scale modeling

This is a simple forum for all of the website users that do scale modeling. I know that not that many website users do, but at least there's somewhere now that the few people can use to talk about painting, techniques, or anything to do with models.

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"scale" crossbow

It hasn't been done before and i intend to be the first! Im working on an instructible for a wooden crossbow that can fire either pencile or a special bolt with a nail tip. cost me under $5:00. Is my first but it is written well, any first thoughts?

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Printing to scale.

I often want to print a diagram to scale. Often times the diagram is also larger then the sheetof paper. ( A sample diagram is at: If you want to see other similar diagrams you can look at: not all the diagrams I want to print are boomerangs.I am using Debian Etch, Cups, Gimp to modify the images which I save as postscript then print via lpr.My printer is a Lexmark Optra E312L, which can handle both pcl6 and postscript.I print the diagram once, measure something and figure the scaling factor. I then use Gimp to scale.Sometimes I just save and print sometimes, sometimes I break it up into overlapping parts and print.In either case the result is the same. Either the diagram gets shrunk to 1/4 it's size ( even though I blew it up), or the daigram it off by a bit, no matter how I tweak. it seems not to be predictable either. Worse when I try to line up two overlapping printouts the size don't match, so I can't really join them.Can someone show how to use Gimp, cups and a postscript printer to print something to scale. From everything i read I should be able to do it, but I guess there is some piece of software in the process thatis saying "Guy is too stupid to print it up right, I have to rescale for him".

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Secret To Slithering Is In The Scales

Secret To Slithering Is In The ScalesTalk of the Nation, June 12, 2009 -- How do snakes slither on smooth surfaces? Mechanical engineer David Hu, of Georgia Tech, filmed snakes slithering up inclines, outfitted them in jackets and photographed them through jello to better understand snake locomotion. The researchers published the study in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week.NPR's video that accompanies the article has some amazingly fun shots of snakes slithering in place on surfaces too smooth for them get any traction.

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scale modeling papercraft?

I do scale models, and I was wondering; are there any places where you can download free papercraft things like buildings, army vehicles, ships, etc. for free that are in the equivelant scale of most models, suck as 1/48, 1/72, 1/35?

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Scale Aircraft Drawings

Does anyone know where i might download a copy of the book "Scale Aircraft Drawings vol 1" without signing up for something.

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Old Bathroom Scales--what to do with it/them?

Just got new bathroom scale(s). What can I do with the old one(s)? It has analog not digital readout...and is it SCALES OR SCALE??? 

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how do you select and program a led remote display for scales?

If someone could look at the site you will see they sell a remote display for thier scales. I have one of these scales but i dont have 400 bucks for a display. I would like to build one but dont know how or what to look for when selecting the type of led display that is needed to display weight. Thanks in advance for any help.

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How can I make an electronic balance that would output a voltage and light a series of LEDs?

The display will be used to represent weight (weight would be between 1 and 100 lbs) and will be used in a competition in which coins will be added into buckets setting on the scales or load cell platforms at varying rates. I will make two identical units and would like for the displays to remain active throughout the competition which should last less than 20 minutes. The purpose will be to represent which bucket has the most weight at any given moment and the accuracy only needs to be the same for each device. In other words, if the buckets were switched, the results would be repeatable (accurate within one LED (or perhaps a better light arrangement may be suggested)). Thank you

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Welcome Mat weight scales

I would like a welcome mat that would display the persons weight on an eye level digital readout [large].  I have people over a lot and I think this would a great way to start the ladies party.  I have  scales in small hallway and have beeen surprised at  how many people get on it. I love this web page and marlvel at the things ya'll make.  I am so envious. Gail

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Can someone show me a link to the twelve major scales for trumpet? Answered

I lost my scales sheet and have a scales test coming up. I would like a scales sheet with the sharps and flats marked in.

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Is it possible to use Piezoelectric sensors to measure weight, like a hypersensitive set of scales?

If Piezo is not appropriate in this case, which would be the best technology / method of weighing to use? I want to create a a hypersensitive set of scales which read up to 1 kg of total weight. But I want to create it as flat and flexible as possible. The footprint would be roughly 115 x 55 mm and be used to measure the weights of small foods for the prupose dieting, can anyone help me?

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who developed richter scale?

The richter scale is used to identify the intensity of a earthquake.

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Configuring Digital Scale for Bluetooth?

I'm working on a project using a scale. I would like this scale to be able to submit data to my computer via bluetooth. How can I configure my digital scale to use bluetooth?

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Printing scale for repurposed meter

I am doing a project to repurpose a Westinghouse KX-241 switchboard meter as a CPU process meter for my PC.  To to this I will have to make a new scale for the meter.  Here is the type of meter in question: The scale on the meter I have does not match the scale I need, which is 0 to 100 (percent).  This is a simple task: Just remove the scale from the meter, scan it, and modify the image as necessary with Corel Draw.  Then print the new scale on glossy paper and adhere it to the top of the meter scale.  Simple.  Except, if you notice in the picture, the scale of the meter is not all flat.  The outer edge of the scale where the lines are is angled outward.  If I try to apply a printed scale to this, the printed scale will have creases where the paper negotiates the angled portion.  Any ideas of how I can manage this without creases?

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Making a large shipping scale?

I'm wanting to build a large shipping scale with capabilities of measuring up to 2400 lb's.  I'm curious if anyone has done anything like this and could give me advice.  I was thinking of combining 6-400 lb. scales with an arduino and simply displaying the sum of their weights on an LCD screen.  Do you think this would work?

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where is the scale model forum?

Ive heard of a scale modeling forum, but i cant find it. can anyone help me? 

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my crossbow done to scale

Check this out, am almost finished instructible.

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Scaling of a windbelt - how small?

How small can a windbelt be made? I am hoping it is possible to make it at least 10cm

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How to scale a micro ammeter?

I need to measure the current of a Tesla coils secondary output and have found that it is under 1mA and above 50uA so how can I scale a 50uA DC micro ammeter or a DC milliammeter (can't remember its range) to the appropriate range?

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H0 Scale Train Repair?

I have old train from Marklin Hobby 2905 set  When i turn on train PSU i can hear relay working but train doesnt move (motor doesnt work)  I have tested motor with multimeter and it beeps (coils are ok) and when i tested electromagnet it also beeps Can somebody show me how to repair it?

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Induction Heating large scale

I am working on a project and have a large tank full of product kind of a greasy substance trying to heat up to temp of 180 degrees. the tank currently has a 4 inch pipe running inside wall all around tank for heat transference.. At this location a boiler is not a option at this time . I was curious if anyone ha s ever attempted a large induction heater build one that would encase a 4 inch pipe and heat liquid inside so thermal transfer would heat our product. Sorry for not including all details at this time i just curious if large induction heat was possible or efficient ?Thanks,

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Any scale- model makers?

Hi, I am the art director on a very low-budget but so-far amazing movie. I want to make an inexpensive but professional looking model of an observatory. So far, I am thinking of using sculpey. Can anyone please help with some leads? I know I could put this together, but instructables, websites, or comments about materials or construction would help immensely. This website is full of resourceful people. Thanks!

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Thermal Flashlight scaling help

Hello all, I'm dont have much basic knowledge about electronics and I got a problem. I've built this exact Instructable: I want to drive a 1m RGB LED strip with it so I've changed the NPN transistors to stronger ones that handle 0.5 A, it's the only components that are different. These are the exact NPN transistors:;=0&q;=BC337-25 Problem: the circuit works fine with ONE RGB LED but it does not work with even the smallest bit of RGB-strip (3 emitters). Goal is to drive a 1m strip and that consumes 14.4W @ 12V. Im using 12V 1A adapter for the Arduino and another 12V 2.5A for the LED-strip. What am I not understanding?

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small scale model boxes? Answered

I'm working on a diorama that has my local model shop in it, so i figured that, even though the windows are tinted, i can at least put some models and stuff laying around... so i could make paper model boxes. i have the dimensions, but i have two problems. 1) i don't know how to transfer my calculations (1cm x0.7cm x0.4cm) to the computer, and 2) i dont know how to make the model boxes 1/24 smaller without losing virtually al the detail... obviously im not looking for something perfect, but i also dont want the box top to be some random coloured pixels. can someone help with this? i could draw them, but i was hoping to offer these to other people, by making an instructable.

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1/24th scale tank treads

I want to know how to make my own 1/24th scale tank treads? at low cost to me.

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Suggestions for simple scale drawing software? Answered

I'm used to the archaic way of drafting floor plans ... T square + triangle + canary paper + pencil and eraser.  I need software that will let me make scale drawings on the computer. I've tried ProDraw and another trial, but all the 'helpful' stuff keeps getting in my way.   I don't want to drag every line around. So does anyone know of a (hopefully free or inexpensive) simple grid & line & scale system that will let me draw the lines where  I want them to be?     I have photoshop elements 1.0 and love it.  But I don't see how to make scale drawings on it.   Thanks.

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Scale is wrong on free airplane plans

I got some free plans off of the internet, but when i print them off at 100% the scale is off by a little, can anyone help me out I am really hoping to build this plane.

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How to determine the scale of your gitar

Hi Folks,   Measure from the fret side of the nut to the middle of the top of the 12th fret whatever distance that is, double it and thats the scale, for instance my tele is 12 3/4" so double it and my scale is 25.5 Also use this to set intonation from the middle of the  top of the 12th fret in my case with the tele I would measure 12 3/4" to the top middle of the bridge....This is where you start you intonation from. Picture me playing lead with apache' 1979 Hendra 2000 in attendance

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How to scale papercraft and where to print? Answered

We are planning to do several models from Star Wars as Halloween Costumes. I have a papercraft model of an AT-ST, Darth Vaders Tie Fighter, and an Xwing. And potentially a millenium Falcon. These are currently 1/16" models.  Our plan is to scale them up to about 6 feet to use as a pattern then put them over cardboard or corrugated board. What is the best/cheapest way to achieve this? I have them in a locked .pbo file and in pdf

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Large Scale Plexiglas Photo Display

Hundreds of picture frames in a family room is overwhelming and cluttered.  Instead of having an individual picture frame for each photograph you want to show off, display all of your pictures on your wall with this plexiglas photo display found on anh-minh.  You could have a few smaller versions of this in one room.  Keep it tasteful by being conscious about where you place the displays and be sure to not clutter your walls!

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DXF file sizing/scaling issue.

When a create files to cut with my laser cutter, I create them in InkScape, save them as DXF files, then import them into LaserCut 5.3 Unfortunately, the size of the cut file is not retained. For instance, if I create a drawing of an object around A6 in size, when I import it into LaserCut it fills the A3 workspace. Resizing for simple, flat objects isn't a major issue. However, when item cut at different times have to fit together, or, say, slots are sized to the thickness of the material, it gets to be a time-consuming issue, and sometimes wasteful of materials. Anybody know how to fix this?

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How to make small scale hempcrete?

I was watching this video about hempcrete. It is supposed to be just made of lime, shredded hemp stalk (which you can replace with straw if not available) and water. There is also briefly mentioned a lime heating process, but nothing more detailed than that. I'm not into making a house with this, but I would be interested in making things like plant pots, small tables and stools, and various artwork with it. I need more info though. Like... Is there a specific kind, or prepared lime I need to use? What is this heating process you need to do to it? What parts lime to hemp/straw is recommended? How long is the curing process? It seems like you could make some neat things out of this, but I haven't found anyone doing so. Are there any experts that could offer advice about this kind of thing? Thanks.

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Large Scale Water Level Indicator

Hey everyone, I hope im posting this in the right spot.  I run a large farming operation and get my water from a well that pumps into a large storage tank about 10 feet deep and 6ft diameter.   Because the well is very old I'm not able to add things like a float that will turn it on or off for me so I'm constantly having to check the well though out the day and if the cows are more thirsty one day they can drink the storage tank dry and that causes me problems with my pump, or if i leave it to long it will overflow and it makes a terrible mess. So im wondering if there is a way that I can wire up a water level indicator in the well-house and have a light board in my house that shows me the level of the well.  So for a 10 ft deep well id have an led light for every 1ft or so and when the water level gets to the top foot a buzzer would go off and when it hits the bottom foot or 2 ft then a buzzer would go off.  Ideally a wireless transmitting to the house would be best but I have no idea how that could work.  And wired would be hard with the well house being a few hundred feet away from my house.  I've done a lot of googling and haven't found anything that would suite a large scale water tank like this.  I purely want to be able to see in my house where the water level is and have it warn me when its too high or too low.  I apologize since i don't have a lot of experience in electronics.  Any help is greatly appreciated as i have no idea where to start or if its even possible.  Thanks guys!

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Large Scale Mould Making - the Evolution

I'm so excited, I now have + hours of video to cut and share :)Today we:Finished the split standSet the finished plug in the stand and aligned our waterlineBondo'd stand and plug for a flange lineApplied mold release waxSprayed PVA (Poly Vinyl alcohol)Applied a polyester tooling resin with cabosil (A silica thickener) to serve as the inner mold face (outer shape/surface of final product)Applied 4 layers of chopped fiber with polyester resin (took about an hour and we're still a tad bit high - even with good ventilation)Mind you the resin is catalyzed with MEK-P (Methyl Ethyl Keytone Peroxide -- some call it rocket fuel. It will eat the flesh off the bone and then eat the bone.Why am I so excited? Because we finished today and the catalyzed resin was COOK-ING. "Too hot to touch" is about 180 for the average meat human. It's well above too hot to touch - in fact, the radiant heat is a bit much for most meat peoples. And that's with the prescribed 1% catalyst.More information coming soon :) It's going to take 8 hours to capture all that video :PPhoto: Adding more PVA to the pot in the middle of the second coat.

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why did they skip "e" in the grading scale?

You'd think they would know their abcs if they were in charge of education

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usb 5lb digital scale from

Link to website 5 lb scale model 510 hello might be the wrong place to ask this question but ... i have picked up a usb digital scale from a garage sale ..... anyone have a instructable of what to do with it as far as software to use with it instead of the software or dose anyone have any ideas what to do with it beside using it with the software / thanks mike m?

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Adapting loads cells from bathroom scales

I want to make some small slim pads to measure the pressure beneath several wraps of 6mm rope placed against the skin - don't ask ;-). My raw materials are the load cells and electronics from some electronic scales like these. They have 4 loads cells that look like this The problem is they are in those oval plastic boxes you can see at each corner of the scales so are too bulky. My question is how to repackage the load cells so they will still work but be thin and comfortable?

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Small Scale Scuba Gear within $100?

I had an idea for a good instructable. I'm trying to plan out on paper a neat breathing apparatus for a hundred dollars. Constraints are that it has to fit on the face, can be carried anywhere, and should at least provide one minute of oxygen. As a plus, why not add a pump so you can replenish the air supply when its running low. The way i might build this, ultimately, shouldn't be too hard. But what is being difficult is what to use to hold the air supply. would an air tank from an airsoft gun be any good? or would i have to use something different to contain the pressure? Any input would be greatly appreciated! -Jakit

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Large-scale LED build request for advice? Answered

As I was putting up my Christmas lights over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had an idea (cue ominous background music). The idea evolved from a wish to simplify installing the lights on the 2nd storey roofline into a set of fully-addressable RGB C7 lights that would make Clark Griswold proud. As a proof of concept, I want to replace the boring string of 25 multi-color LED lights over the peak of my garage (24 ft of roofline). I looked at some available products that could be used as a starting point. From the adafruit store: 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels – 4 strings = $180 20mm Clear Digital RGB LED Pixels – 6 strings = $270 Available many places: GE Color Effects™ 50 LED Color Changing Light Show - $99 The Color Effects strings would be expensive when you consider the 200+ feet of roofline and guttering that I want to cover, and would difficult/impossible to sequence across the whole house. While the RGB pixels from adafruit would give me the most flexibility in creating animated sequences, the prices work out to $2.00 - $2.50 per light. To make this a reality, I need to do this on a $1.00 per light budget for the pilot project. Preferably $0.80 per light for the whole house. So, I want to light the peak of my garage with 48 RGB LEDs spaced out over 24 feet (6 inch spacing between lights). The string would be controlled by an Arduino and a handful of TLC5916 constant-current sink drivers. Each group of 8 RGB LEDs would have a group of 3 TLC5916 chips, so I am looking at 18 chips. I am not worried about the programming, and there are plenty of examples to look at for the TI chips. I plan to use a power supply from an old computer to provide the juice (up to 3 amps with every LED lit). If this was something that fit on my desk, I would dive right in and start experimenting. However… I am worried about the 24 foot run from the first light to the last. That is a long way for a signal to run to latch the chips. Do I need some sort of repeater for the latch signal? That is a long run for 5V power. If I am switching 144 channels on and off quickly, will there be voltage drops that could introduce bugs into the system? Does anyone have experience with the sort of large-scale installation I have in mind? Please help a newbie by offering any cautions, advice, and examples to build on. I will definately document the build and post instructions if I manage to sneak this past the wife.  Thank you!

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What kind of oil lube for a vintage penny scale? Answered

Its a penny Coin-operated scale, mfgd by Mills Novelty Co., Art Deco platform scale in green & black porcelain. Thanks Susan

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How do I hack a postage scale? so my arduino can read the weight?

I need to hack a small postage like scale so that my arduino can weigh something?  looking to weigh something in the 0-5 pound range. There are many scales out there, here is one:;_campaign=b&utm;_source=1002 thanks,

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I want to make a scale with the circular guage and the little red pointer that spins how might this be accomplished?

I want to make a strength machine and need a circular guage for it so i want to make a pull scale with the red pointer thing up to 40 lbs

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Where can I find a scale that I can read the weight with the computer? Answered

I need a scale that can connect to my computer and send data to the computer, it does not need to be able to measure more than 250g, but it should have .1g increments. 

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Anybody know artists that use altered scale in their works?

As in where small things are big and big things are small. It's for an art project and I have to have some artist research.

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has anyone done a small scale geothermal system at home?

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How can I connect my phone to a scale?

I want my weight on my android phone can measure and track. The iPhone is a dock vita see also

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is there any website that sells scale models really cheap?

Me and my friend do a lot of scale modeling, and we were wondering if there was anywhere we can get models that ship to canada free for like 5 bucks

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How do I scale an image's print size?

I'm printing some images that need to be a specific size. I've been using Gimp to edit them, and Gimp allows you to scale down using inches, but I'm getting different sizes from each image even though their all supposed to be the same size. I'm assuming this has something to do with the images resolution, but I'm not very graphic design savvy. Also, the images are being saved as pdfs. Any suggestions?

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How to print PCB images on laser printer to scale?

I have a Samsung laser printer. Many of he PCB board designs found on he internet are only simply image files and are not associated with a specific PCB design program. My question is what free mage software is available to print an image of a PCB board to scale. Thanks for any help Bob T

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