Who Plays What Sax?

I want to know what type of sax who plays (if you play sax) and how you got started. I don't play saxaphone but my friend got me interest in what saxes are played.

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How different is the tenor sax and the bari sax from an Alto saxaphone?

So, school starts soon obviously, and I am taking band. I currently am playing alto sax, and I am wondering if I should try to play tenor, bari and alto sax. However, I want to know what some main differences are, so if you play bari or tenor sax, I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

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When should my sister switch to baritone saxophone?

My sister started playing saxophone, and she wants to switch to bari sax. The problem is, she's way too small. She can barely play my tenor! She really wants to play it, but she'll have to wait until she's slightly taller and better at sax. When could she play the bari and what should she know before playing it?

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What Instrument do you play? Answered

I play the tenor saxophone.

Question by shadowninja31 8 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Alto Saxophone mouthpieces?

I have been playing alto sax for 3 years and would like to get a new mouthpiece. I have the one that came with my saxophone it says NEMC on the top and on the side it has 3* If anyone has any good suggestions for a intermediate player I will greatly appreciate them.

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What are some techniques to get low notes out of a bari sax?

Basically, low D and below don't come out easily and often don't come out at all.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

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Brass/Sax Cheap Mic Setup

I have made a cheap setup that attaches to your instruments bell and provides a clearer sound then a mic mounted on a desk. Oh did I mention it cost me about $2.00- $2.50? Please let me know if anyone is interested in an Instructable on this?

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Will this experimental musical instrument work?

So I got this brilliant idea to try and make an instrument out of PVC that can play two or maybe three notes at once. Problem is, I don't know if it will work. The sax mouthpiece would produce one note and the two recorders another. Will the recorders even make noise from the air that it gets from the sax mouthpiece? Or should i just ditch the sax mouthpiece and have the two recorders being played? Even if it did work, I would only be able to play a really simple song with only three harmonized notes.

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Does anyone know what shape the knives are in Ranger's Apprentice? Answered

I've loved this book series for so long and recently I have gotten into costuming. I (obviously) want to make a Ranger costume but I don't think the covers of the book are all that accurate (the cloaks are green while in the book they're mottled grey/brown/green).  A similar question I posted when I first signed up to this website returned the answer that the Saxe Knife looks like a Bowie knife, but I don't know if that quite fits...  Any suggestions would be helpful, also any tips for the rest of the costume would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance :) UPDATE: I'd like to rephrase this slightly. Does anyone know of a blade shape that couldsuit the saxe knife? It is a costume of a fictional item, not a re-creation so I figure a stylized shape would be better.  UPD

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Is it possible to make a bass drum kick pedal that runs on usb and would be compatible with midi? Answered

I've got a midi drum controller that I like using [and would rather not destroy for the project], but I would much rather use a kick pedal for bass than my fingers. I was wondering if there was a way to make a bass drum kick pedal that was compatible with midi live (for example usb or something), as opposed to having to convert the audio to midi and all that mess.

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I am looking into getting a new Alto saxophone, but dont know what kind to get!!!

I have played the Alto saxophone for about 3+ years now and have done it on a Bundy II, probaly one of the worst saxophones you could possibly own. And i want to buy a new saxophone probaly in the under $2,000 USD range . I plan on playing the saxophone for many years to come so i dont want another piece of junk. My current sax is aweful and i cant even play down to a low Bb(have done so on others) and i even have had about 80% of the pads replaced! So what brands and types do you people recomend i invest in (want to play for many years). I dont plan on going professional so probaly just getting a intermediate one that will last for like ever. Please post links if possible!!!

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