Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

I hope you enjoy the job, Greetings

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Ideas for a DIY self defense item please?

I dont live in the nicest town and i thought about getting a self defense weapon but tasers are illegal where i live, I have a kuboton but it does not make me feel safe so i was wondering if anyone knew how to make a proficient self defense weapon on the cheap.

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How can I improve my self-esteem/self-confidence?

I have tried the books, the mental excercises, but either I am too stubborn or just lack the ability to have confidence, mostly when talking to women. What can I do?

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anyone know how to make a self propelled "toy car" with out batteries or motors because i need it for tech class? Answered

I need this info for a tech class one day project we're build and raceing cars out of a set amount of materials and it needs to be self proppelling also anything on making it aerodynamic would be appreciated.

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Hey everyone, I need some help for my project paper. I want to build a self-balancing "one wheel". But I dont know where I can buy a wheel hub motor. I searched on Alibaba and found some fitting ones. A 800W 48V DC Brushless (Wheel Hub-) Motor. But i don´t know which speed motor control is the best for this type of motor. I want to use an arduino uno ! Can someone please Help me finding a motor control ? Thanks a lot :) PS: Sorry for my bad english :) I am german

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How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

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Built self-watering plant project (by randofo). Can I get help troubleshooting? Answered

Arduino fires up okay, but I can't get the relay to energize, so the pump does nothing, of course. Great project, but some of the steps aren't clear enough for this retiree. For instance, in Step 23, "Plug the black wire from the circuit board to the ground socket on the Arduino." Which "black wire?"  There is no complete schematic, so I'm guessing at what I'm trying to find. Also, the Arduino sketch in Step 19 (Randy Sarafan) didn't compile or load into the Arduino until I inserted the missing semicolon after the line "int dryValue = 700"  Could sure use some help, as Mama is looking forward to having her vegetable plants watered when we're not home! Thanks in advance! --Fred Lochner, Boulder, CO

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How do I make myself less insecure?

I'm kind of a mess and I'd like to feel a little bit better about myself. How do I do it?

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i like to get a steady drip from a bottle to cool clay 'fridge' for andalucian summers. anyone has a tip? Tekaka?

Permanent drip living without suckers (electricity)

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5 KW Permanent magnetic generator

What horse power 24v DC motor do i need to run 5 kw permanent magnetic generator at 400 RPM? if I dont want to use wind turbine to run it.

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Do it yourself medicine -- not necessarily what the doctor ordered?

A news report on CNN describes a teen-ager who, in her high-school science class, diagnosed her own Crohn's disease by catching a granuloma on a microscope slide she was studying.As a "teachable moment" for good science education, it's great, but I'm not sure having to diagnose one's own disease is really what "do it yourself medicine" is meant to be about!

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Building integrated led rear mountain bike lights?

Hi folks ,as said above , would like to install a row of red high-power leds into the rear of my bike seat  post to give a hidden , high-tech look  :-). Elements of design to be considered ;  to run off  2-4 AA batteries , to use 5-7  5mm leds , to use        " off the shelf parts " , no hand built electronics , to have constant and flash modes , would consider adapting an existing product ( e.g. cateye light unit ) For the installation i intend to drill a row of 5.5mm holes , 25mm apart , with the led heads sealed in place just protruding the surface of the metal post. The led leads would be drawn up and out of the top of the seat post into the saddle area and is where the battery pack would be strapped in. Any electronics could be housed inside seat post or under saddle. A handle bar switch would be nice but not essential. I feel confident about the wiring and fitting of the components ( electrician by trade ) just need a pointer with the electronics. Cheers Pete.

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Self-Stirring Cup Concept

The cup doesn't really stir itself on its own, but it has a ball that fits into a groove that can be swirled around to mix up your tea and sugar. It's a funny concept that's looking for a manufacturer, but is there a problem with stirring out there that I'm not aware of? Also, do you want to be swishing HOT tea in your hand in the morning before you've really woken up? Sounds like a noisy recipe for disaster to me and that's assuming you can keep the ball and cup together after a couple of washings. Linkvia Neatorama

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Has anyone noticed that you can subscribe to yourself? I just did so while looking at one of my instructables..... weird. Why could you?Don't know if anyone else has done this but just thought of throwing it out there.

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How to make a self dumping bucket? Answered

Looking to make a self dumping water bucket toy in the back yard. Any idea's on how to do this?

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Instructables Self-Esteem Help

Has anyone besides me noticed that when you publish an instructable, it says "You're Awesome!". This is so cool, go self esteem!!!

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Self-closing box

I saw an instructable where a box has a toggle switch, and when hit, the box turns the switch off. I can't for the life of me find the instructable now. What is it?

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Self Winding Watch Winder challenge

I'm looking for a cheap version of the self winding watch winders like they have at I haven't found anything under $70! I searched this site and couldn't find anything either.So here's a challenge for you gadget gurus out there that think this might be something fun to make!I look forward to seeing what will pop up here!JM

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Is it possible to make a Single Speaker Self-Powered MP3 player amplifier, with amp powered by player's right channel?

Can you make a one speaker mp3 amp that amplifies the left channel, and drives a single speaker, and uses the right channel as the amps power source? The right channel could be rectified and smoothed, but would it be enough power to run an amplifier that amplifies the left channel and drives a small speaker. Would it work? Would it be louder than simply running left and right speakers directly off the MP3 player?

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Thought I might start something near and dear to my heart here....Health, or self modding

As I searched for something on health, and didn't find one. Of course, the normal caveats are true, since none of us are able to diagnose or treat disease, this is only to point one in a possibly correct direction.

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What are some resources I can utilize to teach myself the basics of engineering and mechanics? Answered

Being adept in this kind of thing certainly gives one an edge in innovation by a wider range of what is physically possible to create. I am currently a high school student with no intention of earning a formal degree in mechanical engineering in the future, however, I do take a keen interest in it and would love to become knowledgeable enough to successfully, safely, integrate it into my inventions. I'm wondering how many of you actually have a background in this field and if not, how did you manage to teach yourself?

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What's the best way to cut these reinforced rub/plastic speed bumps to increase the distance betw their 2 parts 4 bikes?

In this city it is a political chore to get speed bumps put in, particularly in the alleys.  For the most part, bicyclists just bu-bump over them; but, when u are a transportation cyclist like me (often heavily loaded) and u must negotiate these suckers daily or hourly, u begin 2 think that a few more inches between their two halves could make a big difference in time, money and wear. Note: some of them have been installed in an arcane manner to, for example, accomodate intersecting rainwater channels (which are cut into the pavement).  All of the above problems could often be circumvented by simply widening the space between the two halves of these devices by a few inches---like three. Slightly wider space between the two halves, called the "crotch" by some, would make it easy to ride down the alley and avoid both pinch flats and bu-bumping, bu-bumping, bu-bumping. P.S. An full swing from a sharp axe won't work....

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How do I publish an ebook?

I've written a book that I don't think applies to this community. Who knows? But basically I want to self-publish and publish in ebook form. Suggestions?

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Self-balancing motor sizing and drivers?

I'm starting to plan a self-balancing unicycle and I notice several people that have built them are using 450-500W motors. I'd like to use something a bit more robust, like 750W @ 24v, due to terrain. I'm wondering if that's too much and if the guys that are using 500W are happy with the results? Has anybody tracked their current (amps) usage? My guess is that unless you're going full speed and uphill you'll rarely hit full wattage on your motor except for temporary instances. One of the challenges I'm finding is that there are motor drivers up to 25A at 24v or 36v that can handle a bit of surge, but then it takes a huge leap to 160A and 400A surge. I don't think I need something that large and expensive, but my electric motor experience is limited. Could some of you more experienced guys chime in with a bit of advice? Thanks, Gyv

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Which AC appliances will run on DC?

I am planning on constructing a completely self sufficient home, with the energy created in DC using a water wheel, windmill, and/or generator. I wanted to stay away from inverters (unless REALLY needed), and wonder if i can make dc plug sockets and plug the AC appliances into the DC (building rules and regs wouldnt apply) . They would mainly be simple kitchen appliances eg mixers, and a lot of tools. They would be run from a bank of 12v batteries. i would also use DC lights in the house.i thought this may be possible from this instructables-,-without-an-Inv/any help would be GREATLY appreciated!?

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Low cost house building ideas?

Hi Forum. My wife and I have just purchased a piece of land. It was a stretch but the plan is to check out of the rat race once and for all. What we are looking for is ideas, plans, resources, links etc for a DIY home that won't require a mortgage from hell. Any and all ideas greatly appreciated. Also interested in looking at prefab as an option. Thanks. Thoughtfission.

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US vs UK flour

Curious observation from my mother's recent 3 months in the USA, she says she is unable to bake well when she was in the USA. Now, given mum is a pretty amazing baker on this side of the pond,  I am wondering why that might happen ? I wondered if  its "American flour", as opposed to "UK flour" - the recipe, would be the same kind of things, memorised over the years, like a simple scone, fairycakes, pastry.  Her main complaint was that items didn't brown, even at the same oven temperatures as she uses here, and after repeated experiments with the same recipes.

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Can I build an Electric motor that can self recharge it own power source? Continual self charging battery powered motor.

I just wondered, If you could take an electric motor like the ones that they use in the electric cars and motor bikes and by adding a generator/alternator ,or turbine to recharge your batteries as it is running. Like making an electric continual self charging battery powered motor.

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Self-Solar Powered LED Flashlight? Answered

I know it would not be 100% efficient, or even close for that matter. But I was wondering how much battery life could be "recycled" by directly projecting the light from the flashlight onto the solar panel(s)? Say at a 45 degree angle beneath the light. Obviously this wouldn't be a high output LED, and another question at that.. Would a Red LED be more efficient or would the PV cell not do so well with Red LED? Thought this would be a neat idea even if it would only recycle 5-10% battery life. I would love for someone to implement this idea into a project and see how efficient it is.

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Open Source Ecology

Member Mikolynn suggested a new link to a site that will be of interest for most of our community: Open Source Ecology

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how can I start living off the grid? Answered

What are all the steps that can be taken to live off the grid and still live with all the things I have now?

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van/truck into camper? change metal containers?vertical, like double decker way?

Hi, anyone knows how to mod van/truck into camper? change metal containers-ShortOnes to camping trailers?in vertical, like double decker way. viva container city my first question ))

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Can anyone help me with designing a circuit diagram for a project?

I am creating a self watering system for plants. I have found a diagram for a water detection circuit which illuminates an L.E.D when there is enough water in the soil. However, I would like to modify it so it activates a servo to open a pinch valve then when there is enough water it returns the servo to it's original position. I have 3 problems. The first problem is I'm not sure how to create the circuit that activates the valve. I know I need a micro controller and a servo, however, I have no idea of the exact components I need or how to wire them up. My second problem is that I don't know how to integrate the two circuits together. My final problem is I'm unsure of how to program the micro controller. Here is the water detection circuit diagram. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Killing Mosquitos with Auto Targeting LASERS!

Houston, we have bug zappers! No really, just this time with lasers! I was surfing through Hack-a-Day, and I came across this. These devices identify a mosquito by the frequency of its beating wings. Once identified, the device aims a laser and destroys the little blood sucker. That seems simple enough, so: Do you think that this could be accomplished by a DIY for under $100? think about, we may have a really useful Instructable on our hands.

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Physics Competition Car Design

Hey Everybody, I'm new to the community here, and i am hoping that with so many great minds on this site, some great ideas will be generated. the deal is, for a competition, my school needs to build a small car, around 1foot by 1foot, and it is propelled by three average sized rubber bands, it need to travel three meters straight, make a 90 degree right turn on the spot and travel 2 meters to stop in a parking zone, it has to turn and do the whole course unaided, Any great ideas? Thanks for helping me out

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MIT Students Create Self-Driving Car

It says that the grand prize is 2 million dollars!

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An Instructable in New Scientist!

Instructables member XenonJohn has had his Self-Balancing Skateboard featured on New Scientist TV, using video taken at the UK Maker Faire. I had the pleasure of meeting John at the Faire, and I can safely say that this world needs more like him. Kudos, John.

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Welcome Me!

Weeee! I am professional! BIG RED W00T!

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Computer program learns physics

From Wired:"In just over a day, a powerful computer program accomplished a feat that took physicists centuries to complete: extrapolating the laws of motion from a pendulum's swings.Developed by Cornell researchers, the program deduced the natural laws without a shred of knowledge about physics or geometry. ...Condensing rules from raw data has long been considered the province of human intuition, not machine intelligence. It could foreshadow an age in which scientists and programs work as equals to decipher datasets too complex for human analysis."LinkThe software has a long way to come, but apparently it's showing a lot of promise.What do you guys think? If computers can do physics better than humans, does that make human physicists obsolete?

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Subscribe to Self!?

Why can you subscribe to yourself?

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Where can i get a self priming pump for a low cost?

I've looked through ebay but they're way too much money. any good RELIABLE places you guys know of. My price limit is probably around 150 USD

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can we make a self sustained solar robot? Answered

What we require for making a robot self sustained

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any self defense projects?

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I have a scotts self propelled lawn mower and i need to adjust the belt for the self propelled portion?

Looking for help on how to adjust of the belt for the self propelled portion on my Scotts lawnmower.

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use's for self repairing armor

Lets say someone created self repairing amor (like in CRYSIS) what would it be uesd for? (besides for military use)

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intraduce your pastafarian self

Just get to meet other pastafarians

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Self Assembeling Chair Robot

I found this on Youtube and thought it was kind of silly but at the same time pretty cool.The robot chair breaks and then reassembles itself. What do you think about it?

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