This is a great sight BUT.....  Why can I not find a search tab... the google one please no.. A search content of this site to find forums and posts fast on subject of interest  would be a great help , if there is one please point it out ...... I have been looking through pages and pages to try and find forums on bio fuels and methane but am getting a bit  P#$# trying to find it and am about to go else where.

Posted by srpolks 8 years ago | last reply 4 years ago


Is there any way of "searching" for a specific topic?

Asked by jhsim 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Search Broken

Search does not return any results for anything.

Posted by G_K 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Is there a search option for the site?

Asked by Brian996 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Search options

How can you exclude words from a search?  Example: meat less hotdogs.

Asked by cdgood49 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

where do I search for projects?

Asked by ldavidson4 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Search results

I miss the old Instructables Search results. I liked it better when each result had a thumbnail.

Posted by NunchakuMan 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

New Search Features

Way to go on the new search features! So far, I'm excited to be able to search for a member's name and to have my spelling corrected when I mistype. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Search Engine

I don't know if anyone else has had this "problem," but the site search doesn't exactly provide the best of help.  When I search the site for something, It'll often return 'ibles, forum discussions and other things as unrelated to my search as possible.  After browsing or going down the search results a way, sometimes I'll find an 'ible with almost my exact search term in the title.  IMO, something that should be at the top of the search results.

Posted by DavidKaine 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

search function

I've logged in OK but the search function does NOT work...have tried for days. Very frustrating. (Let's Make________) Eish

Posted by peggy.flynn.14 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

How do i search with instructables?

How do i search the instructables site for an item i am looking for? Thanks

Asked by paulcilia 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

No to the new Search

I pay good money to go Pro, and I don't expect to see ads in this new search, that is very basic in the first place.

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Can't get search function to work

I can't seem to get the search function to work. For example, I put in the search term "car radio" and it returns all kinds of irrelevant results like "Fuzzy Cover for a Hot Water Bottle". How can I get accurate search results?

Posted by vinstruct3 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

No Search on Initial Log in

When I first log in to Instructables, there is no search box in the header. System: Windows 7 Pro, SP1 Firefox 30.0 Internet Explorer 9.0.28

Posted by CajunBorn 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Need a SITE Search button!

I see there are two Google Search boxes, but typing something into these apparently takes me to Google search, with links to a lot of external sites.  I'd like to see a site search button.  Many times I will vaguely recall something I've seen on this site, and that search is of no use.  Plus, it's not really a good idea to send people immediately away from your site!

Posted by implaxis 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Instructables Search

I'm sure I used to be able to search Instructables with keywords.  Now I only see a "google" search input, which seems to do a Google search across the web, not specific to Instructables. Has something changed?  My browser (IE 8) also seems to cut off or overlap some of your web page objects, so I don't know if there is an Instructables-specific search input that has been covered up or something. How do we search for instructables these days? -SB

Posted by sb4 6 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

How can I search for a instructable without using google custum search? Answered

Now the new look of the site is out. I cant search any more for instructables. Maybe you can help. Greetz, Wout (Sorry for my English)

Asked by wout008 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Default Search

Feedback on Search with the new site design. I was puzzled when I could not use search to find my instructables.  I thought the site search was broken.  I saw another post in this forum that said you had to click on the little grid to get everything because the default is for featured instructables.  As an author of many instructables, I have to say I really don't like that being the default - it makes it hard for people (especially people new to the site) to find  instructables. I can no longer just tell friends and colleagues to search for the instructable by name or keywords - I either have to explain how to use search or send them a link (which isn't ideal since with search they may find related instructables interesting to them).  The new search filter is way too subtle.  Personally, I think the default should be "everything" or at a minimum you need something a more obvious on the home page search and the other search bars so folks know what they are searching. Thanks.

Posted by talk2bruce 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

is there a way to search for a specific term in instructables?

I'm a new member of instructables. I'd like to search for GARDENING and for CORK. Can I do this directly? PS, I don't know what a channel is

Asked by MariannaM 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Is searching supposed to be so impossible?

What happened to all the options for searching? For as "user friendly" as the site apparently wants to be, removing every single feature of searching beyond typing in one's query has only done the exact opposite. If I only want to search in the Jewelry section, for example, am I completely out of luck? I'm hoping I missed something, because this is unbelievably frustrating.

Posted by Ingulit 5 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Instructable not showing up in search...

Hi,For some reason, my latest instructable is not showing up in search results.It also disappeared mysteriously from the 'most recent' page after a few hours...Here's the link:

Posted by sam noyoun 9 years ago

Why can't I do a search?

I was looking for some kind of tutorial on how to make an animal costume.  I typed in "fox tail" and pictures of cookies and egg rolls came up.  I can't search anything!!! So frustrating.

Asked by twotooclever 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Search problem.

I wrote an Instructable on how to use the Verowire technique to make circuit boards. Rather oddly a search for "Verowire" does not find it. It finds other things which do not have "Verowire" in the title, but not the article that does. So perhaps I didn't need to bother writing the article, perhaps my search to see if it had already been written wasn't as conclusive as I thought.

Posted by andypugh 5 months ago | last reply 5 months ago

The search bar does not work!

From the explore page ( I tried to use the search bubble at the top right. I typed USB charger for example, and it takes me to a search page (;=usb+charger) but that page only has a grey bar with the words "Let's make 'USB charger' with an option to choose different categories, e.g. everything, technology, etc... That page doesn't show any search results. It appears to be the main search page, because it has a little magnifying glass button after the text, but when I click it, it just returns me back to the "Explore" page cited above. I can't figure out how to search the site.  Also I tried to attach a screenshot but neither the new uploader nor the "old" uploader are responding to my clicks.

Posted by waslater 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

How do I search for a specific member?

I have a friend to whom I was going to send a pro membership to, but can't find a way to search for the member names. I know his screen name is TeacherMike. It is likely a moot point as I did find that they give free Pro memberships to teachers anyway, but dangit I don't like being defeated by a website. Especially a website about doing things.

Asked by nevets_mcd 4 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

Am I able to refine a search using filters?

Hello,  I would like to find a way to focus my searching requests.  For example, I entered the term 'farm' in the let's make field.  My intention is to find instructables in relationship to real life farms.  What I end up hitting is mostly how to work farms in minecraft.  So I attempted to use the google like filter of "farm -minecraft" but that seems to focus on minecraft projects rather than skip them.  Does the search engine posses a way to help me get to the projects that I am most interested in reading about and not having to flip screen after screen of minecraft farms?Thanks.

Posted by gesamek 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

new type of search suggestion

Hi, it's me fidgety2. I am finally on summer break and have some free time on my hands. Considering I am a loyal devotee of instructables I want to get building except I have one problem. All of the instructables I want to do require things I do not have. For example, I do not have any cameras of the disposable nature. Or for conductive glue. I don't have graphite and being on a limited budget I can't go out and buy the necessasary items inorder to create these amazing instructables. So therefore I would like to suggest that a new search is created called the materials search. This search would be just like any other search on instructables only you could put in a material such as iron filings and all instructables using iron fillings would be the result. Now this would be as easy to integrate into the instructables website as the keyword(s) that the instructable makers type in. I believe that this will be a great asset to the instructables community. Thankyou, Fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

Advanced Search

If this already exists and I just can't find it, please inform.  Otherwise please, please provide an advanced search feature.  What apparently exists is far too primitive for a site as diverse and and at the same time special interest as Instructables. For starters I suggest the following simple and easily remembered scheme:  - single word search terms  - conjunction of terms using + to create multi-word atomic search terms  - logical connections of terms and groupings using &, | and ~  - grouping with ()  - arbitrary prefix, suffix and infix using * as the last, first or both  - escape of these search characters using \ For example (using " " for expository purposes only):   raspberry+pi -- matches the two consecutive terms "raspberry pi"   raspberry+(pi | pie) -- matches either "raspberry pi" or "raspberry pie"   (raspberry+pi) & nas -- matches if the terms "raspberry pi" and "nas" appear anywhere   (raspberry+pi) & (nas | server) -- you guess   *dog -- matches words with "dog" as the last three characters   dog* -- matches words with "dog" as the first three characters   *dog* -- matches words with the three characters "dog" anywhere in them A way, unspecified yet, to apply the query to title, summary or body of the project and some combination thereof. Further suggestions invited.  This would make the site so much more useful for finding solutions.  Implementation of the suggested scheme would occupy a good coder for about half a day.  Great project for an intern.  :-) As an advanced advanced search the use of full regular expressions would be incredible and there exist numerous public domain regex implementations (not sure about Javascript) that could be easily incorporated (wrote a complete one myself in C 30 years ago and it was surprisingly compact.)

Posted by dgateley 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

search function

I don't know what's goin on here. I'm looking for a keyword (in this case: WS2811) - i get the results and when i scroll to the end, it switches to a white field and when i scroll down, i get some "common" unrelated results instead of the end of the results-list. That way i can't klick on/check entries at the end of the list. I'm really a lil fed up by now with "advanced" functions of this site, after it takes me several times of clicking on "comment" to comment an ible. I checked java installation on my comp and it's set to newest. I don't know what's wrong with the site vs. my comp or whatever, but i clearly don't like it.

Posted by Luziviech 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Searchbox on top shows error

Searching in the box on the right top shows:ERROR 500: solr Ex !Exceptionorg.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException: Service UnavailableCaused by:Server side exception, status = 503: Service Unavailable at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.CommonsHttpSolrServer.request( at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.query.SolrQuery.process( at com.instructables.solr.SolrSearchServlet.doGet( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletFilterChain.doFilter( at com.caucho.filters.GzipFilter.doFilter( at com.instructables.filter.FilterWrapperFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter( at com.instructables.filter.HibernateSessionRequestFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter( at com.instructables.filter.TemporaryProFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter( at com.instructables.filter.SecurityFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter( at com.instructables.filter.SetupFilter.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.FilterFilterChain.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.webapp.WebAppFilterChain.doFilter( at com.caucho.server.dispatch.ServletInvocation.service( at com.caucho.server.http.HttpRequest.handleRequest( at at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool.runTasks( at at

Posted by tux_linux 9 years ago


The search program isn't helpful, do you have an index. For example; searching for Peltier projects, the search just goes to the everything page as does other searches as well.

Asked by greyhawk83 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Search string disappears when Search button clicked

.  When a search string is entered and the Search button is clicked, the search string disappears when the results are displayed. . .  Edit: Problem appears to be caused by quotes in the search string, eg:      "Subscribers: 35..2000"

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Google search not working

Google Search is not working today ???

Posted by michaelfking 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Is there a way to set graphical search as default? Answered

I like the new Instructables layout, but the new search feature... not so much. Is there a way to set the graphical search as the default search?

Asked by nickodemus 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Search not working in Firefox 3.6.24

Put in a search term and it returns no results

Posted by BennyRux 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Instructables Search for Firefox

How do we do this? I would like an Instructables search in the upper right search menu in the Firefox browser.

Posted by robbtoberfest 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

search bar

Hello could you have a search bar for just your website so if i need a "walking stick make " i can search it out

Posted by melandpaul 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago


I looked around but can seem to find a way to search within a category.  Is there any way to do so? Thanks.

Posted by CaptainJester 8 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Feature request: member search

We used to be able to search for user names. Can we again, please?

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How do I filter out certain words in searches? Answered

I want to search wood projects, but don't want all the pallet projects. I tried the "-keyword" search, but it gives me the keyword (only). I really want an "everything but pallets" search. Thanks.

Asked by rjmendlein 3 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

Help us improve the Instructables search! What haven't you been able to find?

We're trying to improve the search on Instructables. Can you tell us what searches have worked for you and what searches have not? Specific examples of searches you know should produce results but for some reason have not would be the most helpful things to report. Thanks!

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

search functionality not working

Hi, when I click on search i get to a page with html coding. This also happens if i click on "more videos" etc

Posted by prasoonv 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Search parameters

Hi forum, could anyone point me in the right direction for searching under specific parameters - eg search the site but NOT show results for a particular contributor? I have tried the usual "Arduino" + "Analog" -"xxxx" without success. Many thanks D6

Posted by D6equj5 1 year ago | last reply 1 year ago

The search function

The search function is, IMO, too restrictive now. Limiting it to searching only instructables, forum topics and the answers section hides a large section of the site from folk who did not know it was there. I propose (re-)adding to the list: Groups People Whole site

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

No Search..

Wow, instructables is great when I enter from a link but useless when I can't search.. Windows 8.1, Chrome.. Just nothing happens when I enter search criteria and hit go..!! Please!! I joined, donated etc. and need it.. Thanks, Alan

Asked by alancpike 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

Saving search words?

I can't save the search words I am using windows, no idea what number

Posted by Prodromal the professor 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago


How do you search for groups?

Posted by tmk 11 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Username Search Gone

Where did the username search go? For a while, you could search someone's username and get to their profile page, but it's gone now. I added my username to my business card with the expectation that someone could search my username and find my projects, but that isn't the case now. Not only does my name not come up on the drop-down of the search, but my projects don't come up either. My group's entry in the Makerspace Contest and someone else's instructable in which they mention me are all that come up in a search for Brooklyntonia. This is very disappointing. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

How can I search my Favorites?

Hi, How can I search my Favorites? I have over 500 and it gets tiresome to scroll through and go to each page. Thanks.

Posted by greatscotmagic 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago