Reserved31            0x3C   #define     Reserved32            0x3D   #define     Reserved33            0x3E   #define     Reserved34     0x3F //----------------------------------------------- //4字节卡序列号,第5字节为校验字节 uchar serNum[5]; uchar  writeData[16]={0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100};  //初始化 100元钱 uchar  moneyConsume = 18 ;  //消费18元 uchar  moneyAdd = 10 ;  //充值10元 //扇区A密码,16个扇区,每个扇区密码6Byte uchar sectorKeyA[16][16] = {{0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF},                              {0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF},                              //{0x19, 0x84, 0x07, 0x15, 0x76, 0x14},                              {0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF},                             }; uchar sectorNewKeyA[16][16] = {{0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF},                                 {0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xff,0x07,0x80,0x69, 0x19,0x84,0x07,0x15,0x76,0x14},                                  //you can set another ket , such as  " 0x19, 0x84, 0x07, 0x15, 0x76, 0x14 "                                  //{0x19, 0x84, 0x07, 0x15, 0x76, 0x14, 0xff,0x07,0x80,0x69, 0x19,0x84,0x07,0x15,0x76,0x14},                                  // but when loop, please set the  sectorKeyA, the same key, so that RFID module can read the card                                 {0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xff,0x07,0x80,0x69, 0x19,0x33,0x07,0x15,0x34,0x14},                                }; void setup() {                   Serial.begin(9600);                       // RFID reader SOUT pin connected to Serial RX pin at 2400bps // start the SPI library:   SPI.begin();     pinMode(chipSelectPin,OUTPUT);             // Set digital pin 10 as OUTPUT to connect it to the RFID /ENABLE pin     digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW);          // Activate the RFID reader   pinMode(NRSTPD,OUTPUT);               // Set digital pin 10 , Not Reset and Power-down     digitalWrite(NRSTPD, HIGH);   MFRC522_Init();  } void loop() {    uchar i,tmp; uchar status;         uchar str[MAX_LEN];         uchar RC_size;         uchar blockAddr; //选择操作的块地址0~63         String mynum = "";   //寻卡,返回卡类型   status = MFRC522_Request(PICC_REQIDL, str);   if (status == MI_OK)   {                         //Serial.println("Card detected");    //Serial.print(str[0],BIN);                         //Serial.print(" , ");    //Serial.print(str[1],BIN);                         //Serial.println(" ");   }   //防冲撞,返回卡的序列号 4字节   status = MFRC522_Anticoll(str);   memcpy(serNum, str, 5);   if (status == MI_OK)   {                         //Serial.println("The card's number is  : ");    Serial.print(serNum[0]);                         //Serial.print(" , ");    //Serial.print(serNum[1],BIN);                         //Serial.print(" , ");    //Serial.print(serNum[2],BIN);                         //Serial.print(" , ");    //Serial.print(serNum[3],BIN);                         //Serial.print(" , ");    //Serial.print(serNum[4],BIN);                         Serial.println("");                                                 // Should really check all pairs, but for now we'll just use the first                                                                      if(serNum[0] == 193) {                           Serial.println("Hello Gaston");                           digitalWrite(5, HIGH);                           digitalWrite(5, LOW);                           Servo myservo;                           int pos = 90;                           for(pos = 0; pos < 90; pos += 1)                           myservo.attach(6);                           myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'                           delay(5000);                            for(pos = 10; pos>=1; pos-=1)                           myservo.write(pos);                         } else      {                                         Serial.println("Incorrect");                           digitalWrite(6, HIGH);                           delay(5000);                           digitalWrite(6, LOW);                         }                         //delay(5000);   }                 //Serial.println(" ");   MFRC522_Halt();   //命令卡片进入休眠状态                        } /* * 函 数 名:Write_MFRC5200 * 功能描述:向MFRC522的某一寄存器写一个字节数据 * 输入参数:addr--寄存器地址;val--要写入的值 * 返 回 值:无 */ void Write_MFRC522(uchar addr, uchar val) { digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW); //地址格式:0XXXXXX0 SPI.transfer((addr<<1)&0x7E); SPI.transfer(val); digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); } /* * 函 数 名:Read_MFRC522 * 功能描述:从MFRC522的某一寄存器读一个字节数据 * 输入参数:addr--寄存器地址 * 返 回 值:返回读取到的一个字节数据 */ uchar Read_MFRC522(uchar addr) { uchar val; digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, LOW); //地址格式:1XXXXXX0 SPI.transfer(((addr<<1)&0x7E) | 0x80); val =SPI.transfer(0x00); digitalWrite(chipSelectPin, HIGH); return val; } /* * 函 数 名:SetBitMask * 功能描述:置RC522寄存器位 * 输入参数:reg--寄存器地址;mask--置位值 * 返 回 值:无 */ void SetBitMask(uchar reg, uchar mask)  {     uchar tmp;     tmp = Read_MFRC522(reg);     Write_MFRC522(reg, tmp | mask);  // set bit mask } /* * 函 数 名:ClearBitMask * 功能描述:清RC522寄存器位 * 输入参数:reg--寄存器地址;mask--清位值 * 返 回 值:无 */ void ClearBitMask(uchar reg, uchar mask)  {     uchar tmp;     tmp = Read_MFRC522(reg);     Write_MFRC522(reg, tmp & (~mask));  // clear bit mask } /* * 函 数 名:AntennaOn * 功能描述:开启天线,每次启动或关闭天险发射之间应至少有1ms的间隔 * 输入参数:无 * 返 回 值:无 */ void AntennaOn(void) { uchar temp; temp = Read_MFRC522(TxControlReg); if (!(temp & 0x03)) {   SetBitMask(TxControlReg, 0x03); } } /* * 函 数 名:AntennaOff * 功能描述:关闭天线,每次启动或关闭天险发射之间应至少有1ms的间隔 * 输入参数:无 * 返 回 值:无 */ void AntennaOff(void) { ClearBitMask(TxControlReg, 0x03); } /* * 函 数 名:ResetMFRC522 * 功能描述:复位RC522 * 输入参数:无 * 返 回 值:无 */ void MFRC522_Reset(void) {     Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, PCD_RESETPHASE); } /* * 函 数 名:InitMFRC522 * 功能描述:初始化RC522 * 输入参数:无 * 返 回 值:无 */ void MFRC522_Init(void) { digitalWrite(NRSTPD,HIGH); MFRC522_Reset();    //Timer: TPrescaler*TreloadVal/6.78MHz = 24ms     Write_MFRC522(TModeReg, 0x8D);  //Tauto=1; f(Timer) = 6.78MHz/TPreScaler     Write_MFRC522(TPrescalerReg, 0x3E); //TModeReg[3..0] + TPrescalerReg     Write_MFRC522(TReloadRegL, 30);               Write_MFRC522(TReloadRegH, 0); Write_MFRC522(TxAutoReg, 0x40);  //100%ASK Write_MFRC522(ModeReg, 0x3D);  //CRC初始值0x6363 ??? //ClearBitMask(Status2Reg, 0x08);  //MFCrypto1On=0 //Write_MFRC522(RxSelReg, 0x86);  //RxWait = RxSelReg[5..0] //Write_MFRC522(RFCfgReg, 0x7F);     //RxGain = 48dB AntennaOn();  //打开天线 } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Request * 功能描述:寻卡,读取卡类型号 * 输入参数:reqMode--寻卡方式, *    TagType--返回卡片类型 *     0x4400 = Mifare_UltraLight *    0x0400 = Mifare_One(S50) *    0x0200 = Mifare_One(S70) *    0x0800 = Mifare_Pro(X) *    0x4403 = Mifare_DESFire * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_Request(uchar reqMode, uchar *TagType) { uchar status;  uint backBits;   //接收到的数据位数 Write_MFRC522(BitFramingReg, 0x07);  //TxLastBists = BitFramingReg[2..0] ??? TagType[0] = reqMode; status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, TagType, 1, TagType, &backBits;); if ((status != MI_OK) || (backBits != 0x10)) {      status = MI_ERR; }    return status; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_ToCard * 功能描述:RC522和ISO14443卡通讯 * 输入参数:command--MF522命令字, *    sendData--通过RC522发送到卡片的数据, *    sendLen--发送的数据长度   *    backData--接收到的卡片返回数据, *    backLen--返回数据的位长度 * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_ToCard(uchar command, uchar *sendData, uchar sendLen, uchar *backData, uint *backLen) {     uchar status = MI_ERR;     uchar irqEn = 0x00;     uchar waitIRq = 0x00;     uchar lastBits;     uchar n;     uint i;     switch (command)     {         case PCD_AUTHENT:  //认证卡密   {    irqEn = 0x12;    waitIRq = 0x10;    break;   }   case PCD_TRANSCEIVE: //发送FIFO中数据   {    irqEn = 0x77;    waitIRq = 0x30;    break;   }   default:    break;     }        Write_MFRC522(CommIEnReg, irqEn|0x80); //允许中断请求     ClearBitMask(CommIrqReg, 0x80);   //清除所有中断请求位     SetBitMask(FIFOLevelReg, 0x80);   //FlushBuffer=1, FIFO初始化     Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, PCD_IDLE); //NO action;取消当前命令 ??? //向FIFO中写入数据     for (i=0; i     {     Write_MFRC522(FIFODataReg, sendData[i]);    } //执行命令 Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, command);     if (command == PCD_TRANSCEIVE)     {      SetBitMask(BitFramingReg, 0x80);  //StartSend=1,transmission of data starts  }       //等待接收数据完成 i = 2000; //i根据时钟频率调整,操作M1卡最大等待时间25ms ???     do     {   //CommIrqReg[7..0]   //Set1 TxIRq RxIRq IdleIRq HiAlerIRq LoAlertIRq ErrIRq TimerIRq         n = Read_MFRC522(CommIrqReg);         i--;     }     while ((i!=0) && !(n&0x01) && !(n&waitIRq;));     ClearBitMask(BitFramingReg, 0x80);   //StartSend=0     if (i != 0)     {            if(!(Read_MFRC522(ErrorReg) & 0x1B)) //BufferOvfl Collerr CRCErr ProtecolErr         {             status = MI_OK;             if (n & irqEn & 0x01)             {       status = MI_NOTAGERR;   //??      }             if (command == PCD_TRANSCEIVE)             {                 n = Read_MFRC522(FIFOLevelReg);                lastBits = Read_MFRC522(ControlReg) & 0x07;                 if (lastBits)                 {        *backLen = (n-1)*8 + lastBits;       }                 else                 {        *backLen = n*8;       }                 if (n == 0)                 {        n = 1;        }                 if (n > MAX_LEN)                 {        n = MAX_LEN;       }         //读取FIFO中接收到的数据                 for (i=0; i                 {        backData[i] = Read_MFRC522(FIFODataReg);        }             }         }         else         {      status = MI_ERR;    }             }     //SetBitMask(ControlReg,0x80);           //timer stops     //Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, PCD_IDLE);     return status; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Anticoll * 功能描述:防冲突检测,读取选中卡片的卡序列号 * 输入参数:serNum--返回4字节卡序列号,第5字节为校验字节 * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_Anticoll(uchar *serNum) {     uchar status;     uchar i; uchar serNumCheck=0;     uint unLen;         //ClearBitMask(Status2Reg, 0x08);  //TempSensclear     //ClearBitMask(CollReg,0x80);   //ValuesAfterColl Write_MFRC522(BitFramingReg, 0x00);  //TxLastBists = BitFramingReg[2..0]     serNum[0] = PICC_ANTICOLL;     serNum[1] = 0x20;     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, serNum, 2, serNum, &unLen;);     if (status == MI_OK) {   //校验卡序列号   for (i=0; i<4; i++)   {       serNumCheck ^= serNum[i];   }   if (serNumCheck != serNum[i])   {      status = MI_ERR;      }     }     //SetBitMask(CollReg, 0x80);  //ValuesAfterColl=1     return status; } /* * 函 数 名:CalulateCRC * 功能描述:用MF522计算CRC * 输入参数:pIndata--要读数CRC的数据,len--数据长度,pOutData--计算的CRC结果 * 返 回 值:无 */ void CalulateCRC(uchar *pIndata, uchar len, uchar *pOutData) {     uchar i, n;     ClearBitMask(DivIrqReg, 0x04);   //CRCIrq = 0     SetBitMask(FIFOLevelReg, 0x80);   //清FIFO指针     //Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, PCD_IDLE); //向FIFO中写入数据     for (i=0; i     {     Write_MFRC522(FIFODataReg, *(pIndata+i));   }     Write_MFRC522(CommandReg, PCD_CALCCRC); //等待CRC计算完成     i = 0xFF;     do     {         n = Read_MFRC522(DivIrqReg);         i--;     }     while ((i!=0) && !(n&0x04));   //CRCIrq = 1 //读取CRC计算结果     pOutData[0] = Read_MFRC522(CRCResultRegL);     pOutData[1] = Read_MFRC522(CRCResultRegM); } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_SelectTag * 功能描述:选卡,读取卡存储器容量 * 输入参数:serNum--传入卡序列号 * 返 回 值:成功返回卡容量 */ uchar MFRC522_SelectTag(uchar *serNum) {     uchar i; uchar status; uchar size;     uint recvBits;     uchar buffer[9]; //ClearBitMask(Status2Reg, 0x08);   //MFCrypto1On=0     buffer[0] = PICC_SElECTTAG;     buffer[1] = 0x70;     for (i=0; i<5; i++)     {      buffer[i+2] = *(serNum+i);     } CalulateCRC(buffer, 7, &buffer;[7]);  //??     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, buffer, 9, buffer, &recvBits;);         if ((status == MI_OK) && (recvBits == 0x18))     {     size = buffer[0]; }     else     {     size = 0;    }     return size; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Auth * 功能描述:验证卡片密码 * 输入参数:authMode--密码验证模式                  0x60 = 验证A密钥                  0x61 = 验证B密钥              BlockAddr--块地址              Sectorkey--扇区密码              serNum--卡片序列号,4字节 * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_Auth(uchar authMode, uchar BlockAddr, uchar *Sectorkey, uchar *serNum) {     uchar status;     uint recvBits;     uchar i; uchar buff[12]; //验证指令+块地址+扇区密码+卡序列号     buff[0] = authMode;     buff[1] = BlockAddr;     for (i=0; i<6; i++)     {      buff[i+2] = *(Sectorkey+i);   }     for (i=0; i<4; i++)     {      buff[i+8] = *(serNum+i);   }     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_AUTHENT, buff, 12, buff, &recvBits;);     if ((status != MI_OK) || (!(Read_MFRC522(Status2Reg) & 0x08)))     {     status = MI_ERR;   }         return status; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Read * 功能描述:读块数据 * 输入参数:blockAddr--块地址;recvData--读出的块数据 * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_Read(uchar blockAddr, uchar *recvData) {     uchar status;     uint unLen;     recvData[0] = PICC_READ;     recvData[1] = blockAddr;     CalulateCRC(recvData,2, &recvData;[2]);     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, recvData, 4, recvData, &unLen;);     if ((status != MI_OK) || (unLen != 0x90))     {         status = MI_ERR;     }         return status; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Write * 功能描述:写块数据 * 输入参数:blockAddr--块地址;writeData--向块写16字节数据 * 返 回 值:成功返回MI_OK */ uchar MFRC522_Write(uchar blockAddr, uchar *writeData) {     uchar status;     uint recvBits;     uchar i; uchar buff[18];         buff[0] = PICC_WRITE;     buff[1] = blockAddr;     CalulateCRC(buff, 2, &buff;[2]);     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, buff, 4, buff, &recvBits;);     if ((status != MI_OK) || (recvBits != 4) || ((buff[0] & 0x0F) != 0x0A))     {     status = MI_ERR;   }             if (status == MI_OK)     {         for (i=0; i<16; i++)  //向FIFO写16Byte数据         {             buff[i] = *(writeData+i);           }         CalulateCRC(buff, 16, &buff;[16]);         status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, buff, 18, buff, &recvBits;);           if ((status != MI_OK) || (recvBits != 4) || ((buff[0] & 0x0F) != 0x0A))         {      status = MI_ERR;     }     }         return status; } /* * 函 数 名:MFRC522_Halt * 功能描述:命令卡片进入休眠状态 * 输入参数:无 * 返 回 值:无 */ void MFRC522_Halt(void) { uchar status;     uint unLen;     uchar buff[4];     buff[0] = PICC_HALT;     buff[1] = 0;     CalulateCRC(buff, 2, &buff;[2]);     status = MFRC522_ToCard(PCD_TRANSCEIVE, buff, 4, buff,&unLen;); }

Asked by gastonbr100 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

LED question

If I have a 3.6 volt battery should I use a 180 ohm resistor to get 20 mA to a 3.6 volt LED? I got that answer from 3.6 = (180)(0.02)I'm asking this because online LED calculators disagree with me and say to use no resistor. also the battery might output 4.5 volts when extremeley fully charged, so I want the LED to have protection of not blowing out.

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

same problem as adrian monk's

Same problems, look at the topic "can't do squat"

Posted by zachary978 10 years ago

Same thing different name

Is it me or has the same cheap ass projects being posted over and over and over and over and over and over.

Posted by 0-Xero-0 12 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Multiple tags with same id

Hey, I noticed with the reply boxes that there are multiple html tags with the same id - something that is clearly invalid. Just thought i'd point that out ;)

Posted by Sorunome 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Using and charging at the same time?

Here is what i am trying to archive: 3 LED's to run off a small rechargeable battery or USB. It should also run off USB while recharging the battery.  Lake a wireless headset.  Thanks.

Posted by Squashie 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

why everyones dna is not the same.? Answered

Humans have originated by evolving and adapting to environment.but the whole human race started from a women and men by reproduction in any stage.we know:a fathers or mothers dna matches with his or her childrens dna. then this would have happened:     parents                                                                   to                                                                  child 1      child 2                                                                       to                to       child 5 and child 6                                                   child3               child4   now as we see parent gave birth two child and so the two childs dna is same.then the child 1 gave birth two child 3 and child 3 and 4 s dna is same to child 1  then it should be same to child 2.and so the dna of child 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 will in this way when family keeps changing the dna will match with everyones dna would match now.but now it does not match why? it may sound stupid but i am a student of 13 years and so i dont know about it much.thanks for viewing and further answering   

Asked by argha halder 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Arduino Run at the same time?

Hi ,  i got problem with my code which is can't run at the same time. for the Heat is great but the ultrasonic didn't trigger the buzzer which is more than 30cm away. btw here is my code , which part should i change ? Thanks #include #define trigPin 6    //trigPin #define echoPin 7    //echoPin LiquidCrystal lcd(12,11,5,4,3,2); int tempPin = A1;   // the output pin of LM35 int fan = 10;       // the pin where fan is int led = 9;        // led pin int temp; int tempMin = 35;   // the temperature to start the fan int tempMax = 70;   // the maximum temperature when fan is at 100% int fanSpeed; int fanLCD; int duration, distance; int buzzer = LOW; void setup() {   Serial.begin (9600);        //Baud rate   pinMode (trigPin, OUTPUT);  //trig pin as output   pinMode (echoPin, INPUT);   //echo pin as input   pinMode (13, OUTPUT);       //Buzzer pin as output   pinMode(fan, OUTPUT);   pinMode(led, OUTPUT);   pinMode(tempPin, INPUT);   lcd.begin(16,2);   } void ultrasonic() {   digitalWrite (trigPin, HIGH);   delayMicroseconds (1000);   digitalWrite (trigPin, LOW);   duration = pulseIn (echoPin, HIGH);   distance = (duration/2) / 29.1;   if (distance > 30)   {     Serial.print(distance);     Serial.println(" cm");     digitalWrite (13, HIGH);   }   else   {     Serial.println (distance);     Serial.println ( "cm");     digitalWrite (13, LOW);   } } void heat() {   temp = readTemp();     // get the temperature   if(temp < tempMin) {   // if temp is lower than minimum temp     fanSpeed = 0;      // fan is not spinning     digitalWrite(fan, LOW);         }   if((temp >= tempMin) && (temp <= tempMax)) {  // if temperature is higher than minimum temp     fanSpeed = map(temp, tempMin, tempMax, 32, 255); // the actual speed of fan     fanLCD = map(temp, tempMin, tempMax, 0, 100);  // speed of fan to display on LCD     analogWrite(fan, fanSpeed);  // spin the fan at the fanSpeed speed   }   if(temp > tempMax) {        // if temp is higher than tempMax     digitalWrite(led, HIGH);  // turn on led   }   else {                    // else turn of led     digitalWrite(led, LOW);   }   lcd.print("TEMP: ");   lcd.print(temp);      // display the temperature   lcd.print("C ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   // move cursor to next line   lcd.print("FANS: ");   lcd.print(fanLCD);    // display the fan speed   lcd.print("%");   delay(200);   lcd.clear();   } float readTemp() {  // get the temperature and convert it to celsius   temp = analogRead(tempPin);   return temp * 0.48828125; } void loop() {    ultrasonic();   heat(); }

Asked by Melromeo 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

A simple way of hooking hundreds of the same exact leds to same power source? Answered

Well i was wondering if anybody knows some schematics online...    same type of leds but different colors . so each color has a toggle switch. I'm not so clear about leds.

Asked by alpe_97 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

is hookup wire the same as electric wire? Answered

Asked by RobotBoy740 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Multiple RFM69HCW with the same Node ID?

I wan wondering if it was possible to have multiple RFM69HCW ( nodes with the same node ID on the same channel. My project I am doing involves a large amount of receivers and 1 transmitter in which I need all the nodes to receive the same message at the same time. Is this possible? I know the ACK wouldn't work as intended as from what I understand, but I am okay with that if this is so.

Asked by bigjohn412 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

is a brown wire the same as a black wire?

Usb cable. and no there is no black wire

Asked by DJZizo123 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Is Lm386L is the same LM386 or LM386N-1? Answered

Are these the same, from the datasheet it looks identical to the LM386N-1 and I read the L is just a certain manufacturers way of saying it is lead free. So does anybody know if they are the same and if so which it is comparable to? I.e just the 386 or the N-1, N-2...etc. Can I use this directly in the same circuits as LM386N-1s.. I can't see why not from looking at the datasheets. datasheet for the 'L' chip LM386N-1 datasheet:

Asked by mdog93 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Machine to mix and cook at the same time?

Hi everyone. Can anyone suggest how to safely customise a heavy duty food mixer (I have a Kitchenaid) to allow a heat source to be placed underneath? I basically need to mix and cook at the same time. There are various low-powered electric stirrers (I’ve tried using a Stirio) for domestic use, but then there seems to be nothing commercially available in-between that and huge industrial machines. Any suggestions very gratefully received. Thanks Michael

Posted by mjh12345 1 year ago

2 Different dreams in the same place?

I just realized that I had a dream this morning in the same location... twice. By that, I mean (in a gaming sort of fashion) you started playing a game, then halfway through, your mom called you and you had to save your progress. You then resume to your most recent progress in the game and continue playing. It felt something like that, and I can't explain how that happened (also given that I had the first one weeks ago). Out of curiosity, has anyone else experienced such a thing? And if so, what are they called (if at all)? ***It's been a while since I've done anything in Instructables lately.

Posted by nutsandbolts_64 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

are all usb wall adapters the same? Answered

My brother gave me his old iphone .i already had a cell so i just use the iphone like an ipod touch  .the only cable he gave me with the iphone was the one to connect it to the computer  .my problem is that im going to be without my computer for a while and i need to know if i need to buy a new usb wall adapter or if the one i that came with my digital camera would work   .in other words  .do all usb wall adapters have the same output as far as polarity, voltage, and wattage and so forth .or  would i fry my iphone if i plugged it into a usb adapter thats not made specifically for it?

Asked by somebullcrap 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Different types of motors on the same arduino?

So I am still learning Arduino but I've already built quite a few robots. I'm stepping things up a notch by building a robot with several motors. I am using 9g servos, stepper motors, standard servos, and regular dc motors with l293d ic. I am also using 2 ultrasonic distance sensors. There will be 14 motors in all but I think Arduino Uno can only handle 12? I will be using an Arduino Mega, so will that be ok? I also want to know if you can put all these different motor types on the same Arduino and if it is possible, would writing a code be really complex?

Asked by Orange robot 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Charging and Discharging a battery at the same time?

I've been researching how to make a solar powered boombox and have a few questions about protecting the battery. from solar panel to the battery: i understand that a charge controller is necessary to regulate power to the battery, as well as prevent overcharging it. from the battery to boombox: most projects use an inverter directly from the battery.  I'd like to avoid this step and pull dc from the battery directly to the battery box in the stereo(the ac input of the stereo converts it back to dc again anyway i think).  From what i've read, inverters have a protective circuit that prevent the battery from becoming dangerously undercharged as well as regulate power from the battery.  Could i just build one of these discharge controllers and be done?  Is a discharge controller necessary? cliff notes: what dangers are there in charging and discharging a battery at the same time, and how can i prevent them?

Asked by allmondjoy87 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can you run the Windows 7, Windows XP, and Linux operating systems on the same computer? Answered

It doesn't matter the system requirements, I'm just wondering if it's possible with todays tech.

Asked by bowmaster 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

555/551 timers 55* Same or Different?

Hello! I'm interested in knowing what timers are the same as the basic 555? Is a 551 the same thing? I am also looking for equavalent Timers that operate in the same way, and have almost identical pinout thanks!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Can a Mac and a PC share the same network?

The network is two PCs and a Mac sharing the same broadband modem.

Asked by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

LG MG320d and LG KG320, same phone? Answered

What is the difference between the LG MG320d and the LG KG320? Are they the same phone?

Asked by DAND 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Do Resistors work the same on AC voltage??

This isn't for a project but I'm interested if resistors still work the same: Wattage, Resistance... Thanks :)

Asked by Yonatan24 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

subwoofer and normal speaker combo in same enclosure?

Is it necessary for subwoofer to be in an individual enclosure ? can't a normal speaker n subwoofer be in the same enclosure ? what happens if they are in same enclosure ? and what  "exceptional" happens if subwoofer is in individual enclosure ? thank you SO much in advance ! i really wanna know this thing

Asked by mcsk8rg 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is whipping cream and heavy cream the same thing?

In recipes I keep seeing "heavy cream" but when I go to the store the only cream I am finding is "whipping cream" and I am wondering it they are the same thing and/or interchangeable.

Asked by KMOM14 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Is impedance and resistance the same thing in a simple resistor? Answered

Thinking of just this case using an AC current with a frequency of 1k Hz, thru a simple non-inductive resistor. Is the impedance of the resistor the same thing as the resistance measured using DC?  Is it equal to the resistance in value or different altogether? (sentence edited to change inductance to impedance) I think it's the same thing and so equal in value.  Or maybe I've still got a bunch of reading to do.

Asked by Re-design 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can the same instructable win in different contests?

I was wondering if the same instructable entered in three different (qualifying) contests can win grand prizes in all three or at least two of them? Does it have such a chance? Or would the judges think something like "this one has already won once in another contest so maybe that is enough for that author and we should give a chance to someone else" ? Will you have fewer chances to win if this very same tutorial has just won in another contest?

Posted by caracoda 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Are K'NEX Hinges and Ball'n'Socket joints the same length? Answered

Well, that's my question. I would like to know because I see people make mag's with he hinges on the out side and the ball'n'socket joints on the inside of the sides of the mag, and It is useful info anyhow. Look a the pic...if they are the same length, how did Senior Waffleman make that mag?

Asked by The Red Book of Westmarch 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can a battery to be charge and discharge at the same time? Answered

  Can a battery to be charge and discharge at the same time? i am working on a car use  a 12V battery.I put a dynamo giving 12V on the wheel and i connect the dynamo to a diode then to the battery so the battery can be can i know if the battery is charging? do i need a voltage regulator? if the battery charged and discharged at the same time will this damage it?   

Asked by tarz_00 8 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Download attached files and PDF at the same time

I have been wondering for some time, is there a way to download the PDF of the instructables together with the attached files in one go, like getting it in a *.zip or *.rar file?

Posted by 5v3n4ndr3 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Who do you have the same birthday as?

So, I searched my Birthdate on wikipedia (May 24). These following people caught my eye under births: Patti LaBelle (1944) Germanicus Julius Caesar (16 or 15 BC) Barbara Joyce Dainton (Survivor of the Titanic (1911 (D. October 16, 2007))) Gian Gastone de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1671) Who had the same birthday as you?

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Can two MIDI devices be on the same output?

I'm making a keytar and was planning on finding a keyboard with  the number of keys that I want and a MIDI output, but I'm thinking that if I do find a keyboard, it won't have the pitch-bend functionality. Could I have an Arduino read a membrane potentiometer and send that out the same MIDI port that the keyboard is sending the note data out of and have the pitch bend affect the note?

Asked by mbudde 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Same email arrived too many times

I received 7 identical emails both to my email address and my inbox here on this site. As you can see from the times, they all arrived in a couple of hours. All of them encourage me to make something for the Lights contest, but one would be enough! :P This has already happened before with other "You might be interested in this contest" emails.

Posted by lindarose92 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

The same button/trigger twice with Arduino, on/off?

So I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make Arduino do this: if statement == true LED on and if that statement if found to be true again, LED off then every time that statement == true toggle between LED on and off. So how do I go about this?? Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

"Next" button for comments is now the "Same" button

I was looking at an Instructable with a lot of comments on it, and wanted to see comments 51-100. Clicking the "Next" button in the comments section reloaded the page with comments 1-50 displayed again. Thinking that it might be just the one Instructable that had the problem, I checked several others, and all of them did the same thing. Here are some of the pages I checked: I am using IE8 / WinXP at the moment. I'll check my other browsers & operating systems as soon as I am able. UPDATE: On the Win7 machine, FF 3.6.3 pages correctly, but IE8 does the same as on the XP machine. UPDATE 2: I checked this from the public internet kiosk at my local Burger King, and the same paging issue occurred. No version info was available, but it looked like WinXP/IE7 to me. There were numerous other display errors & problems with the browser crashing when I tried to update this topic or post a reply, so the validity of the test may be questionable due to local issues in BK's network.

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Same Deal: New Pro Membership Expiring

I'm pretty sure that I'm good until April of 2013, but I got two emails stating that my pro membership is expiring.  I passed the first one off as a bug but now I'm a little concerned.  Are the ones I receive as gifts, sitting in my pro membership tab, have an expiration date?   Thank you. Zurichko

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How to wear a helmet and headphones at the same time? Answered

I've looked around, and I can't find headphone-compatible skatehelmets anywhere. Looking around for an instructable wasn't a succes either. Now I thought that if I couldn't get it into my helmet, why not mod my headphones into a neck-hanging-on-your-ears headphone. Do you guys have any ideas on what I could do? Note: I dislike earbuds, to say the least, so they are not an option.

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Are Printed Circuit Boards and Breadboards the same thing?

I bought a printed ciruit board from radioshack and i am worried that it is not going to work like a breadboard. Will it?

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Reducing Current While Leaving Voltage the Same

Hey, I have a power source that puts out 5V at about 2A. I need to reduce the current to 1A while maintaining 5V. How would I go about doing this? I thought about a resistor, but since the voltage drop is 0, how would I calculate what value I would need?EDIT: I was also looking at regulators, like this one. It says it limits current to 1A, but I'm not sure if it would be useful for what I need...;=MCP1826-5002E/AT-ND

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