Help please

I've dismantled a cheap & nasty fax machine. Out of this I've extracted a Dyna Image scanning unit, CFL illumination, 7 wires. I'd quite like to use the CFL, and maybe the scanning part, but does anyone know how to use this? I've not found this particular unit on the internet - sticker says "DL100-05EUIC (BARCODE) PHFA201663" L

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

DIY 130-megapixel camera built with a scanner

Add an old flatbed scanner to a 50 mm lens and with some skill you can make a 130 megapixel camera of your very own. I'm still happy with the cameras I have, but this looks like a great project to take on. Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Hacking Flatbed Scanner Components

I am currently working on a project which was going to use a scanner to acquire an image. The scanner is/was an HP 6200C. When I was trying to modify the scanner I accidentally broke the lamp, but was then excited to discover [what I believe is] a linear photodiode array which functioned as the detector. (I also found some cool mirrors and a focusing lens inside.) This photodiode array could be very useful to my project.  This scanner interfaces with my computer through USB, and refused to work after I unplugged the lamp. I figure a resistor may trick the circuitry into thinking the lamp is still attached, but I no longer require the moving parts of the scanner at all; I only want the photodiode array and a way for it to interface with the computer, preferably giving either a "single line" type image or a "single really thick line" type image. (Basically I just need intensity and location of signal. If the received data is a full image, I can reduce it to what I need.) Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for me? I have uploaded a few pictures of the relevant circuitry and can add more upon request. Update: After further research, I've determined that it is not a photodiode array but a linear CCD.

Posted by rogers236 4 years ago

Instructable on the BBC

Instructables wasn't mentioned by name, but Instructables member Daniel Reetz's DIY Book Scanner has just been featured in the BBC's report on the 2011 NY Maker Faire. Congratulations, Daniel!

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Coordinates of an object on a passive image

I have a few questions regarding a project I'm working on. I need some terms so that I can look it up via Google. I have a map (picture) of a city that is printed on a wooden table. When I move an object directly over it I want to know the coordinates of the object on the map. And also the angle of the object on the map. I thought a sort of a scanner is the best solution. That recognizes the part which it scans (part of the map) and translate this to the coordinates and angle. Does somebody know how this technology is called (and maybe a few links to guide me in the right direction)? Or does somebody else has a better idea how this can me realised? Thanks in advance!

Posted by ilovebobcats 6 years ago

Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

Posted by laserblast 10 years ago

Does anybody know a good way turn old scanner bed into PCB exposure source?

Does anybody know how I can turn my old scanner bed into pcb exposure source?

Posted by treichhart 7 years ago

The Grass Scanner

Now you can know for certain if the grass is really greener on the other side thanks to Alice Wang's fantastic new grass scanner. It takes 3 seperate readings using Pantone color detecting devices and then averages them to determine a the true green-ness of the grass.via We Make Money Not Art

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Build Barcode Scanner with microcontroller

Hi everyone, im new here. i have a school project, i need to build a barcode scanner with microcontroller to use it like ( personnel pointing system ). so i can read each code bar and shows me in a LCD the name of the correspondant Person. thanks for your help

Posted by ael mehdi 5 years ago

Making Microtek ScanMaker 3600 Works in XP Pro !

I am moving my old scanner Microtek ScanMaker 3600 over to a new PC which runs XP Pro. However, the software (ScanWizard 5) doesn't "see" the scanner, although the PC "sees" it ! I have been fiddling with this thing for over 2 days now and still no result. The scanner does work. The XP Pro OS on the new PC "sees" the scanner, it's only the software that refuse to see it. I suspect it has something to do with the TWAIN driver on the XP. How to hack the stuffs??

Posted by penang 9 years ago

Hacking famous brand devices

Hi, I have spend a lot of time hacking some scanner CCD sensor from different brand of scanner on the last few weeks to build a touch screen. My idea was to make a database on the different PIN of the CCD of several brand of scanner to help people building their own. It's not always  that easy to play with an oscilloscope to reverse engineer those. But I was a bit hesitating on posting brand name like HP or CANON and explain how to crack the sensors. I wasn't sure if I could have some problem... Any ideas? Thanks

Posted by jeanotP1314 2 years ago

Running a scanner tube off a car battery.

Inspired by this instructable, I want to make a car light, for a 3.3i car. I assume the battery is around 75+ Ah, and need to make sure if it is safe. The lamp runs perfectly at 12v, just would it burn out with all that Ah?On another note, it's perfectly legal to have it on the front of my car right? If anything it'l help the police see my number plate, :D. I'm in the UK BTW.

Posted by Josho 11 years ago

alternative stepper motors?

I recently tore into a couple printer-scanners looking for stepper motors. Unfortunately all I found were some DC motors that seem to be tied into some sort of sensor that acts like a step counter. Does anyone know what they are called and how to use them in place of stepper motors for a CNC machine? As a side note, I have a very limited understanding of IC function, think of me as having lived a purely analog lifestyle.

Posted by 50ul84n3 8 years ago

Knight Rider Scanner...

Hey,I am looking into making a Knight Rider-like scanner (see: K.I.T.T) consisting of a row of LEDs (perhaps about 20-30 or so) and was wondering if anyone knew if this circuit would work. I'm not sure if it goes back and forth and has a fade 'tail' or not... am looking to make the LEDs light up back and forth with a bit of a fade afterward so it looks like a smooth motion.I am wanting to mount the 'scanner' onto a pair of sunglasses (don't ask, long story, lol). I would like to make the circuitry as small/minimal as possible to conceal in a small area such as behind one of the side frames.Thanks for your time and help.

Posted by wiforkle 9 years ago

reusing scanner lamp w/o heavy duty adapter?

I've been trying to do something similar to these!/I want the lamp to work without a heavy duty ac to dc adapter, but it looks like there's no practical power cord that has low enough voltage. I've tried using a basic voltage converter (;=electronics&qid;=1209273618&sr;=1-20 ) set at 12 volts, but the bulbs don't light.Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without the giant adapter, or if there's a way to light the bulbs using a USB connection? I've looked online, and the only thing I've seen is this: but they're using a male molex connection. I'm just looking for a plug that's a little more practical: an electrical outlet being my first choice, a usb port being my second.Thanks!

Posted by seebrown 10 years ago

Cutting acrylic sheets

I am trying to cut some pieces of acrylic sheeting about 3/16th inches thick.  I was wondering if the instructables on the laser cutter built from 2 old scanners would work for cutting the acrylic sheets? Or if not that, what might work for making acrylic parts that are flush enough to chemical bond making a water tight connection? Thank you, Eron.

Posted by eronjonson 6 years ago

Help with scanner hack (3 pin inverter!!)

Hi, I have an old scanner and wanted to do the scanner hack to get a lamp. But here, the instructables about this dont help me, because the iinverters they are using have 2 pins for the power, while mine has three. Here is a pic Please any solution?? the lapm works when I plug the whole scanner.

Posted by juanvi 8 years ago

Possible 3d scanner project

An idea just popped in my head, just an idea.. take a scanner apart, and in stead of the scanner moving, have the "object" do a 360 while its scanned. so im thinking take the stepper motor our and build some sort of rotation device so when its suppose to "scan" the object is rotated and the scanner piece is at a fixed vertical position what do you guys think? please send suggestions, sketches. any input will greatly be appreciated =) thanx Brett

Posted by B.oom 8 years ago

Scanner fun

OK I heard from a very reliable source of mine that there used to be a program or driver or something where you could make the scanner hum or sing to like a song or something like that I was just wondering if the program or driver etc is still out and about if its free where I can find it and how to use it and yes I realize I used a bunch of random meaningless things in the keywords box but thats just because this is something that isn't going to be happened across very easily

Posted by mysterious ninja of fire 10 years ago

Use scanner only on a Canon MP140 Printer

Hey everyone, I had a great idea to take a non working all-in-one Canon Pixma MP140 printer, remove the non working printer part and use only the working upper tray with the scanner. How complicated can this be? Not as straight forward as I thought. The scanner worked great before I took the printer apart. I removed all the plastic, metal bars and cartridges and thought that with a bit of tweaking it'll work. Hell, at this point I need devine intervention, or at least a knowledgeable instructables member... Right now when I turn it on (I don't know what to call it anymore a scanner or a printer) the power and the alarm LEDs blink with the 7-segment display showing E...2...6... and I can't scan. The following procedure changes the indication, but the end result is the same: •Turn off the printer •Hold the Resume Button (red circle in the triangle), click “Power” which will turn green. •Hold the Power Button, release the Resume Button. •Not releasing the Power Button, double click “Resume” and release Both Buttons. •Click “Resume” for Four times •Once you click “Power”, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber). To disable the printer “Power” button to click again. and I can't scan. I fiddled a bit with a wire innocently thinking it'll do the trick.... somehow... but ended up accidently touching the part that connects the scanner white data cables to the PCB. It sparked and the scanner turned OFF. I'm afraid that might have caused the E26 error that I found indicated: Internal temperature rise error. Any ideas?

Posted by Mr.Bahur 6 years ago

Scanner inverter outputs

I've just been wondering about the output of scanner inverters for a few projects, what kind of voltages and amperages are they outputting. I have a few little ideas but don't really know that much about their outputs, I gave googling and parts numbers a go but mostly found unrelated pages or had no luck with part numbers...

Posted by killerjackalope 10 years ago

DIY Car scanner OBDII

Thanks for reading. Has anyone built a Car scanner to plug into the 16 connector near the steering wheel to read the On board Computer ( OBDII ) codes so that one can fix their car. Have you see an article? Wanting one to look at code faults on a commodore VR  1995 and XC Barina 2001. many thanks Colin

Posted by colincolin30 8 years ago

X-Y stage for film scanner

I'm building a film scanner using a dlsr. Here's a picture of the rig so far: Basically there's a light source, negative stage, negative holder, camera support stage, camera and lens.  I put a negative in the negative holder and slide it using a guide such that I can take a bunch of pictures of the negative at 1:1.  For example, it takes 25 pictures to cover a 6x7cm negative.  The individual files are then combined into one file using stitching software.  The system works very well, but it's a bit tedious.  I'd like to automate the negative movement using a diy motorized xy stage.  Many of the designs I've seen are for much bigger units, such as for a cnc machine, or units that require speedy movement.  That's not the case here.  Each movement would be only 10-20mm. I'm fairly handy, and I can follow directions/recipes well, but I haven't worked with arduinos or stepper motors before.  Any advice or suggestions on a good way to accomplish my goal would be very welcome!

Posted by pdesmidt 6 years ago

Lightbox options

Hi everyone, I need your opinions please, I want to create a light box and I have two options; Use an old A4 scanner and place these leds ( and place them behind the glass where the scanner part would of been, place some film over the glass to help with the light and job done. Which would be better as well, put the lights ont he bottle or try and get them as close to the glass as possible. Or, I can use an old monitor (nearly A3 size which would be better) with a knackered power unit so I will need to use the same leds by either placing them along the sides of the thick acrylic/glass sheet inside the montior (which would need cutting the metal and plastic  frames a lot to get it to work or make a new wooden one to fit inside the monitor external case . Or cut holes in the back of the metal exterior frame and have the leds really close to the sheet. However on the understand of the sheet is covered in lots of little white dots which might stop the light. Any suggestiong or opinions please?

Posted by drop_dead_fred 5 years ago


Does anyone have any informational sites and or plans to wire up leds to scan back and forth like on the knight rider car?

Posted by autoflow 10 years ago

X-ray scanner + 120 film

So tomorrow I'll be flying with a bag crammed full of cameras/lenses and just wondering as I've got an old exposed 120 film should it be okay going through the x-ray scanner, and not end up all fogged out or something. tia.

Posted by ll.13 9 years ago

Anyone know supply voltage for a Microtek ScanMaker 3600 flat-bed scanner?

. I just rescued a Microtek ScanMaker 3600 flat-bed scanner from the curb and can't figure what kind of power it takes. Nothing on the scanner case and the web pages at Microtek just say "wall adapter" without any specs. Didn't find a SM3600 fan site, just reviews that mention adapter as being an in-the-box item. Anyone know volts, AC or DC, and polarity? . There was a slight drizzle going on when I rescued the scanner. I've got the case open and I dried what few drops I could get to with paper towels. Is there anything in a scanner that will quit working/burn up if it gets wet or can I safely power it up once it dries out for a day or two? . I don't really need a scanner, but I've read on here that the cold-cathode thingies are fun to play with. :) . TIA

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago

Lightbox from old scanner

Hi, Ive got a question if you don't mind, im trying to make a light box from a old scanner and im not sure what lighting I should do, what im thinking is to use this ( but im not sure if it would be powerful enough. I was thinking about using t5 but I don't think they would fit as the scanner is really thin about 18mm without the glass in. Also would I need anything in in front of the glass at all? Cheers Phil

Posted by drop_dead_fred 5 years ago

LED Scanner

Does anyone know how to make a Knight Rider style LED Scanner (the light bounces from one end to the other) ? I've searched the forums and didn't find anything like this.. I would really like to use 7 LED's BTW - This forum rocks! I've tried some of the projects(USB Charger, small LED stuff etc) and they've all turned out great! Thanks in advance!

Posted by milanorex 11 years ago

(newsletter) DIY Book Scanner, $50 Laser Cutter, The Eyewriter

  DIY Book Scanner How to Solder The Eyewriter High Power Head Lamp Make a NES PC Word Clock Typewriter Computer Keyboard $50 Laser Cutter Wifi Range Extender Make Your Own Lightning Globe RC Nerf Tank Guitar Tube Amp Guides LED USB DIY CNC

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Portable Book Scanner, Blooming Onion, Liquid Cooling with Car Parts

  Portable Book Scanner Blooming Onion Liquid Cooling with Car Parts Build a Helmet Homemade Snickers Recipe Pallet Hanging Chair Lego Camera Remote Waterproof Fire Starter Remove Scratches from a CD Crystal Nightlight Prank Contest Winners Cheap Low-Profile Bed Frame Soft iPhone Stylus Minimalist Running Sandals Jar Clock

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

i need help making a cnc hot foam cutter out of scanner motors

Can anyone give me some instructions on a easy cnc hot foam cutter out of old hp scanjet and mustek flatbed scanners, also in the process of getting old copier machines. can I use the controllers on the scanners to run the motors, or am i better off just buying the motors and controllers. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I am very new to this stuff tia mike

Posted by mgriff 7 years ago

An old MicroTek Scanner

I just aquired this old scanner yesturday, I thought it was a junker, and AT best, I'd get some good heavy duty servos from it. Well I decided to go through the trouble of getting the old scsi adapter I got with it working (ISA slot). I had to pull out an old 550mhz P2 and whip xp onto it real quick, because the 1ghz p3 I already had setup apparently didn't have ISA slots.After some crazy trouble googling and finding drivers for it (at first all I could find was that the old isa type scsi adapters weren't supported under xp). That was not the case, I got the driver installed and used vuescan to scan the images, I am SURPRISED by the quality of this scanner, especially after I read the specs on MicroTek's Website and with a optical resolution of 600x300dpi, I wasn't that impressed, apparently I was wrong. The speed and clarity of this old beater easily rivals that of my old parellel port scanner, which is probably like 10 years newer than this thing.Check it out.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

Man injects himself with computer virus?

It may seem strange, but a scientist has implanted an ID chip with a computer virus inside it into his body so that whenever he passes an ID scanner, the virus will copy itself onto the scanner and spread throughout the system. It was made to prove a point that if somebody were to create a virus for the ID chipping system, it would be easy and could kill somebody if they had, for example, a pacemaker. A scary thought!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Wave JT Kit - LED Chaser with Joule Thief - Sale

Wave JT is an LED chaser/Larson scanner/sequencer what runs with just one AA battery. Joule Thief circuit boosts the 1.5V (or less) from the battery to 5V to power the microcontroller and LEDs. The kits are available at $19. PCB alone is $7. *** Summer Sale Price *** > see the instructable > go to my website for purchase

Posted by ledartist 6 years ago

CALLING ALL INVENTORS: Make a Quick Checkout Body Scanner

Can someone PLEASE invent a body scanner (like a metal detector that you walk under/through) that is used in store checkouts to speed up the process and make waiting times less for lines?? I imagine it would work something life this: the tags on the items would have special chips in them (and/or metal pieces for quick detection of how many items you have), so that when you walk under the scanner with your shopping cart full, or stuff in your arms, it nearly instantly calculates how many items you have and at which prices. Then you can use your card or cash to pay for your purchase in that same machine (like an ATM). Would be BRILLIANT! Thanks :)

Posted by Meglymoo87 2 years ago

Help for a digital camera based scanner

Hello, It's the first time I post in this site, but I guess someone might be able to help me. I would like to build a scanner that uses a digital camera to get the images. Basically a board with a vertical stand that would hold the camera pointing downwards, with lights on the sides to have the surface evenly illuminated. Unluckily my digital camera (a canon powershoot sd800) does not have remote controlling through computer, which would ease the process a lot, so I was interested in building also a mechanism, that would be attached either to the camera or to the part of the stand where the camera goes, that would press the shutter at regular intervals (lets's say 5seconds) so that i would have the time to turn the page and not waste any. Thank you very much for any suggestion, help, reference, link. All the best, Clemente

Posted by wilson14 10 years ago

Cataloging School Papers

I spontaneously decided to catalogue every paper I get/do in school this year. I've run some tests with tesseract, a OCR program, and its decent. Except... I don't have a scanner... I'm thinking of giving it up, unless someone else would like to also try it out. If so, I'll put effort into procuring a scanner, or figuring a way to emulate one with a camera. Any random thoughts on this?

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

Portable Query Machine for Excel files

I was wondering if there would be a way to make a "query machine" that would be portable.  It would need a display and digit pad and allow me to load an excel sheet to the device and then search it using the key pad.  I didn't know if this would be feasible or not so some input would be valuable.  I need something like an RF Scanner that would be used in a ware house except without the scanner part.  Just manually type in a number and a location appears on the screen.

Posted by J.Reynolds09 5 years ago

Photographs from negatives on my computer

I have a scanner and I am trying to scan negative pictures and turn them into photographs.What is the best way to make them look good???

Posted by funlovin420 10 years ago

Entire Safari Library of 8,000 Technical Books on line !for free! for California Residents - free scanner too

I just found out the San Francisco Public Library has the entire Safari Library on line for free, for anyone with a San Francisco Library card. That's 8,000!!!! technical books. They have the entire O'Reilly library. Anyone living in California can get a library card. (Since The Best of Instructables is an O'Reilly book it's also in the Safari Library, but you know you want your own copy!)If you don't live in California, check your local library's website, and see what they offer online. SF also has many eBooks, and books on tape on line for free.I also discovered they have a scanner by the Microfiche in the Main/Civic Center branch (I don't know about other branches), that will eMail microfiche/microfilm pages to you for free. It has a regular scanner also, so you can scan a book, or magazine page, and email it to yourself - for free - no need to pay for copies. The scanner has a USB slot, so you can just save the scans to a USB stick instead of emailing them. It's on the same floor as the Magazines.I don't know what other libraries are doing but SF has a huge amount of stuff available online.

Posted by SFHandyman 9 years ago

Cat Scan - patches available

From Tumblr, via Animal New York, via Notcot, comes The Cat Scan. It's cats. On scanners. It's weird, yet somehow obvious.  The blasted animal has fallen asleep on your scanner again, so why not try and teach it to sleep elsewhere? What's the oddest thing you have ever scanned? UPDATE I've decided to arbitrarily award patches to any scans people upload. Rules: It must be something you've scanned yourself. If it was alive at the start of the scan, it must be alive and unharmed at the end of the scan (ie don't hold frogs still be pressing down on the lid). International entries are absolutely allowed.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Cold Cathode lamp with SOLAR power / battery?

I have an cold cathode lamp from a scanner. I want to install it behind a piece of artwork i made to sort-of backlight the image. it can be very dim... i don't need to get full brightness out of it. My question is.. do you think this is possible with a solar panel and rechargeable pack of some sort to dimly light this thing???? I really want to use solar on this, due to the nature of the piece itself. Any ideas on watts or volts or any other input??? On the power input for the scanner itself it reads 16VDC 0.9~1.0A... if that helps. any help or suggestions are welcome!!! thanks !

Posted by fleanine 10 years ago

Make your own 3d Renderings

OK here is my proposal take: 1 machine 900, 000 concept + 2 existing instructables + common materialsa 3d scanning system Here is the concept please see it and come back: if u already saw it, in a nutshell they use 2 different forms of light but no laser BUT in these 2 instructables they do So, If we used an Amalgam of both plus:UV led's6 CHEAP webcams (x y and z )fluorescent paint We could obtain:A 3 d scanner for common objects that uses no lasers but the light sources in the demo (or even people perhaps not for animation but for other purposes) Those who did not get lost in the explanation: please contribute!Note for negative typists: Yes it is an adaptation and and I am asking for brainstorming yes, my explanations are terrible yes, yes, yes to all your negative comments.Note for those positive contributors: I will not ignore you at all please add your ideas!

Posted by dejabox 10 years ago

High Quality Print Making

Do any of you know how to make high quality prints of a piece of art? The only thing I can think of is using a scanner, but that's not really the same thing. Or should I just go to the professionals, which will get expensive.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Graphics display from HP Printer. Any information?

I grab any chance to part out old printers, scanners etc. for the shafts, motors and other parts. I just parted out an HP printer/scanner and one of the pieces is an LCD color display.  Would be great if I could found out something about it as it might be useful with an Arduino or other project. It shows up as a replacement part ( they want more the the display than the whole printer costs LOL ) any hooo. Part: Q8100-60206  Revision A S/N SMo470118 B0629 Made in Indonesia.  I know it is a long shot but no harm in asking. Thanks .. now back to my pot of Curry Happy Tinkering.

Posted by paulckruger 4 years ago


I have seen RFID wallets, sleeves, and cards.  I like the IDEA of RFID blocking cards that you sandwich your credit cards between. So, my question is thus... If I had two cards made of 21 gauge aluminum and placed them on in the last pocket on both sides of my wallet, would this block the RFID scanners?  If not, then what would it take? What just programming some RFID chips and put them in my wallet to eff with the scanners?  I know there are things like this in the market, but very over priced.  I have contacts in the RFID scanning and deployment world, so it would not be hard for my to get my hands on this stuff. What do you all think!?

Posted by benjaminleebates 3 years ago

My computer is on the fritz part 2

So one day my speakers, scanner, and internet stopped working (about a week ago). I fixed the internet by reinstalling the driver, and I'm too lazy to reinstall the driver for my scanner. But what I'm most concerned about is that my sound doesn't work. I've tried reinstalling the drivers a couple times, and it works perfectly, except it doesn't work, lol. It's fine until it says restart my computer, after it does it it boots up like the driver didn't do anything. I'm using a realtek driver, I've both tried installing it off of the cd that comes with my computer and downloading the driver straight off of their site. I NEED SOUND!!!!

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

This is what sexy looks like!

In case your wondering... Ladies he IS single. I had to take an official photo for work today cause I am that dang important. Its a picture of a picture cause I dont have a scanner. I highlighted the stuff thats important.

Posted by thematthatter 9 years ago

Spy Cam?

I have this circuit from an old $20 camera (pic sucks, I was lazy so I used my scanner lol) anyway it requires a computer to capture video (it only holds pictures without one) Is there a way to capture video from it without a computer on me? I'd love to use it as a "spy" cam.....

Posted by acer5050 9 years ago