Send button acts funny when sending a pm.

I was replying to a pm and when I got ready to push/click the SEND button it was large.  As I moused over it, it studdered and changed size to a smaller different color button.  Is that normal?

Posted by Re-design 7 years ago

Can someone send me a patch

Can someone send me a patch? preferably a racing like one. if you do I will subscribe to you.

Posted by daredevil499 6 years ago

send pictures via pvt msg

Hi i want to send pictures to somone of an amp problem i have need to be on a pack like this is there one these are the pick going to some one called slowpoke if you can help...

Posted by andybuda 8 years ago

Sent -4 minutes ago?

I got a PM from another member and the time stamp said -4 minutes ago. What is this supposed to mean. I know it seems silly but I am just curious.

Asked by blinkyblinky 5 years ago

Patches? Answered

What happens if my 3-Month Pro membership expires and I haven't sent all 3 of my patches? Do I never see them again or do I regain them if I get another Pro membership?

Asked by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

Sending a Patch? Answered

OK with the new profile page how do you send a patch.

Asked by Josehf Murchison 1 year ago

PM's don't send?

I was sent a PM around 18 hours ago, and I still havent recieved it. either ibles is slow as s*** or pm's don't travel.

Posted by rec0n 7 years ago

cant submit an instructable

Hi I cant publish an instructable. I receive an error message starts with oops in a red box. What is that about? 

Posted by hacknmake 1 year ago

How do you send an 'instructable's email' to all of your subscribers? Answered

How do you send an 'instructable's email' to all of your subscribers?

Asked by robotkid249 7 years ago

Hitting Enter in PM Subject field sends msg

. Subject says it all. Can you just reject Enters in the Subject fld?

Posted by NachoMahma 9 years ago

What's the deal with sending patches? Answered

If you become a pro member you have the ability to receive and give patches, I don't understand what they do? Is it just a way to say thank you? if so I think Instructables needs to make up some new ones or drop it altogether. 

Asked by Blechmen 5 years ago

Can someone send me $500?

Hello, I need $1500 so I can pursue my dreams as a race car driver or mechanic. Could someone please send me $100, 200, 300, 500, etc. or even 2000 would be wonderful. The donation must be made in US dollars. If you would like to help a guy out. Pm me and I'll give you my address! Thankyou. For your generosity, may God bless you in all that you do!

Posted by daredevil499 4 years ago

Send and receive an electric signal...? Answered

Hi everyone,I just wanted to know how I can send a small electric signal over a distance(not more than 10 meters)wirelessly and receive it at the other end to trigger a relay which in turn of course.. switch higher voltages and do something say...light a LED.I don't know much about frequencies,oscillators and FM/AM or anything.So please let me know how I can get an idea about these and most importantly accomplish what I just mentioned above.

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

Can anybody please send me a patch? Answered

i was wondering if anybody could send me a patch or two whoever sends me a patch or two or more i will give 5* on all of their projects.

Asked by slimshaddy 7 years ago

How To make a Bluetooth Device only for sending signal 10/100 Meter ?

How To make a Bluetooth Device only for sending signal 10/100 Meter ? Cus i want it for my Project. I want it to be as small as possiple and Power Up From Handwatch batteries Or Smaller batteries If Possiple . and if i can modify it for Private only or a switch to turn it to private . Thank you .

Asked by Mnfear 7 years ago

Simple way to send large files over the net ? (390mb)?

I have tried so many different solutions, however all of them require payment, or have file size limits, or take WAY to long to upload because the server decides to throttle my upload speed to the point of Bytes/s. So if anyone has a solution please post. BTW I'm running Linux and the recipient is running winblows.

Asked by littlechef37 9 years ago


Just wondering, can non-pro members send/recieve patches?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Made Some patches for everyone to use so check them out and use them and add your own!


Posted by LoganMackey 6 years ago

connect picaxe / computer / internet - budget solution ?

Am a newbee to picaxe working with mac soft- and hardware & i spent a a lot of time looking for the following: ------------------------------------ i would like to ... - transfer in- output data from simple components (such as a IR LED used for light/dark detection ) - .... via picaxe - ... to windows and mac computers in order to .... - pass them on to a website or eMail them ------------------------------------ i already had a look at ... - arduino/processing configurations (e.g. some amazing "twitter" variants posted on instructables, hack-a-day, etc. ... ) - additional external server projects (as on this site - e.g. very impressive webcams driven by websites and controlled by 'site users ...) - Nordic RF, Cellular, Zigbee, Bluetooth, XBee WiFi, FM Transmitter and Receiver, General TX/RX sending/receiving configurations (btw. - there is a very interesting comparison of these on sparkfun ---> ) - very elaborate software solutions (using combinations of php, processing, python and other scripts) all of them being highly impressive and, most important of course: working well ------------------------------------ but - is there any quite easy-to-configure and budget way which does not require ... - additional, external servers - platform specific software (windows/mac/linux only) - the implementation of several software packages and runs with e.g. ... - a 08M2 picaxe (or larger).... - probably cheap component(s) (such as the Nordic RF mentioned on sparkfun) - a minimum of software requirements - a software/software component which is easy to install and configure (Visual Basic Macros doesn't seem to run once i created them via word on my mac) ? any hints are highly appreciated ...  

Posted by marc_is_curious 7 years ago

I know you have to be a Pro Member to send patches to other people, but can I receive one if I'm not a Pro Member? Answered

Also, I was just wondering, can I receive more than one patch from someone or give more than one patch to someone?

Asked by novakfor3 8 years ago

.HEX file to USB port? Answered

Lets say I have a .HEX file that looks something like this; :100000000EC01DC01CC01BC01AC019C018C017C02C :1000100016C015C014C013C012C011C010C01124E6 :100020001FBECFE5D2E0DEBFCDBF10E0A0E6B0E05E :1000300001C01D92A136B107E1F702D0C6C0E0CFE2 :1000400080E090E0ACD081708093600004B600FE48 :100050000AC081E084BF60916000682760936000FF :1000600080E090E0A4D0B89AB99ABA9ABB9ABC9AA8 :1000700061E042E034E028E090E18091600081306E :1000800009F046C058B3592758BB59E979E9E1E06E :1000900051507040E040E1F7000058B3592758BB79 :1000A00058B3522758BB59E979E9E1E05150704003 :1000B000E040E1F7000058B3522758BB58B353272C :1000C00058BB59E979E9E1E051507040E040E1F76F :1000D000000058B3532758BB58B3542758BB59E9AD :1000E00079E9E1E051507040E040E1F7000058B399 :1000F000542758BB58B3582758BB59E979E9E1E070 :1001000051507040E040E1F7000058B3852745C0EA :1001100088B3862788BB59E979E981E0515070405E :100120008040E1F7000088B3862788BB88B3842726 :1001300088BBE9E959E971E0E15050407040E1F7CE :10014000000088B3842788BB88B3832788BB89E9EC :10015000E9E951E08150E0405040E1F7000088B308 :10016000832788BB88B3822788BB79E989E9E1E0E6 :1001700071508040E040E1F7000088B3822788BBDF :1001800088B3892788BB59E979E981E051507040EB :100190008040E1F7000088B3892788BB6ECFE199E2 :1001A000FECF9FBB8EBBE09A99278DB30895262F73 :1001B000E199FECF1CBA9FBB8EBB2DBB0FB6F89446 :0E01C000E29AE19A0FBE01960895F894FFCFDF :00000001FF And I need to send that to a USB port.  What is the best way to do this?  I have an little app that will let me send data to my USB port of choosing, but I have to type this thing out by hand, 2 characters at a time, hit enter, rinse and repeat, and then after its all entered, click send data.  That worked fine for sending a few bytes to test some hardware to verify data sent back form the device was correct and that it was receiving the data correctly, but that won't work here, for obvious reasons.  Is there some sort of free software I can download to shove .HEX files through a USB port?  I am sure there are, but I can't find any, Google is not being kind to me today.

Asked by Electric Spectre1 2 years ago

how many people are on the ibles team and if i want to send the team where will i send it to? Answered

How many people are on the ibles team and if i want to send the team where will i send it to?yeh just wondring cus i want to send the ible team somethig=)

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Can anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

Hi, I have been doing some desoldering to get hold of components and I have got myself the IR Receiver pictured. This is labelled as the annotations show, 4524C, M and C, and on the reverse says F2. This component was taken from a water damaged Canon MVX30i, but I would like a datasheet for the component found. Can anyone help me find a datasheet for this, or suggest what the four connections would be? Thanks, AMouse197

Asked by anonymouse197 6 years ago

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?

Can you send me the Ministry of Iphone?You can send me one do ?

Posted by zk171690479 5 years ago

how can i make an email virus that i can send to the people who keep sending spam.?

I want to make a network virus that i can send in an email. I want to send it to all the e-mail addresses that keep sending me spam. any kind of virus will do as long as it stops them from sending me crap.

Asked by 9 years ago

intrudalert that sends text messages

I need a intrudealert that sends alarms to your cellphone

Posted by ryry637 6 years ago

How can I stop sending instructables at my email?

 instructables keep sending at my email. please help me. thanks.

Asked by vincent15 7 years ago


I am at a all time comment shortage so SEND ME COMMENTS ON MY POSTS!

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

sending party balloon to space

I was wondering if you need special permission to send party balloons with a camera to space

Posted by minecraftpotato 4 years ago

send me a sketch of DSK plz at

Send somtthing i can read nd kinda simple no to crowded

Asked by 9 years ago

How can you get more patches to send? Answered

I currently only have 2 patches to can I get more...dose someone need to send me a patch?

Asked by iproberry1 6 years ago

How to make an email sending program in visual C++?

Hi Instructables!      I want to make a program in visual C++ express 2010 that can send emails to any address from any address. Can you please tell me a sample code that can do this. Also please define what is the work/function of different commands or codes, whatever you want to call them, present in it if you will. Thank You,

Asked by Wisaam 5 years ago