Ipod Touch - Any Gen ) Please Read (

Hi My 1St sign up To Instructables so its My 1St Q on Here so here it is. Is it possible to Make/build instead of buying a Iphone/Ipod Sd card reader adapter is it possible to make 1 and to make it work if so Please provide some guidelines/help what to buy or have and what to do . Thks  in Advance . 

Posted by firtha10 7 years ago

how to remove "write protection" from from Mico SD card with adapter?

I have a micro SD card with adapter, however I can not add files or format using my PC due to write protection. Downloading large video & music files & even some .pdf files has become very long & tedious. Appreciate any knowlege & tiem you cold spare for this Robert

Asked by roberob141271 7 years ago

How do I upload things from my phone to my computer, then to youtube?

I know how to upload things from my computer to youtube, but i have a mini SD card in my phone to upload things to my computer. I plugged it in and my computer either wont register that its there, or I cant find where I'm supposed to click. I feel pretty stupid.

Asked by abbylaflash 6 years ago

How to make a San Disk micro SD work with the Kingston SD adapter?

Long story... dose anyone know how?

Asked by NamasteNick 9 years ago

pc to micro sd direct

Can anyone make an instructable on how to make a usb cable with a micro sd end that allows you to directly send files to a device without removing the card? i would realy appreaciate it if someone could tell me how

Posted by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

Does anybody know how to make a SD-card only type mp3 player with a line out? Answered

I'm looking for a way to play mp3's on any audio equipment that accepts aux in or something. Doesn't need to have anything flashy, just a little box, bulletproof,good sound quality, that can handle SD cards (4GB support should be enough, but more is always better). Of course it will also need the basic buttons on it for play/stop/prev/next. How hard/expensive is this to make and how to do the actual mp3 to audio conversion? (I have no experience with chip programming)

Asked by AlexHRG 6 years ago

Accessing SD memory on data logging shield

Hey again, I finished my first project recently and was looking to expand on the design. It's an EMF detector (https://www.instructables.com/community/First-project-completednow-lets-expand-it/) and it's working great. Now, I want to add memory and a USB charger to turn it into an self-contained EMF data logger. The project looks easy enough, but I have a question that I wasn't able to find answers for. Here's the question: Can the memory installed on the data logging shield be accessed through the Arduino USB port? On my cell phone, whenever I plug the USB into my laptop, it connects as a drive. I'd like to do the same thing with the EMF data logger. Or will I just have to remove the SD card every time I want to extract data from it? Thanks LorienD

Posted by LorienD 7 years ago

I have tried everything and it still says my disk is write protected what do i do? Should i just throw my card away? ugh

I've been to so many websites and they all say to do the same thing..I've moved the lock button, I've put tape on it nothing is working! Please tell me what i can do to get this stupid write protection off of my 8gb micro sd card....i will greatly appreciate it.

Asked by Erann123 7 years ago

How can I read a txt file to a string on an Arduino?

I have an Arduino combination SD and Ethernet shield.  I need to use them together, but the Ladyada tutorial does not work with my hardware.  Basically, I set up the web response to my client, then turn of the Wiznet chip, read the file, trn the Wiznet chip back on, and finish sending my response.  The problem is, I need to write the txt file to a temporary string so that I can turn the Wiznet chip back on and then write the data.  Any help?  Thanks in advance.

Asked by pianoman99a 4 years ago

How do I format a Write Protected SD card? Answered

I have an SD card and when i plug it into the computer it says "you need to format the disk"  i follow the formatting steps and it says "windows cannot format the disk check that it is not read only" and after trying a few times it said the disk is read-only/Write protected. how do i remove this read-only setting so i can format it, the little switch on the side is off

Asked by chibiwind 8 years ago

arduino + jquery mobile + SD demo site with jquery and on/off swithes. The UI for it and run it from SD

Home Automation v.1   Home Automation Lights     Light 1   Off   On   Light 2   Off   On   Light 3   Off   On   Light 4   Off   On   nikkpap & duckdodgers - Copyright 2013

Asked by nikkpap 5 years ago

With micro SD card in tablet how do I access its contents?

I put a micro SD card in my next book 8 tablet  how do I get it to activate to view pictures on it??? There is no icon for that or any instructions from mfg.?

Asked by William MB 2 years ago

Is there a way that i make or buy a floppy disk to sd adapter so that i can use a sd card in place of a floppy? Answered

Something like the image, but the difference would be this: The cassette would be in place of a floppy disk, and the audio jack would be in place of a more hefty storage device, whether it be a usb or sd. I intend to use this so that i can use a camera that records to floppy, but use sd storage, if that makes sense

Asked by RobFS1 9 years ago

SD-card to Wii/PC Switch. Any better solutions than 4 DPDT and 1 SPDT Switches?

I've created a quick schematic of the switch I want to make: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/7481/sdcardmanualswitch.png Basically I want to make a switch with 1 input(SD-card) and 2 outputs(Wii and PC), which makes it possible for me to connect the sd-card to my PC, so I'll be able to transfer data to it. Then, by using the switch, connect the SD-card to my Wii. From what I understand the input (SD-card) has 9 pins and 2 outputs(Wii & PC) have18 pins, which means it would be possible to connect 4DPDT switches and 1SPDT switch. But that just seems like an awful amount of buttons, just to switch from PC to Wii.  So my question is: is there a more suitable solution for a switch? Ps. I excuse my poor English, It aint my first language :)

Asked by shaddyd 5 years ago

How do i put pictures on my computer without restarting it???

Every time i put pictures on my computer, i have to restart it again. Even when i put my SD card into the slot in my computer it doesn't detect it, but then i restart it and it detects it. I want it to be able to detect the SD card without me having to restart it. Help anyone???

Asked by Seleziona 8 years ago

Help build a mini e-reader with arduino, lcd and micro SD card?

Hi all, I am wanting to start a project to make an e-reader. It will comprise text files on an SD card which are then read and displayed onto an LCD screen plus the ability to scroll up/down (and/or left/right). I plan on using a DOGM204 lcd module and probably a pro micro (sparkfun). I would really appreciate any help as to how I could make this.

Asked by RUSquared 4 years ago

How to fix card reader? Answered

I have this card reader and the computer recognize it but it doesn't recognize the card. I connected it to 3 different computers and the same story to all of them. The card works fine.

Asked by theVader75 7 years ago

MicroSD to USB Bypass

I am looking for someone to build a bypass that can take MicroSD output and save it directly to a USB connected device. In other words, I want to bypass the MicroSD memory card completely and save directly to a Linux based system via USB. Something similar to this diagram: http://cl.ly/image/161A0J1C3P1g I know this is somewhat possible as the folks over at Applied Engineering have the output saving to a different source as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohHo9xyeJ4&t=1m40s Any help would be great :)

Asked by cooncesean 5 years ago

SD to CF adapter supporting 2 SD cards?

I have been looking at adapters to convert sdhc (sd cards) to cf (compact flash). I have only found adapters supporting 1 sd card, is their any that can support 2 sd cards?example of single sd adapterI have an Idea for the ipod mini flash mod hoping to make a 64gb flashed based (using to 32gb sd cards and a converter)

Asked by TheCheese9921 8 years ago

Micro sd card

I bought this micro sd card from best buy for my phone. it was supposed to be a 4gb card while the only space is one tenth of a mb, is there any way for me to fix this. the card is the one on the right

Asked by wamj 8 years ago

Read text from SD memory card to display on small LCD screen? Arduino?

I'm looking to build a kind of micro-ereader. I want to be able to display up to a few megabytes of text on a small lcd screen. (Not all at once, I will scroll through the text). I have a 16x4 LCD I have salvaged from an old calculator. Can I use an arduino (or something similar?) to do this and would the SD memory card be necessary? If it is necessary, how would I set this up?

Asked by Albertle 4 years ago

Reading 12 rows of data from an SD card every minute and storing the data into Arrays using Gboard pro Arduino

Hi, I am working on a project that measures temperature and current, store it on an SD card (csv file) and send them to a website. I decided to sample the signals every 5 seconds and store the data to the SD card using time interrupt (TimerOne). My plan is to sample and store data for 1 minute and then read the sampled data from the SD card and store them into 2 Arrays i.e Array1 for temperature and Array2 for the current and send the data to the website. Thus far I have managed to sample and store the data using the time interrupt. I also included a count variable in the interrupt subroutine so as to know how many times the interrupt has occurred. Since I am sampling and storing the data every 5 seconds and I want to read the data stored in the SD card every minute, so when count = 12 I would like to read  the last 12 readings (24 since its current and temperature ) and store them into 2 Arrays.   The problem I have is that I do not know how to read the data from the SD card and store them into two Arrays and would like your help. Note: the Reading of the SD card will not be in the Interrupt subroutine Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks Muundu

Posted by muundu 2 years ago

Tethered SD card

I would like to tether a cheap digital camera. The problem is I don't know which one - I'm watching on ebay for a madly cheap camera (I've seen loads go where they're fine except for a stuck zoom - like 6Mp cameras for about £3 - when every time I've looked at a stuck zoom a bit of twisting and brute force will get it back in to the body - and the project I want it for doesn't need to zoom!). Problem with doing this is that by the time I've found a cheap camera with 2 minutes to go, it tends to take a lot longer to that to figure out whether you can tether it. And even then you're normally limited to the provided software, I'd like to be able to write my own. So - can anyone think of a way to take an old SD card and somehow - I don't know - solder wires to the insides of the contacts maybe - and then somehow get those wires into another old SD card and plug it into the card-reader attached to a PC so that you can read the images without unplugging the "card" from the camera?

Posted by ohowson 7 years ago

im using r4i sdhc and it isnt working for me?

Im using r4i sdhc and it isnt working for me? it says loading then please update to latest frimware and i dont know how to make it to latest frimware im using a ds lite i have made it to fat 32 like it said on the box then it didnt tell me anymore instructions

Asked by ahmad2117 7 years ago

FatFs Library

Hello everyone, I have recently been working on porting the FatFs Generic FAT File System library to an Atmega328p for use with a project I'm working on and I'm really having some issues with it.  I've tried a couple of different tutorials and walkthroughs and in the end I either get odd errors that seems will be an incredible hassle to correct, or my program compiles but the actual program won't work correctly (none of the open, write, etc functions actually work) I am writing this in Atmel Studio 6 (AVR Studio) If anyone can please help me out, or if you have ported this for the atmel mega series before and can provide your files that would be awesome Thank you

Posted by BooRan 5 years ago

floppy disk sd drive? Answered

I'm wondering if there is such thing as a floppy disk drive that you plug into a computer through a sd port.  

Asked by josh1324 8 years ago

I need help with R4DS and a micro sd card!!!!

I downloaded the starting progams to a 4 gb mirco sd hc card, it wouldn't even load. ("loading" was the only thing that would appear.) I used to have 2 gb micro sd that worked. Is there a program I need to add?

Asked by crc09 8 years ago

my sd card files are hidden?

Picture files appear on my camera but when I put the sd card in my laptop it they don't show up

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Asked by 1161858 7 years ago

ARDUINO codes for replacing/rewriting of data in SD Card

Can somebody help me to write codes for replacing/rewriting of data in SD Card? Please. Thank you!

Posted by deseriem 3 years ago

possible SD to SD pro converter??

I have a psp but... i got the first one that has a 32mb stick, and its aggrivating the crap out of me now because i have so many 2, 4, and 8gb SD cards but sadly no SD pro sticks that are bigger than 32mb, is there a way i can make a converter to plug into the psp that i can plug an SD card into so i can have more space?

Asked by egammoc 7 years ago

Compaq sd card reader not working?

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario V2000, and I just formatted it.  After the format, my Dad downloaded the drivers for the SD card reader, the WIFI, and other stuff,  but the SD card reader it not working.  When I put an SD card into it, the light lights up, but under My Coputer, there is no card.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.

Asked by salomon1996 6 years ago

Locate a micro SD card I installed in my Galaxy tab S 10.5?

I recently installed a 64 GB micro SD card in my Galaxy tab S 10.5.  I don't know how to find where to access the SD card? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Asked by JerryN7 2 years ago

Serially connect SD or other memory cards?

SO! Is it possible (or plausible) to connect SD cards together in such a way that their memory capacities add up? I have a bunch of old dumb ones that I could probably use as a makeshift drive in an eee PC, but I'd like to make one big huge drive out of them. If it's possible, how would I do that?

Posted by V-Man737 9 years ago

What is LPCO Mobility Division?

I found this SD acrd adapter, but I can't find its schematic or any other information about it online. Are any of you from this company or at least knowing how to use this device?

Asked by VirtualBoxer 5 years ago

Nexus 7 (2013, Gen2, FLO) - internal micro SD mod

With games getting bigger and bigger with every new release and limited storage capacity some of you might think the same: Why not add a SD card to my Nexus 7? The lates Lollipop update basically killed the normal USB OTG funstions, so if you do want to use a USB stick or external SD card in a reader you will need a powered USB OTG cable. I am not sure if this was intentionally or another bug but it is damn annoying. After openeing my tablet to check m options I realised my main problem is space. Even adding a micro SD with a similar small reader is a major pain as there simply is no empty space left inside. So I was hoping someone here might be interested in such a mod and contribute with good ideas during the build and maybe even copy the mod (if I manage it) to confirm it is in fact doable. My findings so far: A custom rom is a must have due to the OTG limits of the original. It might be enough to just find a suitable kernel but so far I settled for the Team UB Lollipop release. It offers some mods based on Cyanogen and claims full OTG support. Other roms also added support for external WiFi and TV dongles, so there is room to play. As said space is a problem I am working on ;) For an internal mod and due to the lack of physical support on the mainboard the only option is to use the standrad USB port for this mod. This means SD, reader and OTG mod must fit inside somehow. It also means some sort of physical switch is required for the times when you need full power during the recharge - although I have to test if this still works with an external SD while the tablet is switched off. In that case I could accept 500mA charge during normal use and 1A or more when the tablet is switched off. The rom should support fast USB charge but I am not sure if this olaso works in host mode. It is possible to use some extra app and scripts to make good use of such a mod. Not only can you use the SD for music, movies and other demanding files but with scripting you can also move the big data files from games to the external storage. Works similar to the apps you can get for devices with a real SD card, where you often find the "Move to SD" option in the app manager. This mod will not be for the faint hearted as it requires serious soldering skills on these tiny components, so if you only know how to solder copper pipes you might need some training on old electronics first ;) Let me know what you think and if you would be interested in such a mod as otherwise I won't bother taking pics during the progress. And without pics there will be no Instructable follwing ;)

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

is wiikey fusion legal? Answered

Is the wiikey fusion legal in the us? i'm going to make a portable gamecube, and i'm going to use that if it is legal. i realize that, even if it was legal, using it with games you don't legally own makes it illegal. I will only be using my games i physically own, legally bought. any info is appreciated. 

Asked by Krayzi99 5 years ago

Human Rights Organisation wants a new type of cameras

Hi there, I am representing a human rights organisation that uses hidden cameras to collect footage of abuses. We have used a number of standard cameras over the years such as "Gum Cameras" like these ones (http://gumcamera.com/)...However the quality and reliability of these is not great. We are looking to find someone who can design us a camera with the following: -HD camera recording -Good sound recording -Removable SD card storage -Over 60 minutes of battery recording and filming - at a minimum -Easy to use -Reliable -Easily charged and accessed using a USB -(Ideally) good in low light -(Ideally) holds it's the correct time stamp -Approximately the same size as the standard gum camera - or even smaller/more concealable We would probably looking to buy a minimum of 50 cameras to start with. Ideal cost per camera is up to $40-50 dollars.

Posted by humanrightsngo 5 years ago

Cool stuff with a 16mb sd (or two)

I found two 16mb SD cards, but I'm wondering about cool stuff I can do with them. I probably have other of them kept somewhere, but I don't think it's needed. Ideas?

Posted by Leodip 4 years ago

How to put Ringback Tones to Phone through Micro SD card?

I recently bought a Micro SD card for my phone (LG Shine II) and have put many MP3's onto it. It gives me the option to use it as a ringtone, but not as a ringback tone. Does AT&T make you purchase ringback tones, and not download them? Any info will be helpful.

Asked by Dnamra 7 years ago

Making your own digital assistant using ardino uno gsm shield Sd card module and VR shield

I am building a personalized assistant or a daily smart reminder sort of which speaks to you. Using the Arduino R3 and GSM Shield: SMS will be sent to the SIM card in the GSM shield connected to Arduino uno and the data fro the SMS will be extracted and stored on the SD card which will be displayed on an LCD screen. All of this will be voice activated and controlled.  Need help with the logic and working of this setup.

Posted by shreyansoswal 2 years ago

How to get Itunes videos to play on my phone? Answered

I have a samsung a737, and a 8 gig micro sd. I have a couple of movies on itunes that I put on the card, but when I stuck it in my phone, and tried to play it, I said "Unsupported resoulution" and I don't know what to do to get it to play. I'm guessing that its too high resolution for it, but I don't know how to change that in itunes.

Asked by Speedmite 8 years ago

How do i access a micro sd card on a tablet?

I have a Samsung galaxy tablet 2 and i resently got a micro sd card so i could take photos with my digital camera and put the sd card into the tablet so i could get the photos off of them but i dont know how to directly access the cards content on my tablet.

Asked by monsterlego 4 years ago

I want to make my camera to record on sd card

Hi, i have a Panasonic  NV-GS35GC camera, and i want to record my movies on the SD-Card not on the tape...any ideeas ?

Posted by GFXMihnea 5 years ago