Hi, Where can I buy the SERB (Arduino servo controlled robot)?? Seems to be out of stock on the oomlout shop.. any other website i can buy it from??? Thanks.

Posted by millie8508 8 years ago

Wiring 2 pots together?

Ok, so I am in the hobby of hobby grade rc. I am currently working on modding a ps2 racing wheel and foot pedals to work with a spare 2.4ghz remote I have for my cars. I got the steering wired up fine and it works good. Now for the somewhat tricky part. The foot pedals each have a potentiometer in them. They share ground and power, and have separate signal outputs. I have the right one wired in for the throttle just fine. On my micro car it was easy enough, just switch the throttle reverse switch and push the pedal and it goes in reverse. But most escs wont calibrate to that. How would I go about wiring them together? essentially I want to turn 2 pots into one big pot. So when I push the right one down it sends the signal for forward. When I take off the right one and push the left one down, it signals reverse. I could bring my micro controller into the mix, but I really dont want to for something that seems so simple. Plus it is on a serb right now. Any help?  Thanks

Asked by TOCO 6 years ago

Arduino Robot Challenge: How inexpensively can you create a robot using an Arduino for 5th Graders? Answered

PLEASE VOTE FOR MY PROJECT! So here is the challenge:  For the lowest amount of $ and ease of part availability create a robot that can be used to teach 5th graders via "physical computing". I have been on a 4 month journey of learning...lessons learned so far are heavily influenced by:  SERB AND Mothbot ...Instructables smart ads on the sidebar just led me to this exciting solution: Babuino! Some of my thoughts/guidelines/rules/challenges: - Use K'nex.  Cheap, available, and familiar to the kids. - No tools required! - Use Arduino.  Assume $30 cost.  I know many other options exist to reduce this cost...but for now keep it simple! - Use Scratch for Arduino.  I have donated PC's from my employer and plan on loading Ubuntu...another zero cost aspect! - Start in "tethered mode", later on go to Xbee link to PC...or hope that S4A gets the unlinked mode working soon. - servo's seem the best approach to drive without extra requirements....GWS S35 STD Continuous Rotation Servo Motor is the one I have from Mothbot. - However, I would like to use the motor that comes in the Robo Battlers K'nex kits.... - So I am thinking of a robot base consisting of a DC motor rear 2 wheel axle...still trying to figure out the best circuit to allow forward/reverse...not too worried at this point about speed control...maybe later? - Steering could be via a front axle controlled by the GWS servo...I think?  However, it appears that steering can be difficult via K'nex. Me, my teacher partner, and 21 5th graders thank you for helping meet this challenge!

Asked by doncrush 7 years ago