Drawing in the Sand

Artist Jim Denevan makes sand drawings--but on a much bigger scale than your average beachcomber. This one is three miles across, a project that required a mind-boggling 100 miles of walking to complete. After one week, though, a rainstorm made the drawing disappear completely.Link via GeekdadIf you like this, another artist who works in nature is Andy Goldsworthy. Some of his pieces do not last more than a few hours, such as this ice sculpture from :30 to :55 that melted as soon as the sun rose.

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How to sand without sand paper?

 So my question is, is there a fairly efficient way to sand  something without using sandpaper? I am doing a project for haiti, and i just realized a breakdown in a system. Sandpaper would add a huge cost to anything.  Right to what it is used for: I was wondering, if anyone have any simple ideas on how to sand soda cans after cutting them into sheets? Solutions i can think of in context with whats available in Haiti is may be rubbing the sheets against concrete or even in a sand box?  I am just thinking, back in the old days, before sand paper, how did people do it? any ideas would be really appreciated!

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what sand do i use for sand casting and cheap sand?

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Hot and cold sands?

How is it possible that some beaches have hot sand and others have cool sand even in tropics?

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Green sand options? Answered

I finally finnished my testing prototype of my metal melting furnace. Did a few casts to get short rods for the lathe work and noticed a big problem. I used washed play sand as itwas the finest sand I could find locally. The result was good in shape but very bad in terms of surface quality. For another test I used the leftovers of my crushed perlite and mixed it bentonite and the surface was really smooth - but using perlite is not really an option. Real green sand is hard to get in my area and the postage costs for a 20kg bag are just too high on top of it. So, before I start hunting down all sand and soils shops nearby: Is there a proper name for extreme fine sand or a good alternative for a reusable casting media?

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Sand and water pictures?

I am trying to find instructions for making sand and water pictures where a mixture of sand water and air are trapped between two pieces of glass. By turning the picture upside down the sand, restricted by the air bubbles will produce a unique "landscape" on each occasion. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sweet Sand Sculptures

Sand sculptures always amaze me. The good ones, I mean. Mine never progressed much beyond noble walls that were crushed by high tide, but it's great to see that other people kept up with it and can get such amazing results from such a finicky material."Fairy tales and legends" is the theme of this year's World Sand Sculpture Festival now underway at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Tottori prefecture. On display (until May 31) are 19 massive works crafted by world-class sculptors from ten nations. The artists used around 2,700 tons of sand and took about two weeks to complete their works. World Sand Sculpture Festival

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the volume of a grain of sand

Now let's try our hands at critical thinking and experimental design. I have a very simple question for you; what is the average volume of one grain of sand ? 

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how do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down?

How do you make one of thos thing that you flip over and see the sand fall down? my nany wons to make one and can you tell me the name is???????????????????

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World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation.

From the people that brought you the world's smallest stop-motion animation, comes the world's largest - shot on a beach, some scenes covered 1000m2. New Scientist TV's video format won't embed here, so you'll have to follow this link.

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how do i make flour into fake cement type sand?

im making a mini vacation sandbox like this https://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Vacation-Sandbox/ with my daughter.... we dont have any sand on hand but we do have brown flour.it is midnight right now... i want the "sand" to be stationary as in never move from the place i put it. with shells on top. in past experiance pouring elmers into sand in great quantities the glue did not dry. the "sand" would be about 1/4 in deep. how do i go about turning this wheat flour into something more permanent?

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Mind-Blowing Sand Sculptures!

I just found these on a news website and thought that I would share it! These are some sand sculptures that were made in Australia a few weeks ago...They are absolutely dazzling! They are the biggest and best sand sculptures I have ever seen! Hope you like them!

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Question about sanding wood

Anybody have a tip on how to sand smooth many small discs of wood? Rather than do it all by hand with sanding paper I mean… Is there a (cheap) sanding tool that I can purchase? Not something like the Dremel, Im thinking more about something with a flat sanding surface. Thanks anybody that will answer.

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prince of persia sands of time

Hey guys,I was wondering something.  When you unlock classic prince of persia in sands of time (gamecube) which version is it mac,pc,other? I just wanna know...  

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cheap ideas for a sand box? Answered

  i   have a   small yard , 2 boys , and  we   rent  so  nothing   t perement

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Weird Acoustics - Sand and Salt

I found this video and wanted to know your reactions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuyQSZX8HMI&NR;=1any1 knoow if it is real?

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Rubber "sand" What to do with it?

They market the stuff for installing around playground equipment. It's shredded tires. I got a load free. I plan to use some for backfill in a spot which was very rough to dig out. But I'll have leftovers. Can I vulcanize it into solid rubber? How?  Mix with concrete to make it lightweight? Or will thermal changes cause rubber to expand /contract too much?   What else could be done w/ it?  

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Indiana Jones Archeological Sand Toys

Does anyone know how to make sand stick together like the archeological sand toys from museums?  I'd like to bury items for a camp and let them dig in their individual sand cakes with popsicle sticks.?

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Is it possible to clean and reuse pool filter sand rather than replace it?

I know pool filter sand is not a major investment. However, I hate throwing the sand away & replacing it if I don't need to. Is it possible to simply remove the sand, clean it, dry it, return it to the filter AND have it work properly?

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How to build beach balloon tires?

What would be the best way to attach ~ detach a set of wheels to a boat ... to move across soft sand ?  .. weight capacity = 500 lbs How to build balloon sand tires thanx ~Frog~

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How to make Aluminium Table Ware

Is there a better way to mold aluminium into tableware than using green sand molds?

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When I saw the sandblaster here, I wanted to make one because well, it's cool. The only problem is that I can't find the gun. From what I can tell, It has 2 intakes and one exit nozzle. I did read the instructable, but it didn't say (as far as I could tell). Can someone help?

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Separate Sand and Water in Glass Vase

I'd like to hear some suggestions for separating sand and water in a 4" diameter glass vase. I'm doing an arduino project that involves having a dyed deep blue mineral oil as a non-evaporating "water" atop about 4 inches of sand in a glass vase. I experimented with drizzling Loctite epoxy and it leaked about 1/4" into the sand, so it wasn't very elegant (created a layered look - dry sand, wet sand, epoxy, water). I'd like the delineation to be as clean, but easily implemented, as possible. Worst case scenario is that I wrap something around the vase to hide the transition, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.  I suppose another option is to stack 2 separate glass vessels, but im struggling with thinking of a good way to do that too... Perhaps this is also a non-issue...I should see if the deep blue mineral oil is even visible if put directly INTO the sand. Thanks in advance.

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Sand and Gravel water filter- HELP

Okay so I have been charged with finding out how to build a simple sand/ gravel water filter for use at scouts on Thursday and I have come up with ZERO... Does anyone know enough about it to explain to me in laymans terms on how to construct one... or rather what grades of sand/gravel i need? I'm planning on using a pop bottle, and layering the sand and gravel inside it.... using the screw top end as the tap.... I have a BASIC idea of what i need... I just want to be sure it works! Thanks guys and girls Jay

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Sandboard Instructable

I was going to make another sandboard to try a different design, and I was wondering if there was any demand for an Instructable about it. Anyone?

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how to make glass out of sand?

What will i use to melt it? what will i use as a crucible? what will it turn out as? is it even possible?

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whats a good sand weathering paint? Answered

Im working on a model truck, and its going to be on  the beach. i just need a paint colour in tamiya, model masters, or testors.ive tried tamiya dark yellow, but i dont rly like it.

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Sanding/polishing porcelain beads in a tumbler

I'm looking to tumble porcelain bisque (not the final firing, still soft enough to sand off impefections), and polish the final fired porcelain beads in a tumbler. See attached photos of a final fired porcelain bead for the scale. I'm wondering if you know what media, burnishing compound etc I should be using, and for how long.. I already have a 3lb capacity Lortone Tumbler with stainless steel shot currently for polishing metal. But I believe this tumbler also does rocks.

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sand, gravel, & rocks? LAVA mmmm....

Hello boys & girls, We're a little over-stocked on crushed lava rock and thought the fine members at INSTRUCTABLES might like to take advantage of a special offer. Use coupon code "INSTRUCT" to get 5% off your order (can be combined with current free shipping promo). It takes a few hours for new promo codes to propagate the Amazon robot so if it doesn't work right away, try again in a little bit. The current listings are for 20lb dry lava rock (red or black). Screened. Rinsed. Kiln-dried. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_kitchen?_encoding=UTF8&node;=1055398&field-brandtextbin;=substratesource Think of all the DIY Earth Boxes... terrariums... aquarium backgrounds... and more you'll be able to create. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread, shoot us a PM, or visit our site. http://www.substratesource.com Thanks! Have a great holiday season. P.S. If this is too spammy, please don't kill me! Friends?

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Paint a Bike? Answered

How do you do a good paint job on your bike? What paint do I get? should I sand it down or Just put primer on it?

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Moldable, sandable substance to connect several pieces of plastic? Answered

I am attempting to connect several pieces of plastic and want to do it nice and smooth, so that when finished it looks like it is suppose to be like that. To that I end I would need to be able to mold, have it air dry, then be able to sand it smooth and paint it. I was thinking of using air dry modeling clay but I do not know how well that would integrate with plastic as well as being able to sand it. Any ideas?

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Soil for sandy sink hole areas

Our home is on sand, lime, sink holes. It helps to direct rainwater away from the structure to prevent sink holes. My question is if there are recommended soil treatments for sand. If it will help to coat the perimeter with two feet of soil and sod, I'll do it. I really like landscaping and I just wanna make sure using a few feet of fertile soil and sod is an option without making things worse. Any other recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thanks all.

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How do I paint an acoustic guitar? Answered

Specifically a cheap spanish guitar. Just curious. I know that if I paint too much, it'll kill the tone. And I know I should use a nitrocellulose lacquer (but Ill probs just use Polyurethane). Has anyone had history with this?

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how to poly a guitar amp a light color?

I would like to keep my home-made guitar amp a light color. and i am having problems finding the right polyeurathane for it.  it is a very whitish wood, and it does not have any knots, and i like the white color of it. and when i put just plain poly on a scrap of wood, it turned a disgusting yellow. i dont really want that! haha so i wonder if there is a way to keep that beautiful white color on the amp, but still have poly on it. because if i dont poly the amp, it is going to get destroyed by water, dust, and it will, of course, get beat up by random things (little sisters....haha jk). sooo, i just wondered. THX!!

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How do i dredge sand from a boat slip?

I'm looking to dredge a slip myself. The slip is in Tampa Bay. It has plenty of water during normal tides but not at a strong low tide. Looking to keep my 17ft. safely moored.

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Using an inkjet to print water based glue?

I am thinking about playing with an inkjet printer to print 3d sand casting molds. To save time, I won't be too specific in my design, but I basically want to modify an inkjet to print a water based glue onto layers of sand to create sand casting molds like the 3d printer in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8MaVaqNr3U Someone also made a crude version of what I want in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nbtZOolSIY&feature;=player_embedded My theory is that if an inkjet printer heats up the water in the ink creating a bubble of steam to push the rest of the ink out, wouldn't the same concept apply to a water based glue if you put that in the inkjet? So here are my questions: 1) Would it be possible to put water based glue in an inkjet and have it print it? 2) Are water based glues are ok to use in sand casting molds? Tell me what you think and thanks for your input. 

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Just found out: Clean inside of a thermos - Simple!

I just had to clean my thermos prior the tournament tomorrow. A quick peek inside revealed some stubborn residue. Propably furring (chalky deposits) from the boiling water i use to make tea in them... (we have quite "hard" water with lots of calcium). The throat of the bottle (Full-metal thermos) was too narrow for normal cleaning-brushes... I fortunately had a bag of rice standing around and thought  "Hm... Hard and small things"! So i quickly added half a handfull of dry rice in the thermos and a bit of cold water (2-3 spoons). Then i shook it a bit and poured the rice out. The inside was quite clean and almost "pristine" again. This method should also work for thermoscans with glass-interiors. Another (better) way of doing that is propably (but ONLY if you have a METAL-Interior!) to add a hand of sand or fine gravel with some wather (Maybe even a bit of dishsoap) and give it a shake. Again: Only do the sand/gravel if your thermos does not have a glass-interior!! Have fun and enjoy a good drink while outside! :)

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How many grains of sand in a cubic millimeter? Answered

I want to know how many grains of sand are in a cubic mm, because I want to work out how many grains of sand fit in my bedroom (using maths rather then filling it with sand and then counting for the rest of my life.)

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How do you make sand sculptures??

I would like to make free standing sculptures and hanging pieces. I would like advice from anyone who has tried this medium. Thanks.

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how do i sand paint of a bmx? Answered

Is there a special type of sandpaper i should use when sanding paint of metal?

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Is it possible to clean and reuse agualoon sand alternative ?

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How do I glue sand to styrene

Styrene glues

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Laser diode cooling, would sanding help?

If I sanded the sides of my laser diode (essentially the same package as a stubby 5mm led), would it increase the surface area enough so that the cooling effects are noticeable if used in conjunction with thermal epoxy and a small active cooling system? Datasheet: http://docs-europe.electrocomponents.com/webdocs/08d5/0900766b808d55b2.pdfUPDATE: Ok, due to many unforeseen minor issues/problems that have arisen, I have decided to consider a flat diode package. Although the power and pulse width are somewhat smaller, It wont really hinder the end product (which will have loads of documentation on the build here).New diode datasheet: http://catalog.osram-os.com/catalogue/catalogue.do;jsessionid=A8BC7E9CCE6FB1AA392B37F3F982A978?act=downloadFile&favOid;=0200000200001347000300b6

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Whats the best way to mix greensand? Answered

I'm looking to start aluminum casting, and I'd like to try sand casting. I'm on a TIGHT budget, so I need something for about twenty bucks. What the best formula for greensand?

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Shortest poly dry time?

What is the shortest Polyurethane drying time before i can wet sand? 

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painting a bmx? Answered

Hey, my friend just sold me a bmx frame to me for a good price, but the paint is old and its rusty. I sort of have an idea of how to paint it; sand it, wash it, dry it, prime it, then paint it. however, that's just my guess as to how it would be done. camn anyone suggest some things that i should or should not do? thanks.

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can i use ordinary sharp sand in a sandblaster? Answered

I'm trying to set up a sandblaster, got the compressor, got the gun, it's one of those 30lb over the shoulder plastic containers, but the grit on ebay is so expencive.So can I use ordinary sharp sand? I need it to remove paint and rust.

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Can portland cement be mixed without sand or gravel?

I'm planning to switch from wood to cement because we are soon moving into a condominium where noise should be kept to a minimum. If yes, what is the ratio of water to cement? if no, can i mix it with sand only and what is the ratio. Thanks

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Sanding small flat surfaces so they stay flat

Hi, I'm trying to sand fairly small wooden objects that are about 1/2"x1" and sometimes a little larger. I often find that one side is thicker than the other or the corners are no longer perpendicular. I am trying various techniques, like taking a chunk of 2x4 and wrapping it sandpaper and then vice it to my workbench. Then I rub the object against the paper block. That is getting better results.  I've read that some people use spray-on adhesive to secure sheets of sandpaper to a granite top and that it is supposed to work well. There are a few instructables that explicitly talk about sanding and I've read many of them. They advocate a bunch of techniques. I'm wondering what other folks have had success with. Thanks, Andy

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What is a smooth, or "rounded" aggregate, like sand, but NOT abrasive ?

I made an hourglass as a prop for a local production of "The Wizard of Oz".  The "witch" (the actress') still has it at her  home.  The "glass", which s actually plastic, & made of sections cut from 4 plastic goblets- is becoming less clear because the white sand I used is fogging up the surface with very fine scratches.  I'd like to replace this sand (that I got from a craft store, like Joann's) with an aggregate that has smooth round pieces, not rough ones.  These wont be so scratchy, and will also be less apt to cram together and clog the narrow passage from the top chamber to the lower one.  I googled these words, and got some very technical info about the science of manufacturing concrete and plastic products, but nothing I could use to find or even name what I could buy and use.  ALSO, is there a best compound for polishing the inside of the "glass" to restore the original clarity?  In other things, I've used brass polish, and even toothpaste!

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