scale modeling

This is a simple forum for all of the website users that do scale modeling. I know that not that many website users do, but at least there's somewhere now that the few people can use to talk about painting, techniques, or anything to do with models.

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Does anyone even care about mini model? I've barley seen any in the entire website! (excluding ) Any way... I need to see more of this kind of stuff!

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scale modeling papercraft?

I do scale models, and I was wondering; are there any places where you can download free papercraft things like buildings, army vehicles, ships, etc. for free that are in the equivelant scale of most models, suck as 1/48, 1/72, 1/35?

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whta color should an engine be for the thomas flyer? Answered

I have a model Thomas flyer, its an old car that went on a big race, what color should the engine b? its blue right now, but im not sure

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small scale model boxes? Answered

I'm working on a diorama that has my local model shop in it, so i figured that, even though the windows are tinted, i can at least put some models and stuff laying around... so i could make paper model boxes. i have the dimensions, but i have two problems. 1) i don't know how to transfer my calculations (1cm x0.7cm x0.4cm) to the computer, and 2) i dont know how to make the model boxes 1/24 smaller without losing virtually al the detail... obviously im not looking for something perfect, but i also dont want the box top to be some random coloured pixels. can someone help with this? i could draw them, but i was hoping to offer these to other people, by making an instructable.

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where is the scale model forum?

Ive heard of a scale modeling forum, but i cant find it. can anyone help me? 

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Any scale- model makers?

Hi, I am the art director on a very low-budget but so-far amazing movie. I want to make an inexpensive but professional looking model of an observatory. So far, I am thinking of using sculpey. Can anyone please help with some leads? I know I could put this together, but instructables, websites, or comments about materials or construction would help immensely. This website is full of resourceful people. Thanks!

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realistic model water?

I have a model PT boat 109 ( in 1/72 scale) and the propellers are broken. I figure the best way to do this is to just throw the boat in a diorama scene, so it is at the waterline. Can anyone help, because I have no idea how to do the water, and i was wondering if there was any realistic water things that I can make at home, or buy for pretty cheap.

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Scale Aircraft Drawings

Does anyone know where i might download a copy of the book "Scale Aircraft Drawings vol 1" without signing up for something.

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Hello! please help, im making a scale model car wash that uses 4 brushes and top cloth strips to clean the car. How can i get the arms that hold the brushes to go in and out to wash the front and the back of the car? PLEASE HELP!!!

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whats a good sand weathering paint? Answered

Im working on a model truck, and its going to be on  the beach. i just need a paint colour in tamiya, model masters, or testors.ive tried tamiya dark yellow, but i dont rly like it.

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is there any website that sells scale models really cheap?

Me and my friend do a lot of scale modeling, and we were wondering if there was anywhere we can get models that ship to canada free for like 5 bucks

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Modeling assistance required? Answered

Does anybody have any suggestions on either making or, as a last resort, buying a scale model of this?

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Plans for a model railroad table? Answered

I'd like to build a table for my son's HO scale model railroad layout, and want one that's not too heavy and can be taken up and down stairs when we move it to a different room after the house is painted. Thanks!

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Whats Best For Scale Model Ship Building PVA or Elmers Wood Glue ?

The Ships are Either Plastic or Wood

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what colors should a canadian leopard 2a6m model be?

I have a huge 35th scale hobby boss canadian leopard tank, and i was just wondering what color the bottom and tank crew should be.

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How to scale papercraft and where to print? Answered

We are planning to do several models from Star Wars as Halloween Costumes. I have a papercraft model of an AT-ST, Darth Vaders Tie Fighter, and an Xwing. And potentially a millenium Falcon. These are currently 1/16" models.  Our plan is to scale them up to about 6 feet to use as a pattern then put them over cardboard or corrugated board. What is the best/cheapest way to achieve this? I have them in a locked .pbo file and in pdf

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know of any small scale Rankine cycle engines that are classroom safe for a presentation?

Have a school presentation on a thermodynamic process and would like to present a Rankine Cycle but i havent been able to find one that i can build and run within a classroom just looking for a design or directions, even a video that i can use to build one

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scale model afrika korps ww2 german diorama? Answered

I just got a bunch of models for my birthday, all WW2, mostly German, afrika  korps. I'm going to use them in a big diorama, so i could use some help in the painting, and weathering. i got one set of ruins, so i as wondering if you could tell me how to weather them, and with what. they are mostly brick walls, and sandbags. i also got a little ambulance, a small autoblinda ab 43, and i was wondering what color to paint it. and i got 100plus troops, half german, half british, and i was wodering if there was simple colors to paint those. Also, they're all 72th scale, and the model shop that i go to, mostly sells tamiyas, which im also trying to only buy. thanks for any help.

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Christmas Present: Post Apocalyptic Scale Model Help

I know that Christmas is a little over two months away but I need help. I'm making my older brother a post apocalyptic scale model car as a present. I have a 1/12 scale model of a 1969 Camaro Z-28 and I want to cut out the back and put model oil drums in it and a mini gun on the roof, but that's just for starters. I just wanted to know if the mini gun I picked out would fit or if it would be too big or small. Any other suggestions would also be awesome, I want to get this started real soon. Please help. Car:;=true&ref;_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 Guns:;=7&u;=4&pg;=2&ppp;=48&sb;=stocknumber&so;=a&e;=0 Other:

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Would a small scale model of your own house fit in the theme the Tiny Home contest?

Question for mods. Sorry if this is the wrong spot.

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how would you suggest i make a model of this? Answered

I want to make a scale model of this, but i'm a bit unsure what would be the best thing to make it out of. thanks in advance!

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How do you take off paint on plastic scale models without chemicals??

I messed up on painting a model car and I don't want to use paint thinner and if I sanded it off it would ruin the plastic...

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Model Medieval Wooden Ship Building

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about where I might find plans or tips for building a scale model of something like a viking longship or medieval man-o-war? Ideally what I would like is outlines of ribs and spars, etc. that could be transposed onto balsa or something else that's easy to work.

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How to apply silk span on a small stick and tissue model aitplane ? Answered

I am covering a 1/25 scale Stinson SR 7 . I am doing this for the first time . The 4th attempt for this model . I want to do it right . The learning curve is littered with 3 previous failures using tissue . Thanx ..

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will someone make an instructable on how to make a model gas can (preferably in 1/25th scale) for dioramas? Answered

 i want a gas can that looks like this

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I really want to make scale prefably Working models of the USS Enterpise Command Bridges &the TARDIS Console Rooms help?

Any help will be appreciated never done it before, hope I can do it, I want it action figure size, but realistic and acricate

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what colour should me pt boat be? Answered

I got a model pt boat, but its molded in a very dark green, so  i was wondering what color, if any, it should be.

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usb 5lb digital scale from

Link to website 5 lb scale model 510 hello might be the wrong place to ask this question but ... i have picked up a usb digital scale from a garage sale ..... anyone have a instructable of what to do with it as far as software to use with it instead of the software or dose anyone have any ideas what to do with it beside using it with the software / thanks mike m?

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how to make a full size modelling desk for wargames like warhammer? Answered

Wargaming, building scenery, airbrushing booth, drying racks etc allso paint storage, tool storage, easy acces and working fot other kinds of models, scale modelling etc...

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Will i have any problems building this HOVERCRAFT MODEL at 1/2 of his scale( aka use half the measurements he uses)? Answered

I really want to build a hovercraft model. Id design my own but i know id run into center of gravity issues. Id build this one but it is too large for my likeing and storage. Would it work at 1/2 his measurements. I realize i would need to use a different size motor and prop for the duct. I would probably use the same size motor but half sized prop for propulsion because me gusta( i like) fast.

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could someone post a model railroading related instructable please?

It is things like track planning for Ho scale and landscaping.

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how do you mask circles on a model plane? Answered

I am making a model tiger moth, and on the camo scheme, it showes that the bottom half of the airplane is yellow, and the top half is a green and brown camo. however, one of the circular decals go half in the yellow and half in the camo scheme, but the circular decal has a yellow brder. ( easier to just look at the pic) anyways, since i did a base coat of yellow, and i masked it off to paint the camo. so how can i mask of a perfect circle?

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How to make a model slot car drag strip timer? Answered

I want to build a slot car model drag strip in HO scale with all the bells and whistles.  I wan the electronics to run a Christmas tree starting light, catch red light disqualifications, determine who wins, measures and reports on a 'billboard' the reaction time, elapsed time and top speed.  I can do all the other stuff like making and wiring power tot he track, make competitor starting buttons, adjust track voltage to power the various classes of car but I can't do the electronic stuff.  Can anyone help?

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Is there a DIY Arduino or Raspberry Pi Coordinate Measuring Machine published in "Instructables"? Answered

I wish to build a coordinate machine using x-y-z movements controlled by a microprocessor that can measure a scale model by touch of a probe or by reflection of a microwave.  The base machine would handle an envelope of 8" x 8" x 8" and use one or a combination of the best of the CNC laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.  Whether the microwave non-contact, crash avoidance, technology is sensitive enough would be interesting.  A couple of contact probe articles have been published and are the basis of commercial "Coordinate Measuring Machines" (CMM) and would be interesting if they are sensitive enough as a DIY project.  The end result would be to write a file with the x-y-z coordinates of say a model car, and knowing the scale of the model, one could multiply the data by the scale factor and have "Full Scale" coordinates of the cars' surface for building a kit car body.  A 1939 version of this project is on display at the CORD/AUBURN  Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  A 1939 Cord in 1:10 scale is shown as a clay model with half of the car finished.  The coordinate machine's purpose was to measure the right hand side completed in clay and produce a finished 1:10 scale model by finishing the left hand side symmetrically from data obtained from the opposite side. While interesting, it is a manual machine.  I am seeking an electronic, programmable, DIY version.

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Building a replica Colt Python?

I just built a small CNC machine to add to my workshop and was wondering if anyone has the build plans for a colt python. I would like to build an all wooden 1:1 scale replica, swing out cylinder and all. I spent hours scouring the Internet, and have found nothing of a suitable quality. So, anyone got a .dxf file(s) I can work with, or at least some accurate drawings I can take measurements from? Thanks in advance.

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Knex Stairs

Hey, I was trying to make knex stairs on my homungerous model but I can't find a actual small model scale stairs of the knex.So if anybody know how can you send me a link to a forums or just give me a small instructable or picture in your reply?

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help!! can someone give a wire diagram for 4 led's for a plastic model aircraft?

I have a working plan to install 4 small leds(2 green,a red,and a white) in a 1/48 scale A-10 plastic model aircraft.I would like to have the red,1 green,and the white to all flash at the same time, with the other green to remain steady (for cockpit lighting).I just dont know how to wire it.I generally know what parts,and what voltage for the led's I need to get, I just need a wiring diagram.(this wire goes here,this wire goes there,etc.).I plan to install the red,green and white led's in the fuselage with either a small diameter clear plastic rod or fiber optic tube running to the wing tips and tail, with the other green installed under the cockpit floor. Can anyone help?? thank you.

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Small model roller coaster - how to build the lift?

Hello, I've accepted the challenge of building a small-scale (no riders) roller coaster model for use as a prop in my church's vacation bible school next summer.  The vehicles are based on skateboard trucks, and the track is made from 1.5" PVC cut in half lengthwise, secured to a wood frame.  Motion is all gravity-based except of course for the lift hill, and that's where I'm stuck looking for a good design.  The vehicle is expected to remain in motion without intervention for a few hours a day, so the lift needs to engage the vehicle at the bottom, lift it to the top, and release it reliably.  The frame is still a work-in-progress and is easily modified, but for reference it's about 30' wide by 8' deep.  The height of the hill top is also still undefined but I'd expect about 6 feet or so, with any reasonable slope.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for any ideas.

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Cleaning house I mean machine shop

Ok...finally compiled a list of everything that's going so I don't have to make multiple posts... this is it:Water Heater 10 gal. Electric 22x24" $100CRT Monitors Qty. 4 FreeToledo Scale Vintage Counting Scale $100Electrical Boxes Various sizes, shapes $10eaDayton Right Angle Motors (Davit motors) qty2 (L&R;) 1/35hp from a boat model 5K5355 RPM 1725 $300 for both or $200eaExtrusion Various sizes, shapes, qty. $1/lbCable winch from boat trailer $20Time Clocks Mechanical, broken $20 for bothBrewmatic Junior Industrial Coffee Pot $60Baseboard Heater $15Matsuura tool holders *NEW* (qty2) setting/changing fixtures fits BT40 $470 for both or $275ea2 Spring Testers 1 torsion $Price unknown at this time1BridgePort DRO +Scales Scales OK, DRO broken $100Mitutoyo Touch Signal Probe 192-001 $115Micrometers Mitutoyo 8-9" part# 103-223 $125 & 10-11" part# 103-225 $135 or $200 for bothGarnet Hopper Jet Edge new this runs $8700! $800Spring Wire Various sizes, stainless (17-7, 302) and music wire $1/lb - large coils (pm/email for list)Drill Sharpener Darex M4 w/ accessories $500Drill Sharpener SRD 80-M $400Garmin GPS Old, still works! $10Briggs & Stratton Motor NEW. 18hp cast iron, twin cyl. 964cc $999Metal Desk 60" wide, seafoam green metal $60Hose Clamps 5.25" in diameter $.25/eaCoffing Hoist 1/2 Ton 3 phase hoist. Works, but is dirty. Has controls $450Pepsi Machines 2 older can machines. They work & we have keys $100Lip Cutter/Grinder Alexander 2CG (for engraving tools)w/accessories $600Capacitance Meter Emco Capacitance Meter, old, good condition. $20All prices are obo. It can be shipped UPS (sometimes USPS). I have pictures for most of the things on the list.Email if you are interested. I don't check PMs very often, but PMs ok too!THANKS!

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AutoCAD 2012 for 1:1 3D model making/printing?

The title just about sums up my question. I am using AutoCAD 2012 to make 3D models for the intent of 3D printing. However, all the models I make in CAD are smaller then they are showing. For example, I draft a 5x5x5 cube, and export it as an STL. Then open in a a few different STL viewers, and the cub has shrunk down to about 2.5x2.5x2.5. Now, I can always just scale up my models to fit the needed size, but if I can get CAD to agree with me to make a 5x5x5 cube that will really come out to be 5x5x5, that would make things easier.  Also, as a precursor, I have changed the units in CAD to match my needs, but it the models are still coming out small

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Solid fuel

Hello. I am new to this site. I've always had an interest in Model Rocketry and have built a lot of small scale rockets and launched them with store bought engines over the years. I've always wanted to build larger scale rockets and learn how to make my own solid propellant to fuel them but never knew how to get started. Any advice?

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How can I make a small Piezo Police siren, on a small footprint for HO Scale Model Railroad.? Police cars, ambulance etc

I have taken a little ambulance apart, which has a little piezo siren and flashing lights. I can create the flashing light circuit but how can I get the siren circuit ..?

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Man builds amazing 1:40 scale LEGO Battleship + VIDEO !!

A Japanese man called Jun Brick has finished building a 1:40 scale replica model of the Japanese battleship "Yamato" .. out of LEGOOver 100,000 LEGO bricks were used in the construction !Back in 2007 Jun Brick posted photos showing the construction so i can only assume it took over 3 years to build.Photos of the construction and loads of the finished ship can be found on his Geo Cities page(Which is in Japanese so i cant read it :S)Below are a selection of the most impressive photos.Video is not all still images, it has some great panoramic views and walkarounds Via Wired

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How to make a small sound generator for a 1:6 scale toy? Answered

This is my first post so please excuse me if it's in the wrong place or a repeat. I am making a 1:6 scale WWII toy truck out of balsawood and would like to add a sound generator for engine and gun noises. My problem is that apart from seeing a radio Controlled 1:16th scale model tank at a show recently I don't know how this might work and what parts I would need or the type of cost involved. But from what I have seen people doing here I am sure someone will be able to suggest something suitable. Any help will be very much appreciated as it is for my grandson to play with. he is expecting to be able to push the jeep around but the addition of suitable sounds would realy make him happy. :) Kind regards, Bern

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Electroplate tech used for 3D printing

Obviously it wouldn't work for large scale objects, but could high current, localized "plating" be used to deposit large, controlled amounts of metal to sculpt an object??

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Welsh boy builds rollercoaster (and Kiteman posts about K'NEX!)

Nine-year old Welsh boy James Morgan has built a working scale model of one of the rides at Oakwood theme park in Pembrokeshire.It appears to be made of K'NEX... The story was mentioned on the BBC, but not credited properly.You may think the model looks a bit flimsy, but have a look at the real ride and you'll see...

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Lego CAD software

I just thought that the Lego-ers (?) would like to know about Ldraw, open source CAD software specifically for designing Lego models. Have a look at this BBC News story to see a chap who built a model of St Pancras' railway station to a scale suitable for minifigs. Of course, you may not wish to go "open" with your software (I doubt that Ldraw has been as thoroughly debugged as Firefox, for instance), so you may with to use the official Lego CAD software. 

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